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Then, it was off to the airport and a two hour flight to Orlando, Fla., where the fast closing Wolfpack (22 12) will play on Thursday against fifth seeded St. Louis in the Midwest Regional. State got another flight to somewhere other than home. He made up for his forgettable tournament showing a year earlier on the same floor and prevented Xavier (21 14) from getting any traction in the second half. just wanted to come out and be aggressive, said Warren, who was 10 of 18 from the field. shots wouldn fall in the first half, but my teammates did a great job of finding me. surprise there. in a 40 minute game, he going to find a way, coach Mark Gottfried said. Center Matt Stainbrook led Xavier with 19 points and nine rebounds despite an injured left knee. Leading scorer Semaj Christon was limited to 14 points, and Xavier made only 2 of 14 shots from beyond the arc. State shot 61.5 percent from the field. weren ourselves today on defense, Stainbrook said. build our identity on defense. When we can get stops, it ruins everything else. Overall, it was just a shambles. was playing in a familiar arena less than an hour from campus. Familiar, but not entirely friendly. Fans of the Dayton Flyers a long time rival booed loudly as they took the court, making for a mixed welcome with a lot of Musketeer fans in the stands as well. State take all the drama out of the game over the final 11 minutes. The Wolfpack went six years between NCAA appearances before coach Mark Gottfried got them there three years in a row. This was his youngest and least experienced team: Only two players with tournament experience. They got one of the final at large bids with a strong closing run, winning five of their last six games, including an upset of Syracuse in the ACC tournament. Warren was the key. And he really wanted a second chance at the NCAA tournament. State lost to Temple 76 72 at the University of Dayton Arena in its opening game. He grown a lot in one year, leading the ACC with 24.8 points per game this season and hitting the 40 point mark twice. in a 40 minute game, he going to find a way, Gottfried said. In the opening game on Tuesday, Albany got its first NCAA tournament victory, holding on for a 71 64 win over Mount St. Evans scored 22 points and hit two clinching free throws with 12.6 seconds left. The Great Danes (19 14) earned a shot against overall No. 1 seed and top ranked Florida in Orlando on Thursday. The game provided a wild start to the tournament. Albany scored the first 13 points and led 21 2 after the opening 8 minutes, only to have Mount St. Mary (16 17) respond with a 21 2 run of its own to draw even. Adelaide, Australia native Peter Hooley hit two free throws and, the next time down court, scored on a driving layup over a defender for a 67 64 lead. Mount St. Mary which hit 12 of 37 3 pointers, missed two of them in the final 68 seconds. had to go on a little run of our own, and we did, said Hooley, who had 20 points. went on another run, and then we had to fight back and make another run. That what we pride ourselves on, being resilient. The fact that we managed to pull it out is a great thing. got its first NCAA win on its fourth try. goal coming into this game was to stay big, play big, be strong, said Great Danes coach Will Brown. proud of my guys. We weathered the storm, we stayed the course, and we made plays down the stretch. Nike Roshe Run Dark Borland Orange Electricyellow Quilted,The culmination to a wildly successful day for the Lancers was, fittingly enough, a frantic 57 54 boys' basketball win in which the Lancers survived a three point attempt from Minutemen junior forward Andrew Elffers that rimmed out as time expired to preserve the back to our old ways and grinded it out, La Salle Coach Steve Goldstein said. didn shoot great. We didn rebound great, but we hung on on defense and made it tough on them at times. Salle (11 7) took its biggest lead at the 2:18 mark in the fourth quarter when a three pointer from Jordan Hill, who finished with a team high 16 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks, put the Lancers ahead, 55 48.Maranatha (11 4) chipped away, first getting an offensive rebound and put back from Michael DeMeester followed by one of two made free throws from Jeremy Major with 1:31 remaining that cut the lead to 55 51.In between both scores, however, Maranatha was zero for four from the free throw line.things we didn make free throws and [we had too many] turnovers, Maranatha Coach Tim Godley listed as the two reasons for his team defeat, as the Minutemen turned the ball over 19 times and were 12 for 25 from the free throw line.After Major free throw, La Salle quickly countered with a four footer from Jeff Briegel with 1:07 left to push the score to 57 51.On Maranatha next possession, however, Elffers was fouled and sank the first of two free throws.His second free throw, which was missed, was rebounded by DeMeester and put back again to bring Maranatha within 57 54 with 53.9 seconds left.The screws tightened even further when Lancers sophomore Conor Williams missed a 15 footer on La Salle next possession, which was rebounded by Justin Coats as Godley called timeout with 17.7 seconds.Out of the break, La Salle triple teamed Major and forced the junior to pass to Elffers with four seconds left.was a triangle and two, La Salle junior Israel Lacy said of the Lancers final defensive alignment. had one guy face guarding Jeremy and two other people trying to help so that nobody could get a shot off. led, 26 24, at halftime in a first half defined by three pointers.La Salle initially trailed by nine early in the first quarter, but took its only lead of the first half at 15 13 with 7:12 left in the second quarter on a jumper from Williams, assisted by Lacy, that capped a Lancers' 11 0 run.Maranatha responded to La Salle's charge with its own 11 0 spurt, highlighted by four points from Jorge Castello and a steal and bucket from Major with 4:17 remaining, as the visitors went up, 24 15, with 4:17 remaining.Naturally, La Salle bounced back with a 9 2 run in which it knotted the game at 24 with 1:17 left on a three pointer from Steffen Ghantous that was followed by an inside shot from Castello with 13 seconds left.

