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Woodworking and furniture making classes can be difficult to come by in Arkansas, but several arts centers and a few colleges offer woodworking or furniture design courses that are open to the public. They include: The University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers basic to advanced woodworking and furniture design courses. While most of the students who take these courses plan to get a degree, novices from other fields are also welcome, according to Mia Hall, assistant professor of furniture design. DEAR HELOISE: I am a hearing impaired, handicapped senior citizen, so using the phone is difficult. It makes it hard on my daughter when she comes home from work and finds that something has gone wrong that I haven't been able to call someone to fix. I had her call everyone I do business with, and now, if we need a plumber, I can fax him with the problem; if the washer breaks down, I can fax for a repairman. I can fax my banker, investment broker, the drugstore, the beauty operator who does my hair even the newspaper and TV offices. 100 YEARS AGO Dec. The present post office building cost $150,000 and is on the state line with doors opening from each state. The office is known officially as "Texarkana, Ark., " but for the past seven years a citizen of the Texas side has been postmaster. The death of Vaclav Havel seemed to mark the passing of a special species in postwar European politics: the anti totalitarian dissident "living in truth," who with petitions and samizdat nurtured a democratic revolution that made the continent "whole and free." Only it turns out that not everyone, like Havel, lived happily ever after. Russia returned to dictatorship a decade ago, and Ukraine is following. Belarus was never free. And now something is happening that no one ever contemplated in the days when Havel was leading the states of Central Europe into the European Union and NATO. One of them Hungary is returning to autocracy. Bell (Texas), 73 51, on Wednesday afternoon in the 54th Annual Whataburger Tournament. today. Ready added 14 points, 4 assists and 3 steals, while Emmanuel Adoyi scored 14 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. North Crowley advanced with a 63 53 victory over Houston Klein Forest. 1 TOAST The Peabody Little Rock will be jumping with a New Year's Eve Party featuring Tragikly White, Tyrannosaurus Chicken, Rodney Block, Epiphany, G Force, Tre' Day and DJ Brandon Peck. Saturday and tickets are $45 in advance, $55 the day of the party. Saturday. The official party starts at 9 with Southern rock and country music by The Good Time Ramblers and closes with a champagne toast. Admission to the party is $20. Call (501) 663 1196. A few more New Year's Eve notes: Acadia, 3003 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, will ring in the new year with a $52.75 prix fixe Saturday dinner that will feature ("First Courses" ) shrimp bisque garnished with parsley or a choice of salads and (entrees) Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese, roasted beef tenderloin topped with a rosemary demi glace served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and cornmealcrusted walleye filet with a creamy leek orzo pasta, plus a selection of desserts. Reservations only; call (501) 603 9630. DEAR REV. GRAHAM: How can I know whether or not to stay with my boyfriend? I like him and we talk about getting married, but he admits he's been a bit wild and even fathered a couple of children he never sees. But he says he wants to settle down now. I purchased color your own place mats one year at a crafts store and let them create colorful place mats for the family. Last year, instead of purchasing place mats, I tore pages from a book of wallpaper samples. I cut them to the right size and had the kids attach cutouts or stickers, or draw something with markers. The pages were nice weight and could even be wiped off, if necessary. The paper comes in so many colors and patterns, and I think most home improvement stores would probably give away outdated books. Thursdays from Jan. 10 to May 24. The course list includes classes on Microsoft Office applications, the Internet, Open Office applications and Macintosh computers. There will be no classes March 11 24 because of parent teacher conferences and spring break. For more information on courses or to register, visit cabot. Jan. 13. The entry fee is $200 per team. Teams must turn in a league entry form and entry fee when registering. QUOTE OF THE DAY "Therefore, I am announcing today that I will not seek re election. Simply put: It is time to move on." Sen. Ben Nelson, D Neb., after announcing his plans to retire Article, this page Indianan said to confess killing girl, 9 FORT WAYNE, Ind. A baby sitter and trusted neighbor has confessed that he bludgeoned a 9 year old Indiana girl to death with a brick, then