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Italian centre right leaders have increased pressure on Prime Minister Mario Monti to run in upcoming elections as the leader of a broad alliance of moderates. "These could be once off circumstances," said Angelino Alfano, secretary of the centre right People of Liberty of former premier Silvio Berlusconi. "We are moderates who want to unite to prevent a win by the left." His speech at a centre right conference appealed for support for Mr Monti as the best way to continue reforms and avoid a win by the centre left Democratic Party. The PD now commands the largest chunk of voter support at 31%, compared to 16.5% for the PDL, according to pollsters SWG. However support for Mr Monti is far from universal in the highly fragmented centre right, which includes his most entrenched critics, the Northern League, who were necessary coalition partners in the last centre right government. Mr Berlusconi, who addressed the conference by video, last week announced he would withdraw as an election candidate if Mr Monti were to run, in an apparent about face shortly after his party withdrew support from the technocratic government. The PDL unexpected decision forced Mr Monti to announce his early resignation and brought forward elections to February from March. According to a poll published by the Milan daily Corriere della Sera, a Monti candidacy has more support among PD than PDL voters, even though the former has repeatedly said Mr Monti should not run as a candidate. The poll showed 44% of PD voters thought a Mr Monti run would be good, versus 50% who thought it would be a bad thing. This compared to 19% support for the technocrat prime minister among voters for Mr Berlusconi party, versus 78% who thought a Monti run would be negative. The PD has expressed support for Mr Monti continuing in some role after the election, possibly as president, as the current President Giorgio Napolitano is due to step down in May. There is another possibility that Mr Monti could run to lead an alliance of centrists and the business community now headed by the president of carmaker Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo. Mr Monti would significantly broaden support for the centrist group if he ran as its leader, increasing votes to 15.1% from 9.3%, according to pollsters SWG. The former chairman of Assicurazioni Generali and once a powerful business leader, Cesare Geronzi, urged Mr Monti to announce his decision. "I would rate him better if he shook off this reserve about his candidacy. The country is dying of uncertainty," Mr Geronzi said in a television interview. Mr Napolitano, who met with Mr Monti earlier today, said that the premier would announce his decision himself when questioned about it by reporters, but did not indicate when that would be.

As you settle down to watch an American League Championship Series without the Orioles and you wonder whether the O will ever go after a bona fide ace pitcher among the likes of CC Sabathia or Justin Verlander, Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette has some news for you. The Orioles, who came within one win of playing in the ALCS, are going to continue to build from within. said all along the way to build a good ballclub is from the ground up, Duquette told reporters Saturday at Camden Yards. not from the top down. He done that. And he said the Orioles will continue to aim to make savvy moves for quality pitching like the offseason signing of Taiwanese left hander Wei Yin Chen and the late season trade for left hander Joe Saunders, who started in two postseason wins but the Orioles are not likely to dabble into the free agent market for an ace. This year starting pitcher free agent crop isn the best, with Zack Greinke arguably being the top prize. said that, we signed a couple free agents last year that did a good job, Duquette said. we are always looking for opportunity, but I going to tell you this: The core players are going to come from our minor league system. The really good ballplayers. And we got a couple of them on the horizon that can help our pitching staff. specifically referring to top pitching prospects Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman, the Orioles' first round picks the past two drafts. are going to find out, Duquette said. got couple of top picks that went three in the country and four in the country in Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman. They have the type of stuff that could develop into top of the rotation. We have a couple top starters. Do we have a No. 1 starter yet? I think we need to continue to look for a No. 1 starter. But we might have a couple right here.Cheap Jerseys Nfl

I wish I could say that my new commitment to fitness and overall health was an effort to lose the baby weight. But since my youngest is now four years old, I say it simply a determination to lose the weight. My biggest excuse has always been time. things settle down I start making time to exercise. Well, four years after my last baby, twelve years of mothering later never settle down. There always one more thing, one more distraction, one more excuse. But a few months ago, I kind of reached rock bottom with my health and I been slowly making progress and feeling really good about the direction I headed. Whether your is four or four months, we all struggle with finding the time to workout. But chances are probably pretty good that we all find ourselves at the back of a stroller at some point in our day. So now, with the help of smart mama and trainer Dr. Gia Fruscione, we can make the most of our time with these simple stroller exercises we can tackle while out and about. Check out the slideshow below for 5 moves to work your mama muscles. And find the description and how to below the slideshow. 1. ABDOMINAL ACTIVATION: Do this first learn how to engage your "core" to stabilize your trunk with movement. Stand relaxed, in an upright posture. While maintaining the natural curves in your spine (what is called a neutral spine position), gently pull your belly button in toward your spine without flattening your back or tilting your pelvis. This should be a sub maximal effort so don't try to crush your insides, just turn the muscles on enough to activate them. Once you have this down, you want to make sure you use this core activation with the exercises below. 2. HIP ABDUCTION: Using your stroller for balance this exercise will help strengthen the outside of the hip (gluteus medius). Stand upright, facing your stroller with both hands resting on the handle(s) for balance. Bring one leg out to the side and slightly behind you while maintaining an upright posture. You should feel the muscle on the backside of your hip working. Build up to 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each side. 3. HIP EXTENSION: Using your stroller for balance this exercise will help strengthen the back of the hip (gluteus maximus). Stand upright, facing your stroller with both hands resting on the handle(s) for balance. Bring one leg straight behind you while maintaining an upright posture. If you are doing it correctly, your leg will only move behind you by a foot or so. You should feel the gluteal muscles in the back of your hip working. Build up to 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each side. 4. WALKING LUNGES: Stepping forward with alternating legs using your stroller for balance, this exercise will help to improve the strength and stability in your trunk and legs. Stand upright, facing your stroller with both hands resting on the handle(s) for balance. Step forward with your right leg. Keeping your right knee in line with your ankle slowly lower yourself into a lunge position (you should be able to look down and see your toes). Only lower yourself to a comfortable position, with the goal of your right thigh being parallel to the ground and your left knee touching the ground. Raise yourself back up and step forward with the left foot alternating throughout the set. Build up to 3 sets of 12 repetitions (six lunges per leg). 5. SQUATS: Using your stroller for counter balance to improve functional pelvic and lower extremity strength. Stand upright, facing your stroller with both hands resting on the handle(s) for balance. With your feet under your hips, slowly sit back as if you were going sit in a chair. This will help keep your knees from moving too far forward. Direct your knees out over your toes to prevent them from collapsing inward. Only lower yourself to a comfortable position, with the goal of your thighs being parallel to the ground. Build up to 3 sets of 15 repetitions. Thanks to Dr. Gia Fruscione from DLVR Maternity for sharing these exercise ideas with us. DLVR was founded in 2012 by MOMpreneur, Dr. Gia Fruscione, PT, DPT. Gia's personal understanding of pregnancy, along with her experience treating pregnant and postpartum women in her physical therapy practice, led to the creation of DLVR. Gia had a desire to create a robust community resource for pregnant women to learn about their body, understand the changes of pregnancy and how to take care of themselves. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.