Cheap Size 6 Air Jordan 10 Steel Grey Featured Items Are First Come. Air Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny 2013 Sell Cheap And Top Quality Air Jordan 10 Steel Grey Worldwide Sale With Big Discount And Fast Free Delivery ASCEND provides life skills mentoring with sustainable solutions in education, enterprise, health and simple technology. ASCEND currently has offices in several South American and African countries. Other related pagesCarolyn Dailey, ASCEND CEO and President ASCEND, a Humanitarian Alliance is a unique organization where caring people make an individual impact at home and across the world. Volunteers young and old including expedition participants and interns join permanent staff to mentor children, families and communities in need in Africa and Latin America: specifically Ethiopia, Mozambique, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and Ecuador. ASCEND's Sustainable Development Programs transcend political, cultural, and language barriers to answer requests for life changing programs in education, enterprise, health and simple technology. ASCEND works side by side with those in need as partners. They assist with literacy programs, school construction, and library books and supplies. They also partner in enterprise training, small business development, health training, medical and dental services, and building health clinics. Those they work with have benefited from technology training, clean water systems, gardens, greenhouses, food storage, stoves, latrines, and community bathrooms. The programs continue to expand as each community puts forth effort towards continued success. As a service learning participant on an expedition, as an intern, as part of a sister school program, or as part of our other volunteer programs, volunteers have the opportunity to expand their own potential and gain an informed global perspective. ASCEND was organized in 1982 as the Andean Children's Foundation by Dr. Timothy S. Evans. This foundation was later reorganized as Chasqui Humanitarian, led by Joel Madsen. In 2005, the Engage Now Foundation, organized by Dr. Tim Evans and Carolyn Dailey, with origins dating back to 1984, merged with Chasqui Humanitarian and became known as ASCEND, a Humanitarian Alliance. ASCEND Program Solution AreaCapacity building and education is the foundation of all ASCEND initiatives. Life skills mentoring particularly for mothers and girls has a tremendously positive impact on child survival and quality of life. ASCEND utilizes a broad range of simple life skills manuals, ranging from basic literacy to health, enterprise, environment, technology, and human rights. This learner centered, interactive curriculum, developed in coordination with ProLiteracy Worldwide and other partners, facilitates social change while students learn to read and write. initiatives also include teacher training, library books, school supplies, and educational scholarships. During their first year, they trained 600 mothers in Bolivia. During their history, ASCEND organizers have enabled over one million people in need to be served through education programs. During their history, ASCEND organizers have enabled training for over 10,000 entrepreneurs, helping them, their families and employees ascend out of poverty. ASCEND tracks business training and mentoring graduates' progress for two years, with averages as follows: 118% increase in income111% increase in sales203% increase in savings35% decrease in debt HealthASCEND Program Soultion AreaCommunity health programs, continuing medical education, and treatment campaigns save lives and improve health. ASCEND health efforts focus on three areas: ongoing training for community workers and mothes groups in preventative measures and simple remedies; limited treatment of medical and surgical problems; and Sustainable Orphan Advocacy and Resuce (SOAR), combing with AIDS prevention training and identifying and prioritizing care of orphans. Linking with local medical providers and facilities is the key to both initiating and sustaining change. All aspects of helath intervention provide a unique training opportunity for professionals and students in country and from North America. In their first year, they started their health initiatives with a Rotary project in five communities. During their history, over a million people have been served through clinics and health instruction facilitated by ASCEND organizers. Over otheir 26 year history, ASCEND organizers have facilitated over 10,000 water projects, enabling access to clean water, saving lives and irrigating agricultural projects. During the past decade, ASCEND has helped families and communities construct over 15,000 simple technologies. All beneficiaries have also been trained in construction and maintenance. ASCEND EXPEDITIONS are an important part of its mission and provide the opportunity for volunteers to give meaningful service to impoverished communities in Africa and Latin America. While an expedition of a few days by itself cannot offer sustainable development, ASCEND is able to combine it's expeditions with ongoing programs which are sustainable. With professional staff in country year round, ASCEND expeditions are organized in advance so they can serve as a great catalyst for communities, families and individuals to set and achieve development goals