Hot Sale Nike Roshe Run Darkblue White With Professional Service Free Shipping. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Ultrapurple Reflect Silver Wolf Grey Shop 2014 Newest Style Nike Roshe Run Darkblue White Clearance Sale 2014. Get 64% Discount For most folks, owning your own business is a dream come true. The freedom of being your own boss and succeeding to the best of your ability are facts of life for the small business owner. Sure, there's more stress than what you probably imagined when you were creating your grand plans, but with a little strategy and planning you can overcome any tough spot you get in. There are 7 tactics developed by successful marketers that are sure to make your business as successful as theirs. 1. Create A One of a Kind Selling Point If you want to stand out from the crowd, create a unique selling proposition that stresses the benefits the customers will receive from doing business with you. Two definite benefits in one statement. Why should someone buy from you and not your competitor? I hate to deal a blow to your ego, but it really has nothing to do with you , your product, or your service. Yeah, its a little self centered, but customers are attracted by offers that point out the things that benefit THEM. Don't go out on a limb to create new products and services to get attention. Just, add a special benefit to the ones you already have. maybe it's quicker service. The most effective things to emphasize are benefits that your competition cannot or is not willing to give. 2. Use Testimonials Hey, we all know that business owners think their product or services are the best thing going, but it's what the current customers think about it that really matters to your prospective customers. They're the ones who see things from their point of view. what they have to say about the business has an impact. Testimonials play an important part in advertising especially for small businesses. Yeah, big businesses with well known names don't have to worry about it, but small companies can use testimonials as marketing tools to build credibility. 3. Upsell Upselling is one of the most successful marketing trends today. Everywhere you go, someone is trying to get you to buy more. From McDonalds with its supersize options to clothing stores that try to sell you shoes to match your outfit, everyone's jumping on the band wagon. Why? It works! Your customers already know that you have great products and provide satisfactory service. They trust you to come through for them. Think about it. it's much easier to make sales to someone you already have a relationship with. Use every opportunity to increase your sales volume within the customer audience you already have. Do you have a product that goes with the one they are purchasing? Offer it to them at the register. It's a proven and effective method for increasing sales. You may be shocked at the additional sales you can generate from those who are already buying from you. 4. Make Your Price Seem Smaller Divide and conquer. The old war tactic works in marketing too! When the price seems too steep, break it down into "buyable" size bites. An $120 item is only 12 low monthly payments of $10. A $365 purchase would only cost $1 per day. Now that sounds affordable! 5. Paint The Benefits Pretty Customers buy because they want to enjoy the benefits of the purchase. A lady might buy a dress because she wants to feel sexy, or a man will buy a book because he finds pleasure in reading. Emotions are the key element that drives purchases. Use word pictures to stir up the emotions that will instigate the sale. Let them "feel" the benefits, and they'll be more apt to head for the cash register. Put them where you want them. 6. Create Attention Getting Headlines Are you ready to capture your reader's attention with great copy? The headline is the place to start. How often do you scan the newspaper's headlines before you decide whether or not to read the article? Yeah, that's where we lose or gain the reader's interest, so it's a pretty important part of the advertisement. A good headline should telegraph its message in twelve words or less. Double check those headlines. Do they make a promise of a positive benefit, or ask a provocative question? Don't settle for less than attention grabbing statements. 7. Allyn is a marketing and sales fanatic, providing measurable marketing solutions that drive huge results for small to mid size business clients. Allyn works personally with clients to design and deliver off line and on line direct marketing strategies that focus on metrics and measurable results..

