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Identifying and making contingency plans for possible problems is key to salvaging customers' relationships with your company in the event of a problem that has them sitting on the fence. Workplaces where management can't be on hand at all times should have a "contingency binder" in which responses are outlined. Keep a record of problems that arise. Everyone has heard the saying, "The customer is always right." Well, that saying has a basis in good business practices. Never belittle or diminish the concerns of your customers: If customers think you are being belligerent, you run the risk of them simply walking out and taking their business with them. In some cases, a skillfully diffused problem will even have a customer advocating your company to their friends. Make a good impression. Depending on the specifics of your customer interaction, you'll have to tailor your approach, but a few constants remain nearly universal. Be positive and welcoming. For retail, always greet a customer who enters; even a smile with eye contact and a wave is fine. This has the added benefit of deterring shoplifting, as it shows that staff is aware of movement within the store. Try to learn the names of regulars. A great way to do this is to read their names off their payment methods in the case of cards or a checks. If they use cash, don't hesitate to ask. In service industry situations, it can also pay to keep notes about your customers based on small talk. A little small talk serves to put customers at ease before getting down to business. Put yourself in your customers' shoes. As cliched as it sounds, asking yourself how you would like to be treated in their situations can be of tremendous help. If you work as a cashier for a supermarket, think of how annoyed you would be if someone put your fresh fruit in with frozen items or, if you were walking home, how aggravating it would be to have all your heavy items in a single bag. For complex issues, try having a mock scenario conversation with coworkers, taking turns playing the roles of customers. This can help prepare you for thinking on your feet. Remember a good rule of thumb: If something would annoy you, it would also annoy your customers. While notepads and binders work well for small scale shops, consider a digital database alternative for large organizations, particularly call centers. Always maintain a professional demeanor; be polite and never be goaded into exchanging insults. Often, angry customers are looking to provoke a negative response from you to justify their own actions. Never tolerate verbal or physical abuse: Give customers one or two polite warnings, then tell them what you will do should they continue to be disruptive; for example, that you will end the call or, at a retail store, phone the police. Gauge your customers' moods cautiously. People in a positive or neutral mood are usually open to some small talk, which makes them feel welcomed, but agitated or angry customers would prefer minimal polite interaction. Avoid passing an upset customer off. Always deal with the problem yourself when you can. In the case of a hostile or violent customer, never do anything that could in any way be perceived as escalating the situation. Don't touch a customer who is pounding the counter, for example, and do not match a raised voice with your own. More often than not, when you maintain your calm, a disruptive customer will calm down out of embarrassment at causing a scene. How to Handle Disruptive Students in the Classroom Classroom management skills are essential for all teachers. Supervising a group of children with different personalities and backgrounds is a challenging task. How to Deal With Disruptive Students Disruptive students can be a major annoyance and negatively affect the learning process. Teachers at all grade levels should keep their classrooms. How to Deal with Rude Customers Anyone who works in customer service knows how difficult it is to be nice to rude people. Some customers are belligerent, nasty. How to Handle Customer Complaints When you training as a waiter in a restaurant, you need to learn how to handle any situation you may come across. About Customer Relations Customer relations is a broad term used to describe customer service and the general interactions between a company and its constituents. Many. Bar Work Duties Bar workers have a duty to watch out for drunken customers and keep the area clean. city under glass image by Patrick. How to Deal with Irate Customers Anyone who has worked in customer service certainly has their fair share of stories concerning irate or confrontational customers. While you may. How to Deal With Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom A teacher job is not easy, but dealing with disruptive behavior is especially difficult. When you have to act both as instructor. How to Handle Angry Customers Handling angry customers is really a great feat. Maybe it is not necessarily anger that is causing the customer unhappiness. The customer..