dismembered her, hiding her head, hands and feet at a home where he was staying and dumping the rest of her remains nearby, police said Tuesday. Dmitry Medvedev has proved timid, ineffectual and ultimately powerless during his tenure as Russia's president. In his final "state of the state" speech, Medvedev proposed to undo key parts of Putin's concentration of power over the past decade by returning to the election of regional governors, making it easier for political parties and presidential candidates to register, and establishing an independent state broadcaster. It was in the dead middle of one of those gosh awful book promotion tours publishers love and those who have to take them loathe (egomaniacs excepted). Three cities in six days. Or was it six cities in three days? It all blends into one blur of exhaustion, disorientation and general boredom. Is there anything more tedious than having to explain what you've already written? If you've written it so badly it needs explaining, it can't be worth reading. In short, whoever invented the book tour ought to be sentenced to an eternal one. FOOTBALL Clemson WR hurt in wreck Clemson receiver DeAndre Hopkins is recovering from a concussion after a car wreck on the way to meet his teammates for a trip to Florida for the Orange Bowl. The school said the sophomore was driving from his home to meet teammates on campus Tuesday morning when he was in a crash and sustained a mild concussion. Hopkins is Clemson's secondleading receiver with 62 receptions for 871 yards and 4 touchdowns this season. Coach Dabo Swinney said he hopes Hopkins can join the team in Miami. Swinney did not know if Hopkins would be able to play in the bowl game. The Tigers meet West Virginia on Jan. 4 in the Orange Bowl. Advertisements that make airfares seem enticingly low will soon lose that asterisk pointing to a dense paragraph of additional taxes and fees that make a cheap ticket much more costly. Beginning Jan. 24, the Transportation Department will enforce a rule requiring that any advertised price for air travel include all government taxes and fees. For the past 25 years, the department has allowed airlines and travel agencies to list these government imposed fees separately, resulting in a paragraph of fine print disclaimers about charges that can add 20 percent or more to the price of a ticket. QMy husband and I have micromanaged, spoiled and enabled our 21 year old son all his life. We paid a heavy price during his teen years. At this point, he is arrogant, immature and irresponsible. For example, he recently went online and posted a vile comment about a former girlfriend. When we confronted him about it, he told us she deserved it. We realize the error of our ways, but our need to protect him from the consequences of his impulsivity and irresponsibility is so strong that we can't seem to break the habit. What: A Child's Garden of Poetry, one half hour episode on one disc from HBO Home Entertainment, $9.97. The concept: Well known performers, poets and colorful animation bring poetry to life for children and adults while a series of children address the camera to share their love for poems, their knowledge of different types of poetry and their interpretations of specific verses. Some children even read their works. For kids: It's not highenergy or flashy, but it's still engaging with actors, musicians and some of the poets themselves reading or even singing the poems. DEAR JEANNE AND LEONARD: Is the guy always expected to pay on a first date? I'm in my 40s and just starting to date again. I recently asked "Meredith" out to dinner. When I went to pick her up, her sister "Renee" was there. Renee had come to town on business and decided to stay for the weekend. The three of us went out, which was OK with me until the check arrived and neither Meredith nor Renee made a move for it. We are the problem Leigh Bornhof's letter takes me to task for my letter showing with facts and figures that we, the 7 billion people on Earth, face unsolvable problems. I don't really know why she wrote as she doesn't challenge anything I said. She does find me at fault for being one of the 7 billion I lament. Actually she doesn't even score on that point, as when I was born there were a few short of 2 billion on earth. We could cope with 2 billion and it is all about numbers. Unfortunately my critics tend to be profoundly innumerate, thus immune to quantitative arguments. 