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Make sure that the elastic and ribbon are properly secured on the shoe. Begin by flexing your foot. Take the inside ribbon and loop it across the top of your foot. The outer side ribbon will go over the inner ribbon. Pull the ribbons tight enough , so that there are no gaping or sagging. Then wrap the ribbons around the ankle and tie it together. Now tuck the tie under the flat part of the ribbon. This video will benefit those viewers who are beginning or interested in ballet, and would like to learn how to tie a. In every ballerina life there comes a day where they are awarded the permission to buy their first pair of pointe shoes by their instructor. The ribbons and elastic must be sewn onto pointe shoes after they are purchased, and finding the proper placement for each can be tricky. Find out how to properly sew the ribbons on a pair of pointe shoes from someone who knows what she talking about: Mikael Monson is an instructor specializing in ballet and pointe at the Virtuosity Performing Arts Studio/Vancouver Elite Gymnastics Academy in Camas, Washington. Learn more ballet from this expert by. In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to tie pointe shoes in ballet. Begin by putting on the shoe and tie the small lace. Then cut off most of the excess of the small lace (about 1 1/2 inches) and tuck it inside the shoe. Now wrap the inside ribbon of the shoe one time around the ankle and tuck it back. Do the same with the other ribbon, except do it the opposite way and then tie the ribbon together. Now cut off the excess ribbon and tuck it in. This video will benefit those viewers who are interested in ballet, and would like to learn how to tie a ballet shoe for comfort and support. When a girl gets her pointe shoes, it signifies a graduation A step up in the ballet world. The only problem with picking up your first pair of pointe shoes from a store, is that they don come with the ribbons sewn on! Learn how to sew your own ribbons on your pointe shoes. Besides your pointe shoes and ribbon, you need a needle, thread and scissors to complete this task. Learn how to sew ribbons onto your pointe shoes with help from this tutorial. One lesson not enough? Be sure to search Wonder How To for more lessons on ballet taught by dance expert Sarah Shoemaker who began dancing. This video demonstrates how to properly tie ballet shoes before doing ballet. First, in addition to the ballet shoes, some paper towels will be needed for padding. Fold about three paper towels together until they form a rectangle approximately 3" by 4". This will be used to pad the toes. Now, pulling the show onto the foot, pull the strap over the top of the foot and place the folded paper towels around the toes and top of foot to pad. Pull the shoe snugly onto the foot. The side straps should then be brought up one at a time, starting with the inside strap, and criss crossed over the ankles. This video gives a demonstration of how to tie pointe shoes for ballet. The shoes are already on the dancers foot. First, take the wide ribbons and cross them over the top of the foot smoothly. Bring them up behind the ankle, right at the ankle bones. Cross them again at the ankles and then cross them again in the front, keeping the ribbons smooth. Bring the ribbons to the inside side of the foot and tie them. You can tie them in a bow or a knot. In the demonstration the ribbons are tied with a bow. Then you can determine if the strings are too long. Maybe not everyone aware of this, but when bought, pointe shoes are incredibly tough and when not broken in, painful to wear. In this video, learn how to break in new pointe shoes to make them easier to dance in. They can be bent, molded, massaged and even scraped to get the proper flexibility and traction. Find out how to safely break new a brand new pair of shoes with helpful instruction from an expert: Mikael Monson is an instructor specializing in ballet and pointe at the Virtuosity Performing Arts Studio/Vancouver Elite Gymnastics Academy in Camas, Washington. Learn more ballet from..

Urea is a safe fertilizer that can melt ice from sidewalks when temperatures are above 11 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of fertilizer does not damage concrete and is safe for use around plants and grass. Fertilizers that contain a balance of nitrogen and potassium will also melt ice. If using this type of fertilizer, be sure to purchase one that is iron free. Avoid ammonium sulfate fertilizers when choosing a product to use on concrete. While these fertilizers melt ice to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, they are damaging to concrete, especially concrete less than one year old. When choosing a household product to melt salt on your driveway or sidewalk, you need to take a few factors into consideration. While salt is the most well known remedy for melting ice, it can be damaging to the environment. Certain soils already have high levels of salt, and adding more can cause grass and plants to die. Using high quantities of salt may also damage concrete, causing deep pits in paved surfaces. Pets are also sensitive to salts and can suffer adverse effects if exposed to high levels. Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted ,Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women New Green Red Women Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Pink Grey Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Men Nike Free Run 2 Red White Black Men Nike Free Run 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Turquoise Gold Black White It is almost getting to the point where we should make one daily RIAA post that covers who is suing, who is getting sued, what jurisdiction the RIAA has and doesn't have and what side of the fence your local politician is on. Honestly, we only cover the RIAA stuff because we know how important it is to everyone. You can't help but wonder how much all of this is costing. The United States' largest supplier of ADSL broadband connections is challenging the recording industry's current campaign of targeting song swappers with a lawsuit filed late on Wednesday, charging that the RIAA is violating its customers' right to privacy. Pacific Bell Internet Services (PBIS), operated by telecommunications giant SBC Communications, challenged the subpoenas served against it by the RIAA on procedural grounds, arguing that hundreds of them were served improperly. Most of you can benefit from this write up, I see a few things I can do to my rigs right now. Check it out. At Tweak3D, we insist on having our PCs run squeaky clean: as fast as possible with the given hardware. We like to turn off silly graphical effects and clean up hard drives for maximum efficiency. So today, I've written a short guide on making your aging Windows XP installation run like new. Reinstalling the OS usually takes too much