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There's a guard at the front door and you wonder "Is he here to protect the jewelry store from being robbed or to make sure I leave with something!" Jewelry stores and their overly eager commissioned sales people can be a little intimidating for the average bear, but not for you! I'm going to teach you five simple little tricks that will not only make your experience of buying an engagement ring enjoyable, but put you in command of your purchase. The goal is to get your dream diamond for your dream gal, at a dream price. Census Bureau Report, 31.7% of men will never marry in their lifetime! Isn't that amazing! Let's not make YOU part of that statistic. Loose. The first tip in buying engagement rings is pretty easy. If you are buying an engagement ring, only consider buying a diamond that hasn't been mounted yet. You want to see it LOOSE! It has been a closely guarded secret (until now) that jewelers will take their crummiest diamonds and put them in settings and stick them under hot spot lights. The vintage valuable rocks are hidden in the safe in the back! There are four reasons for this 1) if the diamond has a few knicks or chips, they can be hidden under prongs; 2) if the diamond has a little body color (a little yellow), they can use the setting to mask it; 3) if they are rounding up on the actual weight of the diamond, you can't put it on a scale; and 4) it's very hard to have the diamond's proportions checked out to guarantee your diamond will keep sparkling for many years and anniversaries to come. So remember, you want to buy a diamond separately from the ring. Magnify. Once they bring you some loose diamonds, ask them nicely to place each one under a microscope and point out the imperfections. Ask if the diamond is "eye clean" or not. You want to avoid diamonds that you can see imperfections with your own eyes because they don't hold their value or beauty. Have the jeweler assign a clarity grade to each diamond you are considering and try to stick to diamonds that are only slightly imperfect (SI) to very slight imperfect (VS). Once the diamonds are removed from the microscope, have the jeweler place each one upside down in a white tray (looks like a business card that is folded down the middle) to see if the diamond appears yellow against the white background. The good ones, the near colorless ones (G, H, I color grade) won't have a yellow tinge. If a diamond looks clean, white and big enough to you, ask if it is well proportioned? These will be Class 1 2's. If the jeweler is uncooperative in any way or seems bothered by your intelligent questions, ask for the manager (he was the pit boss I mentioned earlier). Negotiate. The typical retail markup in a jewelry store is 100% (double) and in some stores as much as 400%!! Never pay sticker at a retail establishment. They expect you to negotiate; think of this like buying a car. A good general rule of thumb is to take their first offer and cut it in half and begin the negotiating from there. If you can end up 30 40% off their original price, you have probably done pretty good for yourself. It is not unusual that during this negotiation the jeweler might throw in a free or heavily discounted setting and explain what kind of warranties come with the purchase. The best warranties aren't warranties at all but guarantees. diamonds come with a lifetime, buy back and exchange policy. diamonds are the gold standard for the top quality diamonds on the market. Lower quality merchandise only comes with lab reports that don't guarantee anything. Opinion. Now that the diamond, setting, price, and guarantees have been settled, the jeweler is going to need a day or two to mount your selection. For some unscrupulous jewelers, this is a time where they may try to switch your selection for something else. So let the jeweler know up front that once you pick it up, you are immediately taking it to an independent appraiser to make sure everything is copasetic. When the jeweler knows his work is going to be double checked, they always take special care to get it right and not make any mistakes. Plot. Your final failsafe before you leave the jewelry store is to have the diamond you have chosen plotted. This is like getting a fingerprint of the diamond that can be compared to the diamond at any time to make sure your diamond is always your diamond. Take your plotting with you and bring it back when you make your pick up so it can be compared to the diamond you are taking home. Even the most honest jeweler in the world can make a mix up and set the wrong diamond in the wrong setting. A plot will be the only way to be 100% sure that all the time you spent picking out that diamond doesn't go to waste. L, M, N, O, P . . . Loose, Magnify, Negotiate, Opinion, and Plot The Alphabet Rules Five little tips that could save you a lifetime of headaches. After you have the ring in your pocket, you'll have completed a big part of the perfect proposal, but it's only a part. If the romance muscle in your brain doesn't workout regularly and you need a little help to get those romantic juices flowing, read on to "How to Propose Marriage" and we'll see if we can help get you to the altar in record time!

