Online Outlet Store In Texas Roshe Run Wmns Hyper Blue Silver Yellow Save You Up To 79 Super Customer Service And Fast Shipping. Nike Roshe Run Women Club Purple Pink Quilted Outlet Online Store Offer High Quality And Cheap Roshe Run Wmns Hyper Blue Silver Yellow Store Is Specialized In Selling All Kinds Of Shoes GETTYSBURG, Pennsylvania (Reuters) Rick Santorum ended his improbable run for the White House on Tuesday after leading a Republican tilt to the right that could dog the more moderate front runner, Mitt Romney, in November's election. Trailing in polls and fundraising, the conservative former Pennsylvania senator suspended his campaign and cleared the way for Romney to clinch the nomination to face President Barack Obama in the November 6 general election. A staunch social conservative with a penchant for sleeveless sweaters, Santorum was the underdog who clawed his way to near the top of the Republican race and won the first 2012 nominating contest in Iowa by a thread. His rise forced the issues of birth control and the role of Christianity in public life to the forefront of the campaign, frustrating Romney, a former private equity executive who sought to keep the focus on the economy. During his exit speech on Tuesday, Santorum again reached out to the working class and the Republican Party's right wing, which he had courted throughout the campaign with his focus on manufacturing, religion and conservative family values. "Over and over again we were told, 'Forget it, you can't win.' We were winning, but in a different way. That contest intensified on Tuesday when Obama's campaign accused the multimillionaire Romney of not paying his "fair share" of taxes, and tried to paint the Republican as an elitist. Romney campaigned in Wilmington, Delaware, where he met with women who owned small businesses and called Obama's handling of the economy a failure. On Santorum, Romney said the news about his rival was unexpected. He added that Santorum has been an important voice and will continue to play a major role in the Republican Party. "This has been a good day for me," Romney said. Santorum proved to be a more formidable opponent to Romney than many expected, especially in light of a historic 18 percentage point defeat during his Senate re election bid in Pennsylvania in 2006. His vocal opposition to gay marriage and abortion offered Republican voters a stark contrast with former Massachusetts governor Romney's more moderate record. Romney moved to the right on social issues to try to outflank Santorum. Now Romney, and Republican congressional candidates, could have some difficulty in November, when the overall electorate will be more moderate. "When voters are interested in the economy, Rick Santorum was talking about socially conservative issues . and that would take us off message. That would take the whole party off message," said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean. Santorum lagged Romney in opinion polls and in the fight for the 1,144 party delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. He was facing the possibility of an embarrassing defeat in his home state of Pennsylvania on April 24. Romney has 659 delegates to 275 for Santorum, according to a CNN estimate. A devout Catholic, Santorum failed to stretch his appeal far enough beyond conservatives and some blue collar Republicans to overtake Romney. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, both of whom are way behind Romney in polls. "Mr. Santorum brought excitement to the race, and helped the GOP mobilize voters earlier in the season," Hunter College Political Science Professor Jamie Chandler said. "Now much of the electorate will tune out until the fall. His delegates will now be open at the convention, but will likely support Mitt Romney." Disappointed Santorum supporter Felicia Collie, 29, of Gettysburg, was not ready to throw her vote to Romney. "I don't really want to because Romney is the same as Obama," she said. "Santorum is the only one (of the Republican candidates) who is a clear contrast." Santorum has been the only serious Republican challenger to Romney in the last six weeks, and he won victories in nominating contests in Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana and Colorado. But he failed to take big Rust Belt states such as Michigan and Ohio, despite portraying himself as a blue collar guy and playing up his roots as the grandson of an Italian immigrant coal miner..

