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In the next few years, 32 million more Americans will have insurance coverage. This means that another 32 million more Americans will look for medical support and will have the opportunity to visit hospitals and clinics alike. For that number, the number of the people in medical scrubs particularly doctors will surely scarce. This is the main reason why states in the US are planning to pass legislations allowing nurses' role be extended beyond just implementing doctor's order. These responsibility extensions would mean that when doctors are not around and a particular "easy" doctor tasks need to be done, nurses, as long as they have full knowledge of the task procedure, can be able to perform. Current surveys and studies revealed pertinent facts pertaining to the threatening increase of demand for nurses and the decrease in supply. In 2000, the US holds 1.89 million nurses and is constantly mounting for ten years with little of observable declines. On the other hand, there is another consideration here. The quantity of Americans that would need medical attention keeps on increasing rendering the supply insufficient as compared to the demand. This problem is even augmented by the passage of the health care reform bill that is expected to draw some other folds of Americans to hospitals and clinics. In 2000 alone, the demand for nurses was pegged at 2 million thus the supply of 1.89 million lacks about 10%. However as the health care system of the country came to a slate of changes, these numbers have been expected to act disbelievingly. For one, as the bill would draw millions of patients it would require not just a thousand pack of nurses but also thousands of doctors. As nurses are easy to produce, the changes in demand can also be attained in lesser time comparing to the demands for more doctors. Of course doctors lined up in protests as they see these types of legislation as a killer of their profession and a danger to patients. They argue that though nurses are highly skilled to perform the job, they were not duly mandated and fully educated the way doctors were in the medical school. American Medical Association (AMA), the major supporter of the health care reform bill, expressed that the extending nurses' role of that of doctors' is not an answer to the rising demands as it would pose endangering patients. Arguably, nurses think that they are highly competent of the job negating that they are highly trained as doctors and knew when they will be referring patients to specialists. They also expressed that they would knew a patient better than their doctors as they spend more time with them than the doctors. For sure there will come a time that nurses and doctors can no longer be distinguishable by their name prefixes or the medical scrubs they use. They can no longer be distinguished with the specialization they do. But surely, they can only be different in two things namely: pay and workload. Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Black New Green ,Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green Women Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Grey Black Purple Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Royal Blue Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women New Green Red Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Purple Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Grey Cool Grey Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Purple Gold White Batik fabric, distressed satin and straw have been included in contemporary fashionable footwear. In past collections, designers such as Belgium based Dries Van Noten have mixed batik fabrics with beads and wood to create a new take on ethnic inspired shoes. Italian based Dolce and Gabbana reinvented a classic shoe from the Mediterranean, weaving the espadrille completely out of two toned straw. Other more subtle fabrications include Galliano, a French label that incorporated distressed satin and ribbon trim to create a new interpretation of the evening stiletto. Sleeker than the 1970s platform shoe, modern heels are taking shoe fashion to new heights in more avant garde styles. French powerhouse Yve Saint Laurent has combined the stiletto with the platform in past collections, designing a refined crocodile leather shoe that is both substantial and dainty. The past styles included a cross between a ballet slipper and a platform heel, fabricated in distressed leather. From spikes to Mohawk, shoe embellishments are edgy and urban. Prada, an Italian fashion house, has featured a new take on the classic "Mary Jane" in past collections, incorporating a Mohawk like fan, accented with metal studs, down the center back of the shoe. Other contemporary shoe designers, such as French owned Cuchnie et Ochs and Italian based Guillaume Hinfray, have included metal spikes and piercing rings on their stylish stilettos and sandals accents that can give a severe look to otherwise classic shoes. Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Black New Green,Elliptical machines are amazing equipment that can help anyone who wants to lose weight and stay healthy. It can do wonders in toning arms and legs. This multifaceted machine has a good reputation among exercise beginners and professional athletes alike. It aids one to get rid of excess body pounds, release healthy sweat, add muscle and build a strong lungs and heart. It gives maximum workout session that with only 20 to 30 minutes daily, one can already benefit from toning the body muscles without putting pressure on the joints. Unlike other exercise machines, it also does not hurt the lower back. Elliptical machines came way behind later than rowing machines and treadmill. The elliptical fitness cross trainer came in 1995 by Precor Fitness as the first patented elliptical exercise machine. Shopping for an elliptical machine is just like choosing the best meal. It is because what might attract others may not appear appealing to some people. For those scouting for the best elliptical machines in the market, they can consider the machines qualities and from there, pick one that best suits them. The following are some of the best elliptical trainer machines in the market these days. Photo Credits:Girl using the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer Images courtesy of Amazon Horizon EX 69Elliptical trainer Horizon EX 69 by Horizon Fitness offers a "Straight Up" feature with a design patented to help keep the user's posture at the right position so that he avoids strain. Horizon Fitness EX 69 2 Elliptical TrainerWith Horizon EX 69, workout sessions are more comfortable and safe as well as flexible since the program can be modified real time. Horizon EX 69 has a stride that is enough for most users, especially those with stride lengths albeit its stride and incline strength cannot be adjusted. Sold between 500 to 800 USD. Nautilus E514Nautilus offers 17 programs with workout profiles that are preset, while two programs can be customized as well as a single one as the manual program. Nautilus E514 Elliptical TrainerIt has a provision of 16 resistance levels for the user to be able to exercise different levels for the various muscle groups so he will not be bored. It features movable handlebars where one can hold while using the machine so as to work on the upper body. It also allows backward pedaling. Price is between $500 and $700. Schwinn A40 Elliptical TrainerThe A40 elliptical by Schwinn is good for those who want to be in the best shape. It is sturdy but operates smoothly. Although it is much smaller than other elliptical trainers, it hasn't been a problem for most users. In fact, it's best for people who live in small apartments and for those with limited space. Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer (2011)With a stride length of 17 inches, 8 resistance levels, water bottle holder and reading rack, exercising is not a boring thing at all. This compact size machine can bear those up to 275 pounds. It is 64 inches in height and 225 inches in width. Price is under $500. Proform 850 With GamefitGameFit's Proform 850 with GameFit is a great elliptical trainer not only because of its reputable maker but also of its astonishing features. This elliptical machine is more on the high end in terms of price and quality. It comes with all the bells and whistles as can be expected from more expensive models. ProForm 850 Elliptical Trainer with GameFit TechnologyThe machine allows the user to play games while doing the exercise a sure way of getting rid of the boredom and the "torture" feeling. It has 12 programs and levels.