in a short period of time. Individuals join with ASCEND, a Humanitarian Alliance to empower those in need to save their children and ascend out poverty. ASCEND offers humanitarian expeditions to Latin America and Africa, where volunteers have life changing experiences as they give meaningful and much needed service. Vital to ASCEND's mission, expedition participants deliver a needed boost toward sustainable development to the heart of each country we serve. ASCEND's full spectrum of community development covers Health, , Enterprise and Technology. Expeditions to Ethiopia and Mozambique, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Chiapas Mexico provide vital humanitarian service to some of the most impoverished communities on the planet. Expeditions are available throughout the year. "This has been an enlightening experience. Although these people struggle and suffer through their day to day lives, they seem to maintain an inner peace that can only be found in a true understanding of life worth. An understanding not cluttered with material possessions or the degrading thoughts of self concept, but rather one deeply rooted in the love one has for himself and his neighbor. It has been a pleasure serving these people and giving them hope, as they have given me new life!" Bob Brooks, Expedition Participant to Peru ASCEND delivers 25 years of expedition experience. ASCEND handles the travel and expedition details. Participants bring their time and talent to projects in a safe and professional environment. ASCEND's expertise frees participants from worry. The result is a unique and personal glimpse into the communities where we serve. Participants create unforgettable memories. Meet and work with fellow expedition participants. Become immersed in a new culture. Work in impoverished communities. Serve those in need and work side by side with the local villagers and children. Those who give and those who receive are forever changed..

Timberland shoes and boots are relative newcomers to the footwear scene, when you consider the history of this type of footwear. One of the peculiarities of boots, is that they were a necessity, and at the same time, a fashion statement, even in the relatively rough early periods of modern man. Peasants wore whatever they could cobble together, while even in the 16th century, men of means wore highly decorative boots that were useless for all practical purposes. Somewhere during that era in history, even leather guilds that crafted boots for gentlemen, realized that something heavier and more durable was needed for such activities as riding. But more changes were in store, before Timberland boots arrived on the scene. The longer, mid calf boot that was popular until the 19th century, gave way to shorter styles worn with spats. As the 20th century rolled on, the blutcher army boot served as a precursor to today's recreational boot. These were quickly followed by the canvas boot worn by baseball players in the 1930s, biker boots from the 50s, chukka boots in the 60s, and in 1975, Timberland shoes and boots became part of American lexicon. Timberland manufactures a line of shoes that meet the demands of an active man's life, for both pleasure and business. Choose a slip on or lace up style, with uppers made of waterproof premium leather, or padded for your comfort. The interior of Timberland shoes feature removable orthotic insoles, and climate control lining, all mounted on an outer sole of dual or multi density, surface gripping, or superior traction, according to your choice. Whether you require a light padding, or Thermolite insulation for year round wear, you're guaranteed of premium, full grain leather. Timberland's insoles are cushioned and removable or multi density orthotic, with some styles having a midsole EVA for lightweight cushioning. Outer soles are made from rubber/polyurethane and Timberland's proprietary Trail Grip rubber. Get what you need to keep yourself on solid footing with Timberland Euro hikers for men, Palomas boots, White Ledge boots, Trail Seeker boots, Canard Mid boots, and Timberland Canard Low boots. Air Jordan 10 Steel Grey ,Air Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013 Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 Air Jordan 3 Joker Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo Air Jordan 10 Charlotte Bobcats Air Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013 Air Jordan 3 Joker As with most athletic endeavors, pole dance fitness does require some specific gear to practice and enjoy. Specific clothing, footwear, and aids are all considered necessary to get the most out of your pole workout. However, chances are if you look inside a pole dancer's gym bag, you'll find the contents are bit different than that of your average fitness buff! From a slightly different workout wardrobe to a variety of powders, creams and solutions not to mention some very dramatic footwear the essentials often hauled around by pole athletes may not be what you expect. Though by no means a comprehensive list, take a look at some of the things considered must haves by many pole fitness practitioners and this just for a routine practice or class. Inspired by this Pole Dancing Adventures comic, here's a breakdown of just a few of items you may find yourself investing in as a pole athlete. Pole Friendly Clothes