100 YEARS AGO Dec. 26, 1911 Fred Isgrig, secretary to the mayor, had an unusual charity case on his hands Saturday afternoon in a widow who, with her two children, refused to stay at the Mother's Home because those in charge of the institution would not suspend the rules and permit her to "dip snuff." The woman was in destitute circumstances with no shelter and no food, but she stood pat on the determination to starve rather than go back to the Mother's Home. Mr. Isgrig advised her to go to the country, where she might dip snuff in peace, and the woman declared she would. Mr. Isgrig provided the woman with transportation to El Paso. Independence Bowl NORTH CAROLINA (7 5 ) VS. Central (ESPN2) LINE Missouri by 5 SERIES RECORD Missouri leads 2 0. WHAT'S AT STAKE Missouri is trying to win in its final appearance on the football field as a member of the Big 12 Conference and end the season on a four game winning streak. The Tigers are moving to the Southeastern Conference next season. North Carolina is trying to win in the final game for interim coach Everett Withers, who will lead the Tar Heels for the final time before joining Urban Meyer's coaching staff at Ohio State. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has opened the state's private land flood prone zones in advance of this season's modern gun, muzzle loader and youth deer hunts. Several areas around the state have been closed to deer hunting because of high water. David Goad, chief of the AGFC's wildlife management division, said that most zones are within a foot or so of reopening based on established criteria. Institute of Peace; Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican National Committee. NBC's Meet the Press Year in review and 2012 preview with National Urban League President Marc Morial; Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop emeritus of Washington. CBS' Face the Perhaps more than at any other time of the year, Christmas is for memories. It is a special time when people come together, lessons are learned, and things happen that are carried all though life. This holiday season, the Tri Lakes Edition asked some prominent and interesting residents of the region to share some of their most often remembered and perhaps most cherished Christmas memories. These memories, like much of the season, are thoughtful, sometimes funny and filled with wonder for the season and the love for family. SATURDAY New Year's Eve Dance BRYANT The Central Arkansas Development Council's Bryant Senior Activity Center will hold a New Year's Eve dance. to midnight. The New Year's Eve dance will feature live music by Ramblin Fever with Roy Hale. The cost is $10 per person. The center is at the new Bishop Park Complex, 6401 Boone Road, No. 3. All proceeds will benefit the meals for seniors program. For more information or to make a donation, call (501) 315 0310. ONGOING 'Trees and Quilts' Exhibit ARKADELPHIA The Arkadelphia Arts Center, 625 Main St., is featuring the exhibit "Trees and Quilts," with 10 festive Christmas trees decorated by each of the arts groups in Clark County. In addition, hand stitched quilts from as far back as the 1920s line the walls of the center. Several of the vintage quilts have Christmas themes, and all are labeled with the date and pattern. The exhibit will continue through Jan. 20. Arkadelphia Arts Center hours are 10 a Nov. 24, 1989: Prague's storied Wenceslas Square swarmed with demonstrators chanting slogans and waving signs that read "Posledni Zvoneni," the last bell. Activists rattled the keys in their pockets, emulating the sound of a bell tolling to mark the end of four decades of Communist rule. On a balcony overlooking the crowd stood a 53 year old man who had been arrested that year and would, within a month, be president. Almost alone among his countrymen, he had predicted that this moment of triumph would arrive not in spite of the repression his people had suffered but because of it. In writings for which he would be jailed, he warned the Communist leaders that by attempting to stifle the human urge for freedom, they were dooming their own system. Under the guidance of Vaclav Havel, the result was a movement that toppled a brutal government not in the spirit of vengeance but in affirmation of democratic institutions and values: the Velvet Revolution. Branscum celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary Saturday with a family celebration at Augusta Economic Center. The couple were married Dec. 24, 1946. Mrs. Branscum is the former Geraldine Kissinger. Both are retired from the family business, East End Furniture of Augusta. They are the parents of Brenda Key of Augusta; James Branscum and Bryan Branscum, both of Howell; Coy Branscum and Bruce Branscum, both of Searcy; Jeannie Whitehead of Tupelo; and Gale Branscum of Tulsa. The couple have 13 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Mary Jo and Jack H. Tew of Little Rock will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. The couple were married Dec. 27, 1956. Mrs. Tew, the former Mary Jo Priest, is a retired secretary with Veterans Affairs and the Internal Revenue Service. Tew retired from the Air Force and as a management analyst for the IRS. They are the parents of John A. Tew of Dallas. Gail and John Clark of Maumelle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The couple were mar.

