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Something had to give Thursday when the short handed Monmouth University men basketball team visited struggling St. Francis, Pa. in a Northeast Conference game. It was the Hawks who blinked first. St. Francis, Pa. made four 3 point baskets to race to an early lead as the Red Flash snapped an 11 game losing streak with a 70 54 victory in Loretto, Pa. Monmouth (5 12, 1 4), dropped into a last place tie in the 12 team NEC with St. Francis as it lost for the seventh time in eight games. It fell to 0 6 on the road and to 0 3 since four players were suspended indefinitely for academic reasons. St. Francis (3 13, 1 4), had not won since its last home game Nov. 20 when it defeated Bucknell as it improved to 3 1 at the DeGol Arena. came out the first few possessions and turned the ball over and we just struggled offensively from the get go, Monmouth coach Dave Calloway said. St. Francis shot its way to a 38 19 lead at the half as sophomore forward Will Felder made 3 from beyond the arc. fell behind, we kept fighting to the end, but you just can fall behind by that many (points) especially on the road, Calloway said. Monmouth got no closer than 12 points with 12:40 remaining on a a 3 point play by James Hett. Monmouth got 18 points, eight rebounds, and three assists from junior forward Mike Myers Keitt but shot only 2 for 16 from 3 point range. Ed Waite added 11 points and Marcus Ware managed his second 10 point game in a row and pulled down eight rebounds. have a good group of guys, they haven quit on each other, they trying to do the right things, Calloway said. happening is I think guys are trying to do a little extra on their own. Thursday marked the first game this season in which the Hawks were soundly defeated by a team other than by a time opponent. played well most of the year, Calloway said. have some poor games, especially when you go on the road. just got to keep working. They could have given up in the second half, they didn I don expect any quit from these guys. got to bounce back tomorrow (Friday in practice. Saturday at Robert Morris (7 9, 3 2). Thursday Monmouth faltered defensively against the Red Flash which came into the game averaging 58.9 ppg, ahead of only Momouth in the 12 team NEC. They had also not scored more than 58 points in its last six games and were next to last in 3 point shooting (.278) to Fairleigh Dickinson but made 10 Thursday. They were last among NEC teams in scoring margin ( 16). It time to do the right thing for the kids still in uniform and end this nonsense over the coaching situation when the team gets back from Pennsylvania. The coach should be removed early next week and Krayl should be installed as the interim coach for the rest of the season. That will free the kids up to just play the rest of the season without having to deal with the coaching situation over their head. It is now very obvious the rest of the season is going to be a disaster and that this coach should not be back next year anyway, so let put everybody out of their misery now and begin the process of getting a new coach ASAP. Krayl is the right man to hold the fort down and restore some semblance of competence in the program the rest of the season. He did it before when Kornegay resigned in the 1986 87 season. And it no secret Krayl was offered the interim position over this coach when Szoke resigned in the middle of the 1998 season. Making Krayl the interim coach the rest of the season might rally some of us disgruntled alumni around the team the rest of the season, too. It is obvious this coach has become such a diversive force amongst those of us who really care about this program. I don know if Krayl is the guy, but the interim coach scenario looks pretty attractive after this embarrassment. Dave tried this year, but it clear that he a goner at the end of the year (barring complete incompetence from his superiors) and a move to get him out as soon as possible would, if nothing else, symbolize that the higher ups understand that what going on is unacceptable. I was hesitant to lump our AD into those who need to go when it was figured by most sensible folks around here that the program needed to look in a different direction for its head coach at the end of last season, but I think she really needs to be reevaluated after such a gross miscalculation, and one that many people here saw coming, at that. I know we not supposed to make mention of what Calloway salary is thought to be, but regardless if it the amount listed on those documents or if it less, it still a fraction of the overall cost of the program. It was a HUGE risk that didn pay off, and for as many people there are who (rightly) blame Dave for the shape the men basketball program is in right now, I in agreement with those who feel that our AD needs to be made accountable as well. I actually turned the game off with 5 mins left. I pretty speechless now with what is happening. Every game these teams all jump all over us right from the start and we spend the entire game fighting back. Our guys end up running out of steam and then fatigue puts us away, game over. This was painful to listen to. Tony, in your opinion do we gain anything by releasing a coach mid season? Personally I don think Dave would ever do it on his own and it would certainly be a bold move for Marilyn to do it. 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How to Repair a Lacquer Finish Lacquer finish commonly used for finishing furniture and other fine woodwork is durable and attractive. Over time, the finish may. Finished wood, even wood that has a protective coating, is susceptible to damage from dings, gouges and scratches. A scratch in the. 