After Kidd rebounded a Miller miss, Nowitzki got fouled and hit two more free throws to tie the game. Miller then scored with a finger roll, but Nowitzki hit a 3 pointer from the right corner to put the Mavs ahead to stay with 3:40 left. "The most important shot of the game," coach Rick Carlisle said. "That really energized our building and energized our team. . He stayed with it, and when we talk about the important of persistence on our team, he was a great example of that tonight because it wasn't going great necessarily the whole game." Dallas, the No. 3 Western Conference seed, survived in Game 1 against a feisty bunch of Trail Blazers who have become a chic pick for a first round playoff upset. Partly because the Mavericks have been knocked out in the first round three of the last four years since taking a 2 0 lead in the 2006 NBA Finals. Game 2 is Tuesday night in Dallas. LaMarcus Aldridge had 27 points for Portland and Andre Miller had 18. Nowitzki made two more free throws after he was fouled hard and was rubbing his left elbow. Aldridge then had a scooping shot before Nowitzki spun between two defenders at the free throw line and made the shot while being fouled. His free throw made it 80 76. The 38 year old Kidd, in his 122nd playoff game over 15 NBA postseasons, was 9 of 14 shooting. He also had four assists and two steals. His high scoring game during the regular season was 21 points against the Los Angeles Lakers in mid January. "They want me to be aggressive," Kidd said. "We all know that Dirk and Jet (Jason Terry) are offensive guys and they put the ball up. But in the playoffs you have to have other guys step up and score and I know that our opponents are going to give me that jump shot and I have to be able to knock it down." Portland built its lead to 72 66 when Brandon Roy turned and saw Nicolas Batum charging along the baseline and passed him the ball for an easy dunk. "We just had to stay solid down the stretch and we didn't," Aldridge said. "But when you have a chance to win it always makes you feel better." The Blazers' biggest lead came during a span with Dallas missed 10 consecutive field goals over a stretch of nearly 11 minutes after building a 10 point lead. Kidd's stepback jumper with 5:28 left in the game ended that miserable spurt before Nowitzki took over. "Dirk came alive," Portland center Marcus Camby said. "We know we let one get away, but we can't let this one linger." Aldridge got off to a fast start with 11 points in the first 7 1/2 minutes of the game in his hometown. That included eight points in a span of less than 2 minutes that he bookended with a pair of alley oop dunks from Marcus Camby to put the Blazers up 15 14. A long 3 pointer by Terry put the Mavericks up 33 26. Portland cut the gap to 35 33 on Batum's bounce pass through the lane to Miller for a basket. A putback dunk by Brendan Haywood ignited a half ending 12 4 run. That was the first of seven straight points for Dallas before Aldridge had another high flying dunk with 3 minutes left in the half this one on a pass from Miller for his first basket since his early scoring flurry, and only other one before halftime. After Portland scored the first six points of the second half, cutting the gap to 47 43, Kidd consecutive 3 pointers. Kidd ended up with the ball after miss another from beyond the arc, then got the ball to Shawn Marion for a 16 footer. Less than 2 minutes later, Kidd hit another long jumper for a 57 47 lead. It was a much different performance for Kidd than two weeks ago in Portland, when he was scoreless while missing all six of his shots five of them 3 pointers before getting a couple of games off to rest for the postseason. "Spectacular," Carlisle said. "We had some guys that didn't play their best games, but Jason Kidd played the game of the year to this point. Every shot he made, every play he made was absolutely essential for us. His leadership is something you can't quantify." Notes: Portland has lost 14 of its last 16 road playoff games. . After Rudy Fernandez opened Portland's scoring in the second quarter with a 3 pointer for a 25 23 lead, Peja Stojakovic hit consecutive 3s for Dallas. The second one he front rim and bounced high in the air before falling through the hoop. 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Most television programming now aired is also recorded in high definition wide screen format. There are three main types of wide screen TVs available on the market today, which include: 2) Plasma TVs The first truly high definition display technology that could easily handle fast moving images on a wider screen though only available in sizes larger than 32 inches. 3) DLP TVs Use Digital Light Processing technology and a rear projector to display images onto a wide screen. Many people believe that watching the wide screen version of a movie on a 4:3 ratio television cuts out part of the picture, since this leaves the TV with horizontal black bars across the top and bottom of the screen (letter boxing). In reality, this is far from the truth as the full screen releases of movies (that seem to fill the screen on older 4:3 tube televisions) must stretch the picture to fit the height of the screen, thereby clipping the left and right edges of the video. This technique, known as "pan and scan," has advantages as well as disadvantages. How to Explain Flat TV Specifications Although flat screen televisions display the same video content as rounded screen TVs, there are many different specifications related to the TV, including the. Shoe Widths Explained Sometimes, shoes are worn only once because they uncomfortable or they give the shoe wearer a blister. When trying on shoes, measure. Troubleshooting for LCD Flat