Love Is In The Air Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red With Authentic Quality. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Wolf Grey Reflective Silver Cool Grey Hot Sale Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red Outlet Online Store 2014 Hi, I'm Sandy Kreps owner of the blog Modern Simplicity. Today, I'm gonna show you an easy way to do a DIY custom room organizer for your kids closet. Before beginning organizing your closet you're gonna want to get rid of any shoes or clothes that are just too small or too warn out for them to wear anymore. Now the most important thing about setting up your kids closet is to make sure that they can reach their clothes. This bar is too high for most children to reach until they're in their teens. So this is, you can add a secondary bar here or like I've done a shelf with hanging supplies so the kids can easily reach what they need to. Another fun tip for hanging up their clothes is to add little day of the week hangers on them so that they can easily pick out what they need without messing up their entire closet while they're doing it. The reason I like hanging kids clothes up so much is because it allows them to scroll through their clothes and easily see what they have so that they can pick what they want as opposed to folded clothes that sometimes get messed up as they're pawing through the big stacks looking for their favorite clothes so that's why I prefer doing it this way. However everybody does have folded clothes. So sometimes you have a dresser for that but other times you need to really figure out how to get them in the closet. That's why I like bins like these. These big bins can hold folded t shirts or even touch things as swim trunks that don't need to be folded you can just chuck them right into the bin. Smaller draws like these are great for holding socks and undies and other small things they can just chuck in without worrying about it. We all know kids have a lot of shoes and they're not very good about keeping them clean but having them wind up in rows across the bottom just really isn't the kids thing. So an over the shoe organizer like this one is an easy way for them to grab and go when they need their shoes and it's an easy way to get them to put back. Hanging their regular shoes and their daily shoes down here on the bottom makes it easier for them to reach what they want but then you could use these upper ones to hold shoes that are the next size up so when they're ready to go to the next shoe you can find it. An easy way to keep track of those is by putting a little tag with the next shoe size on it and just sliding it right into there so that you can see it and you know when those tennis shoes are getting tight you can just grab the next set. Toys also need a home and you can do them the same way with your custom closet here. I like to use these kind of drawers so that they can have small toys like these or if you have Barbie dolls or Legos, anything like that fits really well in these but of course every kid has just random stuff that they collect everywhere and having one bin set aside specifically for all their little chotchkies that they pickup along the way goes a great way to helping you keep the kids room clean while still giving them a place to save their most treasured possessions. Now when you're shopping for bins there's one other tool you're gonna want to pick up and that is a step stool because some of this stuff the child's gonna need a short stepstool to pickup however you don't want to get one that's too high because you don't want them reaching up and climbing all over the top part of the shelves. The top part of the shelves are a great place to store things like extra blankets, bedding, and clothing in the next size up. They don't need to reach everyday but you can get to it easily. When you're shopping for you tools there are a couple other considerations you want to think about. You might want to pickup an extra bin like this that you can put their outgrown clothes in because kids grow out of clothes fast and you'll want an easy place to check those things that no longer fit. Another consideration is a very easy laundry bin. You want your child to keep their room clean and throw his dirty clothes in the right spot so a simple bin like this tucked in the bottom of the closet makes them easy for him to just throw his dirty clothes in just for you. I like this size bin not only because of its size but because it holds about one load of laundry and the kids can easily carry it to the laundry room for you. It also makes it easy for you to fold the clothes and bring them back upstairs. Now you still got to deal with the toys that are in there so a rolling bin like this one is great to tuck into the bottom so that you can hold their stuffed animals or any other large toys and it slides right in which is easy for them to get out. Your child probably also has a lot of books so if you don't have a bookshelf using a bin like this one makes it easy for them to scroll through their books to pick what they want and it keeps them contained. Now when you're dealing with a book then like this you're not gonna want to store it up on the top parts of the, of the closet. This goes better on the bottom of the closet or right next to their beds so that you don't have to worry about the bin trampling over on them. I hope I've given you some simple tips for organizing your kids room and making your own DIY kids room organizers. I'm Sandy Kreps, thanks for watching..

Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdHere we go again . the latest LeBron to New York story. Here, I thought he was supposed to go to the New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets because James is buddies with Jay Z, who owns a small piece of the Nets. Now, it's the Knicks because new team president Donny Walsh hired Mike D'Antoni. This come from a Newsday story stating Walsh wants to clean out all the stupid, bloated contracts the Knicks have to make a run at James in 2010. Forget James, Walsh needs to get rid of those deals and players just to make the Knicks mediocre.Here's what local fans need to realize about most in the national media, especially based on the East and West coasts. They can't imagine why anyone would want to play in Cleveland. In New York, they think everyone wants to play in New York, as if it's New York is entitled to have the best players. Yet Tim Duncan and Tony Parker stay in San Antonio. Dirk Nowitzki stays in Dallas. Kevin Garnett spent 12 years in Minnesota! The fact is NBA rules are set up for original teams to keep their free agents. In the case of James in 2010, the Cavs can offer him one more year and about $20 million more than any other team. It's not like baseball, where there is no cap and big market teams out bid everyone.In the NBA, players tend to sign with their original teams. The last big name free agent in his prime to jump was Steve Nash in (2004) from Dallas to Phoenix, but that happened because Dallas thought Nash was physically breaking down and did not offer him a maximum contract. The Suns did, so he went there. He probably would have stayed in Dallas had the Mavericks given him a max deal, because it would have been a year longer and much richer than the most the Suns could offer. In 1996, a 24 year old Shaquille O'Neal walked away from Orlando to the Lakers. That may be the last major, major free agent to do that.Think back to the summer of 2005 when the Cavs were shopping for a free agent guard. They pursued Seattle's Ray Allen and Milwaukee's Michael Redd. Both re signed with their original teams because they could offer more money and more years. The Cavs signed Larry Hughes to a max contract because Washington refused to give him a max deal. Ben Wallace also jumped from Detroit to Chicago for the same reason the Pistons not giving him the max contract, but the Bulls did. Then the two players were traded for each other when their teams realized they gave out bad contracts.The point is that it's been years since a player walked away from a max contract with his own team to sign with another. The Cavs will present James with a maximum contract in 2010, so that favors him staying. Yes, Nike would like him in New York, but James doesn't always listen to Nike. The shoe company has wanted him to be in the slam dunk contest, but James has refused. James also has shown he can secure national advertising deals in Cleveland. Like most of you reading this, he is from here, likes it here and prefers to stay here. When big NBA names switch franchises, it nearly always via a trade. Yes, a player can sign a max deal with his original team, then raise a stink and force a trade as Vince Carter did in Toronto. But that doesn't happen often.Something else to consider is the Knicks have been an embarrassment under the ownership of James Dolan. If he gets out of the way, Walsh and D'Antoni may turn the Knicks into a contender over the next few years. But their cap situation is a mess, and Dolan has historically made life miserable for his basketball people. Anything can happen. If things fall apart in Cleveland, James could leave in 2010. But other free agents that summer are Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, all three members of the 2003 NBA draft class signed contracts that expire in the same summer. So the Knicks may have several targets, but the odds are against getting any of them unless a trade is involved.Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy PolicyThe material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC. Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Grey Men Nike Free Run 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Roshe Run PRM Women Peppermint Candy Sail Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Wolf Grey Men Nike Free 4.0 Game Royal Blue Electric Green Pure Platinum Forget dogs. Sneakers have been man's best friend for decades and for good reason. You can use them as casual wear, wear them to the gym, wear them to work or even wear them to the gym. They provide that extra comfortable feeling that you crave and the support that you need throughout the day and during vigorous exercise. With that being said sneakers are not exactly a replica of what they used to be. There is a long history behind sneakers and the evolution is quite in depth from Converse all the way to Nike Air Force Ones. It is believe that sneakers were first introduced to the open market in the early 1800's. They were invented and marketed solely around their rubber soles, which was a brand new idea. The term sneakers came about quite simply because they were so quiet and the rubber soles did not make a noise on the ground. Hence people were able to sneak around in their sneakers. One of the most prominent companies to start