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Chuck Taylor had been the star of his high school basketball team before going pro. He played for the Akron Firestones and what eventually became the Boston Celtics. During the off season of 1921, he was hired by Converse, a Massachusetts company that specialized in rubber shoes. As an athlete, he was able to suggest improvements to their "All Star" shoe, a canvas topped athletic shoe for use in basketball. It was Taylor's idea to improve the shoe traction and ankle support. Chuck Taylor combined his love for basketball with his work, selling the shoe by traveling to towns and working with coaches to teach basketball. His commitment and endorsement of the Converse All Star rocketed the sales of the shoe, and Converse added Chuck Taylor's signature to the ankle patch in 1923. Now the shoes are affectionately called Chuck Taylors, or just Chucks, by longtime fans. The versatility and vintage look of Chuck Taylor high tops have made them an icon of American fashion and youth. 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House 4 1 6 Sold Date: Wed 02 May 12 Floorplan Virtual Tour 36 Boberah Street Wongarbon THIS HAS IT ALL 4 bedrooms, man shed, pool space! Set on 2023 sq m, this large family property will delight everyone with all that it offers. Boasting four bedrooms, two living areas, renovated kitchen and large outdoor living area, this affordable home will meet all your family's needs. Outside, you will find a massive 12 m x 7.4 m shed with power, concrete floor, built in workbench and shelving which any man would be proud to call his own! And the kids won't be disappointed either with the sparkling inground pool, playground, chook pen and plenty of room to run free in the large, shady yard. 109711141 Page Visits: 931Outdoor Features Secure Parking Carport Spaces:2 Garage Spaces:4 Outdoor Entertaining Area Shed Fully Fenced Swimming Pool Inground Eco Friendly Features Solar Panels Water Tank Other Features Playground, chook yardwongarbon Suburb Profile Market Data Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Quilted,Khalfani Muhammad delivered a 13 yard touchdown run for Notre Dame's football team in the fourth overtime period Friday to lift the host Knights to a 40 34 Serra League victory. "On my winning run, it was hard to break loose, but I just kept running," said Muhammad, who celebrated his first career victory over Crespi. "This shows a lot about us." It was sweet revenge for Notre Dame, which hadn't defeated the Celts since 2009, including a heartbreaking 34 28 setback when Crespi scored on the final play of regulation two years ago. Crespi attempted a 35 yard field goal on the first possession of the fourth extra period, but a bad snap cost the Celts (7 1, 1 1), opening the door for Notre Dame (5 3, 1 1), which avoided dropping its first two league games for the second year in a row. Notre Dame's Lucas Alfonso misfired on a 39 yard field goal attempt in the fourth overtime, but a roughing the kicker penalty on Crespi the Celts were penalized 16 times for 143 yards extended the Knights' possession. Muhammad, who finished with 149 rushing yards on 37 carries, scored his third touchdown two plays later. Timothy Hayes rushed 20 times for 188 yards and scored twice for Crespi. He also had a potential 100 yard interception return nullified because of a penalty in the first half. Both teams scored touchdowns in the first overtime and added field goals in the second extra period, before being held scoreless in the third overtime session. Notre Dame, which defeated Crespi for the 15th time in the past 18 meetings, missed a field goal attempt on its possession and a bad snap on Patrick Cassley's 34 yard field goal try doomed the Celts. Ja'Brian Blackwell scored on a 5 yard touchdown run in the third for Crespi to break a 3 3 halftime tie, which was set up on a 48 yard run by Hayes, who increased the lead to 17 3 on a 72 yard scoring run. After Muhammad produced a pair of short touchdown runs to tie the score early in the fourth, Hayes helped the Celts regain the lead 24 17 on an 18 yard scoring run with 2:40 remaining in regulation. Kelly Hilinski, who was 21 of 34 for 285 yards and two touchdowns, helped the Knights march down the field for the tying score. Hilinski hit Koa Farmer on a 20 yard pass with 18 seconds left and Alfonso's extra point helped Notre Dame pull even at 24 24. Crespi moved the ball to midfield on its ensuing possession after a 30 yard pass from Cody Cordell, who followed with consecutive incompletions to end regulation. Cordell was 18 of 27 for 189 yards and a touchdown, but was intercepted by Michael Little inside the 5 yard line in the first half, which halted a potential scoring drive for the Celts. Blackwell had four carries for 90 yards and also caught four passes for 47 yards for Crespi, which had defeated Notre Dame the past two seasons by a combined eight points. Cassley gave Crespi a 3 0 lead with a 26 yard field goal in the first quarter, before Alfonso tied it with a 23 yard field goal in the second.