A debt exclusion override matches its name: It's a reversal of the debt exclusion. Basically, a local government steps in and removes the debt forgiveness, reaffirming the debt owed by the organization in question. This occurs in states in which a large number of organizations throughout the state qualify for the debt exclusion, but the local government doesn't want to take part in the particular program. An override can also increase taxes in other situations. Because this is a decision made by the local or city government, the requirements are based in local politics. Towns have varying governmental structures, but in general, only a specific board can actually override a debt exclusion. This may be the board council members for a city or the board of "selectmen" for certain towns. The leading decision making body in the county, parish or other local government must ultimately pass the override. Such overrides are held by special election, which means that they can occur at nearly any time. However, these overrides typically occur in the spring after clear budgeting and program information has been made available.Wholesale Jerseys Nike

Although there is some question about the difference between a recession and a depression, many people would probably agree that the latter tends to have a more pronounced and long lasting effect on attitudes and behavior than the former. If people believe that a change in circumstances is temporary, they are unlikely to reevaluate who they are and what they want out of life. However, it they come around to the idea that the old ways no longer apply, they tend to make more far reaching adjustments in the way they think and behave. Americans' appetite for the appliances that have become standard necessities in the past couple of decades declined through the recent recession, according to a recent survey. adults were slightly less likely to call standard household items such as microwaves, the home PC, clothes dryers, cars, TV sets and landline phones necessities this year than in the recent past, according to the poll by the Pew Research Center. To be sure, more than half of the people surveyed said still they considered a car, a landline phone, a clothes dryer and an air conditioner a necessity at home. Younger people were less likely than older people to say they needed a TV. But younger people were more likely to say a home computer, high speed Internet access and a cell phone were key accessories, the survey said. recession has changed how people shop for fashion, with an eye for special pieces rather than trusty wardrobe basics, and top retail buyers say this trend is likely to last beyond an economic recovery. As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week begins in New York on Thursday, fashion directors from such high end stores as Saks Fifth Avenue (NYSE:SKS) and Neiman Marcus (NMG) say they will be on the lookout for eye catching collections to wow customers. After a dismal 2009, retail sales have improved every month for the past year, but consumer confidence has been slow to recover and is only half as strong as at the start of 2008. economic activity and is considered critical to the recovery. "We have seen a change in the way that customers shop as a result of the economic climate that we have been in, and I see that trend continuing," said Colleen Sherin, fashion market director for Saks. It was the day before Libbie Palmer began school, and her mother, Becky, was taking her shopping for one last thing at the Aviation Mall here in the Adirondack foothills. realized I didn get her a pair of shoes, Ms. Palmer said. Libbie, 12, was comparing three pairs of marked down J. C. Penney (NYSE:JCP) sneakers she chose the $19.99 ones patterned with skulls as her mother spoke of buying little bit less than last year. only thing we really look at is sales, Libbie piped in. Across the country, families say they have trimmed what little fat there was in their back to school budgets. The tightening has been an unexpected blow to many retailers, who had bet that consumers would be spending again and that the school season would be fuel for an industry turnaround. Instead, sales figures have been disappointing and awkward scenes have been playing out at checkout counters, as parents and children tussle over wish lists, coupon items get substituted for full price ones and necessities like underwear and socks take priority over graphic T shirts and designer jeans. "Shopping Habits Shift" (NWAonline) Dollar Stores Gain Momentum During Recession More consumers are looking for ways to stretch a dollar as they receive fewer raises and the cost of living continues to rise. Shopping habits shifted during the recession to dollar stores. Jill Haverkorn of Springdale said last week her shopping habits have changed a lot since the recession began. She was at the Family Dollar (NYSE:FDO) on Elm Springs Road in Springdale. The store opened in April 2009. Discount retail chains are expanding in the area with the Arkansas Department of Health approving five stores one Family Dollar and three Dollar Generals this year. "No Frills, Low Prices at New Grocer" (Miami Herald) A new low price grocery chain is moving into South Florida. Aldi will start opening stores in November in Broward, with plans to move into Miami Dade. If you're willing to give up your Diet Pepsi (NYSE:PEP), Cheerios, Smucker's Jam (NYSE:SJM) and most brand name food items, there is a new supermarket chain coming to South Florida that can cut as much as 40 percent off your grocery tab.