Screen TV Screen Pixelation A weak cable signal is the most likely culprit. If your pixelation problem is accompanied by sound hitching, trace the signal to. How to Make a 100 Inch Projection TV A 100 inch projection TV in your home isn an impossibility. While an actual TV screen might cost you thousands of dollars,. How Far Should You Sit From a Widescreen TV? If you are about to purchase a new wide screen television, you are probably wondering how big the screen should be to. LCD Resolution Explained Although an LCD display resolution is fixed (meaning that there are only so many pixels on a screen), they can still display. Types of Displays for Laptops There are dozens of computer display standards, but the three main standards when dealing with notebooks are XGA+, SXGA+ and UXGA, with. The History of the Price Is Right TV Show The Price Is Right is a TV game show that centers around the pricing of merchandise to win prizes and cash. The. How to Format a Pilot TV Episode You have a world in your head. You have a vision of characters to whom audiences will relate, laugh, cry and with. How to Mount a Wide Screen TV on the Wall Mounting a wide screen TV to the wall is a task that must be done right the first time. There are few second. How to Get a Vizio TV to Show the Full Screen Picture VIZIO is a television manufacturer that specializes in LCD high definition TVs. If you have noticed that the video content on your TV. Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite,When you open a store, whether brick and mortar or online, you start by thinking your store concept. What is your store going to be? What image do you want to convey? What type of consumer do you want to reach? Then you move on to what products will you sell to convey the concept and image you have in mind. Or at least that how it is supposed to be. My first reaction was Military coins and eco friendly items do not match at all they have two different markets, where a buyer of military coins may not even give a hoot about buying eco friendly items. They are just so different from one another where it doesn make sense to combine the two together. But to offer two mismatched product lines with no common elements together is just courting for disaster. When choosing the product lines to sell, the rule of thumb is simple: does it make sense to the customer? If it makes sense to the customer, then you won half the battle. The last thing you want is for a customer to go into your store, especially online, and get confused as to what you are really all about. You want products that your target market is interested in, so you won have to work twice as hard and spend twice as much to reach two different clientele. Take pregnancy mom clothes and baby clothes and baby accessories those two work well together. Your client the pregnant mom is highly likely to be interested in baby stuffs. So with one customer, you have a higher chance of getting more per sales from that one single person If you sell eco friendly stuff for babies and adults, extend your product line to eco friendly and baby friendly home furnishings. Or even eco friendly home cleaning products. You want to get more from each customer that goes into your store to help maximize your marketing expenses. A customer who wants eco friendly items for themselves and their babies is more likely to be interested in eco friendly items for the homes. If a person can buy 5 items from your store instead of just 1, then so much the better! If you want to sell two mismatched items, it is better to create separate stores for them, and not shove them together in one store in an effort to save on domain name registration, hosting or other online store operating expenses. Otherwise, you end up confusing the customer: what is your store really about? Why would I buy from you when I don know what you are really selling? And you dont want that. This is basically the essence of branding, where you convey to your customers who you are and what you are about.

Low Price Up To 68 Off Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Soar Blue 2. Shockingly, Denmark's Nude CrossFit Classes Were a Joke CrossFit has always been seen as a somehow less "manly" alternative to traditional workout routines, as evidenced by the predictable autocomplete result when you type "CrossFit is ." on Google. Rather than avoiding the stereotype, a gym in Denmark decided to go all out and embrace it by hosting all nude, all dude CrossFit classes: Holy smoked ham, that room must have a funk in the air! According to Cosmopolitan, Metro, and Huff Post, the special workout was inspired by the olden days, when Spartans did jumping squats to the sounds of rhythmic flapping, and bench presses involved seeing an anus up close. Good thing they're wearing shoes. No one wants to step in a puddle of taint sweat. The pictures of men spotting each other's asses were so overtly daffy that it's a wonder this isn't just some late April Fools' joke being played on the world. What's that? That's exactly what this is? Huh. It all started on April 1 when a gym called Spartan Mentality posted a joke about nude classes on their site. The story remained a hilarious prank for almost two months, until a blog called the Gaily Grind picked up and ran with those balls, consequently re April Foolsing everyone into thinking a bare assed gym photograph from a random blog was a suitable starting point for a news article. The hoax was so successful that the gym actually did host naked classes for a while, but then stopped because it was getting "a little too comical." Yeah, we're guessing the nudists/CrossFit fanatics Venn diagram doesn't exactly include the most impressive human specimens ever. 1. An