New Release Nike Roshe Run Dark Borland Orange Electricyellow Quilted,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro I seem to have a bizarre fascination with this show more so for the water colors and the old character designs than the plot. I'll probably give it a few more episodes to see if the main character changes their ways. Also, if it's based on the manga I think it is it sounds like the original manga won award/s so it might be worth seeing why (for me at least). Haikyuu!! this one I'll definitely keep following, the animation is great and the lead is really likable. The World Is Still Beautiful had a really great first episode. I'm really interested where the plot will go from here. It's nice seeing strong female leads in fiction too. Mahouka probably the worst start to a show I've seen this season I zoned out midway through the episode. The incest also creeps me out to no end. The Kawai Complex Guide seems to be retreading very familiar territory it has some neat visuals but the zany characters are personality types I've seen done several times before and like Hope I found the male lead to be a creep Majin Bone I watched the first five minutes but gave up after the underwhelming opening theme song followed by the N64 quality CG graphics (okay to be fair I guess they're closer to Gamecube) Captain Earth was actually really good; I wasn't sure what to expect going in. Bones production values were excellent as usual though the plot was a somewhat difficult to follow. Blade and Soul Was awkward visually but I liked the character designs and the story was okay. That being said there's like a dozen other shows much higher on my list so I'll probably be dropping this one here (along with mahouka, Kawai complex, and Majin Bone) On my to watch list: Mushishi season 2 and special, JJBA Stardust Crusaders, Kindaichi Returns. Once released: Ping Pong, Inugami san to Nekoyama san, Magica Wars, Mekkaku City Actors, Insufficient direction and M3. I didn't enjoy the first episode of Matsutaro either, but I still feel it's being judged a bit harshly for something that in Theron's words "succeeds admirably" at its purpose. There's something refreshing about a redemption story featuring a genuinely despicable character as opposed to the usual secret heart of gold type. Many people in need of redemption are, in reality, intensely unlikeable. Last edited by Sven Viking on Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:35 pm; edited 3 times in total Well, if nothing else this wins the coveted "way less bad than I expected" award. I wouldn't call it good but not overwhelmingly bad either. The action is pretty slick and the animation looks pretty nice. There are a few drops in quality control but the animation is pretty fluid and detailed. I more or less like the art design too. And the costumes, even though they're fairly goofy and sexed up, have a certain flair. Speaking of that, the degree of fanservice is also surprisingly tolerable. Yeah, every character has gigantic boobs and a costume that accentuates them but all things considered, they're a hell of a lot less in your face about it than usual. I sure do wish they'd do more (or anything really) with the main character though. She's completely blank, in fact she barely speaks, and she has no clear motivation or goal whatsoever in this episode. Okay look. There's absolutely no denying that this show is basically Madoka with cards. But really, that's not in itself a negative. And the execution is not too bad so far. Gorgeous art design. Effective atmosphere. Likable characters and solid characterization. Very believable family relationship. Chemistry with the brother. And the main character actually comes across as pretty genuinely isolated outside of her family. Right now, I mostly just wish the games were better. There don't really seem to be any clear rules at this stage beyond have your avatars take turns attacking each other. And they seem to be using the tired "she's just magically super powerful because of reasons" trope which is pretty dull. If they're really doing a "serious" card show it would be nice to see something approaching actual strategy and/or a protagonist who actually wins by being good. Although that said, things could change. We've only seen a few turns of one game. You know, this show isn't actually without appeal. There are a few funny moments. I definitely like the retro, clunky robots too. Buuuuuuut then there's the rest of the show. Boob jokes. Specifically, groping them. Because that's hilarious and not a criminal offense. Consequently, Main character is a massive scumbag. Plus, the animation is shit. The character designs are butt ugly. The penguin guys are so sloppily drawn. They're just vaguely human shaped blobs. Right now, the good bits are hardly worth sitting through the awful stuff. God the first half of this is bloody dull. His sister is even worse. She's obviously, unsubtly in love with her brother and gushes over him constantly. And the rest of the characters are a bunch of one note cliches. Shy moe girl with glasses. Rambunctious tomboy with short hair. Elegant student president girl. Generic, nondescript male sidekick guy. They're all here and they're all boring as ever. Later on there's a little bit of action, which, credit where it is due, is fairly slick. But devoid of any context or stake it's tough to care. What a snooze. Perky girl goes to the big (medieval) city. She has some wacky misadventures, befriends some folk, and clashes with a couple bumbling thieves. This is all really well worn and frankly dull material. And I'm not actually sure it will get better. I mean, this whole "arranged marriage but then he turns out to be great so its okay" scenario is dubious at best. And even more so when the king is a militant despot who has declared "Marry me and I'll not invade your country". Oh, but it's okay, because he's so very pretty. And probably all soulful and shit too. Ug. Gimme a break. I guess I was a little intrigued by the backstory and the mystery surrounding Kuroha. And the bulk of this show isn't remotely bad. It's just really bland. And I really mean that. It's not just a backhanded compliment. It hits all the usual dark fantasy notes. It hits them reasonably effectively. It's mostly fine. Just fine. Still, it is a little problematic. If it's going to be this aggressively bland and generic, it really can't afford to do anything that annoys me, no matter how slight. I mean, the gratuitous swimsuit scenes weren't too bad. Certainly they could have been way worse. And same goes for the dumb, blushing conversations between dumb dumb "I can't math" Kuroha and the main character. You might get away with that in a show I found more appealing otherwise. But in a show this lacking in real, strong appeal it kinda leaves me with a negative impression by default. So much came out this weekend! Kamigami no Asobi (2/5): I was looking forward to this one more than I care to admit, and I was a bit disappointed. The first minute and a half was glorious, but the rest was pretty bland. The character designs are nice and I do at least want to meet Anubis and Thoth, so I'll stick around for another episode or two, but it looks like the new La Corda is going to be my reverse harem for the season. La corda d'oro Blue Sky (3/5): Speaking of which, the first episode of this was pretty much exactly what I expected. I wouldn't call the first season a favorite or anything, but it was pleasant enough viewing that I'm willing to watch another season of it. And despite the new faces, this really seems to be more of the same. Which is fine with me. Akuma no Riddle (2.5/5): This show was so edgy, it blew my mind. Or at least, that's what it was trying to do. Trying a little too hard, I might say. All the yandere girls seem interchangeable except the main duo and the evil headmaster dude is pretty laughable. That said, the show seems fun in a silly kind of way and the visual style certainly suits it well. While the side characters don't really interest me, I still think the core relationship has a lot of potential so I'll stick around a bit longer. This most likely won't be one of the shows I finish this season, though. The Return of Kindaichi Case Files (3/5): I'm a Conan fan so naturally I've read a bit of Kindaichi as well. It's not nearly as close to my heart, but it is generally a pleasant read whenever I pick up one of the volumes. This episode was much the same. I probably won't follow it consistently week to week, but it's a nice thing to have around when I have time to catch an episode or two. It's nice to have a show every once in a while where I don't need to watch every single episode. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (4/5): I've never seen/read any Jojo, but I'm interested in this arc and the previews said I could start here so I did. It was pretty fun, pretty much what I expected from what I've heard of it, and I'm looking forward to more. Captain Earth (4/5): I'm not entirely sure what I just watched, but it had Radical Ed and the Star Driver robot in it and it looked completely awesome. Definitely going to keep watching for now just for more of those visuals. Still the World is Beautiful (4/5): Decided to watch this because of the previews. Aside from what was quite possibly the most uncomfortable fourth wall joke I've ever heard, it was really charming! The heroine's great and I liked the focus on learning about the new country, so I'll keep watching for now. I was a bit confused about the target audience, especially after seeing the king spoiler[and his naked shota butt I could probably have lived my whole life without that ED ], so I looked up the source material and was somewhat surprised to see that it's based off a HanaYume shoujo manga. Looks like it'll focus on spoiler[the romance between the princess and king]. Depending on how they handle it it could be really off putting so we'll see. Baby Steps (4.5/5): Had to check out the two new sports offerings, of course! I've been seeing more hype for Haikyuu, so I started with the less hyped Baby Steps. Tennis and volleyball are two of the very few sports I actually kinda like, so I was already biased in their favor. But I was still surprised when this turned out to be my second favorite first episode so far! Eiichiro is a different kind of protagonist than you usually see and immediately likable. The heroine is great too, and it's nice that she actually plays the sport so she can be more than just a pretty cheerleader! I liked the down to earth feel of the episode as well it reminded me of shows like Yowapeda and Big Windup that I really love. Nike Roshe Run Dark Borland Orange Electricyellow Quilted This month, after got the new magzine which my favorite books for all sneakers. And find some great shoes this season, then came out some opinions like to share with you. There are many shoes released with Max Air by Nike recently years, and they are becoming more and more popular whatever for players on the basketball court or enthusiastics fans. Since the Jordan take flight became the milestone shoes on basketball shoes history, the max air 360 they used same with lebron 8 which the shoes released this year and are the hot popular shoes recently. 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