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There are myriad reasons for leaving your shoes next to the welcome mat: Your hardwood floors will hold up longer, for instance, without grit and sand constantly grinding into its finish. Most household dirt and contaminants are also tracked in by your shoes, including lead from soil. (Soil can pick up lead from exterior paint especially from houses built before 1978 or from a car's prior history of leaded gas use.) Here are some tips from Blueprint on getting your guests to give their shoes the slip.1. Lead by example: Try the "seed" method for getting guests to take off their shoes. Plant a few of your own pairs next to a basket of slippers by the door and hope they notice it and take the hint. 2. Use humor: Download and frame one of these signs. 3. Use reason: Cry "New baby!" or "New carpet!" or "New floor!" If they fail to pick up the clue, just ask very, very nicely: Please, if you wouldn't mind. Easy Nike Roshe Run Men Royal White ,Women Nike Free Run 3 Liquid Lime Reflect Silver Volt Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite All Black Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Game Royalblue Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Light Charcoal Silver Chrome Yellow Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Soar Blue Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Wolf Grey Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry Necklaces have been used since the Stone Age according to archaeologists. Since then they have been used to depict high stature within a society from using golden adornments and chokers to the birth of gemstones in the first century. Nowadays, necklaces are used for a variety of reasons. Some wear them for religious purposes, as characterized by religious pendants. Others wear them in the name of fashion and art. The bottom line is, anyone can wear a necklace but not too many people know how to make one. You can easily make necklaces using cheap materials that are readily available at home or the nearest crafts shop. 3 Different colored nylon strings, with each string in 20", 22" and 24" lengths, though this may vary depending on collar style (Choker types may have shorter lengths) 9 pieces of beads (Optional) Here are simple steps on how to make a layered type necklace: After determining the collar style, make three lengths of nylon strings with measures of 20", 22" and 24" each. Align and hold the three nylon strings on one end using a crimp. s may come in different styles such as coil, barrel, parrot etc. Attach the crimp to the ends of the nylon strings and pinch it using your pliers. Since your nylon strings are already colored, you may opt not to put beads on as well. But in case you want to accentuate your accessory, all you need to do is to slide three beads on one nylon string. You may use your creativity in choosing the bead styles and color. Then place the remaining beads on the other layers. Align the other ends of the nylon strings (like on step 1) and tighten the ends using the crimp. It's that easy! If you want a braided necklace design, you need to ready these materials: 3 Different colored nylon strings in a uniform 22" length Using your ruler and scissors, produce three pieces of 22 inch nylon string and pinch the ends using your pliers and crimp. You may use a book or something heavy to keep the necklace in place while you are braiding it. You don't need to use an adhesive tape as the nylon sting, being a polymer with a lightweight property, wouldn't really move in the process. Place the leftmost string over the middle string without overlapping the rightmost string. The left string now becomes the middle string. Place the rightmost string over the middle string. Then place the leftmost string over the middle. Repeat the process until you have half an inch of string left. Carefully pinch the ends of the braided nylon string using your pliers and crimp. It is important to note that when you're braiding your nylon necklace, the end result would be a bit shorter than its original length, so you may want to make an allowance in its length. It's not only fun to do, but you also don't have to worry about having someone at school or the office wearing the same necklace from the mall. This is also a perfect bonding activity for your family or friends, and it is a perfect gift for someone special. Nike Roshe Run Men Royal White,jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/malefashionadviceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Having worked with them in the past directly, they focus nearly no attention to their lifestyle brands at all. For a company that is an athletic brand, much like Nike and Adidas, that has a large amount of colorways for their lifestyle shoes it is pathetic how little they pay attention to overall style of their shoes. They are certainly not as big in terms of budget as Adidas and Nike but I would not call them small by any means. Likely somewhere in between the big brands and others like Asics and Converse. But they certainly do have a good budget. They invest a large amount into their styles of running and other athletic shoes (of which I think are some of the best looking running shoes out there). Even their rejected hides are of exceptional quality and an absolute pleasure to use. As a leather worker, it hurts a bit to see a good hide used for something like this. If someone wants it, I not judging the desire or the person. Everyone has their tastes and mine conflict with this product. I hate superfluous design choices made simply to create exclusivity. I think that the use of expensive leather in a product that would otherwise be a kick around item to be a bit silly and artificially creates a showroom piece that has no more use than to say "look at how much disposable income I have". It zippers on raver pants that don open. It a gold tread basketball jersey. It silken coveralls. I find them uninteresting, gaudy and without grace. The shoes don benefit from being made with leather and the design doesn mix well with the hide. In retrospect I not sure if they were being ironically appropriated by these same people, but I know they were not completely easy to find. Now, it seems like people are still evenly divided at the most basic levels of DNA into camps who think they are completely effing hideous and those who think they rule. The price tag is crazy, but with the amount of care they took into creating the model with that top notch Horween leather, it not surprising. In streetwear culture prices like that are typical for such limited edition pairs. Most Jordans are resold for that price but pale in comparison of quality to even the most basic 998 models (which are already priced in the 150+ range). However, I believe that this specific edition isn worth its price for the average consumer who wants everyday type of sneakers, but rather more for the collector looking for all the limited editions. And the whole dad shoes thing is old (excuse the pun). Retro running and training sneakers have been trending a lot lately, with seemingly extinct brands like Brooks, Le Coq, and most notably Saucony making major comebacks. New Balance hasn changed the quality of their brand and it shows in the craft of their sneakers.

