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Hello, I'm Gabriela Garzon, I teach at Image and Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Florida. To be a fashion stylist is basically knowing trends, knowing about designers, knowing about what's really going on out there in order for you to help your clients to dress appropriately for every occasion that they need in their daily life. So to become a fashion stylist is either, well a fashion stylist can only be for hair and makeup and also can be for the wardrobe. Or it can be for one thing and or the other. So sometimes they do not combine, so you need to know what type of fashion stylist it is that you want to become. If it's going to be basically accessories, hair and makeup or if you really want to go ahead and do the whole wardrobe clothing stylist. So in order to become one you need to really read anything that has to do with trends, fashion trends. You need to do a lot of research and you of course need to know about business. You need to buy books or just go ahead and go to a community college that they have like little classes for four hours, six hours that will teach you about how to set up a business or they also give you classes about how to set up a business in fashion, not necessarily a stylist but they do like merchandise, they do marketing, and also how to deal with clients in the fashion industry. So if you take this type of classes you don't necessarily are going to need a certificate or a degree. Of course if you have one it's going to be much better and it will give you more chances and opportunities to actually have a job as a fashion stylist. But in order to become one you just need to do a lot of research and keep up with the fashion trends. Nike Roshe Run Lizards Brown Black White Sails Quilted ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Wmns Nike Free 5.0 Wolf Grey Pink Force White Quilted Women Nike Free Run 2 Stealth Grey White Solar Red Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Obsidian Silver Soar Blue Women Nike Free Run 3 Soar Blue Rflct Silver Pro Platinum Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black I have to admit, being a mom to a teenage son has its challenges. I cannot for the life of me figure out how he can function in his room that is filled with technology and dirty socks. With the buzzes of texts, the bam bam of the XBox games, and the other random noises I hear from time to time, it like an alien has landed here on 24 Maple. Much of my time is spent, I have to admit, when I am home, is pondering how to bridge the gap between the foreign land of and the mind of a 41 year old (I would like to think but am reminded I am not) cool mom. And it was during this push and pull, (as Morrie Schwartz would say from the life lesson book, Tuesdays with Morrie, tension of opposites,) that I realized that Jake and I were not that much different after all. Actually, like Morrie, I could learn a thing or two from this blonde haired blue eyed alien that really is wise beyond his years. Life Lesson 1 Let it go. Sometimes it takes the blunt statement from a teenager to set you straight. Since much of my life is figuring out the best action plan to achieve a goal (I know, sounds very straight) I can get lost in how to make the plan the most efficient. But it is then, that I am a walking oxymoron (with an emphasis on the moron) when I am over committed to my plot for organization and excellence. While pondering this strategy and that strategy, beating myself up over how non efficient I am, my son looks me dead in the eye and says mom, don you just let it go? choke, it go? How can I do that when I have this deadline and that deadline, articles to write, appointments to make, etc.? looks at me very nonchalantly as if he is the wisest old man who is contemplating using the word duh, mom, lighten up. have all heard the term, watch yourself, meaning, take a look at the life you are creating and look at it from the outside. One of my favorite clients has mastered this skill as she reminds me every week how important this is to do. Well, little did she know that she and Jake had much in common but used different phrases. Basically, Jake was reminding me to look at the big picture and sit back and chill awhile. And, he was right. A little stillness and reflection goes a long way. Life lesson 2 Don assume the worst. Bingo! This is a biggie! In a world that is overconditioned to how potentially screwed up kids can be these days, especially teenagers, we have become a society of Each and every move our kids make can tend to get overanalyzed. For instance, when Jake calls to say he is going to be late when he is out on the weekend, how easy is it to assume the worst case scenario? You are 15 minutes late? That must mean you are at some underage rave across town doing all sorts of nasty things. Poor kid. I am like one of those jumpy crickets we find in our basements during the rainy season jumping from assumption to assumption when all the poor kid wanted to do was grab a slice of pizza on the way home from a friend house. During the course of the day, how often do we think the worst in things? For real, think about when the leak happens in the chimney how we automatically assume it is going to cost thousands of dollars to replace the entire structure rather than a few bucks to fill in a gap or two? Or, when we don make our quota for the month at work and we begin to catastrophize about how the entire year is going to down the tubes with the business? Keeping a positive mindset is so important in many ways, even to the life of a 15 year