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Order Nike Air Foamposite One Knicks,Air Jordan 11 Ultimate Gift of Flight The current episode of Shazad Roy's "Wasu aur main" made me think that where things went wrong in Pakistan and how Balochistan has been deprived of the basic needs ever since independence. His interview with Mr. Jamali was short but one statement by Mr. Jamali was enough to learn the situation that most of the Sardars and Nawabs who rule the area have occupied the government or are government officials. The only sufferers are the people of Baluchistan; whether Hazars who are getting killed or missing locals were the bourgeois of Balochistan. Currently Baluchistan is going through the worse crises in its decades long history, some analysts are comparing it with the 1971 war state and terming it the next Bangladesh (God forbid). For a blogger, Balochistan's situation is a bit too complex to analyze but the root cause is not that difficult to point out looking at the state of affairs in the rural areas in Pakistan. The majority of Pakistan is ruling by the minority through a fake democratic process. Basic ideology of the democracy is that "majority rules" but if a landlord in Pakistan rules a village of 500 people and has been selected by rigging or forceful voting system doesn't make this a true democratic system. This makes Pakistan's democracy a fake one run by the feudal lords and landlords. For me, the system should be called 2% of elite or upper class which should be called 'Feudo Democracy'; the combination of feudal and democracy. In Pakistan, for years big political parties are playing a "marry goes round a chair" in the Parliament on the name of democracy. The rulers who are 2% of elite make their rules called 'Constitution' for their own interests and impose it on the 98% of the people who are living on poverty line or below it. They strong opposition for the legislation likes agriculture tax and land reform bills are suppressing the people. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto launched the biggest democratic party under a famous slogan of "Roti, Kapra, aur Makaan" for poor but the party's command and control was kept in his own hands with the followers like Makhdooms, Jataois, Bhuttos and Talpurs. After Benazir Bhutto's death, the party's leadership was transferred undemocratically to Bilawal Zardari. Other parties like Muslim league of Sharif Brothers and Chaudhry brothers have also highlighted with the same system of transferring the command and control to the leaders' children like Maryam Nawaz, Hamza Shahbaz and Monis Ellahi respectively. The elections among Domkis and Bajaraanis in Kashmore are an example of feudo democratic elections for many years that how they are contesting in fake elections. The system in Pakistan through these feudal lords Parliamentarians has become a worse form of bounded labors in which they are operating private jails in their rural areas, the schools have turned into their Jirga places or barns for their animals and women are getting killed by the name of custom killings called "karo kaari". Women like Firdous aashiq Aiwan, Asma Arbab Alamgir and Tehmina Doltana have been effectively working for human rights violation against women in rural areas. Most of these ladies are daughters and wives to the feudal leaders and speak for the flourishing of their feudal system. Many of them are rivals in politics but related to each other through inter marriages and businesses. This means they are running both sides of the coin. Currently PTI is raising the voice against feudal Lords' system but MQM is promoting "middle class rules" for more than 30 year by sending the common people of Karachi and Hyderabad in the Parliament and this is what we exactly need in rural areas too. What Pakistan needs is free judiciary with free and fair elections; so the nation can vote freely and live freely and prosper under a Constitution which is purely made for the 98% of the people of Pakistan. Farheen: It is good to identify faults but without prescribing remedies it remains a futile exercise. Musharraf also came to sanitise what he called Sham Democracy. At the end, he had conducted of all Elections but, factually, brought Zardari and his obnoxious allies including MQM, giving us the of all Fake Democracies people like you, I can suggest a simple prescription. Just start rejecting every one who carries and boasts of a feudal with his/her name. Those who take pride in giving prominence to their names by the their feudal backgrounds, can never ever lift a finger for the welfare of their Kummies (those born to do donkey works for them) they love to derogatorily call Kammeens (sordid and abject). For your information, Altaf Hussain of MQM enforces a Dum Challah of Bhai or Pir Sahib and that alone makes him liable to proscription. Factual analyses nicely projected by Farheen Rizvi in her article. The prescription by respected M Saeed and Taj Ahmed need clarification. We are all attached with our old family names and bradaries and Sir name prides etc. These all come inheritage of territorial recognition, feudal system, Kings or religious background and