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What to look for on the inside of a genuine Gucci shoe: Each authentic Gucci shoe is given an eight digit serial number that is stamped on the shoe's leather lining. All serial numbers are exactly eight digits long, so count before you buy! This serial number should be discreet; it is usually placed on the inside of the shoe next to the shoe size. The "Gucci" brand should be stamped inside the shoe on the heel. Next to the brand name should be a stamp saying "Made in Italy". Both of these stamps should be easily visible. A genuine designer shoe will almost never cover up the designer name, so if for some reason the "Gucci" stamp is cut off or obscured, chances are the shoe is a fake. Finally, Gucci shoes are lined with leather. The vendor of a genuine Gucci shoe will be aware of this fact. What to look for on the sole of a genuine Gucci shoe: The sole of an authentic Gucci shoe should be leather. Again, an honest vendor should be able to easily answer any of these sorts of questions. In fact, a good way to test the waters if you are suspicious is to ask a series of detailed questions regarding the shoes you want to buy (make sure you know the correct answers!) and then see how your vendor responds. The soles of Gucci shoes vary with gender. Women's Gucci shoes will have the words "Gucci" and "Made in Italy" stamped on the bottom of the shoe. A man's Gucci shoe may be stamped, or it may have a silver plate engraved with the brand name. What to look for in the packaging of a genuine Gucci shoe: Genuine Gucci shoes usually come in dark brown dust bags. The bags are printed with the "double G" logo. The shoebox is also a dark brown and should have the word "Gucci" embossed on its lid. The lettering should be silver. 621958 090 Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Cool Grey Court Purple Game Royal Club Pink ,Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey 136064 002 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro Black Cat Black Dark Charcoal Black 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Away 653996 060 KD 7 Calm Before The Storm Grey Hyper Punch Light Magnet Grey 136013 001 Nike Air Jordan 4 IV Retro 1999 Black Cement Grey 136060 111 Cheap Air Jordan 1 Retro 2001 White White Midnight Navy 308497 110 Air Jordan 4 Fire Red Retro 2012 Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal This part is based upon so called friends as promised in part 1. Please understand that this next part is in no way meant to offend you or any of your friends. It is however meant to make you think about a few aspects of how friends can influence circumstances in many areas of our lives. Now it great to have good friends but how many of them have you also divorced over the years? The reason I say this is some really do need weeding out, because some friends, as you either know from experience or will learn from in the future are not always what and who they portray to be. A true friend will listen to you and be there for you always. If they ever do give advice then it should only be taken if you know this person can their talk You see it very easy to give others advice but if these people do not take their own medicine and demonstrate it, then to me that speaks volumes. Remember this, if your friends give you advice that does not work for you what will you do? Will they still be there for you? Will they be there on your lonely nights? Will they put you up for a few weeks or months if you lose your marital home? Will they pay your bills if you run into financial difficulties? It goes with out saying if you had a friend/friends like this then you are truly so lucky and you should do all you can for them also. Friends like this are hard to find so hang on to them by showing love and support always to them. If you are any thing like me then you won want to depend on any one if you can help it, but it important to know that IF you ever needed to accept help in this way that it would be genuinely there for you. You see, it the ones that always have an opinion on this and that and advice just flows from them continuously that you need to question as to if they would be such a friend in times of need. Unfortunately you will only really find this out when push comes to shove, but that the beauty of experience. What I am offering here is an in sight into what usually happens in many types of circles of friends. The worst aspect of advice from some friends is the financial advisors! Wow they all become experts on money and what is fair and what is not, its amazing how they all know what in your best interest. Its worth noting that your partners friends will also be doing and saying exactly the same things in ways of advice etc. Before you know it, it your friends that are running the show from the outside and it becomes Male friends versus Female friends and the two of you are just in the middle trying to make head and tale of what already an emotional and confusing time. You can find yourselves not doing what you feel but trying to please your friends and trying to follow their advice. If you find yourself in this position you may find your self doing as they say in fear that if you don that they will abandon you. DO NOT fall into this trap of false loyalty. I would suggest that you make your own decisions based on what you feel is fair or not. Use your heart felt intuitions and your own values and beliefs to decide on what it is right, what you feel and believe that you deserve and should have, make your own decisions. The reason I say this is what ever happens you will be able to own the results. You will learn from this and you can become a stronger individual. Its times like this that you can look at your values and beliefs (V/B) and decide if these such values/beliefs are once again serving you in this part of your life. We all need to be adaptable and be constantly analysing our V/B because what served you once may not be relevant at every stage of your life. Think about your V/B as a fashionable pair of shoes, they are fantastic at the time and may serve you for many years but there will be a time when you need to change them because they can not serve you forever without not fitting in with the changing world of fashion. Part 3 of 7 will focus on facing up to what you think divorce will achieve for you. But this was not the case for many, many years. I have had a very varied and colourful life to say the least. From the age of 13 