Order Mens Shoes 626969 030 Air Jordan 4 Retro Fear Pack Stealth Black White 2014 With Fast Delivery And After Sale Service. 378037 117 Kids Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue White Black Legend Blue Womens Authentic 626969 030 Air Jordan 4 Retro Fear Pack Stealth Black White 70% Off (Not all contributions can be used) 2117: Right, that's it for a marathon day. Tomorrow, it's two nail biters from The Oval South Africa will hope to send Scotland home for an early bath, while the evening game between Pakistan and England could see a humiliating early exit for the hosts. SA Scotland is on Five Live sports extra, Pakistan England is on Five Live (but not Radio 4 LW), both games are live here on the BBC Sport website and Pranav Soneji will be the man charged with text commentary duties I hope you'll join him then. Don't forget the highlights of all three of today's games though they're on telly tonight at 2315 on BBC Two (and the BBC Sport website for UK users), and then they'll be up on the site tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience today when the site went down it's goodnight from me. 19.5 overs WICKET Naeem c Yuvraj b I Sharma 28 Ban 154 9 Bangladesh's defeat is momentarily delayed by a pitch invader, who requires the attention of several stewards, and Ishant Sharma will finish things off. Naeem, however, is still having fun, and swipes the first ball of the over for six. The second ball is slogged to cow corner for six is he going for six sixes? Naeem can only smear the third ball to long on for a single. Ishant is bowling full and straight, but Rahim steers a single before another (thankfully closed) pitch invader comes on and probably earns himself a night in the cells down at the Nottingham nick. Naeem goes aerial again and Yuvraj takes another superb low, tumbling catch at long off! 19th over Ban 140 7 Irfan Pathan, who's not been seen since he bowled the second over and it cost 10 runs, returns, bowling round the wicket. Naeem knocks the first ball for two, and Dhoni's cap has mysteriously reappeared. Irfan pings down a legside wide, the next ball is a full toss but Naeem can only bottom edge it into the ground. With 48 needed from nine balls, Naeem keeps his side in it just by hoisting Irfan into the stand at long off. A swing and a miss leaves them needing 42 off seven, and the last ball is a single to long off. 41 needed from the last over so Bangladesh officially need snookers. 18th over Ban 130 7 Harbhajan prepares to administer the last rites as Naeem swings and misses before steering a two to the lumbering Zaheer at third man. A single brings Rahim on strike he has a big slog to deep square leg but it only brings him a single. Naeem adds another it's an unlikely 51 needed from 12 balls. 17th over Ban 125 7 New batsman is Naeem Islam just saying his first name still sends a shiver down the spine of an Arsenal fan sat to my right. Zaheer yields just a couple of singles and a wide, while Dhoni has shed his cap behind the stumps. 16.2 overs WICKET Raqibul c Ojha b Zaheer 16 Ban 121 7 So, 62 needed from 24 balls. Rahim steers a single and Zaheer strays with a wide. But it's all over for Raqibul as he steers one straight to wide mid on. And that is probably that. 16th over Ban 119 6 Ishant replaces Harbhajan again, Raqibul feathers an edge to third man and although Ojha makes a good diving stop in front of the Paula End, the ball trickles onto the rope. A couple of singles are added, but you sense the game has slipped away from Bangladesh. Another careful dab to third man brings a single, and Rahim jabs a quick single off the last ball as some of the crowd start to leave. 15th over Ban 111 6 New batsman is the diminutive wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim, who can't connect with his first two deliveries. Ojha finishes with 4 21 and could be on for man of the match. 14.4 overs WICKET Mortaza b Ojha 11 Ban 111 6 Raqibul swings Ojha down to fine leg for one, then Mortaza opens his shoulders and hoists Ojha right back into the top tier of the stand at long on! He then takes aim at the extra cover boundary, a diving stop by Yusuf Pathan turns a likely four into two. Mortaza then swings and misses, the ball just brushes the off bail enough to knock it over and Mortaza's gone he pauses a moment just to check he was bowled and that Dhoni's gloves hadn't brushed the stumps. 14th over DROPPED CATCH Ban 102 5 Harbhajan returns Mortaza smears a single, Raqibul reverse sweeps and they run two, before a single to third man brings up three figures. Mortaza has a huge heave, it's an easy catch for Yuvraj but he drops it as it bounces out of his hands! How he can drop that after taking the one last over, I've no idea. Two more singles, but Bhajji will feel he should have a wicket. 