Higher education: a brief history Higher education started gaining popularity in ancient Greece where men learned the complexities of philosophy so they could argue against being sold into slavery if someone sued them. Besides a serious lawsuit problem ancient Greece also had some of the highest tuition costs ever recorded, in the form of sweaty man love. This era of tomfoolery was abruptly ended when Roman soldiers proved metal poisoning via a sharp sword was more interesting than mathematics. The episode is famously captured by a dialogue between a roman soldier and Archimedes. Archimedes: "Hey dude, don't step on my circles." Roman soldier: slashing sounds of a roman sword. With Greek philosophers all but extinct higher education took a step back during the Dark Ages when counting your toes made you eligible for a Nobel Prize. It wasn't until the Italian Renaissance that new learning centers were established such as the University of Padua where you could learn theology and law or the University of Salamanca where you could learn law and theology. Also during this period the first Bulgarian universities started using students to create hundreds of lead pendants that are currently found all over Europe. From this fertile grounds of college paraphernalia, useless classes, and law schools it was only one step to the modern universities of today. What better way to show school spirit than buying some useless, over priced medalion of Cthulhu the school mascot? Currently colleges are one of the few sectors of the world economy doing just fine with more and more students turning to higher education as they have no hope of getting hired right out of high school. This, in turn, means that people with higher education are easier to find and hire for cheaper. It's a me Professor Mario, geta me a job! Famous people who had a higher education Steve Jobs Spent two years at Chabot College before deciding that watching plays all day and hanging around film festivals was more important that classes or hard work. In his own words: "I spent a lot of time going to plays. I wouldn't take dates with me. I'd just drive to a theater, buy myself a ticket, sit in the seat, and then get into the play completely. I spent a lot of time like that." The moral of the story? Beeing a creepy loner is more of a guarantee of success than a college degree is. Took one semester at New York University before he was kicked out for poor grades and cheating. In his own words "I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics final. I looked within the soul of the boy sitting next to me." Having learned his lesson he gave college a second try going to City College of New York. Unfortunately without the cheating school just wasnt the same and Allen dropped out so he could focus on raising his adopted daughter future wife. Nike Roshe Run Darkblue White ,Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Men Nike Free Run 5.0+ Turquoise White Black Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Nike Roshe Run Men Hyper Blue Yellow Men Nike Free Run 5.0+ Black Blue Volt Men Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free 4.0 Game Royal Blue Electric Green Pure Platinum Men Nike Free 5.0 Purple Force Bright Citrus Anthracite Quilted About half of the dust that tries to get inside your home on the shoes of your family and friends is trapped by a wood door mat. These simple yet effective devices are aesthetically pleasing and offer the user a variety of benefits. That's because after other cheaper doormats have fallen apart and ceased to function, you have to spend money buying a replacement. At the same time, woo door mats keep out harmful particles that can cause disease, so you save money on the medicines you would be buying to alleviate cold and flu symptoms caused by these particles getting tracked indoors. Many people also choose to spend large amounts of money on air purifiers and dehumidifiers when oftentimes all they really need is a good doormat. At the same time, you can spend less money on cleaning products, because with a wood door mat there are fewer footprints and things to be swept up or dusted off. First off, you spend less time cleaning or having to hire a company to clean for you if you practice some damage control right at the front doorstep. Second, if you use a doormat you keep out many bacterial and viral particles that cling to dust and get tracked inside your house. This means you and your family will spend less time being sick and more time getting on with your lives. And even if the air is not the cause, bacteria and dust will often aggravate a previous condition. The same bacterial, fungal and viral particles that travel through the air also get attached to dust, which acts as sort of transportation system to get whatever disease inside your home. The less unclean air particles get tracked inside, the better and a doormat assumes this function admirably. People who live in different parts of the country, or parts of the world for that matter, have different needs when it comes to keeping dirt and dust out of their homes. For instance, someone who lives in a rural area will have to deal with higher levels of dirt and dust, which during a rainstorm turns into a nasty mud. People living in urban areas have a lower overall level of dust and dirt, but then have to deal with things often found in cities, like oil and other liquid spills, gum, and other things that can stick to shoes and get tracked inside. Having a wood door mat on your front step greatly lessens the amount of dust that gets tracked indoors, no matter where you live. Unlike some of the other duller, functional accessories in your home, a wooden doormat can be an expression of you and your interests. For instance, doormats come in many colors, shapes, designs and textures. Many people also set out special doormats during holidays and other special occasions. In addition, one nice thing about wood doormats in particular is that they can oftentimes be engraved with a personalized name or message of your choosing. Nike Roshe Run Darkblue White,FILE In this Aug. Wein introduced his Newport All Stars band at the festival in 1954, and is scheduled to perform with the latest edition of the band 60 years later on the festival's closing day Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014, at Fort Adams Park. (AP) Newport Jazz Festival founder George Wein doesn't know if this year will mark the end of a tradition dating back to the inaugural event 60 years ago: playing with his Newport All Stars band. The jazz pianist turned impresario is scheduled to perform Sunday with the latest edition of the All Stars on the festival's closing day at Fort Adams Park. Its current lineup includes trumpeter Randy Brecker, Israeli clarinetist saxophonist Anat Cohen, saxophonist Lew Tabackin, guitarist Howard Alden, bassist Jay Leonhart and drummer Clarence Penn. "I don't know whether this will be my last appearance because I find it very difficult," said the 88 year old Wein. "I always wondered what I'm going to do in my old age. I'm in my old age. . Keeping up with these younger musicians who know more about music is not easy, but I've had a good run." Wein began his career as a jazz pianist, but after hearing Art Tatum he realized he could never match that virtuosity. Instead, he found his true calling as a producer and opened his Storyville club in Boston in 1951. But Wein never gave up being a jazz pianist. His Storyville All Stars morphed into the Newport All Stars when Wein created the world's first outdoor jazz festival in the tony Rhode Island seaside resort in 1954. Wein later brought in a younger generation of swing style musicians such as tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton, trumpeter Warren Vache, Jr. and guitarist Alden. In recent years, the band's lineup has covered a generation gap spanning more than half a century with up and coming jazz stars such as Cohen and bassist singer Esperanza Spalding playing alongside veterans such as drummer Jimmy Cobb, the last surviving musician from Miles Davis' 1959 "Kind of Blue" album. "I've had the best of both worlds," Wein said of his dual roles as performer and producer. "I'm a good leader and know how to present my musicians. When they're called All Stars, I make them All Stars." Wein says that over the past five years he's changed his approach, even getting involved a little bit with more modern modal playing. "We find tunes that I could stretch out on," said Wein. "And when Lew Tabackin says, 'You're playing better than you've ever played in your life,' it made me feel good." Cohen says the All Stars are "preserving the tradition of jazz" by playing Wein's favorite swing standards such as "Take the 'A' Train" and "Johnny Come Lately" performed by Duke Ellington's big band. But she says the pianist gives his musicians enough space "to really do their own thing" with the material. Cohen says the All Stars give audiences a chance to see a whole different side of Wein. "People know George as a producer, thinker and entrepreneur," said Cohen. "And then there's the side of the little boy that plays piano. When the music feels good and he's really swinging on the piano . there's such a look of joy on his face at the end of a solo. . It feels good for everybody."

