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From EP to all inclusive: Ixtapa's Sunscape Dorado PacificoBy Gay Nagle Myers How does a family owned and managed, 29 year old European Plan (EP) hotel transition to a branded, all inclusive property? Here's the story of the former Dorado Pacifico, reflagged last November as the Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa, AMResorts' first Sunscape property on Mexico's west coast. Isaac Mizrahi, the hotel's asset manager, tells the story. His father, Sony Mizrahi, had run a successful small hotel in Mexico City for years but decided in the early '80s to build and run a property in Ixtapa, then a slowly emerging tourist destination on Mexico's Pacific coast. "Ixtapa was not a known destination at that time," Mizrahi said, and the beginnings were rough. The 285 room, 11 story Dorado Pacifico, overlooking Palmar Bay, became only the sixth hotel in Ixtapa when it opened in 1982. "Dad remained in Mexico City but traveled back and forth, meeting with the sales team and managers," Mizrahi said. "We knew Ixtapa was a good choice. The weather was perfect, and we had some good years." After graduating from college, Mizrahi (who is no relation to the fashion designer of the same name) attended trade shows, met wholesalers, went out on sales calls, even worked with the maids and housekeepers at the hotel to learn the ins and outs of the business. A cousin and two uncles joined him over the years. "Ixtapa never really took off, but we . operated almost 30 years as an independent, EP hotel," Mizrahi said. "We attracted families and couples, but we saw the growth of the trend toward the all inclusive resort concept." "Dad was reluctant at first" to make the switch, Mizrahi said, "but he came around." The idea of becoming part of a branded, established hotel company already experienced in managing and operating successful all inclusive resorts had been planted, according to Mizrahi. "We talked to AMResorts, we knew that they were professionals who could do this well," he said. Plans were finalized in February 2011, and following a $10 million refit, during which the property remained open, the Dorado Pacifico began operating as the Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa in November. "AMResorts . added more restaurants; bars and new menus; minibars in the guestrooms; wedding gazebos; a spa; meeting space; and kids and teens clubs," Mizrahi said. "The guests love it." Remaining on staff are General Manager Jesus Garcia Mendoza, who has held that post since 2001, as well as many long term employees, according to Mizrahi. As asset manager at the resort, Mizrahi oversees relations between the operator and the property, and he plans to stay in the tourism and hospitality industries. 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She did it herself, and kudos to her for it! And also regularly puts her panties on with her legs through the wrong holes (and I'm not talking backwards, I'm talking both legs go in one leg hole and one comes out the body hole while the other goes through the other leg hole!), but that's not visible to most people, just somewhat uncomfortable for her. Silly goof! This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Nike Roshe Run Men Black White,The bedroom closet is one of the most important spaces in any home. It is where we store our best clothes, shoes and fashionable accessories. One of the most common complaints of American homeowners is that they simply do not have enough closet space. This is particularly true when it comes to the bedroom closet, which people have a habit of overstuffing. It isn their fault, of course. But most of us have a problem letting go. We see an item we like, wear it a few times, and it stays in our closet for years. In time, the closet becomes overcrowded and it defeats its own purpose, which is to help us find what we need for the day. If it takes you more than a few minutes to select the right outfit or ensemble, it probably means your closet is in desperate need of cleaning and reorganization. Cleaning out a closet is a simple, albeit ruthless process. The golden rule of closet organizing is that if you haven worn it in a year or more, you should get rid of it. This does not mean, of course, that you should just toss it. If you haven worn the outfit in while, odds are, it is in pretty good shape. But perhaps your style and tastes have changed. Donating clothing to charity is always appreciated. One of the best excuses for keeping unworn clothes around is that they don fit well now, but after a diet they might. A pair of jeans might serve as motivation, but they rarely even see much action. However, if you are truly on the fence about an item, it might be best to place it on a special labeled hanger at the far side of the closet. If the labeled hanger is left untouched for another season or two, it might be best to donate it to charity and let someone in need enjoy it. The more cluttered a closet becomes, the more it will need to be cleaned. But sometimes cleaning it out is a waste of time. If a closet is not properly organized, it may have to be cleaned on an almost daily basis. The simplest and most affordable way to avoid excessive cleaning sessions is to take an afternoon to organize your bedroom closet. Find a place for everything and free up space with some affordable closet organizers. The biggest difference between a women bedroom closet and a man are the shoes. It not right to stereotype, of course, but in this instance, there are solid statistics. The average American woman has 19 pairs of shoes twice as many pairs as the average man. Not to mention the fact that her shoes are often more expensive and more delicate than the shoes the guys wear. Most women will go great lengths to protect their shoes. Some of them even keep their shoes in their original boxes and stack them in their bedroom closets. As you might imagine, this storage strategy takes up an awful lot of room. Nineteen stacked shoes boxes would take up the entire floor of most closets. What is the alternative? Clear shoeboxes are a slight improvement over the cardboard originals. That way, the owner doesn have to open 19 shoes boxes when she looking for a particular pair; she can simply look through the top of it. However, clear shoe boxes still take up a lot of room. Our suggestion is to reserve a few clear shoe boxes for your most expensive pairs and hang the rest on a closet