While a tee shirt and sweatpants might be fine for crunches and an hour on the treadmill, pole dancers need a little more skin showing many pole tricks and moves require exposed skin to help "grip" the pole. Hands, feet, elbows, knees, thighs, ankles and just about every body part is used in different pole maneuvers, so the more skin, the better. Some companies, such as PoleFit by Bad Kitty Apparel, offer high quality tops and shorts specifically made with pole fitness in mind. However, if you're tight on cash, many pole dancers simply go with a basic tank top or sports bra, and spandex or yoga shorts. Grip Aids A pole dancer's best friend! There are a variety of these out there, all designed to help give pole dancers a more secure grip on the pole and prevent slipping. Some, like MightyGrip, are made to act similarly to liquid chalk, counteracting sweaty skin and give additional tackiness to the skin, while others, like Dew Point, give a little extra moisture for especially cold days or those with very dry skin. There are other aids more easily available in sporting good stores (usually in the tennis or golf section!) that also work quite well to repel excess moisture, like Prince Grip. Stilettos Possibly the most unique element of a pole dancer's gym bag 6 inch stiletto heels! Not every pole athlete chooses to dance in shoes many prefer to go barefoot. Check with your pole fitness studio on their shoe policy on heels some studios encourage students to try heels, some only teach classes barefoot, and some offer shoe specific classes. She is a current pole fitness student and enthusiast, and she's constantly on the hunt for exciting new happenings in the sport. She's also an avid bookworm, equine enthusiast and shoe addict. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants. TechTechGadgets TechVideo GamesInternetTech GearTabletsiPhoneGoogle GlassWearable TechXbox OnePlaystation 4PhotographyMMOGsHandheld GamesFacebookAnonymousSocial MediaConsolesBitcoinGoogle Air Jordan 10 Steel Grey,It's almost that time of year again. When Houston area schools are back in session and parents are running around crazy getting ready. I find it aggravating already. Here are my top back to school pet peeves. Yours in the comments below. School dress code: It's not technically a uniform, but the requirements are so stringent it might as well be. The solid color polo shirts I don't mind too much. (Just make sure that logo's not too big.) This year however, my daughter's been forced to also buy khaki pants. We have never, in her life, bought khaki pants. I don't like them and don't see why jeans are unacceptable. We've got jeans already. (Really, what's wrong with jeans?) School supply list: This list has reached heights of specificity normally reserved for the . The environmentalist cheapskate in me would rather just re use supplies from last year. This forces my child to be stuck in the middle between me yelling: "It's a perfectly fine binder. I don't care if it's purple." and her teacher insisting "It must be black." Also, don't even think of reusing your red felt tip pens when the list clearly calls for ballpoint. I have lost this fight. I will buy exactly what it says. (Even if what we already have is a perfectly fine substitute.) Water bottles: The Lunch Tray recently wrote a blog entry about Houston Independent School District making plans to buy cups in order to comply with a federal mandate on providing water. The cheapskate environmentalist in me wonders why then my kid's not allowed to just bring a water bottle to class. She'd drink it, quietly, without waste and without any cost to tax payers if her teachers would just let her bring it in her backpack. (For some reason I don't really understand, in past years this has been against the rules.) Bonus: Not a pet peeve, but good advice. Texas Children's Hospital Pediatric Associates are reminding parents that now is a good time to get kids back on a school sleep schedule. Other tips include getting vaccines and yearly check ups in order, planning some nutritious meals and making asthma management plans. Read more here. Please enable JavaScript to view the Featured Perspectives by Versa. I think the thing that peeves me the most is knowing that most of the supplies are thrown into a group closet and pulled out as needed, as opposed to you buying your child a specific item and they get to use it. That means that joe blow can get away with buy nothing for his kids (not even a pencil!) because they will just be collected the first day and doled out as needed to everyone. I saw this all the time when I was working in the schools. While it nice that every kid will have supplies, it makes me mad when I send kid to school with nice new things that they will respect, just for them to get them taken up and handed out to the rest of the class whose parents could care less if they have supplies or not. I remember at my mom class on the first day, this one child was sent to school with nothing but a ear of corn (for her breakfast.) She had not a piece of paper to write on, no a pencil to write with, no lunch money, no form for a free lunch (which she was more than qualified to receive) it was just pure laziness on the parent part. Poor thing was probably so embarrassed to walk in empty handed. I am with you does my son (going into kindergarten) need 6 boxes