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If the recent mood swings in the stock market and your declining 401k balance are making you feel like you never be able to fully retire not alone. This market volatility is causing a lot of angst but there are some things you can consider doing to make retirement a reality. Here are six top tips for creating a better retirement picture:1. Control your emotions take a deep breath. Greed and fear are the two things that move the market. We have periods where the markets get ahead of themselves and investors become too optimistic and other periods where investors begin to panic, throw the baby out with the bath water, and become overly pessimistic. We are obviously in the throes, or very close to the latter scenario. This volatile period will pass like all the others have.2. Consider increasing your annual savings and retirement contributions. The younger you are and the earlier you start saving, the more years your money can grow tax deferred inside your 401k or IRA. This tax deferred compounding can mean thousands or tens of thousands of extra dollars for you to spend come retirement time.3. Consider reallocating your 401k/IRA to higher yielding investments. I realize that this may be counterintuitive to what you feeling given the recent market slide but perhaps you should invest more aggressively. Over time, stocks have historically outpaced bonds and inflation. If you have 10 years or more until your retirement date, you may well be rewarded for taking this additional risk. Certainly, past performance is no guarantee of future results and I not saying you should get more aggressive; but you should take a few minutes and review your asset allocation.4. Consider retiring later. Don retire when what you really need is a break. All too often people in their fifties and sixties retire or take an early incentive offer because they think they ready to stop working. After a few months or a few years they find themselves bored and restless and wanting to go back to work. Before you decide to fully retire, discuss a phased retirement or flexible work schedule with your employer. Explore all of your options before retiring. The longer you work the less you would need to accumulate to afford your desired lifestyle.5. Consider lowering your investment costs. Do you have any idea what you paying in dollars and cents for your investments and/or investment management? If you like most people, you don have a clue. Recognize that each investment has its own internal cost structure. Usually this information is contained in small print in the back of the prospectus which most people never take the time to read. Additionally, these fees usually get skimmed off the top and you don even realize it. You get my point! Take some time and review your investments. Understand that every dollar you lower your investment costs by is another dollar in your pocket. Can you say ca ching?6. Consider reducing your retirement income needs. At the end of the day (or work week), you can only control what you can control. If you can make astute lifestyle choices, control your spending, eliminate your debts and live on less, you may feel more in control of your future. FYI my happiest private clients are those that have downsized, organized and simplified their lives. Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Light Bone Reflect Silver Iguana Quilted ,Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Neon Pink Volt Quilted Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Game Royalblue Wolf Grey Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Teal Blue Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Grey Cool Grey Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Red Gold Black White Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Teal Blue Men Nike Free Run 2 Red White Black You're welcome to join us there. Des Main PardesiNatasha, a Pakistani American girl who visits Pakistan for Eid with her grandparents, later she finds out that the Chand Raat turns out to be the best night of her life. Shafqat Amanat Ali In ConcertLive performances by Shafqat Amanat Ali and Ahmed Jahanzeb. Read the whole story CommentsBe the first to commentUse a social media account you already have to log in. More info Login with: LinkedIn Media UK If you're not on social media, register for a limited use Media UK account. By logging in, you are consenting to a cookie that personally identifies you to us. Here's more about our cookies. Andrew Davies on EastEnders Mick Carter is a boring dad and his wife is a pain in the From Radio Times. Posted 11 Jul 2014, 16:14 Harry, one of two children to play Leo Dingle on the ITV show, was honoured with a tribute as the final credits rolled on Thursday night's episode. (more)Benefits Street team to bring Immigration Street to Channel 4 Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Light Bone Reflect Silver Iguana Quilted,: How to Re Inforce a FLIMSY shoe bag to carry your Heavy RC Starter BOX (Including the heavy 12volt battery inside it !) Okay im back with more RC type Modifications ! Well, thats not strictly true here. Then mark them up so they are ready for the Velcro. So after you have sewn all 4 of the velcro pieces onto the two straps you will be now ready to sew in the side release buckles.Now remember, i only had the tiny little cute looking side release buckles but the ones in the 'Ingredients list' at the start of this instructable are the more rugged and heavy duty ones that i should have used but i just didnt have the patience to wait till i had got the big ones delivered!Basically what you want to do is to thread the one inch piece of the front/top of the strap (The end of the strap with the "HOOK" piece of the velcro stitched onto) through the bottom part of the side release buckles (the female part of the side release buckle) then fold over a half of the one inch end of the strap so that it goes through the side release buckle then folds over onto itself so you can permanently sew the side release buckle into the strap.Cheack out the last 3 pictures below to see how i mean and with how ive sewn my tiny side release buckles into my straps.