Webb, who broke Jim Ryun's 36 year old high school mile record two years ago, has also never competed in a road race. He will do so for the first time today in the 67th Manchester Road Race. Webb has actually run a few road races, but never raced. He ran the 4.748 mile course Wednesday and liked what he saw. Two years ago, Webb was already a high school running phenom. But onMay 27, 2001, his fame eclipsed the sport. As a senior at South Lakes High in Reston, Va., he ran the Bowerman Mile at the Prefontaine Classic in 3 minutes, 53.43 seconds, breaking Ryun's historic 3:55.3. A few months earlier, Webb had become the first high school miler to break 4 minutes indoors (3:59.86). At age 18, he was already a legend in the making, the future of American running, the next Jim Ryun. Webb decided to run at the University of Michigan. He was so popular they began to charge admission for track meets. One day a week was set aside for interviews. But Webb never felt comfortable. He had thought about running professionally after high school, but decided to give college running a try. Even though he was the Big Ten cross country champion, finished 11th at nationals and won the Big Ten 1,500 meter title, his first year didn't go as well as expected. He sat out the indoor season with an Achilles' injury. In June 2002, he went home to Reston and his high school coach, Scott Raczko. He decided to stay. "I finally feel like I'm trying to settle down and move on with life," Webb said. His disappointing year at Michigan and his decision to leave coupled with Nike's unprecedented contract, designed to appeal to the teen running market prompted criticism. Webb wants to run in the Olympics next year, but has yet to meet the A standard 1,500 qualifying time. "It's just the way things go in the world," Webb said. "A lot of times, critics speak the truth. I can't say it doesn't bother me. It would bother anybody, whether they would admit it or not. I don't dwell on it. "Whether or not you think I'm the greatest runner in the world, or the crappiest runner in the world, it makes no difference because I'm still going to run what I'm going to run. Obviously, felt I was doing something right." Webb is taking classes as a sophomore at George Mason, but his NCAA career is over now that he is a professional. Right now, he's laying a training base for next season. "He's putting in a lot of mileage right now," Raczko said Wednesday. "He's doing a lot of cross training, a lot of strength training. It's going to be a pretty lengthy year next year. We're looking at not gearing up for competition until the summer. He needs a big strength phase to be able to sustain it. Ray Flynn, Webb's agent, is also the agent for Amy Rudolph who will be competing for her sixth Manchester title today. Flynn encouraged Webb to enter. "We were looking for something around this distance, a little strength race," Raczko said. "We heard great things about the event and it fit into our workout cycles." Roshe Run Wmns Hyper Blue Silver Yellow ,Nike Roshe Run PRM Women Red White Sail Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Blue Yellow Today, corporate dress codes are not what they once were. That being said, there is still a sense of what constitutes appropriate dress in the corporate world. Ann, Inc. (NYSE:ANN) is a specialty retailer serving the needs of women for more than fifty years. The company meets the needs of women by providing quality suits, separates, dresses, shoes and accessories. The company operates the Ann Taylor and Loft brands through 947 stores in 46 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Products are also available online. The Ann Taylor brand operates online and at 272 stores. Its target category is called the "better" priced category. The Loft brand has 501 store locations and competes in the "upper moderate" priced category. There are also 169 Ann Taylor Factory and Loft Outlet stores. RevenuesThe second quarter of fiscal 2013 ended July 28, 2012. Sales in this quarter were up 6.6% to $594.9 million. The Ann Taylor brand was up a total of 5.6% across sales channels. Ann Taylor stores were up 3.2; Ann Taylor online sales increased 29.0% and the Ann Taylor Factory outlet group was up 2.1%. The overall increase for the Loft brand was 4.2%. The stores grew by 4.1%; the online store saw an increase of 14.6% and the Outlet was up 0.3%. For the twelve month period ending with 2Q13, sales grew about 8.7% to $2,286.0 million as compared to the year earlier period. Full year F2013 revenue estimates are from $2,211.41 million to $2,224.00 million with an average estimate of $2,213.24 million. Looking out to F2014, analysts see revenue growing. The estimates range from $2,381.18 million to $2,403.85 million and average $2,388.56 million. EarningsDiluted earnings per share for 2Q12 were $0.63 as compared to $0.47 a year earlier. For the twelve month period, diluted EPS was $1.86 compared to $1.53 or 22.4% higher year over year. The company attributes the higher EPS to several factors including fewer full store promotions and more category specific and targeted promotions, an aggressive approach to managing costs, higher net sales and a decrease in sales, general and administrative costs as a percent of sales. Analysts had been forecasting second quarter earnings of about $0.51 so the actual EPS came as a 24% surprise. Going forward, analysts estimate that full year F2013 EPS will be in the $2.10 to $2.30 range and the consensus estimate is $2.20. Analysts see growth continuing into F2014 with EPS ranging from $2.37 to $2.70 and averaging $2.53 per share. MarginsOperating margins in 2Q13 were 6.9% as compared to 6.8% for the trailing twelve months and 6.6% for F2012. The company