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Love Is In The Air Roshe Run PRM Men Hazelnut Oxford Brown Anthracite Sail White,Women Nike Free Run 5.0+ Blue Grey White QUESTION:I say this win or loss, but the Number 1 seed should never have to be the road team in the baseball tournament and especially in the tie breaker game. Makes no sense. That aside, to me IU did not play the last 2 games like the IU team I saw this year. your thoughts I'm on board with you regarding the top seed as the home team, at least so long as it keeps winning. Now, once you fall into the loser's bracket in double elimination, all bets are off. But why IU was the visitor in the Saturday game with Stanford, I don't understand. Regardless, being the home team or not being the home team ultimately wasn't the difference. The inability to hold a late lead two straight days was the culprit. But it seemed like the breaks just didn't go IU's way, or at least not as many as Stanford. Had there not been a rain delay in that final game, Korte might have gone five or six innings, setting up the rest of the game differently. But stuff happens, and that's why baseball is baseball. That's true, but that also had something to do with the opponent which from a talent standpoint, was the best team they played at Bart Kaufman Field this year. Obviously, you'd argue Louisville, but they played Louisville mid week which meant they avoided Kyle Funkhouser so they didn't see Louisville at their strongest. And from a pure lineup standpoint, I take Stanford over Louisville. I don't know that Indiana had a lot of defensive mistakes so much as they failed to field a couple of really hard hit balls. It's a "physical error" as opposed to a mental error. Vanegas or Marcus Brakeman. Scott Effross and Jake Kelzer made good pitches and good hitters hit them. Those guys are no joke and it's obvious they're better than their record indicates. It wasn't Indiana's best game by any stretch, but I didn't get the impression their heads were out of it. I got the impression that a really good team made it hard on them. Wasn't at The Bart, since I was covering high school sectional play, but picked up the radio broadcast of the last game just this side of Columbus on my way back from St. Leon and listened to the final couple of innings. It was exciting, then pretty brutal from an IU point of view. But baseball is a little different from, say, football. There are far more vagaries, more variables beyond physical superiority. Stanford was an absolutely legit opponent and this was the equivalent of a short series, a three game contest. Generally, from what I gather, IU played well but things just didn't break its way. Stanford didn't hit that many homers this season, but did when it really needed to over the last couple of games. Effross hadn't given up a homer all season. It's just baseball. As to having the home team be the visitor after the first elimination game, I have no issue with that. IU had the final at bat in the previous game, and still had the home crowd. I don't mind the system evening things out a bit for the lower seeded team once that team has already won some elimination games to earn another shot. QUESTION:What a great season for the baseball team and a stunning ending but could not be more proud of the team. I am indeed one of the people who bought into baseball middle of last year but have to say I am hooked now. It's kind of like Butler's title runs. They have not duplicated them but they at least established a blue print and are on the sports map as a relevant team in Indy instead of being an afterthought regardless. People will go to IU baseball games and team will CONTINUE to be relevant and on peoples minds as long as they remain reasonably competitive like Butler. 1. Even though it is NOT AT ALL the REASON IU lost, the NCAA needs to seriously re consider how they decide who the Home team is in these tourneys in terms of who gets last at bats. I don't have a huge problem with alternating but at least for the last 2 games of the series like IU had against Stanford, let the higher seed decide if they want to be home for the 1st or if necessary 2nd game instead of having pre determined formula. There doesn't seem to be enough reward for being a higher seed in that respect and in Supers its coin flipped instead 2 out of 3 for higher seed. There needs to be some more incentive for having last at bats more often as higher seed. Is this something you guys could do a story with the NCAA about now that summer is here, because this seems to have struck a nerve with a lot of fans not just at IU, but higher seeds everywhere as I read other team's message boards? 