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Has life dropped a big ball and chain around your feet? Do you feel like you sleep walking through life, unable to move frozen with some form of fear, fear about the future, fear about Starting Over and how to positively move forward? Yes, it is an uncomfortable place to be, but the good news is, regardless of your age 35 or 70, all that can be changed. Today, with so many social pressures often experienced through some form of loss, like the impact of GFC, it not uncommon for people to grapple with mental gremlins and blocks that hold them back from Starting Over. While some of those mental blocks could have been there since childhood they can become more pronounced when some big loss occurs be it financial, job, career, loss of a loved one, divorce. However, we were not born with those blocks, those fears, rather for a variety of reasons we gather them along the way during our life, up to now. With that in mind, let do a little visualising a little dreaming. What do you wish you could do if there were no limitations, if you had no gremlins or blocks whatsoever, and you knew you could not fail? Do you have a little voice deep down that says. I love to do something new I desperately want to change my life I desperately want to Start Over When you begin thinking, wishing, and dreaming this way do any little mental demons creep or even instantly pop in to your mind, perhaps saying: don have the money. No . I couldn It too late. I have to learn too many new things. I don have the energy. My brain is too lazy. It too complicated. I don know how to. I too old. if you changed the word to another person saying those words? Has some else in your life said to you: don have the money. It would take you too long. It too late for you to do anything new. No . you just can You don have the energy. You too lazy. It too complicated for you. Anyway you don know how to. any of those negative phrases are said or thought repeatedly, either by you to yourself, (and they can if you been feeling depressed) or by someone else in your life, it doesn take long before you start believing those negative words to be true. And sadly, up to now, that is the way you may have been living your life. Take a look at these two questions and answer them honestly. Do you know what is holding YOU back? Is it doubt, fear, worry about money, stress, others, does it seem too complicated, or is there something else you can specify? Can you identify what holding you back from Starting Over? Another good way to begin looking at that question is to ask yourself: my life balanced? Balanced Is Your Life? Here a simple exercise to look at that. Write down the following words, or at the least areas on the left. Fun Enjoyment Happiness, Hobbies Relationships, Spouse Current or future Life Partner Business Career Job satisfaction, Career path Family Children, Parents, Relatives Social Friends, Sport, Activities Health Vitality Exercise, Diet, Wellbeing Prosperity Money Savings, Investments1. Grade each of the eight areas, by writing a number from 1 (10 being totally satisfied with Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Grey Gym Red ,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 Chrome Yellow Reflect Silver Platinum White Women Nike Free Run 3 Tiffany Blue Women Nike Free Run 3 Magenta Silver Platinum Purple Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Pink Grey Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Women Free Run 3 Prism Blue Reflective Silver Pure Platinum Volt Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Grey Pink Quilted And though the Utah Jazz didn't win it all in that 1996 97 season, or after returning to the Finals the next season, or for that matter in any of their 18 years together, there is something to be said for the power of longevity and continuity. As Sloan recalls it all, he tells the tale with purpose and a point in mind. "Look back at the history of our franchise, when we had Stockton and Malone," he said one night late last month. "By the time we made it to the Finals, people were telling us to get rid of them." Flash forward to 2010, and Sloan, point guard Deron Williams and power forward Carlos Boozer have been together just five seasons. When a postseason that begins Saturday night with Game 1 of the Jazz's first round Western Conference series against the Denver Nuggets gets under way, there is an underlying sense this could be it for the triumvirate that's given Utah its best shot at a title since Stockton and Malone went their separate ways in the summer of 2003. "We got to make the most of these opportunities," Williams said. "We don't know where Booz is going to be next year. We hope he's back with us, but we don't know." Boozer will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and while there's been talk from both sides about the prospect of his returning for a seventh season or more with the Jazz, there's a perhaps much likelier chance the two time NBA All Star's six year run in Utah soon will be done. "That's a possibility," Sloan said. "We've lost guys before. . We don't like to lose them. We like to keep them together," he added. "But I don't write the checks. My job is to try to coach who's here. Sometimes we have great players, and don't do a very good job. But that's our ambition." It is, and that's why even after Boozer vowed last season he'd opt out of the final season of his current contract in Utah, and even after he changed his mind about that, and even after he talked openly about wanting to be traded to Chicago or Miami shortly after opting in, and even after Jazz ownership quietly questioned his commitment, and even after management pondered dealing him, Sloan stood firm in not only his willingness but also his desire to have him back. The two met before the season began, clearing the air. It was the first step toward a productive season indeed for the Jazz's leading scorer and rebounder, one in which he posted a career high 55 double doubles and despite a well chronicled injury history missed just four games. "We had a great conversation. It