Official Website Outlet Online Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Black New Green,Women Nike Free Run 3.0 Magenta Reflect Silver Pure Platinum Each time there is opening for the job of cabin crew, thousands of qualified people will be lining up for the interviews. It is highly competitive and only a small percentage will succeed and many will fail in the interview. This is a frustrating exercise for both the airline and the applicants, and millions of dollars was wasted. A cabin crew wanted to share her interview experiences on how she manages to secure the job on her first try. Her success was mainly due to her early preparation and maintaining a positive mindset all the way. After submitting the application and even though you are not sure whether you will be called for the interview, the preparation has to start. Waiting for the last 1. Get your Resume Written: Getting a well written resume is the most important start as it is reference document that will be used to decide whether you will be called to attended the interview or not. A good resume will highlight your strong point and covers the important areas. 2. Early preparation to enable you to research deeper into the relevant topics. It will also develop the confident to face the interview panel. Start your preparation by reading on the company background, the vision and mission and the achievements of the company. Maintain a positive mindset all the way. 3. Build relationship with relevant staff in the intended company. This will have at lease two advantages, it will enable you to know the company better and can open up the channel to know more about the interview questions. 4. Keep yourself updated on the current issues, both at the national level and the international level. Cabin crews are expected to maintain a certain level of knowledge on current issues to unable meaningful conversations with the passengers. 5. Ensure that your are computer literate. This is because cabin crews are part of the airline's absent workforce and the main channel of communication is done through internet. 6. Be early for the interview. You do not want to rush yourself and be prepared for the unexpected, like traffic jams, road closure and others. If you are not very familiar with the location, it will be a good idea to survey the place before the interview day. 7. Proper dress and good grooming cannot be over emphasized here. Dress yourself to suit the occasion. Avoid wearing clothing that easily wrinkled. For a gentlemen, make sure your shoes are properly polished, and for girls, please do not wear excessive accessories. 8. Travel light. Do not bring too many things with you. Suffice to have one handbag and a file for your resume and certificates. You do not wish the mess around with your bags in front of the panel. 9. Avoid wearing sexy dress. Although most men will like it, but it does not suit the occasion. The perfume need not be too strong. Take care of your hair and keep it neat and tidy. 10. Manage your emotion and do not allow your negative emotion to interfere your performance. Keep your personnel problem to yourself and attend the interview with positive outlook. 11. Do not be overdone to show you skill and capability but at the same time do not be too modest about yourself. 12. At the closing and before you leave the seat, do not forget to give them your attractive smile and say "thank you". It is suggested that you practice the interview with friends who are familiar recruitment exercise. You may have to brush up Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Black New Green Hey. Good news I ran a 5k today and still was able to stay under 30mins :) I'm 22 weeks pregnant and was really proud of myself! The problem I've been having SI joint pain off and on since abou 13 weeks right now it's on, and it I so painful!a! After the race, it got so bad my right leg is numb/painful radiating down to my ankle and I can barely put any weight on that leg :( I've tried ice/heat, taping, a shoe insert to fix leg length issues and pelvic rotation, different physical therapy techniques, and I'm not sure there's much else I can do? Any help is appreciated!Congratulations on your 5K. That is a great time! I started having problems with my SI joint in 2nd trimester. I went to PT and also chose to back down on my running some. Instead of running 25 per week, I backed down to 20, making it a point to not run too many days in a row. I didn't follow up with PT, so I think decreasing my mileage and making it a point to do other cross training helped the most. On occasion, I wore the Gabriella belt, but had the same issue of it putting too much pressure on my bladder at the time and also it was really hot during the summer. I am 35 weeks tomorrow and am still running (and made my goal of making it to October 1st). I hope you can do it as well!

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