Outlet Store Online To Buy Cheap Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Light Bone Reflect Silver Iguana Quilted,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Quilted The NBA has specified basketball sizes not just for official men's, women's, and junior league games, but also unofficial games for children and youth. These size specifications help you choose the right ball for yourself or your children, and it is recommended that they be followed strictly to avoid injury during play. Basketball is a physically vigorous game, with moves that involve running, jumping, blocking, and shooting. The injuries during the game are categorized into upper body and lower body injuries. While lower body injuries can be prevented by proper shoes, training, and padding, upper body injuries are best prevented by using basketballs of proper size and weight. According to a survey published by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), basketball ranks fourth among the major causes of injury in the US. The NBA recommended basketball size for children in this age group is 27.25", with weight around 12 oz. Injuries due to improper basketball size are also prevalent among children below the age of 7. NBA recommends that very young children be given foam or rubber basketballs with a 22" circumference and weight of 8 oz. The CDC found that girls are more frequently and acutely injured than boys during basketball games. For adolescents girls between the ages of 14 16, NBA recommends "junior" basketballs of circumference 27.75" (size 5), with a weight of around 18 oz. Also, the ball for women's official games is 28.5" in circumference (size 6) and weigh 20 oz. The men's official basketball, by comparison, is bigger (29.5" or size 7), weighing 22 oz. Even training balls that are not used for official matches have certain size and weight criteria. For shot training, the men's training basketball has 36" circumference (size 9). The women's basketball is 33.5" or size 8. The men's weighted ball used for muscle building exercises is 29.5" in circumference and the women's ball is 28.5", with weight a little more than the official balls. Choosing the right ball is important for your health and safety, and these guidelines should be adhered to while purchasing basketballs for official or unofficial games. Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Light Bone Reflect Silver Iguana Quilted Buy a birthday party package from Rose Bowl Lanes in Roseville, and the staff will take care of the party details. All B day Bash packages include food, drinks, bowling, bowling shoes and party supplies. Different packages offer specific extras. For example, one package includes a genuine bowling pin that everyone can sign and give to the birthday boy or girl. Holiday and theme parties are available as well. You can customize your party, and Rose Bowl's event planners can help you with ideas, decorations, cakes and other party details. Girls Bowling Birthday Party Ideas Michigan Birthday Party Ideas. Michigan is known for its scenic landscape, dotted with forests, sand dunes and lakes. Recreational activities that center. How to Party at the University of Michigan The University of Michigan is a great place to party. Ann Arbor is truly a college town with a lot to offer. Bachelorette Party Ideas in Michigan Bachelorette Party Ideas in Michigan. A bachelorette party is one of the highlights of the pre wedding festivities. While your groom to be is out. The Best Places to Have Kids Birthday Parties The best places to have kids birthday parties are the ones that provide interesting activities and plenty of convenience for you. These. How to Throw a Birthday Party at a Bowling Alley When you have run out of ideas for fun themed birthday parties at home, move the party to the bowling alley. Enjoy. How to Go Cosmic Bowling Cosmic bowling brings together the best of two guilty pleasures hanging out in the bowling alley and striking a disco pose. Offered by.

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