Occasionally, people will go down in history for some great deed or misdeed without anyone ever knowing who the hell they were. Some went out of their way to remain anonymous, others died before they could leave any contact information, and still others fell victim to the fact that we, as a species, really only started keeping reliable records about a hundred or so years ago. Which is too bad, because we would love to know the real identities behind . 6. The Man in the Iron MaskBelieve it or not, the bucket headed French prisoner made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man in the Iron Mask (and, to a lesser extent, Alexandre Dumas) was actually a real person. Despite what the movies might have you believe, nobody has any goddamn idea who he was. We just know that he was apparently a high level prisoner who for some mysterious reason had to have his head covered at all times in that iron helmet. Which is kind of bizarre, if you think about it. It gets even more bizarre when you consider that the guy apparently looked like this. It started in 1698, when a prisoner using the pseudonym Eustache Dauger (which on paper looks heroically similar to "Mustache Danger") was transported to the Bastille, the 17th century French equivalent of a maximum security prison. He had already spent between two and three decades (old timey records are, at best, imprecise) rotting in various jails across the country. According to legend, he showed up already locked in the iron mask (which looked like an Iron Man Mark I helmet) and was immediately tossed in a cell, forbidden to speak to anyone except to ask for food, water, or a pot to make poopies. "OK, I filled the pot. Now can I have my stale bread and water?" And . that's all we know. Nobody discussed who the hell he was or what he had done or why he needed to be dressed like a very lazy knight. He was listed in the Bastille records as "Prisoner 64389000," which, in addition to being difficult to fit into a song, is a completely sterile piece of information. He was forbidden to ever show his face to anyone, and some prisoners claimed he had two armed guards with him at all times should he ever try to take the mask off. In that event, we assume they would aim for his chest, or shove their musket barrels into his iron eyeholes. Dauger (or whatever his name truly was) died in 1703, which, as keen eyed readers may notice, means he sat in the Bastille with his head in a fucking crock pot for four dick punching years. The subsequent 300 years have done nothing to uncover the mystery of his identity, either there were few solid facts about the man to begin with, and three centuries of retellings laced with spirited embellishments have seriously diluted what little we had to go on. At least they permitted him the dignity of shoe and knee bows. The popular theory is that he was some kind of high level political prisoner, hence the need to conceal his identity. However, nobody can quite agree on exactly who that famous inmate might have been, with some of the wilder guesses ranging from Oliver Cromwell's son to the older brother of King Louis XIV himself (Dumas' novelization of the DiCaprio movie is based on that second idea). All we really know about him is from letters written by the Bastille's governor and from his fellow prisoners spreading the story, and those testimonies are contentious about whether his mask was even made of iron to begin with. To be fair, "The Man in the Black Velvet Vanity Veil" doesn't carry quite the same level of mystery and intrigue. 5. The Isdal WomanIn 1970, a group of hikers outside of Bergen, Norway, suddenly came upon the charred, naked corpse of a woman in the middle of the Isdalen Valley. The body was nicknamed the Isdal Woman, presumably because "Joanie Storm" was considered too disrespectful to her memory, and the investigation that followed was so bizarre and surreal that it was more like a television series by David Lynch than actual police work. Maybe it's time to take Detective Lynch off this case. First, the items scattered around her body might as well have been arranged to spell "ambush murder" on the ground next to her. Bottles of gasoline and liquor, a mostly incinerated passport, and enough sleeping pills to kill a Hollywood screen legend were found close enough to have been hastily dropped by a stab bandit upon hearing the echo of approaching footsteps. But the Isdal Woman herself was difficult to identify, immolated remains notwithstanding her fingerprints had been sanded away, and apart from evidence of some work that might have been done in Latin America, her dental records returned no matches. It seemed like investigators had caught a break when two of her suitcases were discovered in a safety deposit box at a train station, but all of the clothing packed inside had been stripped of their labels. There was a prescription bottle, but the identifying label that might have contained her name and address had been peeled off. In addition, the police found several fake passports adorned with entrance stamps from Moscow (this was back during the Cold War, so fake passports from Russia were highly suspect), and there were 500 deutschemarks sewn into the lining of one of the bags. She also apparently wore a collection of wigs and wrote notes to herself in code. Either she was James goddamn Bond or her murderer was playing an elaborate practical joke. Jag Gundu/ Images Entertainment/ Images A woman who travels the world under an assumed name with a collection of wigs? Sounds mighty suspicious. Furthermore, despite a pool of over 100 eyewitnesses who all claimed to have seen her on the days leading up to her death, nobody could agree on anything except a general description of what she looked like, which usually boiled down to some variation of "an attractive foreign lady in her 30s or 40s." She might have been German, or Italian, or French, or she just might have known how to speak those languages. She used a handful of different names, all fake, during her stay in various hotels around Norway, and the primary witness, an Italian photographer who had dinner with the Isdal Woman before she died (and who had previously been questioned in an unrelated rape case), said she was an antiques collector from South Africa on a sightseeing trip, but he couldn't remember any useful details. "She liked dousing herself in lighter fluid and smoking cigars. D'ya think that might be relevant?" She was last seen hiking in evening wear (which, generally