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I trained as an architect, before completing my PhD in 1990 on the representation of architecture in the UK national press still the only study of its kind. I have worked as an architectural journalist full time and part time, in both specialist, national and international press and UK newspapers. In 1992 I began teaching architectural design, first on degree at the University of Greenwich and then from 2000 on Diploma (now MArch) at the University of Westminster, in a long term teaching collaboration with Sean Griffiths of Fashion Architecture Taste (FAT). In 2003, I set up EXP, the Research Centre for Experimental Practice in the University of Westminster. EXP's inventive projects include the Archigram Archival Project, a new kind of online design archive making the full range of the work of the hugely influential design group Archigram available online for both academic research and casual media users. I was Principal Investigator on this widely acclaimed project. I have written and contributed to many books including the Supercrit series, Architects Today, The House Book, the tourist guide to the London Eye, and books on architects including Cedric Price, O'Donnell and Tuomey and Terry Farrell, as well as writing hundred of articles, reviews and building studies. Since 2003, I have has been working on research for Another Country: The Architecture of the Novel, which re explores some of England's most famous imaginary environments. I run a design studio in the post graduate MArch at Westminster with Sean Griffiths of FAT. The studio's work aims to be both highly experimental and challenging in terms of its thinking and extremely well thought through in terms of its design development and presentation. Design Studio Fifteen's work can be found here. My individual research began in the 1980s with my PhD on the way that architecture was covered in the UK national Press, and is still the only study of its kind. I later recieved Arts Council funding to develop this as a book, and it became the basis of my collection of essays exploring the relationship between architecture and representation, This Is Not Architecture, (Routledge, 2002). In 2003, I set up the Research Centre for Experimental Practice at the University of Westminster, which was designed to research, archive and support the experimental projects through which architectural practice and thinking evolves. One of the first projects which EXP set up was the popular Supercrit series, in which we brought leading architectural figures like Rem Koolhaas, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Richard Rogers and Bernard Tschumi, back into the studio to present one of their most famous projects to a studio 'crit' panel of international experts and an audience of students. These events were then recorded and developed for publication extending both the descriptive information and the critical debate. Supercrits 1 4 were published by Routledge as books which I co wrote with Samantha Hardingham. Supercrits5 7 are available in annotated online format from October 2013, in a new website which now presents the whole series. EXP's other major project is the widely acclaimed Archigram Archival Project, which made the works of the seminal experimental architectural group Archigram available free online for an academic and general audience. It was a major archival work, as well as a new kind of academic archive, being purely digital displaying material held in different places around the world and privately and variously owned. It was aimed at a wide online design community, discovering it through Google or social media, as well as a traditional academic audience, and it has been widely acclaimed in both fields. The project was funded by an AHRC grant of 304,000. I was Principal Investigator on the project. I am a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (FRIBA) and a member of the international committee of Architectural Critics CICA. This is a selection of publications, more can be found on WestminsterResearch, our online research repository. Bernard Tschumi: Parc de la Villette Hardingham, Samantha and Rattenbury, Kester, eds. (2012) Bernard Tschumi: Parc de la Villette. Supercrit, 4 . Routledge. ISBN 9780415457880 Too good to be true: the survival of English everyday PoMo Rattenbury, Kester (2011) Too good to be true: the survival of English everyday PoMo. Architectural Design, 81 (5). pp. 106 113. ISSN 0003 8504 Richard Rogers: Centre Pompidou Rattenbury, Kester and Hardingham, Samantha, eds. (2011) Richard Rogers: Centre Pompidou. Supercrit, 3 . Routledge. ISBN 9780415457866 Cedric Price: potteries thinkbelt Rattenbury, Kester and Hardingham, Samantha, eds. (2007) Cedric Price: potteries thinkbelt. Supercrit, 1 . London, UK, Routledge. ISBN 9780415434126 Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown: learning from Las Vegas Rattenbury, Kester and Hardingham, Samantha, eds. (2007) Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown: learning from Las Vegas. Supercrit, 2 . London, UK, Routledge. ISBN 9780415434140 Architects today: the hundred greatest living architects Rattenbury, Kester and Bevan, Robert and Long, Kieran (2005) Architects today: the hundred greatest living architects. Laurence King, London, UK. ISBN 1856693694Rattenbury, Kester (2004) . In: Farrell, Terry, (ed.) Place: a story of modelmaking, menageries and paper rounds; Terry Farrell: life and work: early years to 1981. Laurence King Publishing Ltd, London, UK, pp. 277 284. 