set the tone for the season," said Boozer, who missed the Jazz's regular season finale a loss to Phoenix that cost them homecourt advantage in a first round series against the much more beatable Portland Trail Blazers with a strained oblique muscle. "I told (Sloan) I was gonna play. He told me he was gonna coach, and that we'd leave everything else where it is. "The summer was behind us," added Boozer, who didn't practice Friday but previously said the injury won't keep him out Saturday night. "I see you guys (reporters) are still talking about it, but it was behind us and we got going." Whatever previous issues Boozer and the Jazz had really were in Sloan's rearview mirror, even if media members were in their grill as they navigated an 82 game regular season. One reporter after another around the country would ask Sloan about Boozer, and with decided consistency the coach would defend him. "It makes you crazy if you try to live with all that stuff," Sloan said. "Everybody has problems at times. Sometimes they're outspoken, sometimes they aren't. . So what do you do about it? We still have to do our job. "We have answered the question about (Boozer) almost every place we've been. I think he's tried to do the right thing, and tried to help us as much as he can. No player is perfect, no coach is perfect. But he's given us an opportunity to try to compete every day, because of his attitude and the way he's tried to come and play." For that, Sloan declines all credit. "Boozer did it himself," he said. "Now you can talk about what I did. But, as a coach, you just try to hold guys together. They have to do the work. I don't have to do the playing. He's done the playing, and that's the most important thing as far as I'm concerned. When players do their job, I don't have a problem." But this season, in a locker room that in years past hasn't always been as cohesive as is ideal for a team with a supposed common goal, he also has some backers. "He's never been a player who cares about himself only," said Andrei Kirilenko, a teammate for all six of Boozer's seasons in Utah. "You know, since I'm here he's always been the guy who's trying to kind of combine guys together. "Just from the side sometimes it looks like he's just a, you know, just selfish, very individual," Kirilenko added. "But he's not. . I've never seen him be like that 'I don't care about anybody; I'm gonna play myself.' No." Combine that perception with the Jazz's success this season 53 victories, a winning road record, losses in just 12 of their final 46 games, a fourth straight playoff berth and maybe it shouldn't be surprising that Sloan hopes his team remains intact beyond this season. "I can't worry about that right now, in all fairness to everybody," he said. "I don't own the team. I just try to coach. Those things take care of themselves, some way or another. "I'd like to keep everybody together, but (sometimes) circumstances dictate otherwise for whatever reason. "But I can't deal with it now," Sloan added. "There's not much I can do about it." What he can do, though, is draw on history to suggest this version of the Jazz has been together just barely long enough to scratch and sniff at what it took three Naismith Basketball Hall of Famers Stockton and Sloan are in, Malone will be in August more than a decade to taste. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Grey Gym Red,Coach will not be displaying its new collection of handbags this fall in Louisa County as plans for an outlet mall in the Zion Crossroads area have come to a halt. Retail developer Land Capital Group has put the project on "indefinite hold," Scott Davison, the developer's president, said, putting about 170 acres of land back on the market. The outlet mall had already been named Merchant's Walk and plans included retail stores such as Ann Taylor, Coach and Nike. The mall would have generated millions of dollars in yearly tax revenues, according to Bob Gibson, Louisa's director of economic development. Gibson cited the weakening economy as the sole reason for the project's cancellation. "Nationwideretail is closing stores, not opening stores," Gibson said. Davison added that retailers had expressed only a moderate interest in the outlet mall from the beginning. "At this point in time retailers felt it wasn't worth the risk," Davison said. Willie Harper, chairman of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors, also noted that there was doubt about whether people were willing to travel to Louisa to shop. "This was going to be an outlet mall which requires traveling to get to," Harper said. "There's uncertainty about how much people are going to travel." With the rising prices of gasoline, residents had looked forward to having shops nearby. "It would be easier for people that live in this community. We wouldn't have to go out of town," said Chellz Alexander, a Louisa resident who travels to Charlottesville and Richmond to shop. There were also hopes that the outlet mall would have attracted more business and residents from neighboring areas. "It sort of is just a passing through place," said Tina Wilkerson, a Fluvanna resident who works in Louisa. Although Louisa is historically a rural area, efforts have increased in recent years to attract more investment and business. "We've made substantial investment in the Zion Crossroad area," Harper said. "[It has] been identified for many years as being a hot spot for commercial growth retail and industrial." Gibson remains optimistic that business will make its way to Louisa, noting that the county is adjacent to three large metropolitan areas in the state: Richmond, Charlottesville and Northern Virginia. "We're having growth in all three directions," Gibson said. "Zion Crossroads is going to be a regional commercial destination. Other merchants and developers will see this. " Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate IIIWhen you work with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate III, you harness the power of a well respected national brand as well as the largest real estate company in Central Virginia. Long known for its