speaking, is not the attire one selects to go traipsing through a rocky forest of mystery in the middle of the night), being closely followed by two large men in black clothing. Her body was discovered a few days later, burned to a cinder, laced with alcohol and sleeping pills, and with evidence of blunt force trauma on the back of her neck. The police were so baffled by every single facet of the case that they literally gave up, ruling the Isdal Woman's death a suicide because, hey, why not. 4. Perseus, the Soviet Spy in the Manhattan ProjectIn the 1940s, the United States was hip deep in the Manhattan Project, a top secret research program into melting our enemies with righteous waves of screaming atomic fire. Plenty of other countries were curious as to what in the savage bulldog farts the Americans were doing with an army of scientists in the middle of the goddamn desert, the Soviet Union chief among them. Fortunately for the Soviets, one of the top scientists involved in the project was actually working for them, feeding them sensitive information the whole time. Unfortunately for the USA, they never found out which scientist it was. Who wants to bet it was this weird looking guy? All we know is that he went by the code name Perseus. He was in place from 1943 to 1946, nearly the entire duration of the Manhattan Project. And unlike other Soviet moles, who were quickly discovered once World War II came to an end, the Americans had no idea that Perseus even existed until some former KGB officials spilled the beans in 1991. government has ever kept and went tap dancing off into the sunset for almost 50 years before anybody realized he'd taken anything. According to secret KGB documents that were decrypted during a code breaking project known as Venona (because cryptographers specialize in nonsense words), Perseus was among the high level scientists at the White Sands missile testing site in New Mexico, as well as the main research facility in Los Alamos, which means he had firsthand access to pretty much everything. The information he gathered (along with that collected by the three spies who eventually got busted) not only gave the Soviet Union an extra year's head start to develop their own nuclear program, but also gave Josef Stalin enough time to practice his "I'm totally surprised" face for when President Truman revealed the atomic bomb to him at the Potsdam Conference in 1945. Men Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green ,Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Green Nike Roshe Run Men Iguana Black Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Quilted Nike Roshe Run PRM Women Red White Sail Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite Nike Roshe Run Women New Green White Quilted Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Stealth Reflective Silver Volt ENSURING your posture is perfect is vital for a opera singer, butstanding around for hours during rehearsals or striding about inperformances can play havoc with your joints and muscles.Welsh National Opera Welsh National Opera (WNO) is a touring opera company founded in Cardiff, Wales in 1943. The WNO now tours Wales, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world extensively. Annually, it performs over 120 main scale operas. singers have come up with a cunning solution:wearing MBT MBT Minimum (Spark Advance For) Best TorqueMBT Masai Barefoot TechnologyMBT Main Battle TankMBT Master of Business Taxation shoes.Dubbed the anti shoe by its makers, the footwear with moulded,curved soles are recommended by physiotherapists and are designed tominimise posture problems and build lower body strength.The opera members are busy rehearsing before heading north toLlandudno next month, then on a UK tour with Italian classics MadameButterfly and La Traviata La traviata is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi set to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. It takes as its basis the novel La dame aux Camlias by Alexandre Dumas, fils, published in 1848. Music Men Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green,One of the reasons many relationships break up is because of a lack of good communication. The couple stops talking about things that are important to them, then they can even stop talking about little things. Communicating with your partner is a form of intimacy. Not communicating with your partner is a way to kill off your relationship. If this was involved in ending your relationship, there are some things you can do to get your ex back. You need to demonstrate that you can be a good listener and communicator. Being a good communicator isn't hard. One way to begin is to call your ex and open up to them. Tell them how not being with them makes you feel. Tell them what it feels like to you in your heart to be without them. Be open and vulnerable. This can open up their heart to you. Next, focus on being a good listener. Ask them some questions. Get them to open up. You might say "how do you feel about how I treated you?" One way to be a good listener is to be quiet. So ask a question then shut up. Be okay with some silence. Let your ex take all the time they want to consider their feelings and start to share them with you. Another skill to listening is to make your ex feel heard and understood. As they start telling you how your behaviors made them feel, you want to make them feel heard. You say things like I hear you, I follow you, I'm with you You say these things as appropriate so your ex feels heard. This will cause your ex to really open up to you, which is very important to getting them back. Another listening skill is to not argue or defend yourself. Let them vent. Don't interrupt, don't justify, don't try to explain you really didn't mean it. All of that will shut your ex down. All of that will prove that you are not good at communication, which is a perception you are trying to reverse. Just listen til they are done then apologize after they are finished. There is more to being a great communicator. But just starting with these few things can begin to turn things around. Your ex may see you in a new light, as someone interested in them and willing to listen. This can soften their heart. You can get a free course on How To Get Your Ex Back In Just Hours at Get Ex Back Now. Joanie S Angel teaches relationship and emotional intelligence courses and you can get more about the steps to getting your ex back here at 3 Simple Steps To Get Your Ex Back.