old. Life lesson 3 Notice what works. I notice the dirty clothes on the floor and the rolling of the eyes when I say a silly joke in the car in front of his friends, but I hadn realized I wasn noticing the good stuff as much as I should. It took my beyond his years son to say, Mom, I don do this and I don do that, but this is what I do DO! He pointed out his grades, his athletic ability, the thank you he always says to me after dinner and how he consistently comes into my room before bedtime to say good night. Yup, Jake got it right this time and I was grateful for him pointing these valuable life lessons to me. In a world that tends to concentrate on what we are always doing wrong, we are not only fueling the inner critic to ourselves, but the outer critic to those around us. What a miserable existence that can be! Who wants to be around someone that is constantly trying to point out your wrong doings in hopes of getting you to do something right? And, the scary part is, according to THEIR rules! That is not how I want to live, that for sure. It also not how I want the core of my family to exist, either, fueled by negative reinforcement. It been quite a week, I have to say. Snowed in with two teenagers (yes, my daughter Maddie will be 13 soon!) and some would say they would rather get teeth extracted from the dentist then to face the wrath of snowbound adolescents. But, I see it as the opposite. I see it as my life lesson bootcamp. It wasn easy, it took some sweat and tears, but it was well worth the effort. Little did I know my drill sergeant would be a X Box playing, sophomore in high school wearing skate shoes. I am a forty something single mom of two awesome kids. In the past six years, I have: separated and divorced, finished a graduate degree with honor started a part time career as a writing instructor at a local college, opened up my own business as a transition coach, and as of November 2008, became newly engaged! In addition, I have finished my basic training to become part of a collaborative law team. As you can see, it has been quite an eventful few years! However, I have never felt more fulfilled in my life. I can honestly tell you that I have utilized many of the same principles I learned in graduate school (I have an Master of Arts in Teaching) and applied them to my life. I thought, are my goals? Where do I want to be in one year two years five years? How am I going to get there? (Think of this as being your own tutor!) Like a teacher does with her class, I wrote out my lesson plans on how to achieve those goals. Hour by hour, day to day, week to week, month to month, slowly but surely, I kept my eye on those goals and made sure that I kept forging ahead, even on the days I barely could get out of bed. (On those days, I gave myself a gold star for even making myself a pot of coffee or going to the dry cleaners!) This is a true testimony on how you can use a crisis to create a new path for your future. That is what I did. I took all the pain and suffering I had during my divorce, turned it around into a positive learning experience. What is the magic formula that makes my business thrive? I knew that knowledge was power and the better educated I was as to what I could expect from the divorce process, the better. I wanted to be one step ahead of the game when meeting with the professionals and my goal was to be the ideal client. I wanted to get the most for my money when meeting with my lawyers and other professionals for many reasons I wanted to save money, not waste my time talking about emotional issues during our meetings and I wanted to get it over with as smoothly (and quickly) and possible. In the meantime, I read and studied books on goal setting and laws of attraction as well as countless books on divorce (refer to recommended book list) and interviewed many legal professionals. LLC, the Transition Coach, was created! You can do two things at once during times of crisis you can work on YOU and go through the divorce process as skilled and knowledgeable as possible! All you need to do is commit to wanting to move forward in a positive direction. What will we do out your coaching sessions? We will find the necessary resources for you and clarify the various roles of the lawyer and other professionals as part of the legal process. In doing this, we will make it easier for those professionals to help you by implementing their legal, financial and psychological areas of expertise. We will focus on creating a positive client based relationship that will give you the ability to compartmentalize the divorce process separate from your emotions. I will help you achieve your goals and find a balance between divorce and moving on with your life. A step by step plan will be devised on how to manage the legal and financial aspects of your divorce. In addition, personal goals will be set and a plan will be developed on how to achieve these goals. By creating a road map for you to follow during your divorce, we can concentrate on empowering you with the peace, self respect and hope that may have been lost along the way. Nike Roshe Run Lizards Brown Black White Sails Quilted,In a world that is filled with conflicting opinions, facts are used as credible information, but what happens if people believe different facts? Farhad Manjoo, a journalist who frequently writes about media, politics, and technology along with the controversies that they are associated with, offers a firsthand perspective into what essentially is a truth. In his book, True Enough: learning to live in a post fact society, he explains that people believe different facts