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The creative geniuses who write our favorite shows, games, and movies are generally not open to accepting ideas from us plebeians, probably because they churn out brilliant decades long serials that we then turn into Snape diddling the Teletubbies. Sometimes, though, they stumble upon fan created ideas too awesome to be ignored, to the point that they wind up included in the actual work. These range from the immortal phrase "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!" to . 6. Took 'em six bloody years to reveal it was the Woman in White. For example, two characters not seen since Breaking Bad's second season make an unexpected reappearance in the penultimate episode. When he sees his former friends Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz dissing him in a TV interview, Walter White gets the motivation he needs to finally come out of hiding, setting up the shocking events of the series finale. Pictured here with the cast, cosplaying as Skinny Pete. That's the name of the 16 year old with neuroblastoma whom showrunner Vince Gilligan called "our wonderful, number one fan." When Gilligan visited Cordasco during his final months, he asked him if there was anything he felt the show needed. The fan replied, "I want to know more about Gretchen and Elliott. I want to know more about Walt's backstory with them. I want to know what happened." Gilligan hadn't thought about incorporating the characters into the plot, but Cordasco's comment gave him pause. He'd been stumped trying to figure out how to get Walt out of hiding, but as he mulled over Cordasco's suggestion, he discovered that the answer indeed lay with the Schwartzes. He's all ready to get caught, and then he sees the video ." This is made even more impressive by the fact that, if more shows incorporated ideas from teenage fans, it probably wouldn't end so well. Unless that already happened and we just didn't notice. How big a fan was this kid, exactly? Let's put it this way: When Gilligan, Breaking Bad's creator himself, offered to tell him how the show ended, Cordasco was like "Hey, no spoilers, man." That's dedication. 5. Diablo's Secret Cow Level Goes from Insane Rumor to Insane RealityDuring the reign of the original Diablo in the '90s, a rumor/stupid joke sprung up among players that there was a secret level where you could battle, of all things, cows. The Internet was riddled with Comic Sans sporting GeoCities pages giving people multiple methods to access the legendary cow level, because apparently people really wanted to beat up some goddamn bovines. The site illustrated these instructions with a GIF. It took only 45 minutes to load. Of course, there was no such thing as the cow level it was just one of those wacky random jokes the Internet loves to this day ("cow level" was the "the cake is a lie" of its era). Until, that is, Diablo's creators at Blizzard saw the rumor and said "What the fuck is wrong with these people?" followed by "We should make that a real thing." The first thing they did was insert an Easter egg in StarCraft subtly informing players of the level's nonexistence (the "There is no cow level" cheat code). But then, on April 1, 1999, the following image was released without commentary as Blizzard's Screenshot of the Week: Even back then, games paraded out poorly covered females, exposing their massive udders. Cue a million confused nerds shouting "WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!" Some were convinced that it was a dirty April Fool's prank, while others kept the faith. The true believers were rewarded: Blizzard went ahead and included a secret cow level in Diablo II, and now you can totally decimate some bovine ass if you follow the instructions on their website (if you're into that sort of thing). And later, when some fans began clamoring for a Secret Pony Level in Diablo III, most likely in jest (we would hope), they freaking did it again: Horns, hooves, homicide . they're like any other demon, only creepier. 4. A Silly Nerd Argument Becomes Star Trek CanonWhen you have a franchise that spans half a century, you're bound to encounter some strange continuity problems. For instance, here's how the Klingons looked during the original Star Trek series in the '60s: Shoe polish and pubes on their faces. And here's how they looked in the first movie a decade later: He should have kept the bangs. Naturally, fans wanted to know why an entire race had suddenly developed hideous ridges on their foreheads, but they were unlikely to get an answer, because everyone already knew the real reason namely, that the entire original series was shot for like five bucks (most of which went to strengthening William Shatner's man girdle), while the movies and subsequent shows actually had a budget to spend on makeup and prosthetics to make the aliens look like aliens. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Crimson Lemon Platinum ,Nike Free 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange Women Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Grey Nike Roshe Run PRM Women Red White Sail Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Tiffany Blue Quilted Nike Roshe Run PRM Women Red White Sail Quilted Often an overweight and out of shape dog has an owner that is also overweight and out of shape. Instead of investing in diet dog food and 100 calorie pack doggie treats, invest in a nice collar with a matching leash and a good set of walking shoes. Dog owners can get started walking wearing any shoe, but choosing a shoe like the Stepgym shoe will maximize the benefits of walking. An overweight dog will be at risk for health problems similar to that of a person who is overweight. For large dogs, being overweight increases the risk of hip problems when they age and it may cause them to be unable to walk at all. Helping a dog be at a healthy weight often causes the dog owner to be at a healthy weight also. When starting a dog on a weight loss program, having a healthy diet will be important. Drastically reducing the food amount may cause a dog to be cranky and act out. Reduce the amount of food gradually while increasing the dog's exercise to help a dog loose weight. Increasing a dog's physical activity and fitness level will promote weight loss without needing to drastically reduce the food intake and may eliminate the need to buy dog food specifically made for overweight dogs. Specialty dog foods are often expensive but exercising a dog is free! Some of the benefits to walking a dog in addition to weight loss include the following: Reduce the dog becoming bored. Getting out of the house and smelling all the smells will add variety to a normal boring day of sitting around the house in the back yard. Lessen behavior problems for dogs that are left alone during the day. Walking positively redirects the energy a dog has. Lowered stress for dogs that are caged during the day, it is less stressful on dogs because they are happy to lie around and relax after a vigorous walk. Housebreaking accidents are reduced because dogs "mark" during a walk. Often dogs completely empty their bladder by the end of a walk. Dogs get very excited about taking a walk. If the dog hasn't been walked for a while, there may need to be refresher training on how to walk on a leash. Start out easy as both you and your dog get back into shape. When walking in the Stepgym shoe, you may find out you see the results and feel the results of walking sooner that expected. When walking in traditional shoes, it will take longer to see the benefits and results of walking with your dog. Order your Stepgym shoe today and then get your dog a new collar and leash to start a walking program that will increase both your fitness level and your dog's fitness level while you both loose weight walking. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Crimson Lemon Platinum,New Fiji Airways chief executive Stefan Pichler has worked his way around the world after catching the travel bug when he was a professional marathon runner.The 56 year old German national team runner flew around the world competing for the best part of a decade before studying and moving into the airline sector, first for Lufthansa, then Virgin in Australia and most recently Kuwait's Jazeera Airways.Fiji Airways has over the past year gone through a big rebranding phase dropping the Air Pacific brand and Pichler said it was now time to deliver on the aspiration."Fiji is a global brand. We have to deliver to the aspiration, good on time performance and a consistent product," he said. "The company has been very busy with itself with the branding but now we have to change the course to put the customer in the spotlight."New Fiji Airways chief executive Stefan Pichler.The airline was on track for making around around a F$14 million ($9 million) operating profit in the year to the end of March 2014, as it makes the transition from its three fuel hungry Boeing 747s to three new Airbus A330s by November.It was working on a five year plan, and although he could not discuss any new routes, it would "expand the network in a reasonable way", Pichler said.Fiji, where 38 per cent of GDP is driven from tourism, was facing competition from Asian countries and needed to position itself as a niche destination besides the mass market.Pichler grew up in Munich where, "in winter you had snow which was beautiful and then you had Oktoberfest which was even better".He got a job with Nike in Oregon then studied for a masters in economics and law before working in executive roles for airlines and Thomas Cook.He was asked by Virgin founder Richard Branson to work in Australia and set up the airline's long haul operation, V Australia.