Here Your Best Choice To Buy Men Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Soar Blue Pets are allowed but can not have ANY contact with the children. They must be "locked up" out of sight/reach. A kennel or baby gate won't do, they have to be in a seperate room with a closed door. The explanation I got for the shoe thing was because if we have to evacuate the house, it is a safety hazard to wait around to get shoes on. Uhm, why in the world would I wait for shoes? I am very worried about little fingers getting stepped on and the kids getting hit in the face (or where ever) with shoes! Oh, and when I had my inspections. I was told I could use the curved diaper pad on the floor. but when Enviromental Health came, he said I HAD to have the pad up off the floor. WTF? Because you WANT the baby to fall off a changing table and onto the floor? He said I had to put it ontop the washer/dryer or buy a changing table. At Carson, they leaned way more to the "home" side of FCC. We also have to keep track of shot records on our own, even though CYS does it. Each kid in care has to have an up to date shot card that WE are responsible for. so lame. They are also very strict about lesson plans here. And they've set our rates for us. At Carson, we could charge what we wanted the norm was $125/week for FT infant. You know, I would have thought it was so much more uniform than it is. But I guess like everything else military, it's not! LOL We can have pets, but they don't necessarily have to be locked away. Dogs yes, cats, no (they just can't have access to the litter box. well, duh). wading pools are not allowed. At all. That sucks, b/c my DD hates the sprinkler and wants to swim (well not now, b/c it's cold out :) ) i'm not sure about the shoe thing, but, honestly. i'd rather my kid have scratched up feet or something than have to worry about keeping shoes on everyone in an emergency. For the shoes (AF) I was told because they might step on a nail outside. I had another provider who traditionally they do not wear shoes in the home. She had them all take them off. Here I have them wear harder sloed slippers or crocs (for now). I can't wait to move offbase (one day). An affiliated provider doesn't allow her kids to wear shoes and she is okay. I hate double standards. Not sure if the regualtions for the Army SAY that they have to wear shoes or not but I know the AF one DOES NOT. Therefore technically they can't force me to make them wear shoes. I've been doing them for 4 yreas now. I would refuse to do that. The kitchen and stuff is still part of my HOME. Not put ugly signs all over it. They can kiss me rear. LOL Pets my dog has grown up with this so he is use to be seperated. The cat hangs out in my bedroom during the day. always used the pad on the floor. EH is smoking something. Again it's people who "think" they can dictate the rules. I hate how we have to follow whims of idiots who have never done this or even had children. Exactly Melissa you don't! : ) I say you pick your battles. My coordinator always has a "ton" of suggestions and it drives the new provider's insane cause they always think they HAVE to do what she says. There are things she'll mention in my home and if I want to I will do it but if it doesn't work for me then she knows I will not change it for her. Same goes for the nutso's who do our DOD inspections. Always changing and writing us up for stuff they think of on the spot. (Like removing the propane tank from the COVERED grill because the 2 yr old might try to turn it on when we evacuate for a fire drill. Um okay. That makes me think that I have it pretty good here. The thing that drives me absolutely nuts is it is okay today, but maybe not tomorrow. I mean, really, my house has not changed. Why in the world was it okay 2 months ago to do the exact same thing I'm doing right now. And, then there is the outside thing. Can't use my fenced in backyard because the kids might get a splinter, but it's okay to play out front right beside the road. My daycare parents were like uh, yeah we'll take the splinters over the trip to the ER. All of the BS!! We have "the people" from GA coming to do inspections they are the bigwhigs so trainers have been out doing inspections yesterday and today. well, i had one yesterday. Granted, I'd much rather HER say stuff than "the people", but still. Counters and table were too cluttered. My sewing machine was out (sitting on the counter where a child "could" climb onto a chair and get to the needle). I had contact re wetting drops in the cabinet. Food (sack of potatoes and boxed juice, my family's food NOT fcc stuff) was on the floor of the pantry. Men Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Sometimes