13th over Ban 96 5Mashrafe Mortaza is the new batsman, and he can hold a bat well (hey, we MMs stick together) surprised we haven't seen keeper Rahim in yet, he's occasionally batted at three in ODIs. Mortaza is off the mark with a single. 12.4 overs WICKET Mahmudullah c Yuvraj b Ojha 8 Ban 95 5 Ojha (pronounced "oh zha" by the way), continues for his third over, but is still restricting the Tigers to singles. Mahmudullah swings high into the air, but it falls short of a stiff looking Zaheer Khan running in from square leg. Two taken. He then tries a delicate dabbed sweep and is superbly caught by the diving Yuvraj at short fine leg! 12th over Ban 91 4 Even though the spinners have put the brakes on, Dhoni keeps changing the bowling and gives Ishant Sharma another go. Raqibul knocks a single, Mahmudullah knocks one off his legs and it's signalled as a leg bye by Billy B. Raqibul then gives himself room to guide the ball down past third man for four. 11th over Ban 85 4 Raqibul smears Ojha who played in the IPL winning Deccan Chargers team and took 18 wickets for a single, Mahmudullah gets a bottom edge when he tries to sweep but they run one once more. Dhoni, keen eyed under the helmet, whips the bails off as Raqibul swings and misses. A single rounds off the over, India are happy not to concede boundaries at this stage. 10th over Ban 82 4 Mahmudullah steers his fourth consecutive single, Raqibul is off the mark with a swept single. Mahmudullah goes five for five, then Raqibul tries a reverse sweep and somehow it squirts down to fine leg for one. Dhoni ensures Mahmudullah's first dot ball when he scampers away from the stumps to prevent a quick single. 9th over Ban 78 4 New batsman is Raqibul Hasan, but they crossed on the catch Mahmudullah steers the last ball of the over for a single. 8.1 overs WICKET Shakib c Dhoni b Ojha 8 Ban 74 3 New bowler is Pragyan Ojha, Shakib swings his first ball high into the sky and the gauntlet wearing Dhoni takes the catch! 8th over Ban 74 2 A big cheer goes up for the introduction of Harbhajan Singh, who has his shirt collar right up in the manner of Eric Cantona, the underside of which is bright orange. Shakib dabs a single, Siddique adds another two while Aggers and Sunil on TMS recall Harbhajan's dust up with Sree Santh in the first IPL. Sunil described the slap which earned Bhajji a lengthy ban as "like a Roger Federer backhand". Siddique aims another big hit to long on ("six or out" reckons Aggers) and it's six, well caught in the crowd. 7th over Ban 63 2 With the fielding restrictions over, Yusuf at least now has the protection of five men outside the circle, and the Bangladesh pair are restricted to ones and twos from another rapid over. 6th over Ban 55 2 Time for Shakib Al Hasan to show why the ICC rankings say he's the number one all rounder in the world. He has to duck a bouncer, and doesn't get involved when Ishant strolls down the wicket for some "chat". 5.4 overs WICKET Ashraful c Gambhir b I Sharma Ban 55 2 It's time for the loping fast bowler Ishant Sharma to bowl he's had a bit of a haircut since the ODI series with England last year. Siddique swipes an edge to third man, and Zaheer makes a great stop at third man to restrict them to a single. Ashraful clips a well timed four through mid wicket remember him taking the Aussies on in Cardiff, last time Bangladesh were in England? Another huge hit sails into the outfield but safely, it looks like six but dribbles to a halt just inside the rope and they can only run two as Zaheer shows off his "Boundary Fox" skills again. But it's all over for the skipper as he's well caught trying to force the ball through cover. 5th over DROPPED CATCH Ban 48 1 Yusuf is quickly through his over against Ashraful, who jabs a quick single to third man. Siddique goes aerial, aiming for the long on boundary, but Ishant Sharma can't quite hold on to the catch over his shoulder despite getting his hands to it. They run two then Siddique perfects the shot, hoisting Pathan high over the ropes for six. He then nicks the strike from his captain again! 4th over Ban 38 1 Dhoni is also clearly a fan of one over bowling spells as Zaheer returns and is pushed for a single by Siddique. Ashraful inside edges past the stumps for one. Siddique swipes and misses, but eventually connects when he slaps Zaheer for a straight four which bisects the diving umpire and non striker. Another fierce shot, this time the other side of the stumps, brings him four more. India were 33 0 at this stage. 2.3 overs WICKET Tamim st Dhoni b Y Pathan 15 Ban 24 1 The fan with the enormous tiger is still jumping up and down, as is another Bangladesh supporter who is dressed in a complete, full tiger suit! An interesting tactical change as Zaheer is off and off spinner Yusuf Pathan joins his "bro" in the attack. He's bowling in his sunglasses in the manner of Graeme Swann, but Tamim improvises with a delicate dabbed sweep for four. He then advances down the track, eyeing up the cow corner boundary, but misses the ball and is smartly stumped by Cap'n Dhoni! 