Discount Price Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Quilted,Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Green The Microsoft cordless mouse allows you to navigate without having to deal with wires that run from your computer directly to the mouse. With the advent of wireless devices, Microsoft released cordless mice. Each mouse houses batteries that power the device. The mouse transmits a specific frequency that is transmitted from the mouse to the mouse port. Each wireless mouse comes with a port adapter that plugs directly into your computer. This port communicates back and forth from your mouse to the computer. If you find you are having mouse problems, check to make sure that your port adapter is properly plugged in. To make sure, unplug the adapter, and then plug it back in. You may also want to consider replacing the batteries in your mouse just in case they are no longer working. If you have noticed that you are having problems with your Microsoft cordless mouse, it could be because you are using a cordless keyboard by another manufacturer. Wireless devices carry frequencies that communicate from your device to your computer. If you have two different manufactured hardware items that are both wireless, you may have interference problems. Try to stick with buying hardware made by the same manufacturer to avoid these problems. If you do not have another device to try, see if you can borrow one from a friend or family member to isolate the issue with your cordless mouse. When your Microsoft mouse no longer works correctly, you may think that the problem is related to the mouse itself. This may be true, but you may also be experiencing problems related to software drivers for your mouse. When you purchased your mouse, there were drivers that came on CD with the mouse you should have received. This software tells your computer how to utilize the mouse. If you are having problems with your mouse, you should consider re installing the software drivers on your computer. If you do not have the driver disc, visit Microsoft's website to download a copy of these drivers. Problem With G7 Cordless Mouse Freezing on Screen A computer mouse makes it possible to move between files, folders, Internet browsers and other items on a computer. Playing computer games. USB Wireless Mouse Problems A USB wireless mouse has no physical wire connection to the computer. Rather, the mouse wirelessly transmits a signal between a USB. Problems With the Microsoft Wireless Mouse Microsoft sells wireless mice with a variety of features, such as center scroll wheels, third and fourth buttons on either side of. How to Troubleshooot a Microsoft Cordless Mouse A Microsoft cordless mouse communicates with the computer through a receiver plugged into a computer port. Although these devices are generally worry free. Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse Problems A Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse connects to a computer via a USB port or in some cases a PS/2 port. The mouse. How to Troubleshoot a Microsoft Cordless Mouse Often thought of as a software company, Microsoft makes hardware, including the Xbox gaming system, keyboards, trackballs and mice products amongst other. It may not respond at all, or it may not function. Microsoft Cordless Keyboard Problems Microsoft sells keyboards and mice for use with Microsoft operating systems. Some of the devices are "corded," which means that they plug. Scrolling Problems With a Microsoft Wireless Mouse Microsoft offers not only software such as Windows and its popular Office suite, but also hardware components such as mice and keyboards. How to Replace Microsoft Cordless Mouse Batteries Cordless or wireless mice use a radio signal to connect to a receiver, which is connected to your desktop or laptop computer. How to Troubleshoot a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000 The Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is battery powered mouse designed for use with notebook computers. The mouse connects directly to Bluetooth enabled . Problems With Wireless Keyboard Mouse Wireless keyboard and mouse devices quickly gained popularity as users realized how the absence of peripheral cables reduced clutter on crowded computer. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Black Quilted Over the last 50 years, man made chemicals, medications and street drugs have spread at almost inconceivable rates. We're exposed to pesticides, fertilizers and toxic chemicals daily. Some of us do our best to avoid exposure to these toxins, taking normal safety measures around chemicals. Yet what if there are toxic dangers lurking in our own homes we bring into where we live or routinely use in household chores? According to Environmental Scientist Michael Wisner, there are numerous types of toxins that we may bring into our own homes unwittingly that can be absorbed into the body. are common sense things one can do to reduce the toxic exposure in one home, says Wisner. example, if you leave your shoes at the door before walking into your house, you can reduce you and your family exposure to lead by 40%. Lead comes from vehicular and industrial exhaust and being heavier than air, falls to the ground, where we then walk it into our homes. Another simple tip is to clean things with baking soda, vinegar and water rather than harsh store bought chemical cleaners. has been seen in TV interviews across the country, including the Montel Williams Show where he discussed a two pronged approach to the rampant dangers posed by everyday toxins. Wisner urged people, first, to be aware of the chemicals that can insidiously make their way into our everyday lives. He then explained why reducing the levels of toxins that have already accumulated in the body is also so vital. Ron Hubbard. This book details Mr. Hubbard research that resulted in his breakthrough discovery that toxic residues can be trapped in the fatty tissues of our bodies and can affect our mental and spiritual well being. This program has now been successfully completed by over 250,000 people worldwide. Wisner and other scientists studied the program; and while Wisner made it clear that the program and book make no medical claims and results may vary from person to person, he added, have contributed to twelve independent, published scientific studies that in my opinion clearly document the scientific efficacy and safety of the program. Wisner also extols the more subjective results, put over 3,000 normal people through the program, seeing some incredible results on a scientific level. But it is important to note that many of those who have completed the program have experienced results such as heightened ability to think clearly and a general increase of happiness in life. key, says Wisner, to do everything we can to reduce the toxins we use in our homes and workaday environments, while at the same time reducing our internal exposure with a proven method. Mr. Hubbard program in Clear Body Clear Mind is a survival tool in today chemical world. seems there may not only be hidden toxins in our homes, but in our bodies as well.

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