reported net margins of 5.1% for 2Q13, an improvement over the 4.1% for the trailing twelve months and the 3.8% reported for F2012. For the quarter, inventory grew only 3.7% whereas sales grew by 6.6%. This is an indication that the company managed its inventory well. Another metric to consider is inventory to sales. At the end of 2Q13, the inventory to sales ratio was 9.7%, virtually unchanged for year ending 2012 at 9.6%. Balance SheetThe company has a very strong balance sheet with no long term debt and cash and short term investments of $132.7 million. Ann carries no goodwill or intangibles on its balance sheet. On an historical basis, the balance sheet shows no use of "non recurring" items and few adjustments. The company does not pay a dividend. ProfitabilityThe company is solidly profitable with return on equity of 24.1% compared to the industry median of 15.4%. The five year average ROE is 1.7% due to a big loss in 2009. We confirm the quality of earnings by looking at free cash flow and related metrics. On a TTM basis, free cash flow totals $2.64 per share compared to diluted EPS of $1.86. We also see that free cash has been growing for each of the past three years. We find that ANN has a cash flow to invested capital ratio of 34.06% which is an indication of the company's strength and profitability on a cash basis. Capital AllocationIf ANN has a strike against it, it is because the company does not pay a dividend. However, the company does have a share buyback program. During the quarter, the company repurchased 1.6 million shares on the open market and during the six months ended July 30, 2012, the company repurchased 3.1 million shares on the open market. For the quarter, this share buyback provided the shareholder a yield of 7.2%. ValuationWe present here several popular valuation metrics. On a PE basis, ANN is currently trading at a premium to the market. Looking at the company's forward PE of 16.2X and the estimated long term growth rate, we get a PEG ratio of 1.27X; not exactly a bargain but not screamingly over priced either. The price/sales ratio is a reliable metric. With a PSR of 0.74X and the industry median of 0.70X, the company looks fairly priced. On a price to book basis, at 4.60X, the company looks overpriced. We favor looking at enterprise value based metrics as they take into consideration the company's capital structure. ANN has an EV/free cash ratio of 9.21X, which is well below the industry median of 12.39X. The EV/sales ratio for ANN is 0.51X compared to the industry median of 0.65X. EBITDA is a commonly used surrogate for cash flow. ANN is trading at an EV/EBITDA multiple of 7.43X, whereas the industry median is 9.9X. ConclusionAnn Taylor is a profitable, well managed company. The pros include that it has no long term debt, is solidly profitable and has a strong cash flow stream. Another big plus is that it has a share buyback program in place and has actively repurchased shares on the open market. This is a shareholder friendly action for a company with adequate cash flow to support the program. If growth materializes as the analysts forecast, we think ANN can support an EV/EBITDA multiple of 9.12X. The share price of ANN has been trending higher all year and the price has been hitting new highs. The shares made a big jump when the quarterly earnings report was released. If we are right, the share price of ANN has about 22% 23% upside before becoming fairly valued. Disclosure: I have a LONG position in ANN. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Roshe Run Wmns Hyper Blue Silver Yellow,The Sierra Canyon boys basketball team demonstrated it has the potential to be one of the elite teams in the state next season following a strong four day showing at the 28th annual Nike Fairfax tournament. The Trailblazers suffered a 68 65 loss to Corona Centennial in Saturday championship game, but Sierra Canyon overcame the absence of point guard Devearl Ramsey who injured his foot Friday and had a chance to send the game to overtime. Adam Seiko missed a 3 pointer and Cody Riley had a 3 point attempt partially blocked in the final moments. game could have gone either way, Sierra Canyon coach Ty Nichols said. had three sophomores and two freshmen on the court 80 percent of the time. I actually encouraged. That was a top five team in the state. They executed well. scored 16 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, had four assists and blocked seven shots. Sierra Canyon trailed 11 2, but used an 11 point run to take the lead in the first half and had a 35 27 advantage at halftime. The Trailblazers extended the lead to 40 30 early in the second half before Centennial rallied for a 44 42 advantage after a 3 pointer by Jaylen Wiltz with 10:20 remaining. The lead grew to 52 44 before Sierra Canyon came back. Riley scored on a driving layup to cut the lead to 66 65 with 35 seconds remaining. Sedrick Barefield made two free throws with 13 seconds left for Centennial and Sierra Canyon missed two chances from behind the 3 point arc. didn give up, Riley said. never quit. We had a lead, they had a lead. It a game of runs. Lee scored 13 points and grabbed six rebounds for Sierra Canyon and freshman Michael Feinberg added nine points and seven rebounds. Khalil Ahmad scored 29 points, Barefield had 18 points and Jalen Hill had six points and 10 rebounds for Centennial, which played without Jordan Griffin. In the third place game, Alemany defeated Chino Hills 87 83. Shacquille Dawkins scored 26 points, grabbed seven rebounds and had six assists to lead the Warriors, who suffered a 66 64 setback against Centennial on Ahmad 3 pointer at the buzzer in Friday semifinals.

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