a little kid will deliberately be bad just to get attention from her teacher or parents. This seems to be the philosophy of a Daily Beast column by Zachary Karabell, which uses what seems to be some deliberately bad economic analysis to tell us things are really pretty good. The piece begins with the incredible assertion: years from now, when we look back at 2011, it may be remembered as one of the best worst years of the early 21st century. You be hard pressed to come up with an extended period where people were more negative, yet remarkably, in the United States at least, not much actually happened. No, 2011 looks better than 2009 and 2010 and certainly better than ending of 2008, but most of the country would be hard pressed to find a reason to put 2011 ahead of any of the years prior to the crash. The unemployment rate for the year is likely to average above 9.0 percent. The number of people who are involuntarily underemployed has generally been 8.5 and 9.0 million, close to double the pre recession level. Millions more have given up looking for work altogether. Real wages have been stagnant or falling for the last 4 years, with little prospect of turning around any time soon as the high rate of unemployment continues to depress wages. In addition, tens of millions of baby boomers are approaching retirement with almost nothing to support themselves other than their Social Security. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, the median older baby boomer (ages 55 64) had just $162,000 in wealth. This is roughly enough to buy the median home. This means that if this household took all of their wealth, they can pay off their mortgage. They would then be completely dependent on their Social Security to support them in retirement. And, half of older baby boomers have less wealth than this. In short, most of the country is looking at a situation where they are desperate for work or fearful about losing their job. Older workers are looking at a retirement where they are not far above the poverty level, even after spending a life working in middle class jobs. The bad attitudes toward this situation are not the result of "groupthink" as the column asserts, they are the conclusion of people better able to understand the economy than Karabell. For extra credit in the acting up department Karabell throws in a few broad assertions that are simply wrong. For example he tells us that: Overall growth for the next year is shaping up to be 2 percent, give or take. That is pretty lame compared to the heady days of the 1990s or even the mid 2000s. But those seemingly halcyon periods benefited from bubbles, whether the stock market and telecom spending in the 1990s or the housing and debt inflated growth of the mid 2000s. So while activity now doesn look so good by those comparisons, it is actual economic activity undistorted by bubbles. It as if the economy of the past 20 years was wearing platform shoes ( she like 6 feet tall it looked a lot bigger than it was. Actually 2.0 percent annual growth would look bad compared to the 80s, the 70s, the 60s, and the 50s. It is simply a very bad growth rate. is between 2.0 and 2.5 percent. Labor force growth is averaging around 0.7 percent. This means that we need growth of around 2.5 3.0 percent just to keep even with the growth of the labor force. At a 2.0 percent growth rate unemployment will be rising, not falling. This has nothing to with platform shoes, it's arithmetic. Furthermore, given the severity of the downturn we should be seeing growth in a 5 8 percent range to get the economy back to its potential level of output. People should be outraged at the thought that the economy might only grow at a 2.0 percent rate. Karabell also tells readers: It is also true that we have a structural jobs issue, but not an issue of making things and innovating. If we had a structural jobs issue then there would be sectors of the economy where large numbers of jobs are going unfilled, workers are putting in long hours, and wages are rising rapidly. This would be the result of the labor shortages in these areas. We don't see any major sectors that fit this bill. That implies that the problem is not one of structural unemployment but simply a lack of demand. We just need the government to spend more money, the Fed to be more aggressive in pushing down long term interest rates or boosting inflation, or a decline in the value of the dollar to boost exports. We can also put more people to work by having people work shorter hours through work sharing. Saying the problem is structural is simply wrong and points people away from the obvious solutions.

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