2. My next point relates to my opening thought and asks how IU avoids becoming the Purdue of 2 years ago? While I fully expect a drop off next year to 5 10 games over .500 and mid pack Big 10 team, how do you not free fall to last place like Purdue did the last 2 seasons with all its losses and instead reload into a contender in 2 3 years? I fully trust Tracy Smith and he is the best thing that's happened to IU baseball but Doug Schreiber did a nice job to and now has fallen off the earth at Purdue and has a team going nowhere for a while? As my first point said as long as team has the level of play they did 2008 2012 they'll remain relevant and fans will go but they CANNOT become the pre 2008 era again (I know I said I didn't go till last year but have since read up on history of team) or recent Purdue team or IU will go back to being an afterthought. Lastly thanks for the great coverage this yr. 1. See the above regarding the home team. While I mostly agree with you, I can also see the flip side when it comes to the NCAA Tournament since it's rather subjective as to who deserves a higher seed and hosting honors. However, in the case of the Big Ten Tournament, it made little sense to me that IU was so rarely the home team despite being the top seed. That said, it's as much an advantage just to be playing in the comforts of your home ballpark as it is to be the home team. The Hoosiers just didn't get the job done this time, which maybe should help folks appreciate what last year's team did in getting to Omaha, which is just not a very easy thing to do. 2. I believe we had a similar question a couple weeks ago, and it's a valid concern. But I think the combination of coaching, facilities and a foot in more doors recruiting after reaching the College World Series goes a long way to avoiding a complete collapse. As good as Purdue was, it didn't come close to Omaha. Also, the key to maintaining any competitive team is pitching, and at the moment IU looks well stocked in that regard. I might. I mean, I get the point. They look at NCAA Tournament as neutral territory, and the simple fact that you're hosting the game is your reward for your record. But obviously a lot of people are displeased about this, and it's worth looking into. 2. Obviously, as Tracy Smith said in yesterday's paper, it just comes down to recruiting. That's super obvious. For whatever reason, Purdue didn't keep getting players. Of course, Purdue also didn't go to the College World Series and didn't get the same kind of national exposure as Indiana even though they had a great season. They have to turn their success into good players and those guys have to pick off where Schwarber, Travis, DeMuth, DeNato etc. left off. And not only do they have to get good players, but they have to make sure those good players don't sign if they're drafted out of high school. The Hoosiers are bringing in two legitimate left handed power bats in Logan Sowers and Josh Ockimey who might get looks from major league teams. If they enroll at Indiana, the Hoosiers will only lose so much in the middle of the order. If they don't, IU might be devastated. They just need to get players. Agree that the Butler basketball analogy seems a good one. Dustin made the same general observation when we were discussing things in the office yesterday. 1. As I noted in a previous response, I have no issue with the playing field being balanced a bit for the lower seeded team once it has survived multiple elimination games and earned yet another shot at the top seed. IU had the last at bat the previous game and still had the home crowd. But I also have no issue with your idea of giving the home team the option of choosing either the penultimate or ultimate game to have a final at bat. 2. I think pitching is the key, and IU on paper looks like it will have enough of that to avoid a precipitous fall. If Scott Donley returns, especially, then I think the offense should prove competitive, while obviously not constitutng quite the sort of superb attack we've seen over the past couple of seasons. And one never knows exactly what capacity lurks in players we've yet to see. Schwarber and Travis weren't especially highly recruited nationally out of high school. IU might well never seen their like again, and certainly having two hitters of that caliber simultaneously is rare, but some young guys might surface who prove pretty capable at the plate. I think Skip will field a competitive B1G team. QUESTION:I am sorry to see the Baseball team's loss and its great how much the program has gone up. For years Pre 2008 IU would draw that 50 100 people as you keep referencing but last couple years of Sembower crowds were up to 300 500. While it was up 5 10 times at Bart Kaufman Field and the regular 2,000+ drawing was awesome its a little exaggerated to say they drew 50 100 people at the end of the Sembower era. Something you didnt even mention is that Sembower Field was free and Bart Kaufman charges $5 admission so to see the crowds increase 5 10 times is especially impressive with that fact. On a different note I am very glad to see IU add Georgetown to the schedule and to have SMU, Louisville, Georgetown, Butler and Pitt on schedule is such a massive upgrade from the