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Sell Cheap And Top Quality Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar,Air Jordan 6 Carmine 2014 Shoe Goo is a glue used specifically for repairs on shoes, and works on both the interior and exterior of the shoe. It is made to secure loose or torn parts of the shoe, especially insoles. This glue will stick just about any two surfaces together, ranging from rubber to cloth to leather. Shoe Goo is waterproof as well, so if the shoe is immersed in water, the glue will not dissolve and release the insole. Shoe Goo is sold in 3.7 ounce and 1 ounce tubes at many hardware stores. It can also be ordered online. Barge All Purpose Rubber Cement will effectively attach insoles to the bottom of a shoe. This rubber cement is long lasting and bonds to just about anything, ranging from plastics to rubbers to leathers to cork to cloth materials. It is easily spreadable and will not freeze or melt even under extreme temperatures. The glue is also waterproof, so that direct contact with water or excessive amounts of moisture will not cause insoles to become loose. Barge all purpose cement can be bought in small two ounce tubes in hardware stores or online. Chemical vulcanizing cement is used to glue parts of rubber car tires together to temporarily patch them so that they can still be driven from place to place. This incredibly strong glue can also reattach insoles to the bottoms of shoes, though it's best if the bottom of the insole is rubber and the bottom of the shoe is rubber, as the glue is meant primarily for rubber surfaces. That said, it can work with most surfaces inside the bottom of a shoe. It is also made to resist heat, cold, water and wear and tear as it is meant for a surface that undergoes much more strain than a person's foot. How to Glue Inserts Into Carbon Arrows Carbon arrows are lighter in weight than wooden or aluminum arrows. This weight reduction allows carbon arrows to travel farther and faster,. How to Get Rid of Smelly Insoles in Shoes How to Get Rid of Smelly Insoles in Shoes. . Many athletic shoes glue their soles into the bottom, and with a. How to Repair a Shoe Sole How to Repair a Leather Shoe Sole With Glue; How to Repair Shoe Soles; Comments View all 9 Comments. Arumugam Sep 10,. The Best Shoe Inserts for Arch Support Spenco inserts can also be moved from one pair of shoes to another because they do not need any adhesive to stay. How to Glue the Innersole of a Shoe How to Glue the Innersole of a Shoe. A well made pair of shoes is a long term investment. . If there is enough. Kinds of Glue to Repair Running Shoes Most running shoes are designed to be long lasting with comfort and flexibility as some of their top priorities. Unfortunately, even the best. How to Add Arch Support to Shoes Glue; Show More. Instructions. Find the Right Support. 1. . Insoles cover the entire length of the shoe, and heel supports focus. How to Repair Shoe Soles Gluing the sole of your shoe may seem easy enough, but depending on the type of shoe sole and adhesive, . How. How to Fix the Sole of Your Shoe How to Glue a Shoe Sole. . Unfortunately, even the best. About Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes. Is your baby learning to walk. How to Use a Glue Gun to Repair Shoe Soles Shoes of all styles, from pumps to work boots need repair eventually. One common problem that you can fix yourself is a. How to Repair Replacement Shoe Soles With Glue All shoes begin to wear thin on the soles sooner or later, and if they are favorites, you may want to repair. How to Repair a Leather Shoe Sole With Glue The sole of a shoe can pull away from the insole for a variety of reasons, including general wear, difficult or inclement. How to Remove a Soccer Shoe Insole How to Remove a Soccer Shoe Insole. . The insole will strip away from the shoe as the glue breaks. When the. Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Kenny website hacked by extremistsUp to 4,000 people across the country could have had their personal details exposed to malicious hackers after the breach at the weekend which downed the site for a number of days. The new website was designed to allow leader Enda Kenny get more in touch with the electorate and gauge the opinion of the voters. Four thousand people's names, e mail addresses and mobile numbers could now be in the hands of the hackers. The hackers released a statement on the webpage stating that Fine Gael was using propaganda to put forward a message on the website and that is was not a public forum as advertised. "Nothing is safe, you put your faith in this political party and they take no measures to protect you. They offer you free speech yet they censor your voice. Wake Up," the statement read. A Fine Gael spokesperson denied that the website was censoring comments and that all content needed to be moderated to ensure it was not libelous. The site asks three questions 'What do you think of Ireland's current problems?', 'How can we improve the country?' and 'How can we (Fine Gael) earn your support?'. One local man from Ballinrobe, David Hall, had this to say on the home page which is open to the public: "Let's have serious politics and cut out stroke politics. Run the country, not the local clinics. Support tourism and infrastructure which in turn will support local business and local people." People who interact with the site are asked to write down their feelings about the country and its governance along with their name, e mail, mobile and constituency and people are able to read your views and answer questions you pose to the public and Fine Gael. The new website is an effort to bring Enda Kenny to the public more after successive polls placed him behind Eamon Gilmore in popularity with the electorate. "One of the big failings of public representatives is that they often talk too much and don't listen enough. As well as talking to the public about our ideas and plans, I believe it is vital that we also listen to what they have to say. The new Fine Gael website aims to achieve this. It is part of an online information gathering exercise where individuals share their comments and in turn, we can learn from the views expressed on the website. "This is a unique opportunity for the public to communicate with their public representatives and allow Fine Gael to respond to the views expressed. This is a nationwide undertaking where the people of Mayo can make their voices heard in advance of the General Election," Deputy Kenny stated. The majority of comments on the site are anti Fianna Fil, though some are seen to be in opposition to Fine Gael rhetoric also.

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