time and effort, so for now we'll just 'refresh' our Windows XP install with a few tricks of the trade. Here is a quicky one pager review of the video card. This is the card with the goofy looking HSF that resembles a radio with two speakers. The review doesn't have much for pictures of the HSF though, just a few of the normal press photos. The fellas give it a whopping 10 out of 10, so there must be something to it. As mentioned before, the A350 is entirely encased in an aluminum heatsink. The top piece is Leadtek's Twin Turbo II cooling system. Underneath the cover is a copper heatsink that attaches to the GPU with aluminum, which then covers the memory chips. The cover houses two 50mm fans, which are quiet, yet surprisingly efficient. If you are of the thinking that "thermal compound is thermal compound", you wouldn't be alone. The problem with current commercial pastes is that they have focused too long on the thermal conductivity of the material, and not on the fundamental principle of a thermal paste, which is gap filling. Silicone based 'goop' from radio shack is fairly thermally conductive, but the size of the particles and the terrible spreadability cause it to be more of an insulator than a conductor. 3DFX Story, Part II: Sudhian has posted up part two of their 3DFX retrospective titled "A Fallen Titans Final Glory". Some really good nostalgia stuff in this write up, but today's installment holds a very nice treat, some hi res Voodoo5 6000 pictures and benchmarks as well. Looking at our assembled benchmarks, there's no doubt that the Voodoo5 6000 packed one mother of a punch, offering frame rates 30 50% higher than the GeForce2 GTS in most benchmarks and competing well against the Ultra and GeForce3. Yet when you consider the mammoth amount of RAM the V5 6K needed to compete at this level (plus the huge amount of PCB real estate those four GPU's occupied), the card begins to look like less of a deal. It looks as though we will have over 30,000 square feet to work with and seating for over 1000. The [H]Worshop will take place on Saturday, August, 16 at 1PM and will be at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Downtown Dallas. There is NO CHARGE for this event but registration is required. Anand of AnandTech fame will be joining us as well!! We are rounding up prizes for sponsors currently. id Software has also signed off on RatPadzGS for this year and is allowing us to supply a FREE RatpadzGS to every person bringing a machine into the BYOC. The estimated BYOC count for this year is over 2000 folks!!! So all in all, even if you cannot get into the BYOC, as it is booked, we would love to have you come down for our workshop. There will of course be vendor areas and plenty of other stuff going on that is yet to be announced. As this was only announced last week, we are just starting to line up prize sponsors. As of today, we have BFG Technologies and HackerThreads lined up to donate prizes consisting on GeForceFX 5900 video cards and [H]ardWear. We also have great stuff from the fine folks at Alpha Novatech, CoolerMaster, EPoX, Logitech, Thermalright and TYAN. AOpen AK79D 400 Max: PCStats has a little nForce2 mainboard review action posted today. The gang seems pleased with the AOpen AK79D 400 Max nForce2 board and had very good overclocking results to boot. Even though AOpen motherboards are not known for their overclockability like brands such as Epox or Abit, we had quite a bit of luck with the AK79D 400 Max. While maintaining the most aggressive memory timings we were able to hit a nice 223 MHz FSB. Lowering the memory timings gave us a result of 234 MHz! What do you do to improve on an awesome card like the 9800Pro 128MB? Do what they did with the Gigabyte Radeon9800Pro and slap a total of 256MB on the card. It might not drastically improve performancebut what the hell, if you are gonna go big, you might as well go all out. As one can tell from the benchmarks above, Gigabyte R9800Pro 258MB is one of the fastest gaming cards on the planet. Its performance is even more astonishing when overclocked to 442Core/782Memory, where it scored 14094 in 3DMark2001SE at a resolution of 102476832bit with 4xFSAA and 4x Anisotropic filtering. On the flip side, it is also one of the most expensive graphics cards on the planet. VIA has teamed up with SRI to develop a platform in which a team of small robots is based on. The robots or "Centibots" are used in search and rescue, they can be deployed as a unit, they will map the area and then search it. Very cool stuff, definitely worth checking out. research institute, today announced a live demonstration of "Centibots", SRI's Linux based robots, at IDG's LinuxWorld 2003 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from August 5 7. Demonstrations will be held at the VIA booth 1776, and at the "Taste of Linux Theater" event held at the show on August 6, the Centibots will navigate a course to find a hidden Linux penguin doll. Posted by Steve 12:08 PM (CST) Nero 6 Bug: I had better pass this one along since a lot of us use Nero 6 for burning CDs. Apparently there is a serious bug that will wipe your hard drive clean if you accidentally select the wrong thing. Worth looking into. Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted,I'm Carol Davidson, chief style officer at Styleworks of Union Square. We're here to talk about how to create your own style. It's hard to believe but with all of the clothing choices out there in stores, there's only six basic clothing styles. We'll begin by identifying each. The sporty style projects a friendly and casual appearance. Fabrics are relaxed and low maintenance and the vibe is easygoing and energetic. The classic style projects a tailored and more conservative appearance. Fabrics tend to be natural with usually a little bit of structure. This clothing is considered timeless in nature and very often will wear out before it goes out of style. The third style is the romantic style. It projects a feminine and soft appearance. Fabrics tend to be more fluid and drapey while the colors tend to be light and ethereal. This style tends to read more gentle and approachable and it can easily be perceived as a bit flirty. The alluring style on the other hand, projects a more magnetic and sensual appearance. Fabrics tend to be more body conscious, sheer or revealing. The creative style projects a more unique spirited or eclectic appearance. Fabrics, colors and design motifs are often mixed. Usually the clothing is thought of as a more artful expression. Finally the dramatic style projects a more bold and commanding appearance. Colors range from bold and saturated to all black while shapes can be more exaggerated or architectural in nature. This clothing conveys a vibe that's confident and strong. I'm Carol Davidson and this has been how to create your own style. For more image and style tips, please visit me online at your StyleWorks.

