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Image Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to talk about a guide to a weekend packing list. Basically what you need to know is that you need to pack things that are thinner, you should completely avoid like really thicker type of fabrics. You should have your shoes down to three, the one's that you're wearing and two that you're taking to the trip. And of course you should always have a jean, you should always have like a very light type of fabric for a dress that you can wear during the day and during the night. You should always pack a little jacket, a denim jacket or something like not too formal such as this. You should never forget a little type of sweater that you can just go ahead and wear on top of anything, a tank top and jeans or like a skirt and a tank top, you can always dress it up with like a little type of sweater or type of jackets. And of course you should never forget either the denim, just a denim and a basic black pants. Those are basics for a weekend. If you're going on business, then you have like something different. And of course just have something like sandals that you can wear, just regular little sandals and something that you can wear at night or during the day but they have like high type of heels. 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Have you ever thought the color of your shoes making you feel embarrassed/ low in self esteem or color of your car is a constant pain in your head! Have you ever experiences that you had to leave something of your choice and need just because of its color! Have you ever noticed things you like increase your confidence and pride! Have you ever thought your self esteem is damaged due to little unhappy events in life! Our life is full of little and big events that ultimately affect our self esteem. In this article I intentionally focus on the little and meaningless things that sometimes prove a strong predictor of our self esteem. Changing our habits (here spending) may give us the tremendous amount of satisfaction and dignity. Women, who ignore their needs, feel depressed and unworthy. They must spend some pennies on their favorite items to preserve their self esteem. Similarly men must spend some pennies on their favorite stuff. The more we spend on our liked stuff, the better our self esteem would be. In the same manner, the more we spend time with our favorite people, the more refresh we will be. The more we do something we like, the higher our self esteem would be. To preserve our self esteem, it is also very important to leave something we do not like. If someone is doing something to make his/her fellow happy, it should not be the routine. Otherwise things will become problematic in the end. Things we like to do increase our interest and are good for our mental and physical health. Things we do under any compulsion basically damage our brain cells silently. So it is very important to leave them in good time and select something of our true nature. Many things in our life create an imbalance between what we expect and what we have. Many times we ignore their presence and keep going on with our life style. For example, wearing red shoes could be a self esteem problem for someone. Listening unwanted tunes could create the emotional imbalance for us. Wearing bright colors can make some women less confident. Or some rely on good perfumes to feel good self esteem. Some rely on good shoes; some on good watches; some on good mobiles; some on cosmetics; some on jewelry; some on dresses; some on special brands; some on followers; some on pets; some on cars and some on laptops. Every one of us keep some obsession of things and in my point of view, we need to fulfill our obsession as early as possible within our limited resources. For most of the time, we ignore them that we need to feel better. We ignore our personality traits and put them behind other choices. Otherwise such modifications in life will pay us in the form of high self esteem with little or no effort at all. Here I want to make it clear that my emphasis is not on luxury items rather items of our choice within our range. At the same time, items we do not like and we keep on using them also create problems for us. So we need to improve our self understanding to boost our self esteem by keeping items of our choice and by getting rid of items of not our choice. In this way we can achieve a few high levels of self esteem and feel better day by day. On the opposite side, we think of people who depend on branded items and think their self esteem totally depends on that. For such mindsets, things are never enough and self esteem is always in trouble. We as human beings must try to rely on positive and worthy traits to boost our self esteem. Our dignity must find a good and positive way to flourish. If we rely totally on worldly items, brands, and luxuries to feel good, then we are at high risk of negative and low self esteem. Simple life, simple choices, and simple living remain always a pride of highly esteemed people. We need to focus on moral obligations and high morals to maintain a high level of self esteem instead of relying upon worldly things only. 315297 062 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro Silver Sport Red Light Graphite Orange Peel,Supporters of keeping the hospital open criticized the amendment. Lynda DeLaforgue of Citizen Action Illinois called the move an attempt to make an "end run" around the state board. "Why should the area of Illinois with the most low income and uninsured residents be exempt from any law that seeks to protect access to care and quality care?" DeLaforgue said. "It is sad to see two great reformers like Rep. Currie and President Preckwinkle go down this wrong path." The county had planned to close Oak Forest Hospital on June 1 and was caught without a backup plan for keeping the hospital open. Surgeries were halted earlier this week when the suburban Chicago hospital's lone anesthesiologist retired. The county hoped to save $25 million to $40 million with the hospital's closure and conversion to an outpatient clinic. Cook County's health care system provides $500 million annually in free care and serves more than 800,000 patients. It has been struggling with rising medical costs, diminishing federal help and patients who can't pay their bills.

