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In its second edition, hosted by the United States Olympic Committee and the Congressional Olympic Paralympic Caucus, this competitive event brought together Members of Congress and a handful of Team USA's best athletes to demonstrate basketball skills in promotion of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. "It's great to see Members of Congress, including Members of the Congressional Olympic and Paralympic Caucus, supporting Team USA and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements," said Desiree Filippone, USOC managing director of government relations. Olympian or Paralympian to shoot one round of free throws, consisting of 10 total attempts. Each basket counted as one point, with the round's final free throw designated as the bonus ball, which, if made, extended the round until a basket was missed. The duos with the highest scores were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. The podium winners were as follows. Gold Rep. Cheri Bustos (Ill.) and 2008 Olympian Kara Lawson, 38 points Silver Rep. Jared Huffman (Calif.) and two time Paralympian Kari Miller, 18 points Silver Rep. "That's why we are happy to be here today. There is a great interaction between the athletes and the (Congress) members. It's been great fun!" The event featured three Olympians and four Paralympians, along with nine members of Congress. Below is a full list of participants. Free Run 3 Men Light Midnight Electric Green Pro Platinum ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Neon Pink Volt Quilted Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women New Green Red Nike Roshe Run Men Black Solar Red Golden Goose Camo Brown Nike Roshe Run Women Obsidian Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Blue Yellow Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt One thousand two hundred and eleven. No that not the amount of money I have in my chequing account and it isn the amount I spent on shoes last year, nor is it the number of hours I spent on my computer. One thousand two hundred and eleven. is the number of address labels I have sitting in my desk drawer. Most of them are very colorful and pretty. Some have little birds and birdhouses on them. Some have pictures of bees and insects, fish and puppies. Others have beautiful flowers while others have smiley faces. One thousand two hundred and eleven very feminine labels each with my husband name and address on them. One hundred thirty seven. No, it not my weight. (I wish) Nor is it the number of wine bottles in our recycling bin over the course of the year (it probably higher). One hundred thirty seven is the number of greeting cards I have tucked away in a very pretty box. I have every kind of card you can think of, birthday cards, sorry you sick cards, anniversary and congratulatory cards and of course my personal favourite, blank cards I can write a note in. It no secret I kept Hallmark in business over the years. Like most, I send cards for the usual special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc. But I especially like sending Thinking of You cards and Just Because cards. I know how happy I am to receive them (actually I know how happy I would be to receive them) and I like to do that for other people. My husband makes fun of me saying, I send thank you notes for thank you notes. (Of course he exaggerating, I only done that a couple of times when the thank you note I received was exceptional!). I love that there is a card for everything now. I actually bought one that read, don know what went wrong but I sorry and want to fix it. I thought that was so cool. I still have it and may just have to pick a fight with someone in order to use it. I pride myself on taking my time in choosing just the right card. Sometimes when I browsing the card section I see the perfect one and even though the special occasion is months away I purchase it and set it aside. Often I forget I have it and when the time comes I go out and purchase another. That okay though there are lots of occasions. Can you ever have too many cards on hand? Yes! The answer is yes! So why do I have one hundred thirty seven cards and one thousand two hundred and eleven labels to mail them with? Well, it certainly not because I purchased them all! Do you think I nuts? It began a few months ago when my husband made a donation to a charity. Weeks later he received a thank you along with an envelope full of flowery labels with his name on them. Labels he never use. Days passed and he started receiving similar packages from other charitable organizations, along with requests for donations. We made a couple of additional donations and within no time we were receiving packages of labels from every organization we heard of and some we hadn At first we laughed realizing his name had been put on some sort of mailing list. How long could it last? Then we began receiving not only labels but greeting cards as well. One organization glued nickels onto their packages. Despite numerous attempts by my husband via mail, telephone and email, to stop them, they kept coming. Many times he wrote, Stop Sending on a package and put it back in the mail, but today I arrived home to yet another package. I figure we never move since we have a lifetime of mailing labels for this address, and I have to start sending cards to friends of friends in order to use up my supply, that or open my own card shop. I beginning to wonder how much of our donation got to where we intended it to go and how much went towards the assembling and distribution of the packages. Not to mention the salaries of the employees doing the processing. I