Where Can i Find Authentic Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange The searchAfter years of sticking to only knee high boots I decided to venture into uncharted territory, the bootie. I spent months looking for the perfect pair of leather black booties. Sorry to offend any vegans or vegetarians but I have to stick with leather for boots. I've been burned too many times when my cheap non leather boots wear out after only a season or two of wear. I tend to stick to flats or shoes with a slight heel, nothing crazy tall or else I feel like an amazonian woman. I know, I know I'm not that tall I'm only 5'3.5" but I always feel like I'm going to topple over if my heels are too tall. I don't like a lot of extra embellishments on my shoes and purses so I was envisioning a fairly basic bootie. I just wanted matte black booties with a slight heel, is that too much to ask for? Maybe it was or maybe I was being too picky because the search took a few weeks. The only problem was this bootie was the complete wrong color. What was a girl to do!?! Epiphany Much to my relief I found that I could dye leather shoes. I called around to cobblers and found they would charge about $40, which isn't a bad price but it would bring the price of the shoes almost to the original price of well over $100. And then I had a thought, 'I'm crafty, maybe I could dye the shoes myself'. After a few days of extensive research on shoe dying, I bought the cheaper mushroom colored shoes and professional shoe dye. Points to rememberTry as you might, you can't dye zippers or buckles. You can get a cobbler to replace zippers if you really want them to match. Use masking tape to cover up said zippers, buckles, laces or soles you don't want tarnished the buckles on my shoes were dark enough that it didn't really matter and I didn't bother with this step You can use Q tips to help dye the nooks and crannies Will they be perfect? No but, with a little elbow grease and time, your leather shoes can be any color you want them to be! ApprehensionI was definitely nervous that I would ruin these beautiful shoes and end up having to pay a cobbler to redye them. Then I realized even if I did mess them up and had to get a cobbler's help, the total price of the project would still be less than the full price black booties. I had nothing to lose! The (quick and easy) processI spread out a ton of newspaper, rolled up my sleeves and put some gloves on. Shoe dye is messy and it will stain quickly. However, if you get the dye on anything apply a little bit of the acetone nail polish to stop the stain before it sets in. You can buy a deglazer to remove the factory finish on the shoes OR you can buy a 100% acetone nail polish remover at any drug store for pennies. For the sake of cheapness, I chose the latter of the two. Dab some cotton balls in acetone and remove as much of the finish on the shoes as you can. Let the shoes dry for 15 minutes. After the shoes dry from deglazing, apply the dye. The first coat may look a little splotchy but that's okay, you can keep applying coats of dye until you achieve the color you want. Let the shoes dry completely in between coats, for about an hour or so. I ended up applying three coats and still have a quarter of the bottle of dye left. Then let the shoes dry completely (for about two days) and apply a leather conditioner. I purchased leather honey because it is said to bring old leather back to life (which I have a few pieces that could use a new lease on life) as well as condition new leather. I also applied a weather proofing spray. Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted To cause physical harm to; hurt. 2. To cause damage to; impair. 3. leg. Yesterday it emerged she had been awarded compensation for the injury after the shoe firm admitted liability at Manchester county court. The case could set a precedent for hundreds of other claims from women who have fallen over when their heels malfunctioned. King, 20, from Knutsford, Cheshire, wore the shoes for the first time on a night out with friends in Manchester city centre For Manchester as a city and metropolitan borough, see the main article Manchester. almost four years ago. The black peep toe strappy strap1. a. A long narrow strip of pliant material such as leather. b. Such a strip equipped with a buckle or similar fastener for binding or securing objects. 2. shoes had a two and a half inch heel. She said: "As I was walking down the tram platform the shoe snapped and I went over on it. It was really painful but I didn't want to ruin the night for everyone so we went on to the first bar.

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