Looking For Cheap Nike Roshe Run Men Royal White,Nike Roshe Run Men Black White by Karen Miles Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board In this article What to expect at this age What to do What to expect at this ageMaybe your preschooler ignores the word "no," or maybe you'd just like to take a more positive approach to disciplining her. Luckily, you have plenty of alternatives to this overused command and for good reason. "Children often begin to tune it out, and you may find that it takes ten no's to get your child to respond," says Roni Leiderman, associate dean of the Family Center at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Whether you're trying to keep your preschooler out of trouble or teach her right from wrong, try a better, more effective approach than simply saying "no." What to doRephrase. Put a positive spin on your request, and your preschooler is more likely to respond in kind. Instead of saying no, clearly state what she can do instead. Rather than barking, "No! Don't throw the ball in the living room," for instance, try "Let's go outside to play ball." If she's in the middle of an art project and is getting glue all over the floor, help her put newspaper down under her work. This gives her something to do rather than something to stop doing. When you have to act quickly to keep her safe, substitute a more direct warning, such as "Stop!" "Danger!" or "Hot!" Offer options. Your preschooler wants to feel independent and in control. So rather than issuing a flat out denial when she begs for a piece of candy before lunch, offer her a choice between halved grapes and apple slices. Or let her pick which kind of candy she'd like to eat after lunch. If she typically insists on wearing an out of the question outfit (like a bathing suit in December), give her two acceptable outfits to choose between each morning. Though she may not be thrilled with the choices you've offered her, she will eventually learn to accept them. Drive her to distraction. Even a preschooler can be easily distracted from trouble. When a delicate figurine catches her eye in the department store, quickly point out how the light reflects in a mirror across the aisle, or divert her with a question "What should we have for lunch?" a toy, or a little snack (yet another reason to keep a well stocked bag when you're out and about with your child!). Meanwhile, move away from temptation. Older preschoolers are easier than younger children to shop with, and more receptive to up front distraction, too: "We can't play with that china doll, but we can try out the wind up toys over here." Avoid the issue. Whenever you can, keep your preschooler out of situations where you'll have to say no, and opt instead for safe environments that encourage her sense of adventure and curiosity. Your home should still be conscientiously childproofed, with dangerous and valuable items kept out of her reach. And choose places where she's free to roam the playground or your sister's big backyard, for instance, over the housewares store or Great Grandma Jenny's antique filled home. You can't isolate your child from all situations where you'll have to say no, of course, but life will be easier for both of you and you'll be able to say yes more often if you limit them. Keep in mind, though, that many preschoolers enjoy shopping and will behave quite well if you take a few precautions. Plan shopping trips for times when your child is well rested, and don't overdo it an hour or two at the mall is plenty. Don't sweat the small stuff. Life presents plenty of meaningful opportunities to teach your child discipline. Don't go looking for extras. If she's splashing in a puddle and you're on your way home anyway, why not let her? If she wants to wear her Halloween costume to the grocery store what's the harm? Indulge her sense of adventure, fun, and exploration whenever you can. If she's safe and you don't have to say no, let it slide. Say it like you mean it. Of course, when her behavior does matter and she might get hurt or she might hurt someone else, alternatives to no just won't cut it. Say "no" firmly (but calmly), with conviction and a poker face: "No! Don't pull the cat's tail." An amused "No, no, sweetie" sends your preschooler mixed messages and certainly won't discourage her. When she responds, give her a smile or a hug and follow up with something affirmative "Yes! What a good listener you are!" Lots of good ideas here! I just have one small note (small in it in this article, but, I think, big in its effect on a child). I don like to encourage an approval seeking mindset, and think that it pretty easy to instead help a child develop a healthy emotional independence, once you start really listening to the message we send with our words. I really liked your focus on using positive incentives to make your child life go better and the Mom too! A Mom wrote us asking for tips on changing kids behaviors. We talk about the use of sticker charts, which work great with young children and they can play an active roll in setting them up and using them. The rewards should be small; special time with the Mom, a book, etc. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Nike Roshe Run Men Royal White GLYNN WASHINGTON, HOST: OK, so, you know how it goes the best laid plans. You're on the strict, wonder, vacation diet everyone's talking about. Got to look good at the beach, right? Then one day, on the way to the gym, you stop by your neighbor's barbecue. You promised you'd pop in for a second, and then skinny, perky, made up Shelly asks if you'd like a tiny slice of cake. She made it herself. Surely you can enjoy just a taste, just a a mouthful, an inconsequential bit of sweet, confectionary goodness. What is the harm? She hands you over a piece of sugary temptation, and it looks just as moist and delicious as she promised. And you know you can't eat the whole thing. So your little fork peels off a tiny bit, and you bring that tiny bit to your lips and taste everything you've been missing for weeks concentrated in a single thunderclap. (SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC) WASHINGTON: Who knows what actually happened next? Memory's a funny thing, but the next thing you can recall is sitting under the bushes, shoving fist fulls of frosting into your mouth, swimsuit season be damned. Oh, we know. We understand, and we do not judge. And that's why today, on SNAP JUDGMENT, from PRX and NPR we proudly present "Slippery Slope." Amazing stories from real people, where one small decision leads to something else entirely. My name is Glynn Washington. I'll be your host. SNAP JUDGMENT. JULIA DEWITT, BYLINE: Yeah, so do you want to just start from when you first figured out that maybe something had gone wrong, and then we'll kind of. LEIGH SPRAGUE: Work our way back?SPRAGUE: Yeah, OK. DEWITT: This is Leigh Sprague. SPRAGUE: All right, I'll try. I don't like to talk about it. I'm from Wisconsin. I don't like to talk about myself. So but I'll make an effort. (Laughs) You know it's Midwest people? DEWITT: But it's a very interesting story. SPRAGUE: I guess so, yeah. I wish it weren't mine, though. DEWITT: Leigh was a lawyer married to a Russian woman named Katya. One day a while back, Katya and Leigh decided to move with their kids to Russia, where Leigh landed a job working for a guy we'll just call Oleg. SPRAGUE: Oleg was a multibillionaire. He was ranked, for most of the time when I worked for him, as the richest Russian in on Forbes magazine assets of 20, 30 billion. You know, he was one of what's called the old card oligarchs. DEWITT: Is oligarch what people actually call them? SPRAGUE: Yeah. They don't like to call themselves oligarchs, you know. They want to be called businessmen. And even in Russian, there's a word, taken directly from English, called (imitating Russian accent) businessmen (laughing). DEWITT: When Leigh applied to work for Oleg's company, Oleg offered him a salary five times the amount he was asking for. But Leigh was warned that that salary came with a price. SPRAGUE: When I went over there, there was one other foreigner. And he warned me, you know. He sat me down and said, you're not going to like this place. You're going to see things that, you know, compromise you ethically, see things that you feel like you should say no to, but you'll be forced to say yes. But he was ruthless. I mean, it was like working for I wasn't in the Army but it was it was like basic training every day. Like, there were all these witch hunts. You know, he would get up in front of a room and yell and scream. He'd single people out, you know, fire them on the spot or belittle them. It was really sort of an intense, troubling atmosphere. And I hated working for him. DEWITT: Why were you working? SPRAGUE: (Laughing) Good question. I always thought of myself as a good, moral guy. I'd held myself apart from the people I worked with for that very reason not that I was looking down my nose at them, but I considered my morals and ethics to be better than theirs. And I felt like I could just be a trusted advisor, you know, make some money and then escape. DEWITT: Not long after Leigh was hired, the financial crisis hit, and he had to help move millions of dollars around from one account to another. More and more, he felt like the business they were in was just one big shell game and he had to play it. It got harder and harder to hold himself apart from the people that he worked with. As he helped shuffle these million dollar piles of money around, Leigh got to thinking. There was one investment in particular that only Leigh and one other guy knew about, and it was rapidly losing value. No one would even notice if a little extra disappeared. SPRAGUE: I sort of liken it to, you know, walking through the forest and seeing a pot of gold off the path or something. With that added component of it losing its value anyway, that sort of pushed me over the edge. My own little devil voice says, it's the answer to all your dreams, you know, all your festering anxiety. DEWITT: To be clear, Leigh was making plenty of money. His family wasn't wanting for anything. But sitting there at his desk, watching the money trickle away little by little well, it'd just be so easy to skim a little off the top. So that's when he decided, Leigh was going to steal $10 million from Oleg. SPRAGUE: I almost justified it like I'm Robin Hood, not that I gave to the poor. But it's easier to do something bad to a person you demonize. It made me feel less guilty. DEWITT: When Leigh and the guys he was working with were handling hundreds of millions or sometimes billions of dollars, it's hard to believe the $10 million would hardly be noticed. Where that money would be noticed was in his bank account. So next, Leigh had to figure out where he would put it. SPRAGUE: I was using the tools the tricks that I'd learned from how the oligarch did his business for my own little business. You know, I thought that I could hide everything.

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