Iranian Actress Isn't Going to Get Publicly Flogged for a Kiss Straight from the desk of "things that sound like something Iran would do, but we're not sure because we don't know anything about Iran," the Telegraph, Daily Mail, and Daily Beast, among others, have reported that the Iranian actress from A Separation has been condemned to a flogging for kissing the Cannes festival president on the cheek, something that's apparently a big no no over there. And it's not just a regular flogging: It's gonna be a public one, too. Note that the headlines say she "faces flogging" and is "to be flogged," as opposed to "definitely won't be flogged just because someone said she should be" . which is what's actually happening here. The call for flogging came from a small group of conservative students protesting the kiss to put it in perspective, this is like running an article titled "CANADA TO EXECUTE MEMBERS OF NICKELBACK" because someone saw the comments they get on YouTube. It's true that Iranian political figures condemned the kiss, but that's mostly for show: They know women kiss men on the cheek every day, and they don't give a shit. When the kiss is on TV, though, they have to say something or risk losing the crazy pants sector of their constituents. Kissing Willem Dafoe, on the other hand, really is a punishable offense in most of the world. Hell, we doubt the students themselves have any real hope of this happening. In other words, this was an empty threat by a gaggle of nut jobs that no one would possibly take seriously. Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite According to the recent report by the Common Core, a nonprofit research group, one third of the 1,200 students surveyed don't know that the Bill of Rights is the document that guarantees free speech. About 25 percent think Columbus sailed to America some time after 1750, rather than 1492. One out of four were unable to correctly identify Hitler's title as German chancellor in World War II. "There are parents all over America for whom this is no surprise," the report says. "They know that the focus of their child's school day is increasingly on preparing for basic skills tests, not on learning history or geography, reading literature or participating in the arts And their child's teacher often shares in their frustration." What about you? Surprised? Frustrated? Three points: First, we have not to the students of today why they need to learn and be smarted. No one explains to them the basics of personal finance. High Schoolers would win the Price is Right every day. But they don know how to make the money they so love to spend. We need to education better than Nike, Coke and McDonalds if we want to change behavior. We need to make the connection between education and money in your pocket. When they start to get paid for their learning then they will get motivated. Second, a lot of this information is not viewed as relevant to their lives. Do you remember reading Moby Dick? My kids are reading To Kill a Mockingbird right now. They were bored and couldn relate it to their lives. So I went out and bought a copy and am now reading it with them and bringing the book to life for them and making it more interesting and engaging. In the age of the internet and iPhones various cultural facts are only a google away. The learning paradigm today is different. Kids a great deal about culture, but they need to be able to think and reason, and they can access the facts on the internet. There is more computer power in my car than what it took to go to the moon. America has the most advanced 19th century school system in the world. Education must embrace visual learning, on line worlds, digital delivery of content, video over text. Third, kids simply need more time on task. The School day is too short, and the summer is too long. More time on task means we could also pay our teachers more. Just look at Kipp if you want to see the effect of time on task. I agree with MichealD; life moves quickly now and our kids are easily bored by reading books; you have to make it more exciting for them; that is the world we live in. Back in the day we used to come home from school and hang out in the neighborhood, a book was fun! Navyduck; catch a clue; the teachers are doing their job(most) they are teaching the curriculum, however, it has changed a lot since you and I were in school. Don be so quick to criticize the teachers until you are willing to do their jobs. I have the utmost respect for them; when is the last time you had to engage 20+ kids and make sure they learned what they were supposed to? Navyduck, you don have a clue what you are talking about. Until recently, I was a teacher. I taught for 10 years. I always taught in difficult schools and my TAKS scores were very good. Before that, I had a high ranking position in corporate America. I took a huge cut in pay because I wanted to make a difference. Guess what? With NCLB, you can make a difference. You only have time to teach the basic curriculum. You can take the time to make it interesting because you only have 2 3 days to teach a concept before moving on to the next one. For instance, in 5th grade Math, you have 38 different objectives to cover in 36 weeks or 180 days. Remove the first 2 weeks of school when you are reviewing the previous year material (10). Remove the days that fall after the TAKS test (34). You are now down to 136 days. Remove regular testing days (at least 10). Remove TAKS days (3). Remove benchmark days (minimum 6). Remove special program/field trip days (minimum 5). Remove party days (2). Remove early release days because you can see every class in that amount of time (4). You are now down to 106 days to teach 38 objectives, or 