Order Cheap Nike Free Run 4.0 Hot Punch Reflect Silver Wolf Grey Women Running Shoes For Cheap But Real. Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Yellow Where Are The Best Sites To Buy Authentic Nike Free Run 4.0 Hot Punch Reflect Silver Wolf Grey Women With Big Discount And Fast Shipping A year ago Hunter Moore was a broke hairstylist for porn shoots, but now the 25 year old says he rakes in $13,000 a month from a nastier type of porn. Moore is "making money off your mistakes" and he doesn't care how many people he hurts in the process. More than 200,000 people a day visit Moore's site (which Fairfax Media has chosen not to name), where nude photos of everyday people, including Australians, are typically published against their will alongside their name, location and screenshots of their Facebook profile. He's been hounded by his victims on US TV and even stabbed by someone he featured on the site, but nothing, it seems, can stop him from invading people's privacy. Facebook has sent Moore a cease and desist letter accusing him of intimidating and harassing users but so far has failed to shut the site down. His site appears to be protected by US law and maintains a high Google ranking. "I don't give a f . I'm never going to stop," Moore, who has previously lived in Sydney but now lives in San Francisco, told Gawker. Many of the photos appear to have been provided as revenge by ex lovers a cautionary tale about the dangers of sexting. There are scores of Australians featured on the site, along with others from all over the world, and many end up being harassed by users. More than half of the Australians featured on the site so far have either removed their Facebook profiles or changed their names on the social network. None of the Australian victims contacted by this website responded to a request for comment. "It comes down to, you're f ing stupid and I'm making money off your mistakes," he said. "It might sound rough, but how else are you going to learn not to do this again? It's like you're playing Russian roulette like, oh, let's hope this doesn't get out." Moore told TheAwl that he attended a private Christian school in Sacramento but was kicked out in year 8. He cut his teeth on the web selling clothes and running a gaming forum and a music site. He attended "beauty school" after dropping out of high school and as late as last year took a job doing hair styling for porn shoots as he had run out of money. About that time he conceived his website but initially intended it as a nightlife guide. Moore, who was unfazed when confronted by some of his victims on the Anderson Cooper show, mostly refuses to remove posts but some have been marked as removed. There is no explanation as to the criteria for having photos taken off the site. One user who sent Moore a private message, which he then published, said: "I had a lot of confidence before your site, and the harassment I got changed that. F what people said about my body. I know that I'm attractive. But having my FB raped, my blog, my skype and receiving letters in the mail was too much. I hope you realize that what you did to me was incredibly cruel." Because of the liberal free speech and communications laws in the US, websites are generally protected from being held responsible for content submitted by users. For some victims who have deleted their social networking profiles and created new ones under different names, Moore tracks them down and publishes their new information. Some users, however, view the exposure as a badge of honour and even submit photos of themselves on the site and engage with people commenting about their appendages. In Facebook's cease and desist letter, published by Moore on the site, the company's lawyers said the site breached Facebook's terms by publishing information about Facebook users without their consent. "We have also gathered evidence that you have used Facebook's platform integrations to intimidate and harass Facebook users," the letter reads. The letter said Moore's actions were illegal and must be stopped immediately. Facebook demanded that Moore remove any screenshots of Facebook profiles from his site and informed him that it had disabled his personal profile. Facebook told Moore that it was committed to maintaining the site as a safe places for users to interact and share but "your actions undermine these goals, abuse Facebook users and systems, and will not be tolerated". Moore appears to have ignored Facebook's demands. "I replied with a picture of my dick," he told Gawker, adding he gets "about a million" cease and desist letters a day. He claims he is working on a mobile app and a social networking site, although it remains to be seen whether anyone would trust him with their personal information. Nina Funnell, a social commentator who gives talks about sexting at schools and is researching a book on the subject, said it was a bit rich for Facebook to be going after the site when it does nothing about "deeply mysoginistic [Facebook] groups which eroticise violence against women". She said she did not believe the existence of the site would do much to reduce sexting. "When people are sending intimate photos to partners they're not necessarily thinking about these really ugly abusive websites, they're actually thinking about flirtation and that sort of thing," said Funnell. Funnell was highly critical of a recent government campaign warning kids not to send nude photos of themselves. She said the campaign heaped shame on the victim and ignored the responsibility of people who then sent the photos on to others effectively distributing child pornography..

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