2nd over Ban 20 0It's left arm seam from both ends as Irfan Pathan the younger of the two half brothers takes the second over. Junaid Siddique, off the first ball he faces, hoists Pathan over mid wicket for six! An exchange of singles brings Siddique back on strike, and a good diving boundary stop from Ishant Sharma turns four into two. 1st over Ban 10 0 Zaheer Khan opens the bowling from the (Paula) Radcliffe Road End, the left handed Tamim Iqbal can only drive the first ball straight to a fielder but then works a well run two off his legs to get the scoreboard going. He then rides his luck as a thick outside edge loops up over the solitary slip fielder, Yusuf Pathan, for four! A lofted straight drive brings four more a good start for "Les Tigres". 19.3 overs WICKET Raina b Rubel 10 Ind 169 5 Poor old Rubel Hossain gets the last over I'm informed that that Bangladesh's highest ever T20 score is 166, and that was against Zimbabwe. A single allows Pathan to take guard for the first time, he on drives and they can only run one. A bouncer is belatedly called "wide" by Umpire Taufel. Then Raina swings, Raina misses, Rubel hits and Raina departs!.

Welcome back to a special addition of first shift. I'd Tom back. In and Jennifer bond. that time of year time time to look back at what industry all of buds in the last twelve months. That's right jetting in today let's revisit some of the biggest blunders of 2013. And you know sometimes it's best to keep those secret ambitions just that secret. And who should know better than Carlos go to former number two man that we know. Carlos of our. Yes town in August he told the press he would be honored to lead a company like General Motors or Ford. Weeks later Tom Barnes went out as chief operating officer. But he did no job with France's PSA Peugeot sister island. Yeah. Thanks for weeks and it was meant to be the car that is proclaims the reinvention of Lincoln. But not even honest Dave could save the end from out painfully slow launch. One that even soft Ford shipping cars to Detroit from a Mexico planned for final inspection. I'm sure Chrysler's CEO Sergio Marchionne can relate. He's says it was a must hate to leave cheap without an IS UV entry per month while the auto maker on the Jeep Liberty. And prepared to launch the Cherokee. Chrysler ended up with eight PR challenge on its hands. This after a software problems caused a two month delay in getting the Cherokee to dealers the delay and also cut into the company's earnings. From a glitch to pitch a trailer hitch. That's the solution Chrysler devised to protect the fuel on older Jeep grand cherokees from damage in rear end collisions. They that some say has led to fires. After fighting with it's over whether the jeeps should be were called. Chrysler agreeing to inspect them in install remote part it's assembly to protect the tank. Trouble is some experts say the solution provides little if any protection. Comment this next one a really hit home for our reporter Larry wet. Hewitt among those who bought a Ford C Max hybrid. Only to discover the car with not getting close to the 47 miles per gallon for a promise to. In August in a deal with the EPA. For agreed to lower this. PG rating of 43. And mail 550 dollar checks to the disappointed buyers. Sheds some blunders are years in the making take GM's insistence on promoting Chevrolet in Europe. Despite some overlap between the vote and in Opel. Well CEO Dan Akerson finally had enough of all the confusion. This month he had said it would hold out of Europe and focus resources on Opel and Vauxhall. Next up they've broken promise. Dealers were led to believe that fully on what role how badly needed new products at the New York auto show. But I think not new troop levels months later between younger president Akio Toyoda would admit and new battle maybe years away. Lyoto attorney. Meantime it was lights out for two electric car start ups coda automotive sold just 100 cars before going bankrupt. think 2012 was hard for Pritzker automotive. Remember how it's card died during your consumer reports its battery supplier went bankrupt after recalled. 2013. It brought Pittsburgh its own trip to bankruptcy court. Talk about seeing stars. Are all electric model that's got eight I star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But tell us had regulators fuming. When it declared that mathematically the current record point forced our ratings. It's not no such thing. And closing out our list Chevrolet deep six who's a marketing slogan. Should Those sentimental as he had failed to give shoppers a compelling reason to today's cars the new slogan find new roads. And that marks the end of the road first they show. Please join us again on Monday when we count down that top news stories of 2013. As always we thank you for watching. 