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hockey team to wear in Sochi, to the great kits worn by America clinching a spot in the World Cup against Mexico on Tuesday night, and of course to the start of the NFL season; the 'Swoosh' has been inescapable which is as good a reason as any to analyze Nike (NYSE:NKE) as a stock. The last time I wrote about Nike was in February of 2012, in this article, when the price was $52 per share (adjusted for a stock split in Q4 2012). I have since purchased the stock on a pullback ($43) and it has performed admirably, now at a price of $67. The purpose of this article will to look at some of the factors driving Nike's growth in a hope to determine if this stock can continue its climb or if it's been stalled out since May, in anticipation of Nike's next earnings report in two weeks. FootwearSo what are the factors behind Nike's growth? It should be no surprise that Nike's largest segment is footwear, accounting for greater than 60% of North American revenues. The reason why it's not surprising is because sneakers have great margins and if you go to any upper middle class gym you'll see a large percentage in Nike training sneakers. On top of this are signature basketball shoes that cause unexplainable mini riots upon their release. My initial worry over the footwear segment is that the market would become flooded to the point that you will not see any more new buyers. This argument can be countered with the fact running shoes wear out very quickly if used properly and those who are fashionably conscious will require several pairs given Nike's current color palate. Other SegmentsNike owns a number of other money making brands and offers an array of other products. In fact, I am wearing a Fuelband as I write this. Among the other brands are Jordan, Tiger's line, Converse, and Hurley. Each of these has a strong following willing to pay more for slightly higher quality and a logo. Additionally, as the opening of this article alluded to, Nike apparel is seemingly everywhere with buyers the world over given the coming Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup. FinancialsIn terms of purely numbers, Nike appears to be healthier than ever. Revenue is growing steadily, gross profits are growing steadily, earnings are growing steadily, and assets are up while liabilities are relatively stable. In two weeks' time Nike is expected to announce quarterly earnings of $0.78/share which would equate to 30% growth year over year. The stock is up by just over that percentage in that time. In sum, there are no glaring harbingers in Nike's financials that should keep you away from the stock. International GrowthIt came as a surprise to me that Nike revenue in China had actually shrunk in 2013 with apparel facing the brunt of the loss at minus 7%. If you believe Nike's annual, this loss is because wholesalers were sooo bullish that they overstocked their inventories and could not move it as quickly as assumed. This is actually a plausible explanation and is a positive thing if viewed in the right light. Off setting losses in China and Japan were growth in the emerging markets, on the backs of soccer and running apparel. These emerging markets (Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico) made more than the two Asian countries, and I can only hope that their inventories are not overstocked as well. Other Intangibles and TechnicalsBelow is a 1 year chart showing Nike's rise from just under $50 to over $67 at the time of this writing. You'll notice strong volume on the good days and low volume on the down days which is a bullish indicator. Additionally, you can see that the price has been straddling the 50 day moving average, which does not tell us much given that it does not have great support from it. Otherwise, there is not a great amount of information to be gained from this (you could argue that it just completed a pennant formation, but I would not consider that to be reliable). (click to enlarge) Going largely unnoticed is the fact that Nike does pay a dividend. It normally comes on the first day of the quarter and right now yields about 1.2%. It's nothing to go crazy about but it is a nice bonus to owning the stock. Growth stocks do not typically pay dividends to investors, and Nike makes clear on its investor relations page that it is a growth company in a giant font. For a growth company, Nike has a relatively low price to earnings ratio. Right now it is at around 24 and has been in that realm for over a year. For comparison's sake, Under Armor (NYSE:UA) trades at over 60. If the earnings come in as expected this figure would drop significantly and could be a cause for price growth. With these factors in mind I think that Nike is fairly priced at the moment. Two weeks from now simply hitting their expectations could propel the stock upwards. What I would look for is the $65 $67 price range becoming new support levels and $69 $72 becoming a new upper resistance until more news comes out. Source: Nike: Can The Sneaker Giant Continue To Run? Disclosure: I am long NKE. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. (More.) Nike Roshe Run Woven Men Red Black Quilted ,Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Women Nike Free Run 2 Pink White Orange Red Quilted Nike Roshe Run PRM Men Obsidian Volt Sail White Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Black Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Royal Blue Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Men Nike Free 3.0 Soar Blue Pure Platinum Reflective Silver Men Nike Free Run 5.0+ Olive Black Volt Nike Roshe Run Men Black Total Orange Your little daughter is your hope, your inspiration and your princess. You would love to dress your little princess in cute dress, won't you? She is a part of you, your life, and your soul. You and your daughter are one soul and two bodies. Don't you too think so? When something happens to your daughter you are the one who is worried much, you are the one who cares for her the most and you are the one adores her the most. You kept her nine months inside your womb, suffered pain, gastric problem, vomiting, nausea, stress, back pain, headache and many other problems were tolerated by you as you wanted to give birth to this new life to start a new chapter in your life. When your little daughter smiles you are wooed by her actions, when she shows her nasty expressions you can't hide your emotions, that clumsy walk of hers attract your attention, seeing every action of hers you are melted . Ah, 'daughters are daughters throughout your life but a son is a son till he gets his wife'. Daughters are your heartbeat and you are the people who have that heart. Now, who won't love to care for themselves, right? To make your heart function well, you need to take care of it at every moment. As, clear blood flow is needed to maintain proper heart beat and to make every part of your body well so is the case with your daughter and you. To make her happy, to see her smile you would love to do everything that which is in your limit, isn't it? So, this time to make my little cute princess shine in her birthday I bought her two pairs of shoes; one of them is Girls Ballerina Shoes and the other one is Girls Bridesmaid Shoes. I gifted one of them the night before her birthday. When the clock was about to strike twelve, I entered inside her room and woke her up slightly. She wasn't afraid as I guess that she was expecting some miracle to happen. I closed her eyes and softly said in her ears that 'Sweetheart it's your birthday but'; She was calm until she heard but. I wanted her to tell that all are waiting for her to come downstairs but I had to keep my promise made to my hubby that we would give her surprise. Before cutting the cake she gave me a warm hug. Nike Roshe Run Woven Men Red Black Quilted,For starters, let's get to where the best deal in town is, down at the Boardwalk. With my enthusiasm for the jazz scene forefront in my coverage last week, I missed mentioning that Summer '09's Free Friday Night Bands on the Beach series is upon us, starting with last week's concert featuring The Fixx on the band shell stage at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The series continues for the next 11 weeks. Free, without cost, only the gas to get there, and maybe shelling out for hot dogs and french fries, if you so desire. Heck, bring beach chairs or a blanket picnic and eat healthy for goodness sakes, and enjoy the oldies but goodies, and then stroll the arcade and take a few thrill rides. Ah, these are the good old days. So here's the lineup with a sample song to jog your memory if the group seems obscure. July 3, The Smithereens ("A Girl Like You"); July 10, Loverboy ("Working for the Weekend"); July 17, Starship featuring Mickey Thomas ("We Built This City"); July 24, Eddie Money ("Take Me Home Tonight"); July 31, Ray Parker, Jr. ("Ghostbusters"), Aug. 7, Greg Kihn Band ("Jeopardy"); Aug. 17, Papa Doo Run Run ("Santa Cruz: Beach Party"); Aug. 21, Patty Smyth and Scandal ("The Warrior"); Aug. While many have waited for this weekend all year to attend the annual Monterey Bay Blues Festival, for those who could care less and want to get out of town, the Santa Cruz scene offers a solid lineup of legends and newcomers. Also, don't forget that The Mountain Winery in Saratoga offers a strong lineup of major artists throughout the summer at its expanded outdoor venue to include the likes of Ani DiFranco, Yes/Asia, Duran Duran, Blues Traveler, Boz Scaggs/Michael McDonald, Indigo Girls, The Moody Blues, and Steve Miller Band. Friday night at Moe's Alley, the David Nelson Band plays for those 21 and older. I went to see the show last time and really loved 'em. Nelson, well known for his other gig with the New Riders of the Purple Sage, leads a fine group of musicians who draw from the illustrious songbook and style attributed to old friends The Grateful Dead. Meandering jams, tight roots rock songs, psychedelic country rock and just plain good time music. The band (Nelson doing guitar and vocals, Barry Sless on lead guitar and pedal steel, Mookie Siegel on keyboards, accordion and vocals; Pete Sears on bass and vocals, plus John Molo on drums) draws the faithful flock and there is plenty of dancing to be done. And Saturday night is just as good, with a legendary player from another band doing his own thing, Zigaboo Modeliste. Now a Bay Area resident, Zigaboo (just gotta write his first name again) is the great innovative drummer from New Orleans who brought second line funk drumming to major heights in his heyday with The Meters, the makers of the New Orleans funk sound based loosely on the syncopated piano grooves of Professor Longhair. Today, Modeliste's classic percussive language is sampled prodigiously by artists such as Queen Latifah, Run DMC, Cypress Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, and on and on. and tickets go for a cool $12 advance, $15 door. There's more great stuff at Moe's, including a special ticket deal for three nights of legendary reggae groups, starting with Tuesday's concert featuring The Abyssinians, to continue the following week with The Mighty Diamonds on Friday, July 3, and The Itals on Tuesday, July 7, all for $50, or separate admission for one. for details. The club's phone number is 479 1854. Just a quick shout out to say Esperanza Spalding put on a very entertaining progressive program at Kuumbwa last Monday with her quartet. Two sold out shows and a number of standing ovations welcomed the youthful bass and singing phenom to the Central Coast. While one could nitpick about a couple things, there is no denying the girl has exceptional feel for jazz, and her personality has spunk. She'll be performing at the 52nd Monterey Jazz Festival on the main stage and in Dizzy's Den Friday night as part of the New Grooves package with another great young singer, Lizz Wright.

