Official Site Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Cool Grey Reflective Silver Black For Cheap Authentic. Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Electric Green Wolf Grey Original Quality Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Cool Grey Reflective Silver Black Online With Biggest Discount And Free Shipping Starting Thursday, Wal Mart Stores plans to offer free shipping on its Web site, with no minimum purchase, on almost 60,000 gift items, including many toys and electronics. The offer will run through Dec. 20, when Wal Mart said it might consider other free shipping deals. the most competitive offer out there, and we pretty excited about it. before Wal Mart surprise move, shipping prices were this holiday season predicament for online retailers. In a bid for cost conscious consumers, Target and J. C. Penney introduced their most aggressive free shipping programs ever, and Sears, Toys Us, Williams Sonoma and others were trying to match the success of Amazon shipping program, offering unlimited two day shipping for an annual fee. But given Wal Mart scale and influence in the marketplace, its free pass for shipping sets a new high or low in e commerce. And it may create an expectation among consumers free shipping, no minimum, always that would make it harder for smaller e commerce sites to survive. Wal Mart says it will not raise prices to offset shipping and will not press shippers, like UPS and FedEx, to absorb the costs. But Wal Mart and other big retailers already have low price contracts with shippers, and the stores maintain distribution centers nationwide that reduce shipping distances and costs. For smaller retailers and Web sites, which pay regular mail rates and may ship from only one location, free shipping is not nearly as affordable and often must be added into prices. trying to compete with the Amazons and the Zappos, who have so many different warehouses that they can significantly reduce transport costs, said Gary Schwake, director of business development at the Distribution Management Group, a consulting firm that advises retailers like Eddie Bauer. Retailers say that shoppers have already started to revolt against shipping fees. While consumers are sensitive to what an item costs online, shipping costs can have even more influence, according to market research. When e commerce took off a decade ago, free shipping was a rare perk. Now, 55 percent of consumers are at least somewhat likely to abandon their purchase if they do not get free shipping, according to comScore, the online research firm, and about 41 percent of transactions online now include free shipping (usually with a minimum purchase). Wal Mart is throwing itself into the holiday season shipping fray as it tries to revive sales. Even as other retailers sales have recovered, sales at Wal Mart stores in the United States open more than a year have fallen for five consecutive quarters. Recently, it has been adding to the merchandise it carries, offering products for under $1 and undercutting Target on toy prices. The Wal Mart shipping offer has no minimum. Mr. Nave said an important factor was that an item was likely to be given as a gift. looked at the areas we felt were going to be popular in gift giving this holiday, and went from there, he said. Even after the holidays, would expect to see us continue to have offerings similar to this in the future in some way, shape or form, he said. The Wal Mart announcement was not public until Thursday, but retailers had already been escalating their shipping programs since last year, when mobile comparison shopping apps helped make free shipping popular. Year round, it offers free shipping on orders over $25. And its Amazon Prime program, in which members pay $79 a year for unlimited two day shipping on almost all purchases, could account for as much as a third of sales, said Jordan Rohan, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus. is making other retailers scramble, he said. To fight off Amazon Prime, a month ago GSI Commerce started ShopRunner, a service that bands together e commerce sites including eBags and the Web site of Toys Us. Shoppers pay $79 a year for unlimited two day shipping from any of the members. This fall, Williams Sonoma started a service like that for $30 a year, and Sears and Kmart, which introduced a similar program three years ago, are pushing it heavily this season. Penney started offering free shipping year round, with a minimum purchase of $69 for most of the year. Target is offering free shipping on purchases of $50 and up, on 800,000 items. Bean began offering free shipping with no minimum, through Dec. 20. Bigger companies have a big advantage in the battle over free shipping: volume. According to the Distribution Management Group, air shipping prices for big retailers are about 70 percent less than for a small company. Shipping at Amazon costs about 4 percent of sales, and Amazon loses money on it because it offers marketing benefits, said Aaron Kessler, an e commerce analyst at the research firm ThinkEquity. But shipping at small sites usually costs about 35 percent of sales, said Mr. Schwake, the retail adviser. Despite the costs, smaller retailers say they have little choice but to offer free shipping, in some form, these days. does it, said Michael Mente, the co founder of Revolve Clothing, a Los Angeles based women clothing site. Asked if he received discounts from the shippers, he said, not. At the start up site ModCloth, which sells women clothes, the co founder Susan Gregg Koger said she couldn afford free shipping year round, but she decided to do it for the holiday season. It is a risk, she said. really hard to offer and then roll back, she said. There are potential downsides, even for Wal Mart. Physical stores with Web sites run a risk in promoting free shipping, Mr. Rohan said. much rather you buy that same item in the store for $50 and pick up a hundred dollars of other stuff you wouldn even think about, he said..