Sale Online Save Up To 65 Off 315297 062 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro Silver Sport Red Light Graphite Orange Peel,Nike Air Foamposite Onered Supreme A bunch of you reading this are among the 45 million "working poor" in America, and if you're not, you know somebody who is. What I am saying is that people are quick to tell you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and just stop being poor. What they don't understand is the series of intricate financial traps that makes that incredibly difficult. If you're not poor, that's awesome. I'm not mad at you, or jealous. Hopefully you'll never find out that . You Get Charged for Using Your Own Money This is the future, where many businesses no longer accept cash as payment. That means you are required to have a checking account to function in the economy. And if you're poor, that means at some point you're going to get bank fucked. Because having a checking account while poor doesn't just mean you have to be responsible and good at math you have to be perfect. Meticulous, flawless record keeping is the difference between surviving and having the bank seize your next paycheck. Let's say you're running late for work and hurriedly stop to get gas, paying with a bank card. In your haste you forget to write the $55 down (gas being $4 a gallon, you know). So while you spent the last week until payday thinking you had $50 in your account to absorb minor purchases, you actually were $5 in the red. So payday comes. The bank can hit you with a $35 fine for every charge that comes in while you are in minus territory. The bank will not tell you they charged you this money. You will have no idea anything is wrong. It's a silent chain reaction in which every charge that comes through during those few days before payday draws the $35 fee. The $8 you spent at the gas station for cigarettes, the $24.99 that automatically comes out for your Internet access . for each, the bank silently zaps out the charge and $35 on top of it, until your next paycheck is gone. Five seconds of oversight gave the bank the right to take away a week's worth of your labor. Some of you are saying, "Fine, just tell the bank to go fuck itself. Walk out the door and just do everything by cash or money order." Ah, but now when you get paid, you have to go somewhere to cash your paycheck and businesses charge up to $8 to do it. If you're working in the service industry, congratulations an hour of your labor just vanished . just so you could use your own money. Banks are run by human beings (as of the writing of this article) and if you get a person on the phone you can get them to waive overdraft fees, particularly if it's a first offense. Even businesses waiting on a payment will give you an extra week or two if you call and explain it. In this economy, they're so used to people just taking the money and disappearing that they're happy to hear you're operating in some kind of good faith. Otherwise, you're going to be in a bind. And this is when you'll find out . There is an Industry That Profits by Keeping You Poor Think you're too smart to ever use one of those shady "payday loan" places? Well, you should know that nobody thinks they're a good deal. Say the gas bill is a month past due, and they're threatening to turn it off (if so, it's $150 to get it reconnected). Or you're about to be late on a credit card payment (which would be a fee and a doubling of your interest rate). Or your favorite S whip broke, and Whipfest is coming up (entry fee is nonrefundable). That is when you find yourself swallowing your pride and heading to the payday loan place. A standard 14 day "payday" loan charges $15.50 per $100 borrowed. So a $500 loan ends up being $577.50 (or 1.5 tanks of gas in interest). But if you don't have it after 14 days, that's fine they offer to extend your loan to 180 days. It makes the payments miniscule. Oh, and you'll be paying back $1,275 at 403.10 percent APR. All right, let's say you wisen up. You save and cut back. You resist an offer to, say, buy a computer on Best Buy's finance plan, because you're too smart to take on more debt. And no monthly cell phone payments for you, oh no. You're not going to put yourself in a hole again! 315297 062 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro Silver Sport Red Light Graphite Orange Peel The new telecom companies marching into an overcrowded market face a tough mission: finding the consumer at a profit Red hot. That probably best describes the state of the telecom business in India. And it is visibly overwhelming too. Advertisements selling telecom offerings have sprung up in the unlikeliest of places. With telecom service providers clocking up Rs 1,50,000 crore in business it is double the size of the FMCG industry the excitement is palpable. There are 12 players, slugging it out (both nationally and locally). And four more are waiting in the wings. What are they betting on? afaqs! tries to make sense of the clamour in the telecom jungle. The growth of telecom has come mainly on the back of mobile telephony subscriptions, which are going up by around 10 per cent every quarter. In the first half of 2009 10, mobile phone operators (GSM and CDMA) added 80 million subscribers, taking the subscribers' base to 470 million. The sobering fact is that the monthly ARPU (average revenue per user) for a telecom operator is declining. In