Worldwide Official Website Provide Authentic Nike Roshe Run Woven Men Red Black Quilted,Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Byline: Glenn Whipp Film CriticIMELDA'' is the perfect movie for an election year where we have four multimillionaires (including Cheney and Edwards) flying around the country in private jets, trying to convince the unwashed undecided that they are truly men of the people.Imelda Marcos, wife of Philippine president Ferdinand and legendary collector of shoes and designer dresses, believed, too, that she represented the interests of her country's poor and downtrodden. I was a star and a slave,'' Marcos says, recalling just how much hard work it took to live in proper opulence so Philippine commoners could live vicariously through her.Marcos, now in her 70s, gave an extended interview to filmmaker Ramona Diaz for this project and then tried to legally block the movie from being released in the Philippines. She failed, and Imelda'' became a smash hit, besting the biggest American blockbusters at the box office.The film is anything but a hit job though. If anything, Diaz displays something of a fondness for her subject, allowing many of her delusional beliefs to go unchecked. Marcos can't blame Diaz for making her look bad. It's Marcos who hangs herself, insisting we have no human rights cases in the Philippines'' (cut to a shot of 70,000 political prisoners) and maintaining that she devoted herself to living a selfless'' life following the 1972 assassination attempt against her (cut to the Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum in Marakena).Marcos' recollections of the assassination attempt are priceless. While she was making some kind of public presentation, a man came at her wielding a machete. Marcos initially thought he must be after someone else; when she realized he wanted to kill her, she lamented that she might die by a blow from such an ugly weapon.''There should have at least been a yellow ribbon around the handle,'' she says, in what might be a joke, but I'm doubting it.Marcos, after all, congratulates herself for never losing her childhood innocence.'' This is another way of saying that she went through her years of power wearing rose colored glasses, blissfully ignorant as to the costs of her and Ferdinand's rampant fraud, graft and outright theft.There may be no new revelations in Imelda,'' but the film still proves highly instructive in the ways in which power corrupts and politics attracts the opportunistic.Glenn Whipp, (818) 713 3672In a nutshell: Documentary about former first lady of the Philippines has more on its mind than footwear. Nike Roshe Run Woven Men Red Black Quilted Now when you're going shoe shopping, there's a few things that you need to remember. The first is that not all shoes are created equally so just because you're a size 8 in one type of shoe, doesn't mean you're going to be a size 8 across the board. So it's always important to ask for at least three sizes from the shoe salesman or whoever is helping you. So make sure you keep it within half sizes. So if you're usually a size 8, ask for a 7 and 1/2, an 8, and an 8 and 1/2. Another way to get the perfect fit is to be measured while you're there. Feet can fluctuate in size especially if you've gained weight or had a pregnancy recently, you might not be the same size that you remember. Another way to get the perfect fit is to go shoe shopping at the end of the day. You might not realize that your feet swell during the course of the day so the size of your feet at five o'clock is going to be difficult than the size of your feet at eight o'clock in the morning. So always wait until the late evening to try on shoes, after you've been on your feet for a while. And that's how to get the right size of shoe.

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