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Largest Best Cheap 626969 030 Air Jordan 4 Retro Fear Pack Stealth Black White,638471 007 Air Jordan 1 Retro KO High Sport Blue Senate? What motivated you to do this? Like many other Floridians, I have been watching with dismay as the cascade of economic crises has unfolded over the last couple of years. The bursting real estate bubble, the credit crunch, the transformation of Wall Street and the failure of American industry have shaken America to its core. We as a nation are still struggling to understand the causes of these events and judge whether the hasty actions that our government has undertaken in response to these events will do more harm than good. In addition, we now face a nuclear threat from North Korea and, soon, Iran. The Taliban is threatening both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Terrorism continues to plague the free world. As our country confronts this period of economic and international turmoil, the Republican Party seems to have lost its way. Many Republicans feel disenfranchised by the spending orgy and big government approach of the Bush administration. Republicans are uneasy with the current administration's approach to these economic and international issues, yet appear to lack the leadership to provide solutions. We are in the midst of a violent storm. I can help lead Florida and the nation through this tempest. For many years, you lived in New Hampshire and represented it in the Senate. Seeing as you moved to Florida relatively recently, many are wondering if you know the state well enough to run for office in it. Do you feel that you are familiar enough with the issues many Floridians are facing such as skyrocketing unemployment, rising taxes and the foreclosure crisis? I am no stranger to Florida. My family and I have been enjoying Florida's beautiful beaches and natural treasures for the last 40 years. My wife and I have lived in Sarasota for over six years. Since we made Florida our home, I have worked in the real estate business and served as a founding director of a community bank. In addition, I spent three years as President of The Everglades Foundation, a non profit organization headquartered in Miami, whose mission is restore and preserve the Everglades through community awareness and public private partnerships. I have enjoyed being a leader on issues affecting Floridians during much of my career. When I was the Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, I worked with Governor Jeb Bush to restore the Everglades. I sponsored legislation funding Everglades restoration and guided the bill to passage by the Senate and the House. In addition, I am a proven advocate for issues about which Floridians feel strongly, including: fiscal prudence, protecting veterans and strengthening the military, recognizing the importance of the space industry to the future and security of the country, healthcare reform, and protecting our state's and our nation's borders. I have faced the issues of unemployment, taxes and foreclosures in Congress throughout my career in Congress. When I was elected to the House of Representatives in 1984, the country was just starting to recover from the recession of the early 1980's. I participated in the response to the Savings and Loan crisis, which was similar to the current crisis in cause, if not in scope. Senator in 1990, it was not long before the country was in the midst of another recession and housing crunch. Though it proved to be the prelude to a much worse crisis, I also was involved with the actions taken by Congress to respond to the bursting of the technology stock bubble earlier this decade. It is hard for me to sit on the sidelines during these troubling times. Republican Floridians need a seat at the table while the President and Congress are making decisions that will affect the future of our nation. As a senior senator, I can provide that seat at the table. Your opponents in the Republican primary are current Governor Charlie Crist and former Speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio. Why do feel that you are a better candidate than either of them? I have great respect both for Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio. They have served the state well. My entrance into this race is a unique opportunity for Florida to elect a non incumbent that has the knowledge and experience provided by two terms in the Senate. Congress in 1984. I fought alongside President Reagan on cutting taxes and strengthening the military. My service on the Armed Services Committee for 12 years, where I was the Chairman of the Strategic Forces and Acquisition and Technology Subcommittees, provided me with critical knowledge in the areas of missile defense, intelligence and other national security issues. With all due respect, Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio do not have the experience to provide leadership on the national and international issues that Florida and America face. Both Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio are currently raising funds and building up grassroots support for their respective campaigns. They also hold commanding leads over you in recent polls. Are you going to begin campaigning aggressively this summer? Do you believe that you will be able to substantially increase your standing in the polls anytime in the foreseeable future? I formally announced my candidacy in the first week of June, and I have just begun to actively campaign and raise funds throughout the state. I admit that I will have to work hard to achieve name recognition among Floridians equivalent to Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio. The election is over a year away, and polls this far out are not relevant. Representative Kendrick Meek, the presumptive Democrat nominee, in the general election? As a preliminary matter, it is up to the Democratic Party to select their nominee. I can defeat whomever the Democratic Party nominates. I believe I can unite the Republican Party in Florida, and united we will prevail. If elected to the Senate, what will be your top priorities upon taking office? In 2010, we must deliver a message that appeals to all members of the Republican Party, and that will appeal to Floridians in the general election. I believe this message encompasses: fiscal prudence not just tax breaks, but controlling the growth of government, ensuring that our veterans are protected and that our military has the resources it needs to protect our country, reestablishing the integrity of the financial system, expediting the disposal of government ownership interests in American business, working with healthcare providers and other experts to achieve the goal of affordable health insurance, while ensuring that the government is not in the business of providing healthcare and that patient choice comes first, fixing Social Security so that it is self funded, as it was originally intended, and revising our immigration policies so that they actually work. These are tough issues to face, and Florida needs judgment and understanding to accomplish these goals. Florida, a state whose legislature and executive offices are dominated by Republicans, went for Democrat Barack Obama by a slight margin in the 2008 presidential election. Do you believe that your staunchly conservative views, which contrast the moderate to liberal ones of Governor Crist and the center right ones of Speaker Rubio, will appeal to Florida's largely centrist voting base? Too often political pundits use labels ranging from "staunchly conservative" to "liberal" to inflame tensions within the party, cause division and divert our focus from the pressing issues that face the country. We need to put aside the political scales and come together to solve the tough problems facing the nation. That being said, I proudly identify myself as a conservative. I have two decades of votes in the House and Senate to demonstrate my conservative leadership on economic, national security and social issues. In addition, I also have been a leader on many environmental issues, such as Everglades restoration, for which I have been nationally recognized. Have you received any notable endorsements so far in your campaign? I have not sought nor received any endorsements. I stand on my record, rather than on recommendations of others. 626969 030 Air Jordan 4 Retro Fear Pack Stealth Black White Hi There! I love writing articles on everything fitness related, especially in the realms of cycling, hiking, jogging, marathons and triathlons. I enjoy helping people find the right fitness related products, especially when good reviews don't already exist online. I also love new fitness toys and I'm a gadget fanatic (much to my wife's chagrin!) A wheeled kayak trolley or cart is a great way to transport your boat without having to haul it on your shoulders. There are some great, light and inexpensive platforms out there for the choosing. 2 Selectorized Dumbbells Adjustable Weights That Will Revolutionize Your Workout12 months ago If you don't have a ton of space, selectorized dumbbells are an adjustable option that gives you the advantage of a full weight set in a small package. They're convenient and really speed things up. 0 Hiking Safety Tips Cheap Gear Essentials That'll Keep You Safe12 months ago If you'll be heading out into the wilderness, it's important to brush up on some hiking safety tips and get the proper gear and equipment to keep you warm, happy, safe and prepared at all times. 1 3 Great Tri Suits For Men My Top Picks For 201410 months ago Finding a good quality triathlon suit for men is hard. You need to think about speed, flexibility and comfort. 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