the GSM category, ARPU went down by 10 per cent from Rs 205 in January March 2009 to Rs 185 in April June 2009, while in CDMA where it was already low ARPU declined by 7.2 per cent to Rs 92 in the same period. The industry has taken note of this. In fact, Sanjeev Agha, managing director, Idea Cellular went on record warning the industry of a sectoral bubble. But threat of bursting bubbles is not holding back those in the fray. Of the 12 players in the field, two (Aircel and MTS) have gone national, two have launched or expanded their GSM services (Reliance Communication and Tata Teleservices), while a new bunch of four (Datacom from Videocon, UniNor a JV between Unitech and Telenor, Etilsalat Swan Telecom and the S Tel Batelco JV) are readying themselves for the coming battle. Aggressive advertising is the name of the game. Airtel, the biggest spender in this category, invests around Rs 950 crore (according to Spatial Access) in advertising, while Vodafone spends around Rs 750 crore. Even Idea a comparatively smaller player has a budget of Rs 400 crore. This means that even if the newer brands (seven, including the four who are set to jump in) spend around Rs 400 crore each, the category is expected to contribute around Rs 3,000 crore more. Besides, the existing players should increase their advertising and media budget by at least 10 per cent by next year to Rs 4,500 odd crore. As a result, advertising and media spend by telecom could touch Rs 7,500 crore, a lion's share of the total media and advertising spends in India. When Aircel went national earlier this year, it launched a campaign highlighting advanced value added services and was clearly aimed at high end users. Surprisingly so, because mobile penetration was already very high in this segment, and new consumers were expected to come from the bottom of the pyramid. Interestingly, the other brands which were launched or expanded subsequently also adopted a similar route, be it GSM service provider Tata Docomo or CDMA operator, MTS. The newer players refrained from talking about price in the initial phase of their communication beause they did not want to alienate any consumer segment. And speaking directly to the low end would have alienated the higher end consumers. Also, the brands believed that talking to the top end would pull in consumers at the bottom of the pyramid. In fact, this strategy works especially well for the telecom sector, where a single brand caters to two extreme ends of the consumer base. What these new players were also banking on was that the attrition rate in India is one of the highest in the world around 30 per cent of users change operators every year. This is because India is predominately a pre paid market (around 80 90 per cent), where the subscriber is may well change his service provider, every time he goes to local outlet to recharge his subscription. Moreover, the trend of multiple SIM cards was fast catching up, thanks to the virtually zero cost of acquiring a new SIM. The consumer today prefers to use different SIM cards depending on his need. For instance, if a particular service provider offers cheap STD call rates at night, a subscriber might buy this service just for this. Even high end consumers use multiple SIM cards or services, lured by the attractiveness of the scheme. For instance, a high end consumer may use Airtel or Vodafone post paid service for voice, but for mobile internet connection, he might opt for a CDMA operator. MTS, the brand launched by Russian company Sistema and Shyam Telelinks, hopes to get 70 per cent of its revenue from voice calls. The rest will come from data and other value added services (VAS). This is why, in its communication, it put the consumer at the centre with multiple hands representing an urban centric consumer who takes up multi tasking and has multiple needs. Telecom players are desperately promoting VAS (it includes ringtones, caller tunes and SMS, among other things), which, in India, still don't contribute more than 15 per cent to a telecom operator's revenue. In comparison, China's mobile companies earn, on an average, about 29 per cent of their revenues from value added services. In the Philippines, where women use Blackberry phones as chatting devices, that figure is as high as 40 per cent. The present communication strategy of telecom players is also in anticipation of the future market conditions that might develop after number portability (the deadline for implementation of the first phase is December 31) is in place (the subscriber can change his service provider without surrendering his number). Many newer players expect the churn out amongst post paid customers to go up substantially. Besides, the introduction of 3G will open up new opportunities and services. MTS plans to set up 2,000 branded outlets across five circles so that the consumer can 'experience' the brand. Besides, the company is also banking on multi brand shops in various localities keeping in mind the fact that if a customer has to travel a kilometre extra every month to get his cash card recharged, he might even change the service. Newer brands need a distribution network that matches any FMCG brand's. That becomes imperative because it is almost impossible for a consumer to differentiate between operators, even in terms of services, packages and tariff plans. Brand imagery, brand perception and brand familiarity