J rock, short for "Japanese rock," is part of an international movement of music and fashion among youth called visual kei. It is instead a culture of costumes, dance and behaviors practiced by fans and performers since the 1980s. Bands that identify with VK might perform a variety of genres including punk, goth, industrial, hardcore, J pop and J rock. One interesting characteristic of VK is its acceptance of gender bending or androgyny. Yun states the style is "very poetic and effeminate," noting that male visual kei musicians are often mistaken for women. She points out that in ancient Japan men would often wear women's clothing. As a strain of VK, J rock borrows from its style. J rock hair is distinguished by spiky and angled cuts of all lengths that enhance eyes and cheekbones. Coloring all or sections of hair red, blonde or white is common. Streaks, bleach, ombre, dark roots and the classic mohawk might be seen on the streets of Tokyo and other places where J rock is hot. As in VK, rimming eyes with heavy black and white liner and creating contrast with pale skin is standard practice. The round eyes of Caucasians might be dramatically slanted with eyeliner. Some J rockers shave or trim their brows to nubs and shade the area beneath with shadow for an illusion of hollowness. Lips might be painted in neutral shades, powdered with flesh tones or painted with moody reds or dark grays. In a departure from VK, the incorporation of Asian artifacts is integral to J rock fashion. Fan photos and videos show clothing and accessories imprinted and embroidered with Taoist diagrams or Japanese language characters. J rockers photograph themselves wearing painted theatrical masks reminiscent of Japanese dance ceremonies in ancient times. J rock fashion also speaks to Japanese military attire of the early 1940s and afterward. Government issued jackets, hats and boots are recycled into casual wear decorated with patches and other regalia. Jewelry might include antique watches, cufflinks or I Ching coins used as charms or pendants. Similar to punk, goth, grunge and other styles, J rockers embrace eclecticism and individuality. Miscellany like goggles, lace bows, rosaries, chains, aprons and surgical masks are often incorporated into a J rock look. And because J rock is a global trend, fans and musicians are usually influenced by the dominant rock culture of their own locales. J rockers in America might wear jeans, vests, plaid, hoodies and fedoras. In Europe, where J rock is especially popular, fans play up poetic looks with Victorian lace, long gloves, and ruffled collars and cuffs. 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My closet is built on a palette of black, gray, and navy pieces, which means that I can add pretty much anything for a pop of color. Black is a great backdrop virtually everything; pair it with pink and blue and red. Gray is fantastic with orange and yellow, while navy livens up a pretty purple. Beware of costume y combinations, though; I won wear orange with black because when I do, I feel like I all ready for Halloween.Pick your color. Think about the shades that draw your eye; if you not one for colored clothes, look at art or dishes or paint swatches whatever works for you. Start by adding pieces in colors you already love; you be more likely to actually wear them. This fall, neons are still in, but be cautious; if you old enough to remember the last time neon was cool, maybe you should opt for something a little more grown up. Jewel tones are sophisticated and wearable.Start small. You not required to go from all black to head to toe color. An easy and safe way to add color to your neutral closet is with accessories: a beautiful, a bright bag, or an unexpected pair of shoes can totally change your look without overwhelming you.Be strategic. If you want to add more color to your closet, choose carefully. A skirt is an easy way to incorporate color into a neutral wardrobe; pair it with your basic tops and shoes for a look that is yours but more interesting. My favorite winter piece is a purple pencil skirt (yes, really!) I wear it with a gray or black sweater, gray or black tights and you guess it gray or black flats. It easy and interesting and totally fun. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Cool Grey Reflective Silver Black,The dual will feature six undefeated and 17 ranked wrestlers as both squads are expected to contend for a national title. The Broncos have four wrestlers ranked either first or second in their weight classes. "Boise State's lineup might be the toughest dual meet team we've faced this year," Smith said. "This is a pretty impressive team. They got seven, maybe eight seniors on their team and they are making a run at an NCAA championship." The premier bout of the dual is expected to be at 133 pounds, where OSU's Jordan Oliver (19 0 and ranked No. 1 in the country) meets Andrew Hochstrasser (21 0 and ranked second nationally). The two met once before this season at the NWCA All Star Classic exhibition on Nov. 21 with Oliver winning 8 7. "I would see something similar," Smith said. "A lot of points. Look for a lot of action." Another intriguing match is at 184 pounds where OSU redshirt freshman Chris Perry, who is 19 4 and has won eight straight, meets No. 1 Kirk Smith, 8 0, and last season's NCAA runner up. Enid attorney is accused of fraud in fee dispute involving former Oklahoma insurance commissionerSocial justice groups join together to condemn Oklahoma lawmaker's anti Muslim comments.

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In basic format, this is definitely something that allows for an incredible and resulting appeal of basketball, running, tennis, and other sports that seems to grow in legend as each day passes. With such, there are now some amazing lines to choose from for consumers all over the globe. Within this brand, this line is known to be rather creative and offers not only an incredible function with them, but also a very unique sense of style that is totally unmatched and allows for an amazing comfort in response. Fortunately, this incredible running and basketball hybrid of a sneaker has also infiltrated the pop fashion market for an amazing look and appeal in the very end. Nike Shoz NZ shoes are actually quite incredible in that they provide a rather updated and look and product appeal behind them. Different from other models, this particular one incorporates the use of the fly wire technology that is very light weight and form fits perfectly around the foot. Hence, it is protected and comforted during wear at any given point in time. This particular line of sneakers, unlike many others on the market, are comprised of genuine and patent leather with each color combination that is offered. This ensures that they last for quite a while and provide the perfect fashion appeal behind what this brand has long stood for. In essence, the needs of style and substance are met as well. The mid sole is actually created with a phylon material with a rubber outsole. Of course, this midsole is also padded with the technology of the air pocket that this brand has long been known for which creates an air like feeling for the foot when worn. In essence, the mid sole offers amazing comfort and incredible responsiveness when needed while running or on or off the court at any time. Usually, the color combinations are rather unique and offer a very stylized approach to creating and wearing sneakers on a daily basis. Their benchmark colors are white and black with matching swoosh designs. There are now more creative color options with a neon fly wire design that adds another element of style to them. Finally, Nike Shox NZ Shoes are most well known for their shock design on the back. These are usually tiny shocks that are meant to absorb jumping falls and help with height. In turn, they are unique and comfortable at the same time. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Cool Grey Reflective Silver Black (Sports Network) If the Maple Leafs do rally to claim a playoff spot, theyll open up the first round on the road. That should be just fine with rookie goaltender James Reimer. First Toronto has to get there and it continues that quest tonight at the Pepsi Center against the hosting Colorado Avalanche, who have begun to put the pieces back together following an epic slide. Toronto picked up a 3 0 victory at Minnesota on Tuesday night, winning the opener of a three game swing and improving to just 16 17 3 as the guest this season. Reimer, though, is one reason that the club has nearly gotten back to .500 on the road. Reimer made 29 saves to beat the Wild and is an excellent 11 3 1 with a 2.48 goals against average in 16 road games. He has never faced the Avalanche. Joffrey Lupul, Carl Gunnarsson and Mikhail Grabovski all backed Reimer with goals on Tuesday for the Maple Leafs, who remain 10th overall in the Eastern Conference and five points back of a postseason spot with eight games to play. We didnt get any help tonight [in the playoff race], but its still a big game and a big win, Toronto defenseman Luke Schenn said. We would be even further behind if we didnt get the two points, so its important. Toronto has won two straight and four of its last six overall. The Leafs could be without both Darryl Boyce (upper body) and Mike Komisarek (groin) tonight as both skaters are questionable. Tonights meeting in Denver seemed like a gimmie to the Leafs a week ago, but the Avalanche have put together back to back wins since a 1 18 2 stretch, recording both victories in a shootout. After stopping a 10 game slide with a win at Edmonton last Saturday, the Avs won consecutive games for the first time since Jan. 14 18 by beating Columbus, 5 4, on Tuesday. On the night he joined Joe Sakic and Adam Foote as the only players in team history to play in 900 career games with the franchise, Milan Hejduk had the lone goal of the shootout to lift his team to victory. Hejduk had missed the past four games with a shoulder injury and remains one tally shy of reaching the 20 goal mark for an 11th straight season, which would tie Sakics club record. Daniel Winnik forced overtime on a goal with just 3.3 seconds left in regulation, while Matt Duchene scored twice to give him four tallies and four assists in his last five games. Brian Elliott made 29 saves through overtime and another three stops in the tiebreaker. Just getting into overtime was huge. We had to battle back hard, Elliott said. We have to play the role of spoiler and take pride in that. Colorado stopped an eight game slide at home with its first victory at the Pepsi Center since Jan. 24 and is expected to go with Elliott tonight for a third straight win. He is 3 5 1 with a 3.05 GAA lifetime versus the Leafs. Both Foote (foot) and Philippe Dupuis (illness) are questionable for tonight. The Avalanche have won three of four and four of their last six versus the Maple Leafs, including last years 4 1 road victory in the lone meeting between the clubs. Toronto, though, snapped a three game slide in Denver with a 7 4 triumph back on Jan. Making his first start of the preseason, Miller put the 'Caps ahead in the 26th minute and Mattocks added an insurance marker his second goal in as many matches to carry the 'Caps to victory. Myles Bell scored four goals and added two assists as the Kelowna Rockets toppled the visiting Kamloops Blazers 7 3 on Saturday in Western Hockey League action. Rourke Chartier and Tyson Bell also scored for the Rockets (42 7 3), who sit first overall in the WHL standings, while Justin Kirkland and Kris Schmidl chipped in with two assists apiece. Collin Shirley had a pair of goals for the Blazers (11 37 5), who are now on a six game slide, and Austin Douglas scored once. Kelownas Jordon Cooke made 28 saves to improve to 30 4 3 on the season. Cole Kehler allowed three goals on 12 shots for Kamloops before giving way to Bolton Pouliot, who stopped 23 of 27 shots in two periods of relief. The Rockets went 2 for 3 on the power play while the Blazers failed to score on three chances with the man advantage. PATS 5 WARRIORS 2 REGINA Chandler Stephenson scored once and set up two more as the Pats handed Moose Jaw its ninth loss in a row. Kyle Burroughs, Colby Williams, Dyson Stevenson and Dryden Hunt also scored for Regina (27 21 5) and Morgan Klimchuk chipped in with two assists. Jack Rodewald scored both goals for the Warriors (13 31 8). Reginas Daniel Wapple made 33 saves for the win as Moose Jaws