of crayons!!!?? He had the same box for 4 years. Also, I seriously doubt the school is letting a 5 year old loose with a dry erase marker, let alone 8 of them. Just be honest and tell me that you want me to buy the teacher her markers and buy the rest of the kids school supplies. I would be much happier, like others have said, to just say buy one extra box of crayons for a student who may not have the means to buy their own I would voluntarily do that and I wouldn be so mad about it! Baggy jeans are usually just jeans that the kids buy ten sizes too big. I seen junior high and high school studenst with baggy khakis. This is accomplished by buying khakis that are 10 sizes too big. For example, my nephew is maybe a size 28 waist, he buys a 36 so he can sag them, and yes, he does this with khakis. I hate dress, it ridiculous, it does not improve the learning of the students or the environment they are in, and it takes teaching time away because a teacher will send a student to the office for not having a belt on. Seriously??? How is a belt helping my student learn Physics? sorry mom, honey, they do indeed make baggy khakis and believe me, it doesn matter what material the clothes are made out of, if the kids want to something in a way that aggravates the adults, they will find a way. it a traditional sport, right up there along with football. furthermore, i remember when my kids were in middle school and some of the khakis those little girls were wearing were horribly tight and thoroughly inappropriate. i all for dress codes to a certain extent, but i also seen them taken waaaaayyyy too far. sorta like home owners associations. balance and reason are neccessary and sadly under utilized. As a teacher, even I find school supply lists out of control!!! Granted I teach middle school and I only have control over what I would like kids to bring to my history class. I sure it makes for a totally obnoxious 7th grade list! As for to school clothes, the other thing that has always irritated me, is that these clothes are for fall which doesn hit Houston until like, November. But I totally agree with the mom who wrote about a modified uniform. My middle school has a uniform and I totally HATE it!! I love seeing the kids in their normal clothes, but of course, because of 20 or so kids (out of over 600) who may or may not be affiliated with gangs, our students have to wear khaki or navy pants and white, grey or navy polos. I agree with whoever said they should be allowed to wear jeans!! Last year while talking to a coworker about all the work and long list of school supplies I had to buy my girls she casually mentioned she NEVER buys the quantities on the list and absolutely never name brand since it all going in a pile. There are people out there who have no problem being taken care by society the rule followers can send 8 boxes of tissue odd size (12 white contraction paper which is WAY more expensive than the 8 size. Every year my husband comments how school need to provide all of the school supplies since in Katy we have the highest school tax. Oh and for the left over supplies at the end of the year they get thrown out. My daughter came home with a hand full of construction paper she grabbed out of the trash, because she been taught not to waste use all resources available. God bless us all let make it through another school year When I was in school, we didn have all of these rules I had parents who insisted that I dress appropriately for school so that I didn look like a hooker or a gangster. They also provided for me to have appropriate supplies and lunches or lunch money. My mom went to the school when summoned because I had been bad, and she and the school worked out an appropriate punishment to get me back on track. What I getting at is that I, as well as the other students who attended my public junior high and high school, had parents who actually cared and tried hard to be good parents. Those kids who wanted to go to college did made it some didn went to vocational schools others went into the service. We weren tested 4 weeks out of the school year we weren preparing for those test for the other 8 months. There were poor kids in my school, and the school nurse helped them out. That was the exception, not the norm. These days, there are more poor students who are on free lunch, yet have a $20 bill in the pocket every day. So my pet peeve???? People who are only biological parents not real parents! I believe uniforms were INITALLY intended to level the field, socially and in the classroom. The ones who carry backpacks by Coach, versus the ones who carry the ones bought at the dollar store. Now, I suppose the gangs and the guns have necessitated them too. I, too, hate the khaki requirement, esp for middle and high school girls who have to keep certain biological issues in mind. Khaki is NOT as forgiving as jeans when it comes to things like this, esp with girls and teens who don have a set cycle, and who still haven had enough experience to read their bodies signals about approaching girly stuff. I even mentioned that to the headmaster he looked at me, totally blank faced. must admit that it NEVER entered my mind. he said. Obviously. But he claims that he polled the teachers of both middle and high schools and according to them, incidents like that haven ever happened that they can remember.