producing sneakers and making them extremely popular is Converse. It all started in around 1917 with a model that was named the Converse All Star. They were created solely for casual wear in the beginning but quickly spread to become more popular and in use for sports such as tennis. While adults were the main target of major sneaker companies, the shoes become extremely popular with young adults and teens over time. With the emergence of Nike and shoes such as the Air Jordan's and Nike Air Force Ones, sneakers became the footwear of choice for teens, children and young adults all over the world. The Nike Tailwind is the brand that is often given credit for starting the whole trend on the whole. While Converse created the entire industry, Nike definitely revolutionized it. From the now popular Shox series and on and on, the brand Nike is infamous with sneakers around the world. Without question the best part about sneakers is their versatility. You can invest in a pair and lace them up no matter where you are going or what you are doing. If you are heading out to play a quick game of basketball you can strap on Nike Air Force Ones. If you are going out for a drive or to the mall with friends you can go with sleek Converse high tops. The choice is totally yours and no matter your style or tastes you can find the perfect sneaker for you. It seems that each year there are new brands and new models be developed. The hot sneaker trend is growing steadily and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red,Step into fashion and welcome the fall season with Jambu's latest style standouts, a lineup of ultra fashionable, fabulously functional, and on trend designs created with the ultimate in comfort and ease. Jambu is a fabulous footwear brand inspired by the beauty of nature and driven to create stunning shoes that are oh so comfy, eco friendly and ultra stylish. Jambu understands our need to mix it up, our desire for adventure, our obsession with fashion and our craving for comfort which is why their footwear boasts quality materials, premium padding, cutting edge design, and top notch style. Esmeralda Vegan ($149) fashionistas and eco conscious chicas will fall in love with this beautiful bootie that's both adorable and animal friendly. Jambu's Esmeralda Vegan takes you to new heights this fall season with its cutting edge style and magnificently comfortable 2 inch sporty wedge that effortlessly goes from workweek to weekend. The Esmeralda Vegan is a sleek bootie made of 100% animal friendly construction thanks to a mix of vegan and neoprene materials which simulate a stylish tumbled leather look. This darling bootie also features a Velcro arch strap closure that feels comfortable around your feet for all day wear and makes it easy to slip on and pull off the booties for a handy and hassle free style. The Memory Foam Footbed interior is superbly delicious, it feels like a plush pillow for your feet which feels light as air and contours to give you a custom and cushioned fit. The Esmeralda Vegan also features a durable All Terra Traction outsole paired with a sporty wedge with metallic piping giving you confidence in every step because of its superior grip to the ground while providing some extra height without hurting your feet. Thanks to its fashion forward design, fabulous foot bed, all terra traction and sporty wedge, you'll simply want to live in these shoes all season, feeling oh so chic and super comfy. The Esmeralda Vegan retails for $149 and is available in Black, Brown and Mocha. Seattle ($129) take a style cue from the boys this season and give it your own feminine flair with these adorable lace up oxfords by Jambu. The Seattle oxfords are this season's must have to help you rock menswear inspired style with ease and on trend precision. These oh so chic oxfords will help you be a step above this season's hottest trends think white boyfriend button down shirts, blazers, fedoras, and skinny jeans. Jambu's Seattle is the perfect mix of girly appeal and jazzy style from its luxurious tonal suede and leather combination that's super soft and glamorous, wing tip front that features cute laser cut details and stitching, a live in 24/7 plush and super comfy footed interior, edgy 2 inch wedge that gives you added height that's comfy for all day wear, and eco chic All Terra Traction outsoles that keep you moving with control and ease so you can step out and play no matter what surface you encounter. The Seattle oxford mixes both the classic appeal of the oxford along with modern day mod, mixing the classic lines of the lace up with fashion forward style and higher heel appeal. Jambu's Seattle oxfords are the perfect pair to take on the stylish menswear trend, an effortlessly chic way to update your "boyfriend" style, and an adorable approach to trade in those painful high heels for these graceful wedges that are girly glam, cozily chic, and on trend this season. The Seattle retails for $129 and is available in a beautifully striking Cognac color as well as a goes with everything Charcoal color. Amber ($139) bring out your inner rebel with this darling platform bootie that gracefully mixes punk with panache. This fall season, turn the concrete into the catwalk with Jambu's Amber boot, a fabulously functional yet supremely stylish bootie that'll