Justin Paulic turned away 34 of 38 shots in defeat. COUGARS 6 BRONCOS 2 SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. Klarc Wilson and Troy Bourke each scored twice as Prince George downed the Broncos for its fourth win in a row. Adam Beukeboom made 38 saves for the Cougars (22 26 7) while Zach Pochiro and Jordan Tkatch added single goals. Colby Cave and Nathan Burns supplied the offence for Swift Current (26 19 8). Eetu Laurikainen started in net for the Broncos, but was relieved 16 minutes into the game after allowing his third goal on 13 shots. Landon Bow finished the game and stopped 14 of 17 shots. WHEAT KINGS 4 BLADES 1 SASKATOON Jordan Papirny made 33 saves and Rihards Bukarts scored twice as Brandon defeated the Blades. Eric Roy and Jesse Gabrielle also scored for the Wheat Kings (27 19 6), who ended a three game slide, and defenceman Rene Hunter chipped in with two assists. Cameron Hebig scored the lone goal for Saskatoon (14 36 4), which is 2 8 0 in its last 10 contests. Troy Tremblay turned aside 38 of 42 shots in a losing cause. Tim Bozon and Austin Vettrl each had a pair of goals and Mackenzie Skapski made 21 saves as Kootenay toppled Calgary. Jaedon Descheneau had a goal and an assist for the Ice (27 21 4), who trailed 2 0 after 20 minutes of play, while Sam Reinhart tacked on two assists. The Hitmen (32 14 6) got goals from Brady Brassart and goaltender Chris Driedger, who was awarded a goal after Kootenay played the puck into its own net while playing 6 on 5 on a delayed penalty. Brian Williams capped off a three point outing with an empty net goal as Tri City doubled up the Rebels. Mitch Topping, Justin Gutierrez and Beau McCue also scored for the Americans (26 22 5) while Josh Thrower was given a five minute major and game misconduct in the first period for checking to the head. Conner Bleackley and Evan Polei scored for Red Deer (27 22 3), which lost in regulation for the first time in seven outings, and Rhyse Dieno assisted on both. Eric Comrie made 27 saves for Tri City while Taz Burman turned aside 24 of 27 shots for the Rebels. OIL KINGS 5 TIGERS 1 MEDICINE HAT, Alta. Mitchell Moroz scored twice and Cody Corbett had three assists as Edmonton extended its win streak to eight games by downing the Tigers. Reid Petryk and Curtis Lazar each had a goal and an assist for the Oil Kings (37 13 1) and Brandon Ralph had a single goal. Curtis Valk scored the lone goal for Medicine Hat (29 19 3). Tristan Jarry made 25 saves for Edmonton as Tigers goalie Marek Langhamer turned away 22 of 27 shots in defeat. WINTERHAWKS 3 THUNDERBIRDS 0 PORTLAND, Ore. Brendan Burke only had to make 16 saves for his second straight shutout as the Winterhawks blanked Seattle. Nicolas Petan and Oliver Bjorkstarnd each had a goal and an assist for Portland (36 12 5), which is 11 0 1 in its last 12 games, while Adam Rossignol added a single goal. Derrick Pouliot chipped in with two assists. Taran Kozun kicked out 46 of 49 shots for the Thunderbirds (32 16 5). Special teams were big for the Winterhawks as they scored twice on the power play and once shorthanded. SILVERTIPS 5 CHIEFS 4 (OT) EVERETT, Wash. Ivan Nikolishin scored twice, including the winner, as the Silvertips halted a six game slide by edging Spokane. Joshua Winquist and Kohl Bauml each had a goal and two assists for Everett (26 19 8) and Patrick Bajkov added a goal and an assist. Colton Bobyk had a pair of goals for the Chiefs (31 16 5) and Mitch Holmberg and Markson Bechtold had a goal apiece. Silvertips netminder Eric Williams allowed four goals on 15 shots before giving way to Garret Hughson, who stopped 14 of 15 shots in 35 minutes of relief to earn the victory. Austin Lotz gave up two goals on five shots for Spokane and was relieved by Daniel Cotton. Cotton turned away 11 of 13 shots in 44 minutes of action. ROYALS 3 GIANTS 2 (OT) VICTORIA Joe Hicketts scored 36 seconds into extra time as the Royals slipped past Vancouver. Logan Nelson had a goal and an assist for Victoria (34 16 3) while Ben Walker scored the other. Ty Ronning and Cain Franson supplied the offence for the Giants (26 19 9).

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