I started to be controversial, unafraid, and outspoken at times. Nothing was too dangerous or beyond me. I had to be the one to do the " Dare " or be the first to jump in for the underdog. As long as it either brought me respect or earned me a laugh it was ok by me. I learnt to stand up for myself and since then, I have always done the same for people that were less confident than me, yes I was the one that would stick his nose in when others were too afraid for one reason or another. This had been due to many factors that I will not go into, but I can tell you that due to being bullied at an early age, going to 14 different schools, and having a rough upbringing has had an big impact on my values, beliefs, and also me as well. I do not complain about any of these issues above as they are the very reasons for what and who I am today. My main reason in my life now is to make I difference in other peoples lives, I have chosen coaching because in essence it is what I am all about. Through choosing this as my new profession I can both serve a purpose and make a humble living from it as well. My wish is to become so successful in the achievement in others that my practice increases ten fold. I hope that I resonate with you here and now and if so then it ' s ok for you to give me a call for a free 30 min consultation. Good Luck, God Bless. 621958 090 Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Cool Grey Court Purple Game Royal Club Pink,Creating a lens about something that is happening now is not only timely, it smart and likely to get you a lot of traffic, comments and the satisfaction of knowing you created an awesome lens. On Tuesday I did a little experiment to prove this point. I had seen a post on Mashable about how Candy Corn Oreos were going viral and people were crazed trying to find them so I immediately ran out to Target and got myself a bag and created this lens: Candy Corn Oreos: Awesome or Icky? 1) I cared. I am subscribed to several news feeds that I love Huffington Post, TechCrunch. Sites that share information about stuff that I care about. I happened to see an article about the Candy Corn Oreos and I was intrigued. I am a huge fan of Pop Culture so the popularity of these cookies drew my attention. 2) I tried the product. As soon as I could I ran out and got a bag of the Candy Corn Oreos to prove to my readers and I had actually tried the product. I included a review and a photo. If you reviewing a movie or event or new music release it a great practice to have first had experiences. 3) I went super niche. My lens is about Candy Corn Oreos. Not Double Stuff Oreos, not Chips Ahoy, not Oreo cookie socks. I stayed focused on my super niche topic. So the next time you see an event, product or something that going on right now act on it! But sure that you are invested, excited and engaged in your topic. Caring is the ultimate key to success. PS I took the intro photo myself. The thing (newer) lensmasters need to remember, though, is that a lens won pay out on tier rank until after that first month it created. So if you create a lens on something now if you don know that the topic will have lasting impact/traffic, you have to bank on getting sales commissions right away by promoting related products. Otherwise it really not worth much of anything longterm. With Squidoo I always try to plan and think ahead what is going to be now a few months down the line? When you can predict a future hot topic, that where success can really come from. Getting in too late in the game can mean a lot of traffic right after publishing, but no real reward in the long term Both lenses have been in the top tier and are still getting traffic, but only the Afro Circus has passed the 1 month mark for being eligible to get payments and has since dropped out of the top tier.

Cheap Authentic 621958 090 Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Cool Grey Court Purple Game Royal Club Pink,646701 001 Kobe 9 EM The wait lasted five games. Karnataka recorded their first outright win to spark life into an underwhelming Ranji season. Only two results were realistic going into the final day, as Delhi, set an improbable 410, were left fighting to save the match after losing three in a hurry the previous evening. Karnataka were held up by a century stand from the experienced duo of Mithun Manhas and Rajat Bhatia, but the wicket of Manhas opened the floodgates as Karnataka wrapped up the game not long after tea. Karnataka had early success in the morning when Mohit Sharma was caught behind off the fifth ball of the day. While there was no doubt about that dismissal, Delhi weren't convinced about the second wicket of the day, that of Vaibhav Rawal. Rawal edged to first slip, where KL Rahul took a sharp catch diving to his right. Rawal had his doubts if it had carried and hung around till the umpires conferred. He was adjudged out, much to Rawal and Delhi's annoyance; both were certain that it was a bump ball. It was left to Manhas and Bhatia to summon their experience and wear the bowlers down. Manhas was the more positive of the two, driving firmly down the ground and getting to his fifty before lunch with a pull to deep square leg. Delhi were five down at lunch, entering the phase where the batsmen had enjoyed the better of the conditions through the game. Delhi offered few chances after the break, though there was a confident appeal for a catch at slip when Manhas ducked to evade a short ball, with the ball lobbing off his arm. The Karnataka players got more vocal, and the seamers getting a few to beat the outside edge. Though it was the final day, pace was preferred over spin. HS Sharath, the right arm seamer, for a while bowled round the wicket to bounce the batsmen out. The turning point came shortly before tea when Manhas lost concentration and pulled Stuart Binny, miscuing it to Manish Pandey who back pedalled at square leg and took the catch. Karnataka's sharp catching ensured they never let the initiative slip after breaking the 110 run stand between Bhatia and Manhas. After tea, Kunal Kapoor took a sharp reflex catch at silly point to get rid of Bhatia as Karnataka edged closer. The fight had gone out of Delhi after Manhas' dismissal. After Bhatia was fone, it was just a matter of time before Karnataka took the final wicket to pick up six points and jump to sixth in the points table, after languishing at the bottom. Pity though that there were hardly any spectators to witness it, given the security restrictions. 