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The postal service will deliver notices to every postal customer in Maryland and Delaware about 1.5 million delivery points with this request: Leave donations of non perishable food items by your doorsteps and mail boxes between Feb. 10 and 15. Organizers have set a goal of bagging 225,000 food items during the six days. But the drive, if successfully publicized, could bring in significantly more than that 500,000 food items is not beyond reach, some organizers are predicting. Your friendly neighborhood mail carriers will put donations in their trusty mail sacks or delivery trucks and take them back to neighborhood post offices. There, they'll be loaded onto 10 ton trucks and hauled to central post offices. From there, the food will be trucked to the nearest food bank where the canned goods and other items will be used to help families and individuals in need. That's right. Mail carriers will pick up your donation at your door. And they'll do it right smack in the middle of one of their busiest mail delivery times of the year the week of Valentine's Day, Feb. 14. "I was pretty amazed when the postal people called me and said they wanted to do this. It's going to be a pretty huge undertaking," said Bill Ewing, the executive director of the Maryland Food Bank, which operates food banks in Baltimore and Salisbury. "This is a time of year when donations to food banks are really down. The Christmas fervor has passed and donations have dropped off so the drive will be a big boost. But people need to keep in mind that canned food drives don't solve the problem of hunger. It's a social issue that needs a lot of public debate to raise the consciousness about its roots." Which raises the question of whether the drive will put the haves' understanding of the needs and circumstances of the have nots at an even greater arms length away. Larry Adam, a Baltimore stockbroker and founder of Harvest for the Hungry, a year round effort organizing community based collections of non perishable food for food banks in Maryland, says that's a risk of the project. But more likely to happen, the Fallston resident argues, is that a lot of untapped altruism in communities will be seen. "The beauty of this whole thing is that the food collected in neighborhoods will be taken to the food bank serving that community's hungry people. The postal service is going to make it easy to help your neighbor is what it comes down to." If the drive hits its goal of collecting 225,000 food items [about 150,000 pounds], it would translate into about 400,000 meals for those in need, estimates Mr. Ewing at the Maryland Food Bank. "That's about a one day supply for Maryland's needy, assuming we reached everyone who we know needs a meal. There is a lot of hidden hunger we never know of," he said. By comparison, the annual metro wide Bags of Plenty campaign collected 365,000 pounds of food for the Maryland Food Bank between Thanksgiving and Dec. 15. Donors to that highly promoted campaign got free grocery bags in their editions of The Baltimore Sun and could drop off the bags at Giant Food stores, Provident Bank branches and Baltimore fire stations. Mr. Adam's Harvest for the Hungry organization collected 666,220 pounds of food in 1991. The postal service drive has been dubbed "Have a Heart for the Hungry" as a tie in with Valentine's Day. The food collected will be stockpiled in food banks for an average of a month before being distributed to groups that directly assist families and individuals, Mr. Ewing said. If the food banks affected by the drive nine of them statewide from Oakland to Elkton were to buy 225,000 food items at today's retail rate an average of 85 cents per canned good the cost would be about $191,500. What's the postal service doing getting in the business of helping food banks bolster their stocks of emergency food, anyway? "It's been done in several other cities and has been so successful I figured, hey, let's do it in Baltimore. Postal Service in Baltimore. Ms. That drive collected 160 tons of food in 1991. She broached the idea of organizing a postal service food drive to Richard W. Rudez, postmaster for the Baltimore field division, which encompasses Maryland and Delaware. He approved the project, and from there Ms. Liberto went to the postal workers' unions to see if there would be objections. "Instead of raising a bunch of legal and technical questions, they said, 'You notify the public it's going to happen and leave the rest up to us. We'll work out the details of collecting the donations and getting them delivered to the food banks.' " Carl Sefa, manager of the Dundalk post office, one of the region's largest with almost 26,000 customers served by 80 mail carriers, said many of his workers have said to him they would volunteer free time to make sure donations are collected and delivered to food banks. "The mail carriers see the need. They are the ones out on the streets every day. They see how people have to live and get by," he said. Debbi Dorman, of the Westside Food Bank near Phoenix, Ariz., where the postal service has operated an annual food drive among customers for 15 years, said the drive collects between 200,000 and 300,000 pounds of food annually. "If it's well publicized, it has the potential to be huge," she said of the Maryland Delaware project. 