wondering how many other people are receiving packages. Does everyone have an extra thousand labels and dozens of greeting cards stashed in a drawer? More than anything though, I wondering what we be getting if we donated more. Would we be getting framed autographed prints delivered? Would there be quarters glued to the packages? If we donated even more, would we get free tickets to the opera? Free Run 3 Men Light Midnight Electric Green Pro Platinum,A more serious sort of everyday foot problem is bunions, which are formed inside the foot, rather than on the surface. A bunion is frequently a form of arthritis, or bone degeneration. It usually takes the form of a bony bump on the outside of your big toe, although bunions can sometimes appear on the top of the big toe joint or even on the little toe (often called a "bunionette"). More than four million Americans have bunions. Most bunions are painful because they're accompanied by bursitis and/or because they're so prominent that there's no way to avoid bumping and rubbing them. A bunion may also force your big toe to point inward and rub against the next toe, eventually causing the second toe to become a hammertoe. A common myth about bunions is that they're caused by wearing high heels or other shoes that exert pressure on the outside of your big toe. While ill fitting shoes can certainly make bunions worse, bunions are mostly hereditary. If your parents have bunions, you stand a good chance of having them, too. Bunions tend to come in pairs. In other words, if you have a bunion on your left foot, you'll probably also have one on your right foot. The best immediate treatments for bunion discomfort include the following: Apply ice to the area several times a day. Soak the affected foot, or feet, in a mixture of one cup vinegar to one gallon warm water. Pad the insides of shoes with moleskin or foam rubber cut into a doughnut shape (the hole is for the bunion). Switch to shoes with a bigger toe box, or, best of all, wear sandals that leave the bunion area exposed. In the early stages of bunion pain, a doctor may prescribe orthotics (insoles) and exercises that may stabilize the foot and prevent further development of bunions. For continuing pain, however, you may need bunion surgery, which can often be performed on an outpatient basis. Bunions are also troubling because they can lead to other foot problems, including hammertoe. Learn more about hammertoe and its treatments on the next page. To learn more about treating and avoiding problems with your feet, visit:reduce pain and prevent infection after they occur, with these simplethese tips on caring for your feet, including selecting the right.

Wholesale For Cheap Free Run 3 Men Light Midnight Electric Green Pro Platinum,Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Chandler senior Jasmine Todd is ready to unleash what could be the most remarkable season for any girl track and field athlete in Arizona history. It begins today at Phoenix Maryvale High, where she will compete in the Phoenix Union High School District Relays. "If she stays healthy, she definitely could have a season like no other," said Larry Todd, Jasmine's father and jumps coach. He should know. He coached Claye throughout his Phoenix Mountain Pointe High career, before he launched into a spectacular college career that last year led the University of Florida jumper to being named Collegiate Men's Indoor Athlete of the Year by Track and Field News. "But she's a whole lot faster than he was at this time," Larry added. The key for Todd is staying healthy. Last year, she was on her way to a huge season after breaking the state record in the triple jump at 41 5 at the Chandler Rotary Invitational. She then finished first in the 100 meters at 11.73 seconds. But she came up holding her hamstring. It was the first time she had been injured. She was careful to not return too soon. But even at less than full strength, Todd found another gear in May, winning the long jump and triple jump and leading Chandler's 4x100 meter relay team to victory at the Division I state track and field championships. It was Chandler's sixth consecutive state championship. Later in the summer, she helped Chandler to a second consecutive Nike National championship in Oregon. Todd gave a glimpse of things to come recently in Albuquerque at the Great Southwest Indoor meet, where she won four events, all top six national performances. It landed her in Sports Illustrated's Faces in the Crowd. Her 60 meter time of 7.42 seconds tied for second best in the nation. She ran the 200 in 24.43 (tied for fourth in the country). Her long jump of 19 feet, 7 inches was the nation's fifth best, and her winning triple jump of 39 10 was the sixth best. "It's definitely exciting leading into the outdoor season," said Todd, who signed on Feb. 1 with Oregon to run track and field. "I'm going in feeling pretty good about this year." With Todd leading the way, it's no longer just about defending state. It's about defending nationals for Chandler's juggernaut girls track program. "When they experience that Nike thing, two years in a row, that's the motivation," coach Eric Richardson said. "They all want a piece of that. It's tough to do." Chandler once again is loaded to make another run at a national title. Sophomore Ky Westbrook burst onto the track scene as a freshman last year when she won state titles in the 100 (12.22 seconds) and 200 (25.60). Junior Alexis Roberts is back to try to win the 400 and 200 state titles after finishing runner up in both races last season. Sophomore Imani Adams was fourth at state in the 400. Junior Makaila Flannigan, state runner up in the 300 hurdles