past its not even funny. Its also a nice mix to have 2 at home 2 on the road in a neutral site in New York and 1 nearby in Indy. One of my main complaints with Crean was his scheduling and clearly he was being serious when he said he was going to upgrade it and I'm so glad to see it! What inspired the awesome sudden change? Looks like future years are great as well with Maui etc the following year! Baseball has indeed come a long way by any measure. As for the basketball schedule, this is indeed an upgrade in terms of the number of elite games on the docket. And I think five high caliber games is an appropriate number. I think there's still some room for improvement with the remainder of the non conference schedule, not that you need more high major games, but a few less games against the Lamars and Samfords of the world might be more beneficial as well. Regardless, you wanted a better schedule, you got it. Now IU has to find a way to win two or three of those games to make it pay off. Per Crean's explanation and this was his explanation last year Indiana wasn't necessarily trying to create as bad a schedule as they had last year. A big part of the reason that a lot of things didn't work out last year was because they had to keep a lot of dates open for things they were working on this year (the Jimmy V Classic, the exempt tournament with SMU, this Georgetown thing) and that meant they couldn't schedule just straight home and homes where they would've had a home game last year and a road game this year because they were already going to have a number of events out of Assembly Hall and they want a minimum of 20 home games in a given year for revenue purposes. It also didn't help that the 2K Sports Classic really only produced one daunting opponent in UConn. They might have been a little more willing to take on challenges this year because they caught so much heat last year, but even at the time, Crean was saying that there was a lot going on for future seasons that created conflicts for scheduling last year. Concur. According to CTC's comments, some of the games scheduled so far for this upcoming season were discussed earlier but just didn't pan out till now (he specified Louisville in that regard.) He also said that IU felt compelled to turn down the newly arranged annual pre conference double header ruckus arranged for UK, UCLA, North Carolina and Ohio State (with OSU taking IU's spot) because the dates conflicted with the Crossroads Classic, which the Hoosiers want to continue. Some might prefer the national glitz of the other tournament, which is admittedly alluring and potentially beneficial in several respects, but I also like the notion of always playing either Notre Dame or Butler, and having Purdue join in at the Classic. Call me old fashioned, but that event gets me in touch with my Inner Hoosier, and I'm glad to hear IU wants to help preserve it. Plus I'm never automatically averse to the notion of turning down a Calipari generated proposal. QUESTION:I understand that IU and the Big 10 are shifting East. IU has always had a large portion of the student enrollment from NY and NJ. I just don't understand why Crean feels he must have an East Coast assistant coach rather than having a coach that is really connected to the midwest coaches. I just feel that players from around here understand the game better and it shows in our team fundamentals that past few years. I am not that excited about the resume the new assistant we are hiring has. Roshe Run PRM Men Hazelnut Oxford Brown Anthracite Sail White Your grooming (hair and makeup) should not be a distraction. An example of appropriate formal business attire is a light blouse worn under a closed dark jacket. A brighter scarf, worn near the face, is acceptable and will draw attention to your face. If you are wearing something flashy, such as a colorful belt, the audience may end up looking at your belt instead of at your face. Same goes for flamboyant jewelry or anything that is overly conspicuous and can draw the eye away from your face, which is not your goal. are very important. Formal business attire requires that women wear heels that are 1 or 2 inches tall. Do not go for 6 inch spikes and ditch the bows and buckles on your shoes because they distracting and not businesslike. Your shoes should be polished and not scuffed; same goes for men. Avoid bright colors. The basics brown, navy or gray the best. The jacket sleeve should end at the middle of the man wrist bone with the shirt sleeve extended approximately 3/8th of an inch beyond the jacket. If you are wearing a short sleeved shirt under your jacket, the jacket length should reach the end of your wrist bone. Your hands will be visible, but the longer jacket sleeve length will conceal that your forearms are bare. If you are wearing double cuffs or French cuffs, your jacket sleeve can be shorter to show off the links and cuffs.

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