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While vegans follow a meat and dairy free lifestyle, all while not wearing or using things made from animals, militant vegans take it a step further. Way further. Militant vegans participate in public demonstrations and protests to spread their message and promote their lifestyle. In some instances, this message is conveyed by breaking into animal shelters and testing facilities to "Liberate" the animals therein. These actions are what separate militant vegans from regular vegans. Some militant vegans also preach their values to those who eat meat and assume a moral high ground in a way to persuade them to their side. This is counter productive at times because they come off looking like a smug douche, which people generally aren't receptive to groups of douche bags. Militant vegans have their share of music and media to support their lifestyle. Hardcore bands like Earth Crisis, Children of Gaia, and Tamora have radical lyrics and serve as an anthem for militant and rebellious acts. 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Full Of Unique Look Of 316324 481 Nike Air Jordan 8 VIII Retro LS Lifestyle,308497 101 Nike Air Jordan 4 IV Retro White Chrome Classic Green Graffiti has been around since man has had the capability to draw. In fact, the Alexamenos graffito is a piece of graffiti that is believed to be the earliest known representation or drawing of Jesus Christ. Graffiti has evolved with the evolution of art and new painting techniques. If you've ever wanted to take part in the graffiti subculture, but never knew how, making a graffiti marker could be the step you need to take. Using a few common materials around your house, you can have a homemade graffiti maker in just a few minutes. Use your sharp knife (or a razor blade) to remove a long piece of the dry erase board eraser. The piece should still be as long as the eraser, but only about 1/8 to inch thick once you remove it. Roll this piece up tightly to see if it will fit in the top of the glue stick tube. You should have to struggle a bit to get it in, as this will ensure no ink comes through any air holes. If the material needs to be thicker, add another layer and try again. If the material appears to be too thick, try rolling it a little more tighter, and if this doesn't work, cut off a small amount (either from the length or thickness). Once you are certain the dry erase eraser material fits snugly, set it aside. Marker stones provide a simple alternative to commercially produced signs and markers. Rustic, economical and attractive, markers made from stones work very. How to Make a Glue Stick Marker How to Make Homemade Graffiti Markers; How to Make Homemade Glue Sticks; Print this article; Things You Need. Glue stick; Tampon; Scissors;. How to Get Free Graffiti Supplies How to Get Free Graffiti Supplies; How to Make Homemade Graffiti Markers; Print this article; Things You Need. Ink; Shoe polish bottle;. How to Draw Graffiti in Ink Graffiti is a style of art that has been popular in urban cultures for decades. The Internet has played a big role. 316324 481 Nike Air Jordan 8 VIII Retro LS Lifestyle How to Become a better runner with basic running techniques First, as you run you need to maintain good breathing techniques. Therefore, it is important to look straight forward, not clench your jaw but keep it relaxed, and just breath in a natural manner, not worrying about whether you are breathing through your mouth, or nose, nor other respiratory concerns. It is important to remember "that your body naturally finds the most efficient and effect way to run." Consequently, you should let your body guide your style. Next, you need to maintain a good upper body posture when you run. You need to run with your shoulders relaxed and your arms by your side and moving in stride with your legs as you run. Then, you need to work on your lower body posture. Make sure you are running straight up, not bent forward. You need to have a quick "foot strike" as you run, and maintain a moderate stride length, not too short or long for your body. Are you an avid runner who jogged almost every day since your twenties but have found recently that you just can run as long, or that you start to feel pain more easily? Then check out this running video for a helpful series of technique drills that will help you strengthen your muscles and correct your form. Masters stars Pete Magill, Ceci St. Geme, Christian Cushing murray, and Grace Padilla guide us through a series of form drills chosen to help "older" runners regain and maintain their best running form. In this video from yelkaim1 we learn how to do a workout for runners that will increase speed. Lateral lunges are important in running. It prevents knee related issues with runners. Drop the weight straight down on the inside of the ankle. Do this exercise on both legs. The plank as well is great for runners. Keep your abdominals tight. That the key to this movement. Another exercise is one leg alternating bicep curls. Anytime on one leg you are doing a great core exercise. Next is a side bridge with leg raise. On your side lift one leg up, while resting on your forearm. These exercises will. Not stretching after a good run will definitively set you up for injury or muscular pain. While stretching before a workout lubricates your joints to prepare them for work, stretching afterwards helps prevent you from building too much bulk so you get long, lean muscles, and so your tensed up muscles can relax again. Masters coach Pete Magill and star runner Grace Padilla demonstrate a 15 minute post run routine guaranteed to leave you fully recovered from today workout and ready to run again tomorrow. Ugh, the dreaded shin splints. Almost any habitual runner has experienced it: a sharp, tight pain in your shins that jolts you uncomfortably every time you move. 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