and third in the long jump, is back, along with senior Bacall Sterling, who placed third at state in the 300 hurdles and second in the triple jump. Todd brings out the best in all of her talented teammates. "I get really excited, but I don't ever get overly excited," she said. "I usually don't think too much about the pressure. It's more making sure I do good that day." Free Run 3 Men Light Midnight Electric Green Pro Platinum Thanks to the patented hinged mechanism derived from German technology, you can wear this splint in slippers, or with just a sock pulled over it, or even just barefoot in your house. You can eve wear it inside wide fitting shoes like crocs. This splint works by gentle stretching to correct the position of your big toe. Obviously, the more you wear it, the quicker you will experience results. Although you only need to wear this hinged bunion splint for a few hours a day for it to work its magic, the ability to walk in it makes it much more convenient than any other device offering non surgical bunion correction. For instance, if you chose to just wear at night in bed, you don't have to remove it if you need to get up out of bed for a bathroom visit during the night. Bunion night splints allow for no walking at all. If you have never before considered a bunion splint, then your first impression may be that wearing one must be terribly awkward and uncomfortable. This particular foot care product, however, is described as lightweight, flexible, and very easy to get used to. One person even said that it starts to feel like a normal part of your foot! FootSmart Bunion Regulator / Night SplintIf you are sure you will really just wear a bunion splint while you are in bed at night, then by all means try a bunion night splint, also called a regulator, and hopefully you will be among the wearers who are pleased with the results. This is a cheaper splint than the hinged splint described above, and overall the reviews are not quite as enthusiastic. But enough people have been pleased with this bunion regulator to make it a popular FootSmart product. This night splint is made of a nylon plastic brace cushioned with a soft foam, so it doesn't irritate your skin. Three different sizes are available for the right and left feet. A hook and loop closure helps you adjust the fit even more to your size. Yasco Bunion Toe StraightenerHere's another bunion product that you can wear inside your shoes that may help you. This bunion toe straightener is made totally of fabric nylon and spandex so it's fairly easy to wear inside all kinds of shoes. Some reviewers say they wear this soft toe straightener all day. This toe straightener is comprised of a strap designed to pull your big toe forward into the correct position, and a heel strap that holds the brace in place. The reviews as to its effectiveness are roughly split evenly down the middle, with half the people who have bought it saying it really helped straighten their bunion and reduce pain, and the other half saying it didn't do anything at all. So, only by trying it yourself can you know how effective it will be for you. If you are concerned about a hard splint being too uncomfortable, then trying this soft toe straightener first may be a good idea. Bunion Pads and Toe SeparatorsUsing a bunion pad or guard to provide a protective cushion when you wear your shoes will give you some relief if your bunion is mild. These products are usually made of a nice gel that releases soothing mineral oil to the sore bunion area of your foot. Most are made for your big toe, but if you have a tailor's bunion, you can find ones for your little toe, as well. Toe separators or toe spacers are other products that provide temporary relief from bunion pain for many people. Most toe separators are little inserts you place between your big toe and the one adjacent to it. These serve to relieve some of the pressure on the joint of your big toe, and can be worn inside your shoes all day long. But you should not expect any lasting effect beyond the time when you have them inserted between your toes. Toe separators and bunion guards are the simplest methods of bunion treatment. When the pain relief from using these foot care products just isn't enough, it's time to try the other options discussed above Bunion ReliefThe products described above provide varying degrees of relief from bunion pain. Toe separators and cushions just provide temporary comfort, but if your bunion is small and only bothers you when you wear certain shoes, then you may not need to take any further action. The toe stretchers work to strengthen the muscles in your foot in order to enhance correct toe alignment. Although strengthening your foot muscles is always a good thing, how quickly your toe alignment will actually be affected by using these products is quite variable. Products made of fabric that propose to correct the position of your big toe are often just not strong enough to really provide long term change. Of course, results vary from person to person, depending on the severity of the bunion, and how frequently these products are actually used. Only the serious work accomplished by bunion splints can make the long term change that you are looking for in bunion treatment that is effective enough that a bunionectomy can be avoided. So, if your bunion pain is so debilitating that you are considering that last resort option, then do yourself a favor and try the hinged bunion splint or at least the night splint before you make a final decision. Non surgical bunion treatment ends up working for many people; give it a serious chance to work for you.

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