Shopping Cheap Nike Roshe Run Darkblue White,Men Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, the results really didn come as much of a surprise. Michael Bolton had one of the lowest scores ever seen on the the show, and the next two lowest ranked competitors, Mike Situation Sorrentino and Margaret Cho, were also tied for last place last week. It could have gone another way, but no one would be surprised to see any of those three going home. On reality shows, the producers like to set us up and put as much drama into the results as they can, but there really wasn that much drama behind this one. Of course, last week results, sending David Hoff Hasselhoff home, were so surprising, that we were ready for anything. The drama wasn going to seem that heavy based on what we saw last week. The dancing couples were paired down tonight until we were left with Brandy and Maksim ?Chmerkovskiy, Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower, and The Situation and Karina Smirnoff. It could have always been a huge shocker and we watch Brandy and Maks go home, but it was very unlikely. We knew at this point it had to either be The Situation or Michael. The deciding point was going to be if the score the judges had saddled Michael with was too low for him to over come and if The situation was too overexposed, meaning people were just tired of seeing him. Brandy and Maks were safe, of course, and she looked really relieved, so maybe no one had clued her in that standing in between the two Mike made her more safe than if she had pit bulls on either side. The couple going home were indeed Michael and Chelsie, leaving The Situation and Karina safe. Michael score was just too hard of an obstacle to overcome. There isn anyone out there, including probably even Michael himself, who would say he was meant for a life as a dancer. Yet the scores he was given were a bit insulting. Anything less than a 5 is an insult for someone who is coming out there and doing everything they can to get it. Less than that should be reserved for people like Master P who couldn even bother to put on the right shoes. Michael Bolton jive definitely wasn good Monday night, but it wasn really worse than the dances we saw last week that each received a 5. The score he received this week makes you wonder if there was a reason someone wanted him gone. It was almost as if they were making certain he would be leaving. If that the case, they succeeded, but it takes away from the partnership that the fans feel. It supposed to be that we get a vote and they get a vote, but with scores that are impossible to overcome, there wasn much say that the fans had at all. ??Find out more aboutDancing With the Stars atSirLinksalot: Dancing With the Stars, and if you missed the action from the night, find out where to watch it at TV Links. Nike Roshe Run Darkblue White On February 13, 2014, Nike released the Mercurial Vapor IX Fast Forward '02 Edition, a tribute to Ronaldo's unforgettable performance throughout the 2002 World Cup in Korea Japan. It was a defining moment for the legend during which he positioned himself among the all time greats, scoring eight goals, and leading Brazil to a fifth world title. It's the second time this year that Nike have reached into the vault to honor Ronaldo Fenmeno, the first occasion being the release of 1,998 pairs of the Mercurial IX Special Edition's. From an outsider's perspective, it appears that the success of products like the 1998's and the Tiempo '94's, has driven the more widely available 2002's. The Tiempo's, re released in extremely limited quantities in 2009, commemorated the '94 World Cup and a few legends that donned them, namely Maldini and Romario. The combined demand and exclusivity surrounding the release caused pairs of the boots to elude the grasp of even some within the inner circle at Nike Soccer headquarters in Oregon. All in all, Nike's execution represents a very rare operational strategy in the world of soccer, one which capitalizes on the nostalgic appeal consumers have for a golden era of design for soccer apparel, which developed through the widespread sharing of data through avenues like the Internet, genius soccer commercials, and EuroSport catalogs delivered to any soccer player's mailbox, free of charge. This helped create a following for soccer design in a way that had not been seen to this degree before in the world. The bottom line is this: manufacturers of soccer apparel stand to increase and diversify their revenue streams by tapping into the nostalgic market for soccer goods, particularly items that were introduced between the mid 90's and early 00's. The root of this opportunity exists within target markets and the respective buying behaviours of soccer consumers. The first, and most obvious target market, is composed of young athletes, aged 12 21, who use soccer products at a variety of rates. At the lower end you have a young group with a smaller income, and minimal to little input on the pair of cleats and gear to use, depending on the household's income and spending habits. College age athletes, who have both a larger budget and a much heavier weighted level of input into the buying decision, represent the opposite side of the spectrum. The purchase behaviour of this demographic, both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between, is driven based on a split of both need and product appeal. It