Size 7 Cheap Air Jordan 10 Steel Grey,Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Woolsey, founder of Set America Free, an organization based in Washington DC that advocates the reduction of US dependence on oil, was speaking in January 2006 at the launch of Plug In Partners, an advocacy group led by the city of Austin, Texas. Its members have already pledged to buy almost 10,000 cars for municipal fleets. Millions of vehicles could be charged without building any new power stations, as existing plants rarely run at full capacity. Part of the stored energy could then be sold back to the grid at periods of peak demand. Integrating vehicles and the electricity grid, the two largest consumers of energy, makes a lot of sense, according to a study published last month by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. It concluded that the existing grid capacity could power 217 million light duty vehicles (three quarters of the light duty fleet). Moreover, because the light duty vehicles consume 97% of the petrol supply, switching to plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) could save 6.5 million barrels of oil a day or half of US imports. The scheme would require running power plants at higher constant levels, but because they are more efficient than car engines, the net balance would be a 27% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. PHEVs are similar to today's electric car, but they have bigger and more expensive batteries to cover average daily driving needs (53 kilometres), with a fuel engine kicking in for longer trips. Assuming that PHEVs would cost US$6,000 to $10,000 more than a regular car, the study estimated a user would recover the investment in 5 years. Those economics would improve further once batteries could be mass produced, says Steven Letendre, an expert in vehicle to grid economics at Green Mountain College in Vermont. The snag is that for now, very few PHEVs are available. Only one small company, AC Propulsion in California, currently makes them, although General Motors, Toyota and DaimlerChrysler, are working on prototypes. A 24 January executive order by US President George W. Bush may give PHEVs a federal boost, by requiring US agencies to adopt them as soon as their life cycle costs become comparable to those of gas fuelled vehicles. Without such incentives, or with continued hikes in oil prices, Pratt reckons that it could take 20 years before PHEVs make a serious dent in the US vehicle fleet. Woolsey thinks that they still make much more sense than the hydrogen economy, which requires changing the entire energy and transport structure. By comparison, he said, PHEVs demand "a bigger battery, and yes, an infrastructure investment: an extension cord. Every family would need an extension cord." Air Jordan 10 Steel Grey Martina Navratilova is widely regarded as the greatest female tennis player in the history of the game. She captured 18 Grand Slam singles titles and 40 Grand Slam doubles titles. She was born in Czechoslovakia on October 18, 1956 and at age 18 defected to the United States in 1975. She was granted US citizenship in 1981. Her given name was Martna Subertova but her parents divorced when she was three and her mother remarried a man named Miroslav Navratil, who would later one become her very first tennis coach. Martina later on adopted her stepfather's name and added the feminine suffix "ova." By the time she was 15, Navratilova was making her mark on the tennis scene. She won the Czechoslovakian national tennis championship in 1972 and turned professional the very next year at age 16. Her first professional singles victory came in 1974 in Orlando, Florida. She is best known as a strong left handed serve and volleyer with magnificent volleying skills and an aggressive and powerful game. Her excellence on the court raised the quality of the women's game to new heights. Early in her career, Navratilova was on the overweight side and received some sharp remarks from the press for it. However, showing her firm determination, Navratilova soon whipped herself into shape with a punishing fitness routine that she maintained throughout the rest of her career. Eventually, a high level of conditioning soon became a hallmark of her game. In 1978, she won her first Grand Slam singles tournament at Wimbledon, defeating Chris Evert in three sets in the championship. Her victory propelled her to the top of the women's rankings and she was named the number one female tennis player in the world for the first time. Evert and Navratilova would meet again in the Wimbledon finals a year later and Navratilova would once again prevail. In 1981, Navratilova bagged her third Grand Slam singles title, once again by defeating Evert in the finals, this time in the Australian Open. In 1982, she would go on to win both Wimbledon and the French Open. By the mid 1980s, Navratilova hit her stride and embarked on her domination of the women's tennis scene. After losing the French Open in 1983, she would go o to win all three remaining Grand Slam tournaments that year Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open. Amazingly, her defeat at the season opening French Open was her only loss for that season and she went 86 1 win loss for the year. That is the best ever winning percentage for a professional tennis player for a single season.

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