that may or may not be credible. Who is right? The digital revolution, as named by Manjoo, in combination with the World Wide Web, television, radio, and other electronic technologies has made life manageable for those seeking information. Technology makes it possible for individuals to get the information they want, whenever they may want it; the information is at their disposal. These applications make it possible to listen, watch, and read, without the nonsense information that may distort their view, only seeking information they want, whether it is truly credible or factual. Manjoo points out that, "In the last few years, pollsters and political researchers have begun to document a fundamental shift in the way Americans are thinking about the news." This creates a world where opinions are different, but facts are also (Manjoo). Our arguments are not over what we should be doing, but rather what is happening? For example, when two people look at an inkblot, one may see a butterfly and one may see a rabbit. Are either correct, or better yet, who is right? Both answers may be credible and come from two different opinions, but unreliable sources has begun to distort our perceptions about what is reality, creating conflicting views about what is real and what is not (Manjoo). "Evidence doesn't matter," emphasizes Manjoo. People are going to believe what they want to believe. It does not matter how much credible information is provided in the opposing viewpoints. Digital technology has not only helped us with the flow of information, but how freely one may be able to access the information. With our own opinions we seek to find information that matches our viewpoints, indulging in our own biases and preexisting beliefs only seeking the information we want to hear (Manjoo). Using Manjoo's ideas, we will be looking at an example of a political truth controversy that our nation is still struggling with today involving our current president, Barack Obama. A Political Truth Controversy: Barack Obama[edit] Back in November 2008, when Barack Obama, born of a Kenyan father and white mother from Arkansas was elected as the first African American chief executive, controversy surrounded his election. Barack Obama, unlike some former presidents did not come from a wealthy background. He grew up in a low income and single parent household. His motto of change was not only a slogan for his campaign, but also a slogan for the United States, showing that change is possible by electing him as president. Some people are not willing to look at change, like this one and change their perspective on their beliefs. These rumors were all spread through numerous chain emails detailing 'false' allegations about Obama's origin, religion, and most importantly his birth certificate, claiming he was not a real citizen of Hawaii. These assertions, paved the way for the Birther Movement. Although media and critics speculated, there is still no evidence or proof as to who started the rumors. Birthers have no credible evidence that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, yet those who believe in birtherism, agree that he was not born in Hawaii. They have a preconceived notion of what reality is. They believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, but have no credible information or facts to back themselves up. These individuals are going to believe what they want to believe and are not going to change their minds even if shown credible evidence that he actually was born in Hawaii and not Kenya. According to Manjoo, "People who skillfully manipulate today's fragmented media landscape can dissemble, distort, exaggerate, fake, and essentially lie to more people effectively." When some individuals believe one thing, they are going to get their viewpoints out in the media and influence others to believe what they also believe. Although they may be lies, people are still going to believe them thinking they are actually truths. Their views and truths of what really happened are different from what reality is. This creates conflicting views of truth over what happened when Barack Obama was born. Credible evidence to back up true facts may be given to change their opinions, but does that evidence matter when they are unwilling to change their minds? Proof of Documents[edit] To clear up the theories regarding his birth, Barack Obama released as evidence to him being born in Hawaii, his birth certificate in 2008 along with his live birth form in 2011 to prove that he was actually born in Hawaii. In response, numerous rumors by birthers circulated that he did not initially release the documents because on his form he was listed as white or it proved he was not a United States citizen, but these were just rumors, with no facts to back up their claims. Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii with signatures by his mother and also the doctor who delivered him at the Kapi' olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu (Mikkelson). If everyone were allowed to touch Barack Obama's real birth certificate or we were all present at the time of his birth, this would prove everything people are claiming as false, but that is not possible. In regards to the documents, claims persist such as the document was changed with Photoshop. "True photos will be ignored as phonies," argues Manjoo and that is what happened with Barack Obama's birth certificate. When releasing the last document in 2011, Barack Obama said, "I know that there is going to be a segment of people for which no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest, but I am speaking for the vast majority of the American people as well as for the press. We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We have better stuff to do. I have got better stuff to do. We have got big problems to solve (Brady)." Manjoo emphasizes that evidence does not matter. Barack Obama has given the public what they wanted, but it was still not good enough. The people hold on to their preconceived ideas and due to these preexisting beliefs, the internet and other technological devices will only hype up their stance. People share their beliefs on the internet, on the radio, and on TV. No matter how much factual or credible evidence is out there, people will still come to believe what they want to believe. No amount of information or truths can change the perception of reality an individual may have for a certain topic. Their views are a guide for them to seek the information that they want to hear or read with their preexisting beliefs. No amount of facts or credible information as supported by the Barack Obama example may change a person's mind, emphasizing Manjoo's point of asking if facts really do matter. People's views on reality are interrupted by media and rumors that have never been proven as fact. These rumors circulating in the public sphere emphasize that individuals will believe anything with specific proof or truths whether it is really true or not. How the rumors were started may never be known, but the amount of "factual" information regarding his birthplace in Kenya and not Hawaii still exists. The public sphere involving rumors presented as facts are intermixed with what people perceived as reality. "Remarks by the President." The White House. 2011. Web. 07 Dec. 2012. Manjoo, Farhad. True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post fact Society. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2008. Print. Mikkelson, Barbara. 2008. Web. 07 Dec. 2012 Advertising and the In a country defined by fads, consumerism and competition, advertising has taken its place as one of the most influential forms of persuasion in American society. Taking precedence over personal experience and even personal thought, advertisement has come to shape much of what the public is exposed to, along with how a product, person, or idea is perceived. However, this observable fact was not always true. Advertising has evolved immensely over time, coming a long way from its early roots when ads intended only to get the word out regarding a particular product's existence. Today, advertisements attempt to alter how the targeted audience members perceive themselves and society as a whole so that they will be more likely to buy a product or believe an idea. These marketing strategies blatantly conflict with the ideals of the public sphere and have a general detrimental effect on society. One of the first recorded examples of text based advertisement is a relatively small 3,000 year old tablet on which a Babylonian man has written a message pertaining to the return of a runaway slave (O'Sullivan). Old forms of advertisement were very one dimensional in that the goal of spreading a message was accomplished only by getting the word out, letting others know that the message existed. It would take many more centuries for people to learn how to create messages that could alter an audience's sense of perception to the extent that modern advertisers have. During the Middle Ages, most of the populace was illiterate, and written advertisements became scarce. To adapt to this obstacle in communication, town criers were used to shout messages at passersby (Advertising). It would still be many years until advertising techniques could really evolve. As competition for products increased, advertisers needed to devise new strategies to ensure that their product sold, or that their message was effectively spread. Suddenly, the simple tactic of creating awareness became insufficient. Messages and advertisements in civilizations all over the world began to invent techniques that changed the way audiences thought about products, as well as the way they perceived their own lives. Current advertising techniques appeal to the audience's need to feel accepted and prey on lurking insecurities in order to deliver an astoundingly effective and sometimes undetectable message. Many ads seen today use sexuality to draw attention to the product indirectly promising the illusion of better sex lives should the audience choose to buy it. Companies have also figured out that endorsements from revered public figures almost guarantees purchases from the loyal followers of that individual. Famous spokesmen such as professional athletes and celebrities can now be seen advocating for Subway, Nike basketball shoes, and Armor All car wax. Other techniques include manipulating the audience's ultimate desire to fit in and remain up to date on the latest developments in technology and style. Advertisers key in to these weaknesses and exploit them with incredible effectiveness. Detrimental Effects of Advertising on the Unfortunately, this game of persuasion that advertisers play with their audience is not without consequence. Ads are now created to alter the audience's perception of what values are important, what items they need, and what type of person or behavior is ideal. Marketing specialists are very careful to use attractive men and women in their television ad campaigns. The people shown downing double cheeseburgers in McDonald's commercials are mostly lean, well dressed young adults who smile and enjoy interesting conversation with their attractive, lean, and well dressed