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The Pure Drift is the lightest shoe in Brooks Running Pure Project collection and is designed to 'further amps up the runner's connection with the ground and their body'. This new shoe features a natural fit, light mesh upper, and the ability to configure the shoe from a 4mm offset to a zero offset (zero drop) while maintaining comfort. Minimalist Running Shoes New to the Pure Project and only in the Pure Drift model is a dual Toe Flex design located at the three functional units of the foot, allowing for better balance and a springy push off. Also new in the Brooks Pure Drift is the removable insole or sockliner offering runners the option to customize their experience from a 4mm heel to toe offset or drop, ready to run out of the box, to a more extreme 0mm heel to toe offset or zero drop. The anatomically shaped upper provides a flexible and comfortable fit that moves naturally with the foot. Additionally, the curved heel is designed to encourage contact points to shift forward, bringing more spring to every step. The same BioMoGo (earth friendly midsole) technology blended with Brooks patent pending DNA smart cushioning is again used to create a springy return and custom comfort. Previous models (Pure Connect and Pure Grit) that we have tested have too narrow a toe box, are slightly over cushioned, and have a slightly stiff outsole. My pair of Pure Drift (US Men 10.5) weighs in at a lightweight 7.0 ounces with the sockliner (4mm drop), 6.6 ounces without the sockliner (zero drop). Surprisingly, I am able to run with the sockliner intact the toe box is both tall and wide enough to accommodate my 2E+ wide feet! And the 4mm drop has no impact on my midfoot striking and running gait. For a true zero drop experience, you will have to remove the sockliner and feel the ground and all the rocks and pebbles that you step on when running trails!!! Running sockless as usual, I can honestly say that I'm pleasantly surprised and loved the Pure Drift, especially for trails. The only problem I have with muddy trails is cleaning the outsole had to use both a tooth brush and a large brush. The clean white shoe laces did not fare well either it got real dirty! But you do get an extra matching color (blue for mine, pink for my female wear tester) pair of laces. For detailed reviews of minimalist shoes, please visit Minimalist Running Shoes for all running, casual, and fitness shoes that we have Wear Tested. Minimalist Running Shoes Examiner Nicholas Pang is a competitive Northern California road runner and Editor in Chief of the most comprehensive minimalist shoes and running accessories review site, Minimalist Running Shoes. Nick is a member of the USA Track Field organization. Contact Nick with your comments and questions. Contact me Costumed cheerleaders haunt, spook frightfully delight on October sidelinesMany people of all ages enjoy masquerading about in a costume for Halloween. For young ladies, a popular choice throughout the years has been a cheerleader. But what do cheerleaders dress as? TechTechGadgets TechVideo GamesInternetTech GearTabletsiPhoneGoogle GlassWearable TechXbox OnePlaystation 4PhotographyMMOGsHandheld GamesAnonymousSocial MediaConsolesBitcoinGoogle Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White ,Women Nike Free Run 3 Black Silver White Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Grey Cool Grey Volt Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3.0 Magenta Reflect Silver Pure Platinum Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry Men Nike Free Run 3 Volt Anthracite Black Neon Yellow Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Total Orange Neon Reflective Silver Wolf Grey Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Tiffany Blue Quilted Men Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Gym Red Stealth Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red 150 to 160 pounds would be a good weight for you, especially if your muscles are toned pretty well. Eat properly, which means to always eat a good breakfast (it gets your metabolism going), drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day (one before each meal or snack except breakfast) as this will help curb your appetite, and get a healthy exercise program going every other day, like on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check out this link for exercise information:First, determine from the information below, what your weight should be. Then set yourself goals of a week, 2 weeks, a month, 3 months, 6 months and a year. As you see yourself meeting your goals it becomes easier. Remember, you didn gain your weight overnight so don expect to lose if overnight. Plus, weight lost slowly is more likely to stay off than weight lost in a hurry. If you need conversion info, 1 kg = 2.2 pounds and 2.54 cm = 1 inch (12 inches = 1 foot) Info if you are trying to LOSE weight:"How can I Lose 1 pound of body weight per week?" One pound of body fat is equal to about 3500 calories. So to lose 1 pound of weight per week, you need to eat 500 calories/day LESS than you burn. But it not a good idea to lose weight simply by cutting calories. As well as decreasing calories you should increase your daily physical exercise. This helps to burn calories and build more lean tissue which in turn burns more calories. As a guide to minimum calorie intake, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that calorie levels never drop below 1200 calories per day for women or 1800 calories per day for men. Even these calorie levels are quite low. Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White,More News10 SitesArden / La RivieraAuburn / Grass ValleyCitrus Heights / N. Highlands / AntelopeDavis / Woodland / VacavilleEast SacramentoEl Dorado Hills / Cameron Park / PlacervilleElk GroveFair Oaks / Carmichael Folsom / OrangevaleLand Park / PocketLincoln / Marysville / Yuba CityLodi / Galt / LindenManteca / Tracy / RiponMidtown / Downtown / Old Sac / N. SacModestoNatomasOakdale / TurlockRancho Cordova / Rosemont / Gold RiverRoseville / Granite Bay / Rocklin / LoomisSouth SacramentoStockton: Central / East / SouthStockton: North / WestWest Sacramento SACRAMENTO, CA A motorcyclist was killed in a hit and run crash Thursday night. at 24th Street and 45th Avenue between the motorcyclist and a vehicle, Sacramento police Officer Michele Gigante said. The 45 year old motorcyclist was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died of his injuries. The driver of the car was later found and then detained. Anyone with information about the crash is urged to call Sacramento police at at (916) 264 5471 or Crime Alert at (916) 443 HELP (4357) or text in a tip to 274637 (CRIMES). Enter SACTIP followed by the tip information. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000. East Sacramento News"Strong Mayor" Forum in Sierra 2 Center September 22ndGeneral Plan ChangesHelp local wildlife at a SactoMoFo EventKick it for the TreesNews10 My Neighborhood Wishes You a Very Happy Labor Day Weekend! Midtown / Downtown / Old Sac / N. Sac NewsNotorious Sacramento property owner arrestedFe Gallery 2nd Saturday (September)Field Poll: Water bond leads among likely votersFarm to Fork Restaurant Week highlights California bountiful producePaint Sip Art Class: Sunset Cove

Here Your Best Choice To Buy Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White,Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Yellow Quilted Short shelves installed in the corners of the walls are ideal for small rooms and are impressive decorative features that don't take up any extra space. These shelves are best for showcasing small decorative items like candles or potpourri dishes. You can also house books or magazines on the shelves if they're large enough; this will eliminate the need for an end or coffee table. Or you can choose contrasting shelf colors to add more visual appeal to the walls, like wooden shelves painted powder blue against a chocolate colored wall. Install shelves inside your closets to instantly create more storage space that isn't visible as soon as you walk into the room. For instance, nail two or three long shelves on one of the side walls in your closet for storing jewelry and accessories. This will make it easier for you to find the items and eliminate the clutter of scarves, belts and necklaces in your bedroom. If the shelves are large and sturdy enough, you can utilize them to house your off season shoes so you won't have to put them in storage. Installing additional shelves in your linen closet makes room for more towels and bed sheets, and makes the items more readily available than storing them in the garage. Adding a shelf or two behind the doors of certain rooms makes for decorative appeal and instant added storage. Roll up a few plush towels in scroll shape and place the color coordinated items on the shelves connected to the guest bathroom door, so linens will be readily available to guests. Or place the shelves on the back of the door of your baby's nursery to house tiny shoes and onesies or additional baby bibs and booties, if the space is small and you don't want to include another dresser or chest of drawers in the room. Place shelves along the stairwell in your two story home to save space and showcase an artistic choice that will grab your guests' attention. Choose shelves that are wide enough to house books that are used in the room closest to the stairs. Using space efficiently in your kitchen can be challenging, no matter its size. Finding the right shelving alternatives may. Shelving Ideas for Small Spaces. Shelving options abound for those short on space but with an abundance of things to store. Space saving. Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White "Things are getting worse and worse in Greece. There is no future for the next few years there," says Christos Christoglou, a Greek inspection engineer who moved to Germany to find work. By Andy Eckardt and Carlo Angerer, NBC News Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse and a country which has been criticized by many Greeks over its harsh demands for austerity cuts in return for bailout cash, has experienced an influx of young skilled immigrants. Der Spiegel magazine noted that while Greek newspapers "printed cartoons depicting the Germans as Nazis, concentration camp guards and eurozone imperialists who allow their debtors to bleed to death," the Greeks have kept arriving bringing an "anything is better than Athens" attitude with them. With more than 50 percent of young Greeks out of work, it's not surprising that official statistics show the number of Greeks who moved to Germany increased 90 percent during 2011. Unemployment rates have consistently been shrinking in Germany in recent years and the economy is thriving despite Europe's ongoing financial crisis. Relaxed cross border employment regulations for member states of the European Union also make Germany an attractive choice for job seekers. And while Germany is in need of specialized workers, the Greek labor market has little to offer. Leftist tipped to be next Greek leader warns of 'Cold War' over cuts "It is virtually impossible to find a job in Greece at the moment," says Christos Christoglou, an inspection engineer who took a job at German chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer at the start of the financial crisis in June 2010. "It is not that there are only very few jobs for young graduates to seek, no, there are none, zero, there is nothing." A year after moving to Germany, Christoglou's wife Mary and their 5 year old daughter Georgina joined him last summer. The family now lives in a four bedroom apartment in Leverkusen. They are likely to stay for good. "My wife, an English teacher, and our daughter, do not speak German yet. But my Mary will soon also try to find a job," Christoglou told NBC News. "And while, yes, it is quite difficult to be without our close friends and family in Greece, I do not want to waste my six years of intensive studies to find myself without hope for the future." Christoglou, 38, says incentives are needed to prevent Greece's well educated workforce from abandoning the country. "I know many Greek academics, but also ordinary workers, who have moved to wealthier European countries, like France, the Netherlands or Sweden," he added. Greek debt woes put Europe on financial knife edge According to Germany's national statistics office, some 24,000 people left Greece last year to live and work in Germany, almost double the number who did so in 2010. Tsianos told the magazine he estimates that 60,000 new Greek immigrants arrived in Germany in 2011. There was also a significant spike in the number of immigrants relocating to Germany from other economically depressed southern European countries last year, with official statistics showing an increase of 52 percent from Spain, 28 percent from Portugal and 23 percent from Italy. So much for 'the Spanish dream': Euro crisis turns suburbs into ghost towns Until a few weeks ago very few people had heard of him, but Alexis Tsipras could soon be the next Prime Minister of Greece. His anti austerity stance won his party second place in the recent election, and the forecasts for next month's run off suggest they could do even better. The recent arrivals include 27 year old IT specialist Vasileia Paschali, who decided to bid farewell to Greece's political and economic turmoil and arrived in the quaint southern German city of Boeblingen nine months ago. She didn't speak a word of German. "The most difficult thing was learning German, it was terrifying at the beginning," Paschali told NBC News. "Life is so quiet and structured here in Boeblingen, which is quite a contrast to the hectic routine I experienced in Athens." She responded to a job offer from German engineering development supplier Ruecker, a company which mainly services the automobile and aviation sectors. Europe told to prep for Greek exit scenario Wiesbaden based Ruecker is actively recruiting technical engineers from Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, offering them a two month paid language course followed by an open ended contract with a guaranteed base salary of about $4,500 per month. "There are simply not enough qualified applicants on the German market," says Thomas Aukamm, who works for Ruecker's marketing and recruiting department. "These are investments that we need to make in order to secure the workforce that we work with in the future." The company has received about 3,500 applications, mainly from southern European countries, and is presently evaluating about 500 of them.

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