shoe rack or a shoe cubby. The closet rod is there for a reason. But sometimes people make things harder than they have to be. With the help of a few specialty hangers, you can organizer most of your wardrobe on the closet rod. A classic belt hanger, for instance, can be used to hang camisoles, bras, scarves and belts, among other things. Padded hangers should always be used when hanging delicate fabrics and plastic hangers are best for button down shirts. Last but not least, wooden hangers were designed specifically for suit jackets, as they help them retain their intended shape. Remove all wire hangers as soon as possible. They do not properly support clothes and may ruin them in the long run. It is also important to remove all plastic dry cleaner bags, since they do not allow fabrics to breath. Wardrobes can then be organized accordingly by hanger material: wood with wood, padded with padded, plastic with plastic. If they have the room, most folks store some folded clothing in their bedroom closets. This often includes fancy or delicate sweaters that may be ruined if they were simply stuffed into crowded drawers. The best way to store sweaters in a closet is on a shelf. With the help of sweater dividers, they can be stored in nice, even stacks. If, however, you do not have access to a shelf, a sweater storage bag can be filled and placed in the back of your bedroom closet. No matter how cluttered the closet, organizers can be used to put everything in order. The Key to Overcoming Procrastination 6 Ways To Beat the Distractions That Keep You From Getting Work Done Be More Productive and Get More Done by Clearing the Clutter What Does "Getting Organized" Really Mean? 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Release Dates Of Nike Roshe Run Men Black White,Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green Soybean rust PIPE: Past, present and future New article describes the origin, function, successes, limitations and future of the SBR Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education A new, open access article (DOI: 10.1603/IPM11001) in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management describes the origin, function, successes, limitations, and future of the Soybean Rust Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (PIPE). Soybean rust (SBR), a potentially devastating disease of soybean caused by the fungus Phakospora pachyrhizi Sydow, was first detected in the continental United States in the fall of 2004. Beginning in 2005, the SBR Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education (PIPE), has been used to provide soybean farmers with the information needed to make the best possible SBR management decisions. It is estimated that SBR PIPE has saved farmers between $209 299 million, annually, since 2005. The "engine" for the SBR PIPE is state of the art information technology delivered through the Internet, and the "fuel" for the engine is accurate and timely SBR monitoring data and observations made by trained individuals, as well as publicly available weather data used to run SBR predictive models. Some consider the SBR PIPE to represent the best of what can be accomplished in the United States when everyone works together toward accomplishing a "must do" mission. If funding for the sentinel network or the IT infrastructure continues to erode, there will likely be comparable erosion of the value of the SBR PIPE to stakeholders. SBR monitoring in 2010 was only 25% of what it was in 2005. However, most scientists feel that this level of monitoring is acceptable as long as the emphasis in the South continues to detect early outbreaks in a timely manner. If monitoring levels are cut further in the South, it will be progressively more difficult to accurately follow SBR progress from year to year. If stakeholders feel like they can no longer trust the data being generated within the context of the SBR PIPE, it will fold and cease to exist. Nike Roshe Run Men Black White Ideas for improving worksite health and wellness are limited only by one's imagination. Here's a sample of the creative initiatives local businesses have taken with their employees:Organize a company 5K walk/run. Or enter a company team in a community fun run or bike ride. Allocate some work time for training leading up to the event.Offer monthly prizes for the best employee suggestion on improving health at the worksite.As employers and employees both bear the burden of ballooning health care costs, workplaces are increasingly a key battleground in the fight for wellness.With 75 percent of the disease burden attributed to preventable diseases, tackling obesity and tobacco use are the top priorities, says Blue Cross Minnesota chief prevention officer Dr. Marc Manley."They are causing the diseases that are killing the most people and making the most people sick," he said.Locally, a number of employer employee partnerships are leading the way in encouraging wellness on and off the job. Results to date are impressive.Workers at Cold Spring Granite have dramatically improved their health status as a group since the inception of a voluntary wellness program in 2005.From 2005 to last year, the amount of program participants who exercise regularly jumped almost 60 percent, while the numbers of tobacco users and workers with high blood pressure both dropped by half.CSG employees undergo periodic health assessment and biometric testing, have access to blood pressure monitors throughout work sites, and have published a book of healthful recipes they had suggested.Participants are inspiring a shift in attitudes and behavior, CSG human resources generalist Heidi Friese says."Our employees used to bring doughnuts on their birthdays," she said. "Now they are bringing cut up fruit and veggies with dip, cheese and meat, and a mixture of healthy and unhealthy snacks."An annual competition modeled after "The Biggest Loser" TV show has driven employees at St. Cloud business consultants KDV to lose a combined 1,030 pounds since 2008.With management support, KDV staff have been running wellness activities for about five years."You don't necessarily need a big budget to do this stuff," said KDV controller Andi Kringstad, adding the company's voluntary wellness committee generates many of its concepts simply by brainstorming and searching for ideas online. KDV also uses local health experts to educate and advise staff.

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