also represents a significant amount of the buyers and revenue on which companies rely. The second target market, one which has never existed in the soccer world in the same way until now, is populated by amateur and recreational athletes. The weekend leaguers, the pickup gamers in the park, basically any guy who never made it, but loves to play and be a part of the game when he's not making a living, can be considered part of this group. The age range varies, but for the most part, falls between 21 and 35. This sector of the market is the equivalent of the "baby boomers" for the soccer market, with regards to the explosion of content and soccer marketing that was facilitated through avenues like the Internet, where Nike and Adidas hosted interactive media on their websites to complement a campaign and build a buzz around their products, in ways that never before existed, or could exist. This demographic grew up with all the great campaigns Airport '98, the Cage, Footballitis, Good vs. Evil, the Pepsi Western these are all memories to this generation that accompany iconic pieces like the '98 Predators, the Tricolore, the '00 Italy jerseys, or any of the items noted here, here, or here. There is a genuine opportunity for products in this category, particularly within this demographic, which, despite a decrease in usage, still has an appreciation and need for soccer gear, and the economic means to splurge on a product that is more than practical, but a symbol of glory days playing high school ball, or kicking it around in the park. This market, combined with the larger market of younger, more need based consumers, can drive sales up from a place previously unexplored. The former consumer segment will buy based on a combination of nostalgia and need the latter, younger generation will buy based on a combination of need and the appreciation of great design. On paper, it makes sense and succeeded across multiple sporting markets, best exemplified by the Jordan brand. The Jordan brand consistently capitalizes on the nostalgic feelings for timeless, quality design, to drive a significant portion of their business. Each year, the company releases limited quantities of Jordan's, originally debuting in the 80s or 90s. Last year, the Jordan III, MJ's sneakers worn in the '88 dunk contest while leaping from the foul line, were rereleased in limited quantities, and listed at $200. They sold out within minutes, then reappeared on eBay for markups in the 100%+ range. The Jordan brand manages to generate a buzz around a product, charge a serious markup, and continuously maintain an image of exclusivity. It's more or less the strategy that presents a game plan for Nike, Adidas, and any other companies looking to expand and diversify their revenue streams through nostalgic apparel; capitalize on the success of the past by updating a classic, iconic piece with modern technology and specifications, while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the original. It is precisely what's happened with the newest Vapors. Nike chose an iconic piece from the past, in this case, a memorable pair of chrome boots Ronaldo wore during his most defining moment as a player. They maintained the theme of the boot, applied it to the latest version, and made a masterpiece that made a splash on social media and with retailers. The same can, and should happen with all sorts of soccer apparel using the same formula: take a classic, update/modernize the technology, market it, and deliver to consumers. The chart below highlights a few opportunities for re releases that could bring in additional revenue for major sporting goods companies in the soccer market: There are some unfortunate challenges; for example, the consistently impressive Adidas France kits, for which the outfitting contract has since changed hands. I'm not privy to contractual obligations, but I'm assuming any sort of Adidas France jersey is out of the question for the time being. There are also a number of classic club shirts, which would also attract a significant volume of buyers, but would face challenges through the sponsors across the front of the jerseys. Nevertheless, the opportunity is there for international jerseys, cleats, and other apparel. Will Nike continue on their streak of trying to cash in on some of their more popular products from the past? They should. The market is there, evidenced by the success of these products, or eBay, where vintage Predators will run you 350 ($580). It's also demonstrated by sites like Classic Football Shirts, which sell vintage jerseys and apparel. You might buy that '94 Denim Kit USA Jersey, but it will actually fit and look like you're in the year 1994 a key difference in the proposed idea. They are selling the original product, often times used, and at a premium, considering they have to cover their acquisition cost of the novelty item. In our proposition, manufactures would sell a modern classic, with the premium optional depending on operational preference and desired product perception. The 90's and early 00's brought the soccer world some outstanding design, in mediums that were previously non existent or unexplored in the market. It will be interesting to see if Nike follows up on their latest approach of holding onto the past, or if other brands join in. For nostalgia's sake, I've got my fingers crossed.

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