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Two Syracuse University football players, including a starting linebacker, were charged today after a violent struggle with police in which one player tried to pull an officer off the other. Marquis Spruill, 21, and Steve Rene, 21, were arrested after Syracuse police responded to a large crowd at the intersection of Euclid and Livingston avenues, according to police Sgt. Tom Connellan. The officers told him to get out of the road. He yelled obscenities and gradually moved to the sidewalk, Connellan said. Moments later, Rene was back in the roadway, yelling obscenities and waving his arms, Connellan said. Rene appeared angry and ready to fight, Connellan said. Rene blocked a car whose driver was trying to turn onto Euclid, police said. The officer again told Rene to get out of the road, and approached him, Connellan said. Rene moved toward the sidewalk and the officer tried to secure him, police said. At that moment, Spruill came up from behind and grabbed the officer by the top of the shirt with both hands and tried to pull the officer away from Rene, Connellan said. The officer pushed Spruill, and another officer took Spruill away when he tried to move back toward Rene, Connellan said. While police were trying to gain control of Rene and were about to handcuff him, he broke away and fell between the curb and a parked vehicle, police said. He fought officers who tried to handcuff him until another officer with a police dog got him to comply, Connellan said. The German shepherd Beny, which was muzzled during the entire incident, struck in the middle of Rene's back with its muzzle to get him to free his arm from under his body so he could be handcuffed, police said. Police placed Rene and Spruill in the back of a prisoner van. Spruill kicked the inside of the vehicle, at one point causing the door to swing open and nearly hit an officer in the face, Connellan said. Both Rene and Spruill appeared to be intoxicated, police said. After the two players were in custody, police tried to disperse the crowd, which had become larger and more hostile as a result of the arrests, Connellan said. The canine officer told one group to leave the area or they would be arrested. At that moment, another group ran up behind that officer and the dog, which is trained in officer protection, struck one man in the chest with its muzzle, police said. That man then ran into the crowd. Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Yellow ,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Wolf Grey Nike Roshe Run Women Red Silver White Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V3 Wolf Grey White Hyper Blue Men Nike Free Run 5.0 Turquoise Volt Fiberglass Anthracite Nike Free Run 4.0 Hot Punch Reflect Silver Wolf Grey Women Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Stealth Black Orange White Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red Luke, a three star quarterback from Valor Christian in Highlands Ranch, Colo., committed to Oklahoma State last week. He talked with The Oklahoman's Gina Mizell about his decision to pledge to the Cowboys, his famous father and what he's learned while growing up around the NFL. Q: How did you come to the decision to commit to OSU? A: They were my dream school, so I wanted to commit on the spot. I talked to my dad about it and he was like, "No you can't do that. You've got to wait." I was like, "OK fine." I waited a couple days, and I was actually losing sleep over it, because I knew that's where I wanted to go and I didn't want it them to come down to a decision and have to go in another direction. I committed for all the right reasons. Coach Monken, known him forever. Coach Gundy is obviously a great coach. And I love the offense. I think it's one of the best offenses a quarterback can be in, especially if they want to go to the NFL, because they run all pro concepts, just out of shotgun. What's it been like growing up as the son of one of the most prominent names in the NFL? Being in the same place for nine years was incredible. I got to build a great relationship with a few players. (Jaguars kicker) Josh Scobee was probably the one player that I hung out with the most. Great guy. When you see when rookies come in, you see why some don't work out and why some thrive. This is why the scouting process is so flawed there's a lot more than this guy runs fast, this guy jumps high or this guy can throw it a mile. Ultimately, that stuff barely even matters. You have to be able to do it, but it's really what is his work ethic? Is he coachable? What does he act like when takes a bad rep? Does he pick up his teammates? You see all of these little things. How much have you gotten to interact with Peyton Manning since he signed with the Broncos? I think (Wednesday) was the fifth OTA I've been to. I've been in the quarterback meetings. I'm literally on his hip the entire day. If I was him, I'd be getting kind of annoyed (laughs). This is one of the rarest opportunities that a guy like me can get, and I'm not going to waste it. I'm just taking advantage of it and seizing the opportunity, because I realize how great he is. Being with Blaine (Gabbert) last year, he's a rookie, so you get the whole spectrum of it. You have a first ballot Hall of Famer, and you have a rookie. I got to see both aspects of it. What's the biggest thing you've already learned from him? The details. Every protection, every audible, every hot route, he needs to know and he wants to know. There probably doesn't go a minute where he isn't talking to a player, talking to a coach, fixing, adjusting, talking to the O line. With all of that, you take it in and you see just how deliberate and nonstop he is. He's relentless. He is a perfectionist at everything. If something isn't right, it can be the tiniest thing, one missed block. Most guys would say, "Hey, we'll get it next time." He's back on the ball, everybody's back on the ball, we're going to do it again. Sometimes he'll even do it two or three times to make sure he ingrains it in the person's mind. Was it hard dealing with the outside criticism your dad was getting before he was let go in Jacksonville? Are you able to shut the rest of the world out to that kind of stuff? There are two sides to it. You can either overreact to everything and fight with everybody that says anything about your dad. Of course, you want to defend your parent, but it comes with the territory. I think it was time in Jacksonville, and we moved on. I kind of shut everything out, but during the season you'd get a "Jaguars suck" or something like that, and you just use it as fuel. I get this a lot "He's just going to Oklahoma State because of who his dad is," and nothing has fueled me more than that. That is the single most, the strongest motivation that drives me in everyday life. Enid attorney is accused of fraud in fee dispute involving former Oklahoma insurance commissionerSocial justice groups join together to condemn Oklahoma lawmaker's anti Muslim comments. Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Yellow,Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I have developed an adult appreciation for rain boots. Not only do they keep your feet dry in rainy weather, they can help brighten up an otherwise gray day. And they sure aren't bad for when you want to just run out to the mailbox or for wearing when you are out working in the garden.And rain boots sure have come a long way from the utilitarian black, green or red rubber boots I remember from when I was a kid (although those still exist if you want something "classic). Now your rain boots can be as colorful and individual as you are!Rain Boot Tricks and TipsFashion tips: buying rain gearBuying rain gear like coats, jackets, boot and hats is easy and inexpensive.Fun and funky rain boots brighten up any day!Plaid, leopard print or black and white paisleyA Colorful Boot For A Rainy DayIron Fist Zebracorn Black Rainboot Shoe Size: 7 Buy NowTricks and Tips for Wearing Rain BootsStaying WarmIf you find your feet tend to get a bit cold when wearing rain boots, try putting fleece insoles in them or wearing wool socks as a way of providing more insulation for your footsies. "Smart wool" socks and a pair of rain boots is an awesome combination! You can also get special insulated boot liners if you need even more foot warmth.Bring Other Footwear For InsideAdult rain boots tend to be worn like shoes, unlike rain boots for kids which go on over their shoes. Don't forget to bring along some more comfortable and appropriate footwear for wherever you are going. If you are wearing rain boots on the way to the office, trying leaving a pair or two of work appropriate shoes at your desk. (it will save a LOT of carrying.) If you are headed to a friend's house, take along some comfortable, slip on shoes or a classy pair of slippers for changing into when you get to your destination.Dealing With Muddy FeetCarrying a microfiber bar towel, or small hand towel is a great way to be able to wipe off muddy boots for when you have to go inside somewhere while still wearing your rain boots.Change out of your boots as soon as possible after getting inside.Finding YOUR Rain BootsHere are some useful things to think about when you go rain boot shopping:Are these occasional wear or every day? You will need a much sturdier type of boots if you are going to be wearing these all day every day or if you only wear rain boots on rare occasions.How much splash protection? Do you need to just keep your feet dry or do you get out into weather where you need to keep your ankles and lower legs dry too? The taller the boot, the drier you'll be.Do you want your rain boots to be subtle or stand out? You don't want to pick a bold and bright color unless it's something that's going to go with what you wear everyday. Also you don't want a color design or look which you will get tired of after just a short time.