621958 090 Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Cool Grey Court Purple Game Royal Club Pink This is a first article in a series devoted to exploring some of the less known but powerful and extremely useful features of the Lotus Notes client. Each article will cover five features related to different aspects of the Notes client, such as e mail, calendar and scheduling, instant messaging, productivity and word processing, and more. While the main focus will be the Notes client, I will try to mention the Web mail interface (iNotes) whenever it is relevant. Each section contains a video that demonstrates how to use the particular feature. Lotus Notes has been around for over 20 years, with its first release shipping in 1989 and selling more than 35,000 copies. Back then, the Notes client required DOS 3.1 or OS/2; MS Windows was unheard of and hardly used by anyone (not until 1992 when Windows 3.1 was released) , office was a place where people like me worked, and google was a word known only to mathematicians. From its conception Notes was packed with innovative concepts and rich functionality. Today, there are over 140 million users on Lotus Notes worldwide. While Notes went through 8 major releases evolving from proprietary software to standards based computing, one thing always remained constant. Each release was always packed with new features, and potentially unmatched by any other piece of software out there. Unfortunately, this was also its downside because all that cutting edge stuff required more powerful computers that most of the people had at the time. People often ended up running Notes on underperforming obsolete PCs only to find it slow and frustrating. If you find yourself in that group, please take a step back and ensure that your current computer not only meets the minimum hardware requirements to run Lotus Notes 8.5, but it exceeds them to deliver good performance. University of Windsor started using Lotus Notes in 1996 (release 4), and by 2000 it became the official communication and collaboration platform for all faculty and staff. Although not every faculty and staff member uses the Lotus Notes client itself today, everyone has an account on our Domino servers. As of today, the iNotes Web mail interface is the most popular among our faculty and staff with 77% having used iNotes at least once in 2010. In this group, 26% uses iNotes exclusively, and 51% uses it in combination with Lotus Notes (44%), or IMAP (3%) or both (4%). While iNotes came a long way since it was introduced in 1999, it still does not have all the functionality and choices that Lotus Notes offers. 54% of our user base used Lotus Notes at least once in 2010. In this group, only 6% uses Lotus Notes exclusively, and 48% uses Notes in combination with iNotes (44%) or IMAP/iNotes (4%). The least popular are Domino IMAP services. Less than 1% uses IMAP services exclusively, and 4% used it at least once in 2010 in combination with Lotus Notes and iNotes. This article focuses on Lotus Notes release 8.5 Standard. Some of the features discussed here were not available in earlier releases, or in release 8.5 Basic. You can move the contents of the current cell, or you can highlight entire row of cells and move it up or down the same way. To add a new row to your table, you don't really need to go through the menus. Simply put your cursor in the last cell of the last row of your existing table and push the Tab key. Starting with Notes 8.5.1, you can also enjoy the following convenient table editing options: drag column or row margins to resize drag the margins of the entire table to resize it drag the contents from one cell to another insert a new column or row by holding down the Shift key and double clicking the common border None of these features are available in iNotes, except moving text by dragging and dropping, and resizing table columns and rows. If you are still not using Lotus Notes to keep track of your schedule, you should consider it. You now have even more reasons for it because you can synchronize your Notes calendar with your smart phone (BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia), and you can integrate it with other popular calendars, such as Google. You can use Notes calendar to manage your work schedule, while you use Google Calendar to manage your personal schedule (if you don't want to keep them both in Notes). You can then overlay your personal calendar on the top of your work calendar in Lotus Notes, a solution that gives you the best of both worlds. All this is possible because of the Notes integration with iCalendar standard. Open your Notes 8.5 Standard calendar, click on "Add a Calendar (see Fig. 2) to be presented with a wide variety of different calendar types to add. If you have teenage kids, you may have noticed that they hardly use e mail. Their preferred method of communication these days is texting (SMS) and instant messaging (IM). But instant messaging isn't only for kids, as some people think. IM is becoming increasingly popular in the enterprise space. However, you would not use the same software to talk on line to your coworker as our kids use to talk to each other. Enterprise IM, such as Lotus Sametime that University of Windsor uses, is designed specifically for this environment. It provides greater security and some other features not found in products like MSN Messenger or Google Talk. It is also fully integrated with e mail and other applications within Lotus Notes and Domino. The Sametime panel located in the Notes 8 Standard sidebar includes a search bar where you can type someone's name to see if they are on line, and initiate an on line conversation (ie. "chat") with them. If you check the appropriate boxes, Notes will remember this information and log you in automatically next time you launch Notes. You can add names of the people that you often communicate with in your Sametime Contacts list. You can arrange them in groups, or add existing groups from our UWin directory. You can also carry on line conversations with more than one person at the time (ie. on line meetings). iNotes is also integrated with Sametime. This means that you can be using iNotes while you are travelling on your laptop or someone else's computer and have online conversations with your colleagues on campus to save on the cost of long distance calls. Sametime is also available for mobile devices, such as BlackBerry.

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