2.8 days per objective. Do you really think you can teach 10/11 year olds to two fractional quantities in problem solving situations using a variety of methods, including common denominators in less than 3 days? They don even know how to find a common denominator, much less apply them to a situation, and they don get easy ones on the test either. The question will read and Sue made cookies. Bob ate 4/15 of the cookies and Sue ate 3/12 of the cookies. Who ate more? the only time I really felt like I could teach just for the joy of watching students learn was in the last 34 days of the school year, and even some of those days were lost to other things. After 10 years, I decided to return to the real world. If I can make a difference, I might as well make money. I work much shorter hours at a slower pace and have my weekends to myself. Many good teachers are lost to the frustration of NCLB mixed with undisciplined kids. Perhaps the saddest side effect of NCLB is that children learn that the objective of reading is to correctly respond to a multiple choice test. Starting in kindergarten, they learn that reading means reaching benchmarks on phonics inventory lists. Reading is not something you do for pleasure or learning; it an activity that is an instrument of judgment. For many children, reading presents a constant threat of failure. Children do not learn according to a uniform timeline, which is the underlying assumption of NCLB reading programs. This is why allowing a statistics obsessed fool like Rod Paige run an education program is such a travesty. He dehumanizes children by reducing them to a set of numbers. As a teacher, I find remarks like navyduck insulting! What the public needs to realize is how much education has changed and how difficult it is to get students to buy in to thier own education. They are being raised in an gratification society and expect the same out of school. They come in with no paper, no pencils, and no homework but we are expected by their parents, our principals, and the public to teach them and get them to not only pass the test but become productive citizens. When was the last time the public took a really good look at the procedures and policies of their school district. Students attend school approximately 180 days right? Did you know that they can fail one class either science or history and still be promoted? No retake or summer school! If they fail math or English they have to take summer school so six weeks of remedial work is equal to 180 days of instruction? And to top off the insult most of the time, if they show up, do the work and don cause trouble they will be promoted anyway. Oh, and did I add that in most HISD schools that summer school is free and they even throw in a free breakfast and lunch for the kids? When will people realize that the teachers are the ones who are really trying to do the right thing by being teachers and giving of themselves and thier time to make a difference? Look to the ones who are creating the tests and the rules for answers. We were recently told that we had too many students failing and that we as teachers needed to find a solution or start giving a grade of 50 instead of zeros so that the students grades are not so low. again, responsibility on the teacher and no accountability on the student or parent to check for homework. I teach between 103 and 115 students a year and only 1/4 of thier parents ever come to a meeting or return our calls. As a parent and a teacher, I challenge everone to take a closer look at what we are teaching our students not just the curriculum but our social expectation of them responsibility and accoutability are not being taught because they have so many easy outs and excuses. Times article states that teachers are not teaching the curriculum. Since the curriculum is what they are hired to teach how is it insulting that when they are not teaching what is required they should be fired? Without getting personal what is the HISD dropout rate? Okay not enough funding. The adminstration doesn understand what is needed. The kids are stupid. The teachers are underpaid. Lots and lots of excuses. I have voted for every school budget because public education is the only true equalizer. But instead of progressing, public education is getting worse. There have been many stories about teachers who have stepped forward and demanded that the children attempt excellence. All of them based on real life teachers who had to overcome the prejudices of fellow teachers. Sherry, some concepts or objectives can be reached in a day, others take a week. Your job was to priortize your classroom time to accomplish your goals. But now I am insulting you again by saying the obvious. Theresa, students, parents, and teachers all should be held accountable. There are too many who do not understand that a public education is a life changing event and they all should make the most of it. Teachers are with our children for more waking hours per year than anyother adult. Teachers are trained and certified to teach. Let let them teach what they are supposed to teach, TAKS be damned! And if they refuse to teach then they should no longer be public educators. I have taught in HISD, leaving after banging my head against the TAKS wall for too long. I am currently working in a program designed to help high school students transition to life after public school. In both cases, I can say that the greatest barrier to progress can be stated in 3 words: Parents, Parents, Parents. Many have unrealistic expectations of what schools should provide. More have no interest and show it with their lack of participation in their children work.

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