glam up any outfit. Jambu's Amber boot raises the bar on fashion with a cool 3 slim, leather wrapped wedge and 1 inch platform that is easy to walk in (no matter what your high heel experience may be) as well as super comfortable to strut in all day. It features a stylish and sturdy tumbled leather with edgy laser cut details, a rocker chic side buckle that easily attaches via Velcro, a smart side zipper with a handy elastic strip on the opposite side to easily slip them on, and a perfectly padded foot bed that contours to your feet and pampers your toes for a custom, comfy and luxurious fit. What's more, whether this fall season brings on rain or shine, you'll be surefooted and confident thanks to its eco friendly All Terra Traction design that provides durable wear and superior grip so that you can step out in fashion regardless of the elements. The Amber boot is a mainstay for your fall wardrobe for its sleek style, cool versatility and ultimate comfort pair it with a blouse and long skirt for feminine flair, glam it up with a mini dress or wear them with denim leggings for a rebel chic look. The Amber boot retails for $139 and is available in Black or Latte. Allure ($109) slip into the ultimate in comfort and style with this charming wedge that's oozing with cushiony luxury and good looks. Jambu's Allure fusion wedge is the must have this season for all gals seeking to walk for miles feeling comfortably relaxed and oh so chic while running errands, enjoying a movie date night, or simply chilling this cold weather season with family and friends. The Allure wedge is the perfect blend of sass and superfluity, mixing a cool edge appeal thanks to its smooth suede and crackled leather fabrics with laser cut details and its ultra padded memory foam insole that's super indulging and feels heavenly for your feet. Jambu's Allure features a beautifully discreet built in 2 inch wedge that takes you to new fashion heights with feisty yet feminine flair while satisfying your need for premium comfort and all day wear ability. The fabric mix of both buttery soft suede and crackled leather give this wedge a unique and bold look, while the laser cut details add an extra oomph and cutting edge appeal. What's more, these wedges are easy to slip on when on the go thanks to its cleverly placed elastic that surrounds the sides of the upper. The Allure's sassy style, its plush foot bed and sturdy yet ground gripping rubber outsoles make this shoe the must have to wear all season long for sure footed stepping, laidback luxury and cutting edge fashion. All information provided is for educational purposes only. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants.

Shop With Discount Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red,Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Teal Blue Rob MurphyA BLISTERING first half display of running rugby proved enough for in the winter Saturday sun, with four tries paving the way for a comfortable victory over . It was 's first win in the All Ireland Cup at their third attempt. have been a regular competitor in this competition since its inception in 2005 and were hoping to build on last year's semi final appearance. But 'hope' was the optimum word here, as their form coming in offered no sign that they could upset the odds. alumni include Irish Olympian Pat O'Callaghan, international prop Tony Buckley, and Mayo footballer Donal Vaughan, who played for the club at underage level. They are unbeaten in all competitions this season and relish a free flowing contest, which marks them out in the Munster League's traditional war of attrition landscape. will look back at this and see a game lost in an horrendous opening quarter where they conceded three tries (22 points in total) without reply. Their first phase defence was hard and organised, but in broken play, they were carved open. Afterwards, JP Walsh admitted that they had a game plan of looking for territory in the opening stages with a slight hill in their favour and a powerful pack key to their attacking plans. It backfired because of loose kicks which were snapped up by the home back three. Experienced scrum half Paul Cotter got the home side's opening try from close range before Peter Earlie scored the first of three tries, easily rounding 's outside defence after a series of attacks. Dara Meade's conversion and subsequent exquisitely struck drop goal had the home side 15 0 ahead. If 's young guns (eight of the squad are under 20) were going to get anywhere, they needed to score next. The kicking game plan was gone and 18 year old former Rice College star Andrew McAleer was let loose. The centre broke the cover with evasive running and popped a back door pass to Eoin Joyce to lift his side. A lineout five metres out soon after marked the beginning of the end for . It was won initially, setting up a short side attack, but the pass was intercepted by the alert Earlie. The winger made 30 metres and was tackled, but in one fluid motion, brilliantly released the ball, got to his feet, picked again and set a second phase in motion. Seconds later, he and had another try. That was pretty much that for the game, yet the home side kept the pressure on paving the way for Earlie's hat trick. 