companions. One would be hard pressed to find a McDonalds's commercial that featured an overweight person. In this example it is evident that McDonald's advertising committees are working hard to make sure that no associations are formed between the establishment's delicious food and the growing problem of obesity. These ads aim to distort the public's perception of the restaurant by intentionally showing perfect specimens, sending a message that says, "It's cool to eat at McDonald's. The people are cool and good looking, and they are having fun." The targeted audience member watches that commercial and is more easily convinced that eating at McDonald's is a good decision, as his subconscious has been bombarded with subliminal messages. Subliminal messaging is the name of the game, and the ideas that advertisers (and the media in general, for that matter) are implanting into the minds of the public are causing serious societal problems. By influencing the way audience members decide which behaviors and appearances are important in society, advertisements can ultimately change how people perceive themselves. There are hundreds of studies to prove the relationship between the media's depiction of the "ideal" woman and increased feelings of low self esteem and mental disorders nationwide. In a study conducted by Howard Lavine at the State University of New York, advertisements portraying women as sex symbols caused female viewers to become increasingly dissatisfied with their own bodies, preferring a thinner shape then they actually had. While similar results were observed with male participants, the ads exhibiting the "ideal" person had much more negative effects on women, sometimes leading to disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. A growing proportion of Americans are becoming unhappy with their own image; men want to be larger and women want to be smaller, all thanks to the overwhelming influence of media and advertisements (Lavine).

See Whats Happening With Nike Roshe Run Lizards Brown Black White Sails Quilted,Women Nike Free Run 2 Pink White Quilted Let's say you decide to order your significant other a bear gram to show how much you care. Sure, sending teddy bears by snail mail might be a little soppy, and sure, being an adult who voluntarily gives teddy bears to other adults speaks volumes of you wearing a skin suit made from past dates on your off time, but that's just the kind of guy you are and you're not afraid to show it, goddammit. Something about this just screams, "I want to see your face from the inside." But what company to choose? There are so many. Eventually, you settle on an Australian one that seems to be quite a bit more expensive than the others because hey, that must mean their teddy bears are really special. So you contact them and place a delivery order to your girlfriend's workplace, to make sure everyone sees what a romantic soul you are. A few days later, she unexpectedly dumps you by the phone, screaming something incoherent about lizards and calling Customs and Border Protection. And, right on cue, there's a knock at your door. "Was it the sex dungeon? Because that belongs to my landlord." This was a very real problem Australian customs officers faced in the first half of 2011. Not the mail delivery bears, that is, but the rare lizards that were stuffed in their hollowed out chest cavities, Alien style. They found package after package of teddy bears filled to the brim with expensive Australian (and therefore automatically terrible) reptiles, to the point where every single bear package the postal system found offered another potentially traumatizing event in the life of the poor bastard who had to not only eviscerate goddamn teddy bears, but also face the risk of having bobtail lizards chestburst at him immediately afterward. "Well, sure as hell can't tell the daughter about today." Eventually, an investigation led the officials to a Hong Kong couple and their base of operations in Perth. A raid at their premises discovered a bunch of rare lizards, teddy bears and package material, a combination of items no explanation that wasn't either smuggling or a fairly particular sexual fetish could justify. But why would anyone want to send people Australian animals, of all things, inside teddy bears? Why, for the love of all that is holy, would anyone ever knowingly order one? Well, it turns out overseas demand for native Australian animals is extremely high. For instance, the bobtail lizard we mentioned could fetch up to $7,500 per animal on the Asian black market. Man, people are queuing up to buy Australian animals? We feel this proves conclusively that no one is paying attention to our warnings. All the recovered lizards were released back into the wild, save two who were hired as beer mascots. By this point, you've read most of this article and you already know how this plays out, so we're going to skip our preamble and cut right to the chase: a man strapped an army of hummingbirds to his dick. "It seemed like the right thing to do." Holy shit! There's nothing in that picture (of an unnamed Dutch criminal who strapped live hummingbirds to his underpants) that doesn't scream for a medic. We're not exaggerating the hazard factor of the contraption, either: The security officials actually caught the guy (who was apparently an experienced smuggler) at the airport because he was fidgeting and looking extremely uncomfortable. We can only imagine how things would've turned out for him and his balls if he'd actually gotten on the plane. Although the security officials' expressions speak volumes, here: Note how only the woman is smiling. Looking at this picture, you'd expect the word "anus" to show up more often in this entry. But there are plenty of folks who strap birds to their bodies (he's just the weirdest). Take this 22 year old Australian man who wrapped two random pigeons in a padded envelope and hid them in his athletic tights. They weren't sedated or anything they were just sort of hanging there, presumably cooing and pecking on his legs in protest for the duration of his 13 hour flight from Dubai to Melbourne. The guy also tried to smuggle some seeds and an illegal eggplant. The seeds because "What if the birds get hungry?" the eggplant because "What if I get hungry?" and the everything because "What if I'm full on crazy? Mayday mayday, underpants trampoline!" Are those pigeons in your pants, or are you just trying to infect endemic species with foreign ticks and parasites? Incidentally, since Australia is extremely vulnerable to invasive species and therefore takes its biosecurity seriously, the man is facing a maximum prison term of 10 years and a $70,000 fine. For smuggling freaking pigeons, the animals mostly famous for making it impossible to sit on any flat surface in any major metropolitan area since the dawn of time. And then we have Sonny Dong (tee hee!), who smuggled songbirds by somewhat disappointingly tucking them in little suits and sewing those to his socks. "Because why shouldn't crime be adorable?" The prosecutor alleged that the big break in this case were the tail feathers visible beneath Mr. Dong's pant cuffs, as well as the bird crap on his shoes, but we think it was probably the multiple birds attached to his socks. This wasn't Dong's first rodeo, either in 2008, he was forced to abandon a suitcase containing 18 songbirds in a botched smuggling attempt. Upon tracking him, the police discovered a further 51 Asian songbirds 69 in all from his house, meaning that Mr. Dong must've had both the most apathetic neighbors and the world's most lenient landlord in recorded history. "Your collection is coming along wonderfully, Sonny! Just keep dumping the dead ones out back by the azaleas." We'll never know if the guy who strapped birds to his dong got the idea from the guy named Dong who strapped birds to his legs, but we like to think that he did. Or, actually, we'd rather not think anything about either of these guys, because whenever the thought of one of them enters our minds we're immediately met with a mental picture that sticks with us for days, and we really don't want to think about it again because it's so painful and we just got it out of our heads and Nike Roshe Run Lizards Brown Black White Sails Quilted We often complain of foot pain and different discomforts because of the shoes we wear. The complaint varies from calluses to foot pain and from irritation and itchiness to swelling. Most just ignore this and are trying to go on with their lives. But this should not be the case. There are remedies available to ease foot discomfort caused by shoes. Wear stockings or trousers. The first thing you need to try is wearing stockings or trousers whenever you wear shoes. Knee high stockings or trousers are best if you are wearing skirts or walking shorts. If you are wearing pants, you can use toe socks or foot bands. They may be thin, but they are effective ways to ease foot pain and discomfort. Give it a try it to know that it works. Use inserts or gel insoles. There are new trends in the market that are good or your feet. These are the inserts or the gel insoles that you may place inside the shoes to keep your feet comfortable. There are also inserts or gel insoles that are fractional, those that house only the toes or heels, whichever is you prefer. Use foam strips for the shoe straps. It is not uncommon to find shoes the straps of which are irritating and even cause itchiness at times. When you encounter this kind, you may use foam strips to ease the irritation and discomfort. It serves as a protection and gap between the straps and your feet. You may also use foam pads if your heels are the ones involved. Use blister block. One of the most common discomforts we experience with shoes is the irritation caused by the constant and inevitable rubbing of the straps with the back of our feet. To ease this, use blister blocks to prevent your skin from being rubbed by the shoes. Band aid has this blister block that you may use. Other brands may also be available in the market. Use band aids or corn sleeve for blisters on toes. If you are suffering from blisters on toes, the most common remedy you may use Band Aids. You may also use corn sleeve. It is a stretchable fabric that has silicone within. This one may be reused. Use ice if it swells. If you are having foot pain with swelling, get some ice cubes and place them in an ice bag. Put it on the swollen area and keep the ice there until you see improvements on the swelling, or until the pain goes away. Also, avoid doing strenuous activity that would involve the swollen area of your feet until it heals. If pain persists or the swelling remains, visit your doctor for medication. Use comfortable footwear. Avoid using high heels or shoes that have narrow endings. Use those that fit nicely to your feet and, if possible, just wear sneakers especially if you will be walking too much. You should not just bear and ignore those foot pain and discomforts for they might lead to a more serious and pressing foot situation. Remedies are available out there. There wouldn't be too much in taking care of the most haggard body part.

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