British colonial system. In old days knowledge and litracy were remained the property of Rulers, Kings etc. What we learn in History, 90% material is based on what the Kings, Dictators, Lords allowed to remain the Libraries only. In old Imperial system religions always used by the rulers to slave the common peoples and named and shelter his personal government under the religions. Muslim Kings, Raja and Dictators named their government Islamic government, Hindu Kings, Raja name their government is Hindu governments, Christian Kings and Dictator named them Christian and used Musjid, Mundir and Churches for their own vicious interests. Oath taking system is best system to bound the peoples to be loyal to Kings to slave their own peoples. The same procedure with some new names and titles is still prevails. The democracy is a fake dream of a common man. Who will change the system and why? How peeples get rid of their As far as Army concerned, feudal lord very cunningly inserted their strong representation in the Army. How army can capture that ill minded Sardars and Nawabs? In our democracy peoples have only one day to opine when they cast their votes in five years and in remaining period they are just only a spectator of the fate of their vote. The have no check and fire power at all. The cities are the places of a country where wise and educated peoples accumulated who may be capable to make some changes but feudal lord occupied them, they kept of cities disturbed, detorioted and burning by planning conspiracies of ethinic riots, religious riots, hatred and kept bad law and order situation. Moreover kept the peoples hand to mounth by continued inflation. The enamies getting full advantage of our internal weakness. After 1971 was India spared no chance to damage our country resulting we called the most unsafe country in the world. No international events are organized in Pakistan either it is sport, business entertainment or political. As I wrote in my many previous comments in Aman ki Aysha if the negative political element of India is succeeded to divide Pakistan in more pieces, India would enhance its more problems and USA would never let India to benefit her by the natural resources of Pakistan and after that the second number will surely be of India division in many countries. because the USA policies is to and loot as US had never support any democratic country in the world. To suck the resources of a demoractic country is very difficult than a small dictorship. It is the need of India to have peaceful, friendly, prosperious, cooperative neighbouring country as neighber can not be changed. It is only one Pakistan, if divided their will be many Pakistan or dictatorship to handle for India. Feudal lords of Pakistan must understand that they are happened into being is because of Pakistan and after that they will be no more. Let the peoples of the cities specially Karachi to play their positive role in the politice to save the country. Let the Karachi a representative of all the peoples of Pakistan through giving it a status of Province. Urdu is the language of all Pakistan and India specially of Muslims. Everybody in Karachi speaks Urdu they are all Urdu speaking. Karachi is city of peoples migrated from all parts of Pakistan and Muslim minority provinces of India, creating a culture of brotherhood, equality, justice, love that would become the strong tie of Unity of Pakistan. where the freedom there is development and education and where is lord or feudal system there is only illetrecy,pourty,and mountain of the problems. in 2000 ceturees we couldn decided where we have to go unfortunatley our peoples still supporting those sardars,jagirdars,lords, and those who are realy blonging with them even they are not facing same problem, there is no similarities of their cultur. once we need to educate our peoples and awake the peoples then its possible to get some thing possitive for them. I will like to comment on the last part of the article everybody dreams of free and fair elections with fair people elected serving just the people without any selfish motives but dreams are mare fascinations that seldom turn into reality. Same is the case with democracy it is just a system of indoctrination designed by the elite of the world to impart a sense into people that they are the one who select individuals and rule themselves by electing people of their own choice. However the other side of the coin shows a grim reality that it never happens anywhere in the world including pakistan. Manipulations behind the scene such as the asghar khan case in the Supreme Court always are there in democracy. Only that party (containing the elite) can form the government that serves the purpose of the elite otherwise the party/individuals opposing them parishes. The only way rule of elite can be challenged is the masses through an (revolution) inqlab runs over them and bulldoze them. To mitigate this reaction from masses the elite have designed democracy as a system to prevent masses from bulldozing them as people are indoctrinated to the fact that they are the one who have casted the vote and selected the government. in reality people have