's second half display was a marked improvement. Liam Scahill was a huge influence on their early revival, scoring a try three minutes after the restart which Lyndon Jones converted. Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red It's been a long road with many ups and downs, but we've arrived at the final issue of The Iron Warrior this term. I'd like to thank all my staff for all their hard work writing articles and copy editing. They've been an invaluable help to me this term, and without them, there would not be a newspaper. I'd like to thank Jacob Terry and Farzi Yusufali for all their help this term, especially early. They helped me to iron out the kinks in our publishing schedule this term, and Jacob was the one who suggested printing the election issue. Farzi has been invaluable in helping me to catch mistakes in the issues. I'd also like to thank Nancy Hui, Nina Feng, and Vince Magas as well as all my other copy editors for all the work they did catching grammar and spelling errors and making sure that articles were printed as error free as possible. Thank you to the many who contributed to the paper this term. Your words and thoughts are the heart of the paper, and I hope those thoughts have informed many, and made them think. I would like to thank both Mary and the EngSoc execs this term for basically managing the paper's finances. Mary has been an invaluable help by delivering invoices to advertisers and informing me about important things like signing cheques and alerting me that Plant Ops wanted to put up the boards in the room. I know the EngSoc execs were very busy, and my only regret is that the one time they all handed in their reports on time was a week that wasn't a publishing weekend. Well, that and also that I couldn't attend any EngSoc meetings due to scheduling conflicts with a class. I also have some awards to mention. Every term, we give out two awards. The Iron Pen Award goes to the person who wrote the most number of words in the paper in the term. The Editor's Award goes to those people who have helped me the most this term. The Iron Pen Award this term goes to newcomer Alex Toth! Nancy Hui was in the lead for most of the term, but despite an impressive 2000 words coming from Nancy this issue, Alex delivered a 3055 word monster to me this issue, which just barely placed him over Nancy in word count. Congrats to Alex! The Editor's Award this year goes to Jessica Keung! She's been very helpful this term, writing several articles and starting a new humour column called How to Talk to which will hopefully be a worthy successor to the vaunted TopZ (with a Z). She has also been my representative at said EngSoc meetings which I couldn't attend, has done virtually every edition of the Iron Inquisition this term, and has been here for the majority of production weekends. Thanks for being such a big help and for doing basically anything I needed you to. I would also like to announce the new EIC for the Summer 2014 term: Nina Feng! Nina has been with the paper since 1A, and was one of the most prolific contributors to the paper this term. She also has layout experience and knows how the paper will run. I'm sure you will do a great job in Summer 2014 Nina, and if you need help, don't hesitate to ask me or any of the other previous EICs and others. I also want to give a shout out to Spenser Good, the incoming EIC for next term. Circumstances allowed him to turn up for several meetings this term and to write several articles, even though he's offstream this term. I'm sure he'll do an amazing job and I look forward to see what he will accomplish next term. I will personally remember these last three months as some of the best months of my life. This was the first time I took on such a large responsibility, and I can only hope that I shouldered it admirably. One thing I know I could have improved on during the term was communication with EngSoc. I know scheduling conflicts kept me from being able to go to meetings, but I could have found other ways to keep in touch with them. Their input and advice could have made this term much easier, and Hopefully this will not be the end, but a beginning as I pursue bigger and better things next term, and I hope to stay involved in the engineering community. All that said, these last several days have been rather trying to me. My godmother passed away early last week, and naturally I needed to attend the funeral. This meant I would be home from Thursday night to Friday morning. While I do not regret this decision, it did put me behind, both in schoolwork and on the paper. Again though, no regrets here. While it's important to learn from every experience in your life, it's more important to know what you learned in those experiences. I had lost my grandfather and my godmother, both of whom I was very close to, within the span of months. But I do not wish they did not pass away. I miss them, but they both lived very full lives, and I am happy for the time I was able to spend with them. Thank you for being here throughout the term reading my ramblings about recent events and about life and challenges. I hope it didn't bore too much. Thank you readers for continuing to pick up and read The Iron Warrior. It means a lot to us and after all, we are proving a service to you, and we are thankful you are appreciating it.

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