New Style Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Crimson Lemon Platinum,Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/gifsuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Gifs that have been posted recently or frequently to /r/gifs will be deleted, and repeat offenders may be banned. This includes repeatedly removing and reposting your own submissions. Cross posting any recent popular posts from other subreddits may be counted as reposts. This includes popular video posts converted to gif and posted here. Please send us a modmail about videos that violate this rule, with a link to the video post and the /r/gifs post these are harder to catch and we appreciate your help. Please use Karma Decay to see if your gif has been submitted before No Reaction/HIFW (How I Feel When)/Analogy gifs. Do not post gifs that should be videos. Incredibly long gifs or content much better suited to video formats may be removed. Do not make posts specifically about cakeday (example: "For my cakeday I present to you.") This rule does not apply to wishing someone a happy cakeday in the comments and other similar comments. Direct image links REQUIRED. No links to image pages or albums are allowed, your submission must be a single gif image. URL shorteners are NOT allowed in posts or comments! Mark your risque posts as NSFW; this implies the comments within will be too. Nudity, porn, gore, and other obscene material are not allowed in posts or comments No exceptions. If it can get you fired then it should not be here. Failure to comply will result in removal of post and banning. Please refer to /r/nsfw_gifs or /r/nsfw_gif Titles must be descriptive. Do not make submissions with the title "This", "This is my favorite gif", and etc. No hate speech of any kind. Racist, sexist, or homophobic submissions or comments will result in an immediate ban. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Crimson Lemon Platinum The Process of Making Timberland ShoesUser Rating: / 0 PoorBest Shopping GiftsWritten by tracny Friday, 09 September 2011 02:22 No matter clothes, shoes or accessories, Timberland takes comfort and durability into priority. The famous outdoor sports goods band, Timberland, is perpetuated in America. The reason lies in its quality persistent and taste shaping. As we all known, Timberland has firmly possessed the position f outdoor sports goods market for many years development. In recent years, Timberland owns a good fame all over the world. So its products reach every corner of world. In terms of different environment and areas, Timberland developed new shoes approaching to the perfect condition. The new shoes can better show absolute criterion of Timberland on quality. This shoe got the good name that is Reagan Shoe. The reason lies in American previous president once wore it in White House and loved this new type shoe very much. On the aspect of conception, outdoor, Timberland emphasizes outdoor meaning spacious space of nature no matter land, air or sea. The chairman of Timberland conveyed this idea to all the Timberland staff at first From 1990s, Timberland gradually developed into an international band and started to produce clothes, women shoes, bags and so on. And it also created the series of working shoes, timberland PRO that got high praise. The conception of Timberland named outdoor means people should seek after happiness both physically and mentally in nature and not the measurable sports embodiment. Through many years development Timberland played an important role in the American outdoor sports market and became an international band. Now people give Timberland a high praise and products of Timberland sold well in different countries. From 1970s, Timberland used unique technology in making shoes and produced the first pair of shoes that is no sewing between sole and upper. And this pair of shoes is the real waterproof shoes. The original Timberland shoes are yellow shoes. The yellow shoes were made by hands and in the process of making, different people are responsible different skills in shoe making. Timberland will increase the goods of series products in the winter of 2002 and set more shops in different areas if the feedback of market is good. Through cognition and cooperation of more profit relevant people, we plan to prove the value of innovation, push economy and area goals. Therefore it takes 100 thousands of hours for workers of Timberland to engage in the programs for public good. If one company help its members realize to pay love to society, then its products must have high quality. The reason lies in its warm heart of Timberland. Even if Timberland played an important role in shoes market, Timberland also sticks to the tradition and take every artisan's skill seriously. Even if the shoes on market pursue for fashion, Timberland cares more about the comfort and dry in any circumstances. So workers of Timberland must make shoes carefully by many procedures. When workers made Yellow Boots they can cultivate the persistence of them. The conception of mutual existence between human beings and nature and sincerity are also included by making shoes. When we know further about the Timberland, we can understand the conception of Timberland. So when we buy their products, we can associate with its conception. Timberland Boots Canada is a site that offers detailed online store to help you pick the best boots for you. Check out our detailed Timberland 6 Inch Mens Boots to see how it compares to other boots offer on the market today before you buy. Forgot login? 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