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Build your own wind and solar energy generator for as little as $100 to save $1,000s every year. Generating as many energy as you want, to power up every single item in your house without worrying about expenses for the rest of your life. You will learn easy methods to store the energy in your hand made batteries, so you don't need electricity from the grid ever again. And you will not waste a single watt from your generators. You will learn how to make bio diesel to run your vehicle cleaner and a lot more cheaply. You can even use the bio fuel to run your home heating system. Make your own biodiesel for free to run your home heater and vehicle to save MORE $1,000s a year, for the rest of your life. And last but not least, you will even discover how you can build your own eco house! This is easier than it seems. I'll show you how to build your own house in just a few months and you can live in it or sell it for a nice profit. Fulfill all your dreams by building the exact home you want, when you want, for as much you want, completely on your terms. Renewable energy is a multi billion dollar industry and growing fast in. Renewable energy is any technology that exclusively relies on an energy source that is naturally regenerated over a short time and derived directly from the sun, indirectly from the sun, or from moving water or other natural movements and mechanisms of the environment. Men Nike Free Run 2 Bright Loyal Blue Pure Platinum White,jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/malefashionadviceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. I was recently told the story of the CDB. They not actually that good in the desert necessarily. They came about when a British Army unit basically conscripted some local leather workers into making some combat boots. The boots then basically got popular as being better than standard, shitty military quality boots, became popular in England, and never looked back. As a result I know very little about what is a good conditioner for CDBs. I have only treated mine once and I used coconut oil (like you can get in the grocery store). It worked well for me, though you have to be careful about not being too heavy handed. Other people in this thread have talked about using mink oil and obenaufs. Both are popular leather treatment products. The first time I oiled them though I used some redwing leather polish and it darkened them significantly. I was devastated at first, but then got really into the look of well oiled boots. Since then I invested in a can of venetian shoe polish, which seems to keep them dark, but every time I clean and oil the shoes they look better to me. Tl;Dr: Cleaning and polishing leather boots every couple of months may lead to a darker color. Maybe there are ways to keep them lighter color though close this windowyou'll need to or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.

Free Shipping Worldwide Men Nike Free Run 2 Bright Loyal Blue Pure Platinum White,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Blue Yellow Contributed A DOG named Zeus has given a Noosaville doctor a good reason for a 5.30am wake up call. The 16 week old black labrador is a Smartpup trained dog a specially chosen puppy trained to help nine year old Tom, who suffers from and severe learning difficulties. Tom dad, Noosaville based Dr Stephen Grandison, is hoping to raise money for this extraordinary dog training program by entering his first competitive run, the Noosa Winter Festival half marathon. Dr Grandison said the dog training meant it could detect behaviour outside of the child normal behaviour pattern, track wandering children and even pre empt seizures. "Most families do not receive their Smartpup until they have graduated at around 14 months of age, but my wife Sarah and children Ben, Tom and Katie took on the pup at just six weeks old and are helping with the training," he said. "It seems the program is working, as Zeus has already bonded with Tom and the rest of the family," Dr Grandison said. Men Nike Free Run 2 Bright Loyal Blue Pure Platinum White OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) Sen. Ed Murray, the newly anointed Democratic leader in the state Senate, said Wednesday he intends to run for Seattle mayor next year. Murray is establishing an exploratory committee and will work in the coming months to build the foundation for a campaign. Because of rules for state lawmakers, Murray soon will be unable to raise money until the Legislature completes next year's session. Murray said he is focused on his duties in the state Senate, where Democrats have chosen him to be their new leader. He acknowledged that he may not be able to launch his mayor candidacy if the coming session goes too long, perhaps into the summer months. It is expected to be a crowded field in the mayor's race. Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess has already entered the campaign. Murray wouldn't talk specifically about his views on current Mayor Mike McGinn. He said they've disagreed on methods for building a consensus on topics like the viaduct replacement, and Murray said his time in the state Legislature has shown how he can build support for contentious issues. Murray has long been the lead advocate in the state Legislature on gay rights issues, and he was one of the chief proponents of the same sex marriage law this past year. This coming session presents a new set of challenges for Murray. He recently was chosen to lead the Democratic caucus, but two senators in his party have indicated they may work with Republicans to choose a different majority leader. Because of that turmoil in the chamber, Murray fears there could be gridlock and delays. Meanwhile, other candidates in the mayoral race will be out campaigning and raising money before Murray completes his work in Olympia.

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