no choice of their own as the parties are made by the elite candidates who contest elections are nominated and tickets issued by parties for example if one party gives a candidate in the form of zardari and the other in the form of Gailani and the other party gives rehman malik and people are asked to select one of them then do people have any choice here it is a big question mark over democracy because whichever of the three is selected result is the same that is corruption. Another big question mark is that vote of two laborers is more powerful than a PhD person because in democracy the number matter and not the person who is giving vote and so on Nike Air Foamposite One Knicks Cracked on Zhu Zhu Pets. When you were a kid did you ever really, really want a pet hamster but have your mom say no? Well for the one in three thousand of you who said yes, you basically missed the boat on this toy by about three decades. Thanks to cheap crappy toy makers in China, you can now own a fake hamster that does several things real hamsters do and several dozen things you could never get a hamster to do. That's right, no more watching stupid dancing hamster clips on the 'net and pretending it's your own pet. Also, it looks like someone has shaved their hamsters with symbols. And not even cool satanic symbols, it's like hearts and other gay shit. Remember when people used to shave the Nike symbol in their hair? That had nothing to do with this photo but that was pretty fucking stupid too. From their Webpage "Zhu Zhu pets are the best alternative to real live hamsters" claims the webpage. Hamsters that "don't poop, die, or stink, but they are still a riot of motion and sound." You can't argue with that kind of logic, can you? Oh wait, you can. Exactly what is a "riot of motion and sound" anyway? A mob maybe? A real life mob marching in the street to execute the bourgeoisie capitalist scum that keeps making their kids fall in love with increasingly inane objects that offer billions of accessories to soak up the last dime a working class family can cut from their meager budget. now that's a "riot of motion and sound." Also, I noticed Zhu Zhu pets don't try to eat each other after mating. And why the fuck are they driving cars? Do these people even know what a hamster is? According to LOLCATS, these are "meals on wheels." According to normal people this is nearly as fucking retarded as LOLCATS. Replacing Childhood With More Sanitized Fake Crap If more people read Cracked's Guide to Raising Children, the world would be a better place, but instead we're stuck with the following observations: Remember how kids used to go outside and play sports? Well now they can play them on videogames and not get dirty or even hurt. Remember how kids used to hang out with their friends in groups at another friend's house? Well now they can just get online together in chat rooms or play games against each other via online video games. Remember how all kids in the classroom were expected to do the same work and to obey the same rules? Well now they all have Individual Learning Plans that are catered to their tastes and varying levels of ability to sit down and pay attention. and everyone gets a good grade. Remember how kids used to be sweet on each other and "go together"? Now they can just text each other pictures of their junk. Remember how kids used to use their imagination to make games and objects out of old boxes and stuff lying around the house? Now they can recycle empty boxes and watch high definition DVD's for hours on end without once ever having to be creative. Remember how kids used to have real pets and learn responsibility by having to take care of them? Well now they can just turn their pets off when they tire of their shit. Isn't it great that parents can trade away lessons in physical fitness, social interaction, creativity, and responsibility in exchange for keeping kids very clean and very socially awkward? Remember how kids used to grow up to be contributors to society? Well now they can grow up, see a psychiatrist four times a week to try to deal with the pressures of working at McDonalds for a boss who isn't very understanding of their likes and needs. But their self esttem will still be through the fuckin' roof. This is what your kids will grow up to be. Buy 'Em While You Can. the Recall on Zhu Zhu Pets Is Only Weeks Away Seriously. if we've learned anything from reading about popular Christmas toys the last few years it is that these things are totally going to get recalled. Soon. Remember how someone found out that Aquadots plus water equals Roofies? Yeah, well these Zhu Zhu craps have high powered wheels on them and the packaging encourages kids to snuggle them next to their face. It's only a matter of time till some girl gets her hair clogged in a wheel and these things are going to be recalled (and unlike Stompers, they don't have a reverse that prevents perminant hair wrapping around the wheels). Photo Taken Two Seconds Before Lilly Had To Get a Butch Haircut To Free Her Beloved Zhu Zhu Pet From Hair Entanglement. Also, While She Was Distracted Tommy Felt Her Up.

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