commitment to excellence, technology resources, and market savvy, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate III brings the freshest, new, national brand to our local market: Service. Homes are sold to person, one home at a time by our wide selection of individual REALTORS Technology. With our latest tools and technology we can assist you with all your real estate needs. Knowledge. Our Knowledge is your competitive advantage. Local Expertise. Because we are deeply rooted in the communities we live in, we can provide the best local resources to create a smooth transaction for you. When you partner with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate III, you also get all the benefits of dealing with a company and individuals who are deeply rooted in the communities we live in and serve. Craig Construction LLC Transforming Your House into a Dream HomeNew Market, Virginia, General ContractorCustom Homes for Your Personal TasteCraig Construction LLC Guarantees OriginalityYour search for a custom home builder is over! Craig Construction LLC specializes in custom homes, design services, and new construction projects. We work with you every step of the way design to occupancy. We make every effort to obtain your complete satisfaction by providing sound advice, materials, and proven methods. That name is Craig Construction LLC! Building a new home or renovating an existing one has never been so easy or affordable. Set apart from the rest by our quality workmanship and assistance in obtaining financing, you can be rest assured that our 30+ years of experience is put to your advantage. We offer Double Hung Windows, Horizontal Sliders, Garden Windows, Bows Bays, Replacement Doors and much more. And in addition to our basic window style, optional upgrades including Low E Glass and colonial grids can easily be installed. As an additional service, we'll patch up the area around your window frames, replacing any rotten wood, and offering custom stains, finishes and color for an enhanced look. We guarantee lifetime materials and labor. We have been named Energy Star Partner of the year for each of the past 3 years. We offer new Ford models and used cars to the Charlottesville area and have the staff in all departments to expertly serve our Charlottesville, Short Pump, Richmond Central Virginia friends. 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I was tested in 2003 and have declined alot since then. I have full blown osteoporos in my hip joint. I am freaking out! I don't know what to do. I really don't want to take those drugs, I read very bad things about them. I suppose I will have to get with my dr. and figure it out. I need to do more research. I guess I shouldn't panic, it doesn't do any good. Also I'm probably working OT all week. I don't have to, but since they are paying I signed up for it. Unfortunately it is not doing my usual work, but helping another dept. with very tedious work. AHHHHHH!!!!!! I hope I have the energy for the gym tonight! I did not exercise at all this weekend. Glad you arrived safe and sound, Alabama. Looks like you arrived just in time for some beautiful weather. Enjoy the cool. Hope you'll be there long enough to enjoy the fall color as well. Good to hear your got your phone service back and it wasn't something that was billable to you, Sue. I hadn't heard of a Go Phone without expiration on the minutes. I buy $25 worth at a time but if I don't add more in 90 days I lose everything that is left in my account. We don't use our phones enough. I might go for months without using mine and Dh might use 50 cents a month. Between DH and I we have close to $500 in phone time piled up and no way to use it before we need to add more. But it's still the least expensive way for us to go. We've talked about getting new, more advanced phones but we don't want to just throw that $500 out the window if we change companies or plans. We keep saying we are going to stop in at ATT and see if the money can be transferred to different plans but haven't gotten there. The Smart Phone plans are different then our plain Jane 10 cent a minute basic flip phone plans. We'd consider upgrading if we can rollover the phone time we have stock piled. Sorry you missed your family at the lake, YAH. I am sure it would have been a wonderful day for you. A chance to spend time with them and some time at the lake. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, Barb, and your DH came home in a better frame of mind. We had bad storms around us but they missed us again, Molasses. Enjoy the nice fall weather this week. I sure plan to. We pushed the mowing back to today. It was 93 and very humid on Saturday. We spent the morning working in flower beds but said forget mowing in the afternoon. We headed north to check out building supplies instead. Only going to be in the 70's this week. Much nicer weather for working outdoors. Nothing new going on here so guess that's about it for now. Good morning from nip in the air England. Fantastic Marlene that you waved the pain meds good bye. Rags, supper sounds lovely. In Monday's Daily Mail it tells of Diana's death threats to Camilla. I believe that, she was nuts. The news here is that Scotland might get it's independence in 10 days. Should be interesting. They want to keep though the Queen and the pound. Plus, they want us to keep subsidizing them. Nooo. You want independence you get bupkiss from us. My vacation was great. We did not leave town, but just did fun stuff. We saw a movie (Boyhood, highly recommended), I saw Crosby Stills Nash, went swimming, visited friends, etc. It was nice and relaxing. I started out OK foodwise, I did manage to get 1 fast in, but as the week went on, I'm sure I undid the good. I'm back on track this week. I get to leave early today, I have a mammogram and bone density test scheduled for this afternoon. I will either go for a swim afterwards or go to the gym. My gym is right next to the imaging place. DH still no job. Hopefully something will pan out this week. He may just start out part time somewhere.

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