become the deciding factor. Admits Pradeep Shrivastava, CMO, Idea Cellular, "Though Idea is a familiar brand across the country, it still faced a huge challenge in the newer circles that it entered. So you can imagine the fate of new brands." The newer players are doing everything to get maximum visibility through outdoors or innovative marketing. For instance, MTS, on the day of its launch in the capital, paid for the free passage of vehicles at the DND Toll Gate, Noida ensuring word of mouth publicity. Meanwhile, the existing players are going strong on the message of reliability and trust. Theme based advertising has become the order of the day, whether it is Airtel's conversation about its network of 110 million people or about Tata Indicom's push through 'Suno Dil Ki Awaaz'. Tata Teleservices (it offers both GSM and CDMA services) wants to position Tata Docomo as a 'young' and 'value to the customer' brand, while Tata Teleservices caters to the growing data demand (CDMA players claim that their services are more suitable for data). Talking about the peculiarity of advertising in this sector, K V Sridhar, national creative director, Leo Burnett, says, "When everyone talks about FMCG isation of the telecom category in terms of the advertising patterns of the categories, the only similarity is that both FMCG and telecom have a wide range of products and services to offer under the main brand. But on the advertising front, they are the opposite! Telecom ads are more intuition based, reacting and responding swiftly to market changes in as little as a week. FMCG advertising is more of strategy based which takes months to take shape after full fledged research." According to marketing heads of telecom service providers, television is the favourite medium (more than 50 per cent of the spend goes to TV) for telecom brands, especially those that have gone national. Brands that are strong in the southern or eastern region rely heavily on regional television. However, what's interesting is that a large chunk of the media spends of new players almost 25 per cent of their media spending budget or Rs 700 crore will go to OOH. This could be a crucial boost for the outdoor medium. Digital media too finds a place in the mix as does in store brand messaging, when it comes to converting a prospective consumer at the point of sale. In India, nothing sells like cricket. Telecom players seem to have picked up the lesson well enough, and very much in time. Purchasing properties and sponsorship rights for various events are on the cards for all top companies. Though all new players began with communicating their technological advancements and enhanced services, talking about the price war or a more attractive package could not be avoided for long because the new consumers will have to come from semi urban and rural areas. Some estimates declare that every second new consumer will come from this segment. Price will be a plank telecom operators have to use for some time. "Tariffs will go down further. It's there in the local calls and STD calls as of now. You would probably see it further in ISD as well. That will keep happening till someone is able to differentiate in terms of their service offering," points out Romal Shetty, head of telecom, KPMG. Tata Docomo, a GSM service provider, launched in April this year, introduced a per second tariff plan instead of per minute, though it did not communicate the same in the initial phase. It wasn't an untried tactic, but per second pricing hadn't caught on in the past. Says Gurinder Singh Sandhu, head marketing, Tata Docomo, "We refrained from communicating the scheme initially because we wanted the consumer to realise it himself." Soon others old and new were forced to adopt it, though it meant an estimated 20 per cent drop in voice revenue. Pay per second became the biggest thing to hit the market after the lifetime validity plan for Rs 999 was introduced in 2005. What the industry pundits say is that the scheme became popular because of its transparency. After Tata Docomo, Aircel launched the plan in Kolkata, while MTS followed suit in Delhi. State owned BSNL also went for the per second plan in Karnataka, while Aircel added Orissa. Idea, Vodafone, Reliance and Airtel then joined the gang. Others like Reliance pushed the price war further with one single tariff plan of 1 paisa per second irrespective of the location of the customer or the network he is talking to. Tata Docomo also introduced a pay per word SMS service. Many industry practitioners believe that the players are scraping the bottom of the barrel for low pricing options, which are not sustainable in the long run. They feel that supply is outstripping the demand and it is hurting business. With profit and loss figures of telecom service providers for 2008 09 showing revenues slowing down, what will happen when more competition enters? "In the near future, some companies will have to merge or get acquired. The Indian telecom market cannot accommodate more than seven players," predicts Shetty of KPMG. The older players in mobile telephony like to believe that the consumer does not want cheaper price. Instead, she wants uninterrupted, enhanced services for a competitive and reasonable price. For instance, a consumer in the metros wants no call drops even if she is in a basement or a lift.

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