Where Can i Find The For Sale Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Yellow,Women Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black Red White To try preventing introduction of Chronic Wasting Disease, a transmittable, inevitably fatal degenerative brain disease, into the state's captive and wild deer herds, state law prohibits importation into Texas of any live white tailed deer. Sadly, but not surprising when you consider some of the live deer being bought and sold are valued well into six figures, illegal activity surrounding the deer ranching business is not uncommon. So when Texas game wardens see or hear of an unmarked livestock trailer filled with deer being hauled down a Texas road, they are very likely to stop that vehicle and check the animals and the documentation. That's what led Texas game wardens in northeast Texas to scramble earlier this month when they got a call from someone reporting a suspicious load of live deer being trailered down public roads. In the spirit of the season, that incident seems the best one with which to lead this week's selections of brief reports of recent cases worked by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's law enforcement division. Christmas may be a couple hours behind schedule for some northeast Texas residents. On Friday, December 10th, Hopkins County Game Warden Jarrod Bryant received a call advising that a truck and trailer loaded with live deer was northbound headed into Delta County. The caller advised that the deer still had their antlers. (Editors note: Texas law requires removal of the antlers of buck deer moved using a Trap, Transport, Transplant permit.) The caller could not read the license plate and the trailer did not display the required lettering and numbers required of trailers used to transport live whitetails. Warden Bryant notified Hunt County Game Warden Dale Waters who contacted the Delta and Lamar counties sheriff's offices for assistance finding and stopping the vehicle. The truck made it through Delta County and into the city of Paris where it was stopped by the Lamar County Sheriff's Department. Officers were surprised to find the truck was driven by "Santa" (or one of his helpers), and the trailer contained reindeer. Real reindeer. "Santa" was detained for a short time, until it was determined that the deer were not white tailed deer and he had violated no Texas deer transportation laws. "Santa" was allowed to be on his way with a "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night." December 13, Grayson County Game Warden Dale Moses cited a subject for possessing white tailed deer parts without a required wildlife resource document. The subject had 22 tenderloins, 18 backstraps, eight hindquarters and five forequarters, but possessed only four managed lands deer permits. December 10, Freestone County Game Warden John Thorne received a call reporting spotlighting on a dead end county road. Warden Thorne had no luck locating the subjects and was about to give up the search. The intoxicated subjects, who were hiding beside a barn a good distance off the road, began fumbling with the remote control on their new Golight spotlight and accidentally hit Thorne's truck with the light as he drove by. Cherokee County Game Wardens Brian Bearden and Eric Collins had a long, busy evening on Dec. 10. After discovering some tagging issues with three deer left at a local deer processor, wardens located and interviewed a subject at his residence. Through the interview, wardens determined that approximately 30 deer had been taken in Mason County by a group of hunters. After it was all sorted out, several violations for hunting under the license of another, allowing a person to hunt under license of another, no hunter education and failure to complete the harvest log were discovered. Later that evening, wardens Bearden and Collins investigated a case involving the taking of a small 8 point buck, which was brought to a local processor late at night. After locating the subject's residence, the subject and his friend admitted to shooting the deer at night while hog hunting. While at the residence, the wardens learned of a second illegal 8 point buck deer the subject had taken earlier in November. The deer had been taken to a taxidermist in Nacogdoches County, where Wardens Sean Reneau and Randy Stovall recovered the 8 point buck, whose antlers did not meet the 13 inch minimum spread requirement. Before leaving the residence, wardens discovered a third illegal 8 point buck. They determined the third illegal buck had been taken behind the subject's residence the previous hunting season by the subject's younger brother. Charges for hunting deer in closed season, antler restriction violations and no hunter education were filed. Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Yellow Toe nail pain is very common, and it can have numerous causes. Ranging from simple issues to situations needing immediate medical care, toe nail pain is often ignored until it can no longer be tolerated. Prompt treatment for the underlying cause may be the key to quick healing and reduction of the pain. Most toe nail pain is caused by ingrown nails. Ingrown nails may be inherited genetically, and may also be seen later in life due to gradual damage to the cells under the skin that grow the nail (nail matrix). Repetitive injuries to the toe, such as heavy objects falling on it, pressure from poorly fitting shoes, nail fungus, or toe bruising (common in athletes) may cause irreversible changes to the nail matrix. In time, the nail may abnormally grow inward due to these changes. Less commonly, poor nail trimming technique may leave a spike of nail that may protrude into the skin as the nail grows outward. The skin against the nail is perfectly suited to tolerate the presence of the nail growing into it. However, once the skin becomes inflamed and swollen due to infection of bacteria trapped between the skin and nail, or due to the inflammation caused by the minor injury of nicking the skin when the nail is cut, pain will develop. Regardless of its cause, an ingrown nail will involve pain and inflammation, and will cause chronic symptoms that come and go frequently. If untreated, the infection may potentially spread at any point and may eventually involve the toe bone underneath. Temporary treatment of acute flare ups may consist of regular soaking in warm, soapy water, application of antibiotic ointment, and the use of antibiotic medication to control the infection. The offending nail border must be removed to fully resolve the condition. This is accomplished through a short office procedure where the nail border is removed under local anesthesia and a mild acid is used to prevent the nail matrix from ever growing the nail back into the skin. Recovery is generally quick, only requiring home soaking once per day and keeping the toe covered with antibiotic ointment and a band aid. Activities are not restricted as pain after the procedure is rare. Home based "bathroom surgery" is not recommended as this may significantly worsen the condition. Other causes of nail pain can include nail fungus infection, which may cause the nails to become thickened, loosened, discolored, and crumbly. The nail thickness causes pain when it strikes the shoe during activity. Fungus is a small organism that also causes athlete's foot. When present on the skin, it can potentially spread under the toenail to infect the skin under the nail. Treatment requires prescription medication to eliminate the infection, and usually needs oral medication to get the medication to the hard to reach area under the nail. Over the counter topical medications are virtually ineffective against nail fungus, despite their advertising claims, and will generally do nothing for the fungus infection itself. Other potential treatment for nail fungus pain can simply include smoothing out the nails to reduce the prominence in one's shoes, or even removing very painful nails via a simple and relatively painless office procedure. Not all thickened nails have fungus in them. Sometimes, nails simply become thickened and painful due to long term pressure and damage to the nail root from shoe pressure or injury, much like how ingrown nails can develop. The nails can be sore in shoes and with activity. Treatment can include smoothing the nails out or using medication to soften the nails. Nail removal can be performed in severe cases. Another common nail problem seen in runners, walkers, and treadmill users is bruising and loosening of the toenails. When shoes are a little too long, the foot will piston in and out of the shoe, resulting in low level injury to the toe tips. This can also occur in shoes that are too tight. The nails will subsequently bruise and loosen. This can be prevented by wearing properly sized shoes. Many times, bruised nails can also be the result of injury, such as stubbing the toe or dropping an object on it. If the bruise is small, then one can simply wait and allow the nail to grow out as long as any pain goes away after a few days. If the bruise covers more than a third to one half of the nail itself, then one will need to have that nail evaluated as there may be a cut in the skin under the nail and the pressure may need to be released in order for the toe to heal properly. In some cases, a fracture may have formed in the bone under the nail, and a piece of the bone may have cut the skin from below. This situation requires immediate attention to avoid infection to the bone. Nail pain can be seen in other less common conditions, such as various skin diseases like psoriasis, as well as other more serious conditions like melanoma around the nail. If one has developed a dark pigmented area on the nail and surrounding skin, this needs to be evaluated immediately. Melanoma to the nail region is rare, but does occur. Other conditions like benign or malignant skin and soft tissue tumors, cysts, and nerve disturbances can cause nail pain. Each of these, while uncommon, has their own treatment available in the hands of a good foot specialist. As one can see, nail pain has numerous causes, all of which are treatable. Having one's foot evaluated in a timely manner can prevent having to endure pain unnecessarily, and allow a quick return to full activity. Dr. Kilberg provides compassionate and complete foot and ankle care to adults and children in the Indianapolis area. He is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, and is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association. He enjoys providing comprehensive foot health information to the online community to help the public better understand their feet.

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