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The question was whether prize based innovation was appropriate for broad based critical challenges, or was only applicable for narrowly focused, more discrete individual problems. I like to share some of my thoughts on this topic, also posted within the discussion forum. Incentives are the single most powerful tool we have to drive behavior and align efforts toward common purpose as a society, economy, and as discrete organizations. Prize based innovation in its simplest form simply packages the need, clearly states the goal, and makes clear the incentive. However, prize based innovation is evolving quickly and has become a rich field in recent years. Among the most interesting developments is that concrete notions of prize based innovation are developing for new classes of problem solving. Some of the most interesting work we are doing right now concerns the notion that complex, multidisciplinary, highly coupled, and/or inherently non specific (ambiguous in terms of solution criteria) problems may be broken down into multiple units (or Challenges) and run in series or in parallel. For example, InnoCentive will routinely run Challenges for organizations to get the novel ideas, who then run a challenge to develop the most interesting ideas into specific approaches (generally solved by different Solvers). They may then post to Practice Challenges to develop prototypes or to demonstrate viability and finally, organizations without in house development capacity may run electronic Requests for Proposals to identify development or manufacturing partners. Each of these may require different prize based designs and need to take into account the stage in the innovation process, audience, type, complexity, and volume of work needed, etc. Some organizations will start in the middle and some will do end to end with InnoCentive. The point is this: the art and science of orchestrating these open incentive systems is evolving quickly. I believe that we are already in a very strong position to advance innovation agendas for organizations that want to run highly bounded and specific scientific problems and well as for the the World kinds of problems we all care deeply about as well. We are in fact doing that today. Examples of businesses seeking much more complex and open ended solutions include: the 3 Ring Notebook Networking for Enterprise Applications Pricing Mechanisms and for Marketing Videos In the public good camp, we see challenges like the US Healthcare System and for Increasing Public Transportation Use to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Chicago Realize that all these Challenges are designed to drive subsequent units of work within their organizations and/or new Challenges to hone and develop solutions further. In other words, these Challenges are pieces of broader efforts to achieve broader ends. Finally, we are now working on collaborative project rooms and broad discussion based capabilities which will drive communities and groups of Solvers to engage at entirely new levels all within the prize based model. The state of tools, practices, and methodologies are evolving quickly allowing open innovation to be applicable to virtual any kind of innovation need. We see no limits to its applicability. Some needs will be met with single Challenges, some by a well orchestrated sets of Challenges all designed to deliver a focused outcome. I hope this provokes further discussion. I just wanted to shed some light on all the work happening today that is taking prize based innovation to an entirely new level. I believe engaging the world in solving all classes of problems is crucial including the big complex problems. Evolving the mechanisms of prize based innovation to achieve these ends is well underway. Why will Innocentive be uniquely able to capture what seems to be a fluid marketplace? Do not large companies like Cisco have their own in house crowdsourcing capabilities? I read the Forrester analysis and certainly can argue that innovation is critical for business development, but barrier to entry seems so low in incentive based open innovation I am ahving trouble understanding how Innocentive will be the dominant play as it was described in the Forrester piece. I ask because i am already an investor in Innocentive and have not yet decided to add more to my position with the recent release of warrants not exercised. Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Purple Black ,Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver 646701 700 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Khaki Imperial Blue Olive Khaki Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue At the New England Aquarium in Boston there is an octopus named Truman. Truman's keepers liked to assert their superiority by forcing their ward to perform a series of pointless tricks before allowing him to eat his dinner. All of which is condoned in the name of the creature's "enrichment," which as far as we can see means "No food until you entertain me, bitch." This wouldn't be the first time that octopi have proven their intelligence to mankind. In March 2009, Truman's keepers decided the enrichment activity of choice was going to be lock picking, and Truman decided he'd had just about enough. A locked acrylic box containing live crabs was placed inside a larger box also locked and the whole device was lowered into the tank. Expecting the octopus to resist playing along until the aquarium was closed (we assume this was Truman's usual behavior in an attempt to maintain some dignity) the keepers went on their merry way doing whatever it is that octopus caregivers do (we assume something Hentai related). Acting out of character on this occasion, Truman paid immediate attention to the food puzzle he was faced with. He began to patrol the box to assess how exactly he could get his tentacles on the prize within. His reconnaissance was rewarded as the intrepid creature discovered a unexpected weakness that was ripe for exploitation. Three years earlier, the outer box had been used in a similar test on a different octopus. On that occasion, the box wound up getting broken, and a small hole was left near the lid. Truman, steadfastly refusing to work the latch that was his "puzzle" for the evening, commenced his own unique solution of pouring his body through the two inch hole in the outer box. Not pictured: crabs shitting themselves. He never got to the crabs remember they were inside the smaller interior box but we like to think he had a larger plan, which was to protest in the name of mistreated, puzzle solving octopi everywhere. "You like fucking with locks for fun? Well you better get to it if you want your PRIZED AQUARIUM OCTOPUS BACK, assholes!" 1. Kelly the Dolphin vs. Capitalism Meet Kelly, a dolphin who lived at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies. Her trainers, perhaps out of laziness, decided to teach her how to pick up litter from her own tank. This was encouraged by presenting Kelly and her chums with a nice fishy meal whenever they retrieved trash from their pool and brought it to their trainer. Life was sweet for the keepers, the pool was kept clean with fuck all effort on their behalf and the dolphins were happy enough with their little game. But Kelly, like all great entrepreneurs, wondered whether there was a way of making a profit from it. And so one day, when someone dropped a piece of paper into the pool, rather than playing along with the game, Kelly picked up the litter and swam to the bottom of the pool, wedging it in place under a rock. The next time a trainer passed, she popped on down to the rock, tore off a tiny strip of paper and took it to the keeper. Bingo she got a fish. Holy shit! It worked! She had found a way to multiply her fishy return many times over. When the paper ran out, Kelly decided it was time to expand her business. In order to yield more impressive profits, she needed something more impressive than a piece of paper. Gulls are lots bigger than paper and they like to eat dolphin food, so they could be found hanging around the tank. Kelly tested her theory by catching an unsuspecting fish stealing gull and holding it in her mouth until a trainer arrived, her little fins twitching in anticipation. Bingo once again she hit the mark. She got a shit ton of fish in return. So now it was just a matter of attracting more gulls. The next time she was fed, Kelly stored a few fish under her rock hiding place. Once the keepers had left, she brought up a fish to use as bait. She caught another gull, waited for a trainer to come back, and proudly swam over to find herself once again rewarded with another shit ton of fish. She then taught her kids to do it, turning "gulls for fish" it into a family business. You have to impressed; not only was Kelly turning a profit here, she had done it by adapting her behavior to elicit the desired response from her keepers. She could get them to give her fish on demand. That's right; Kelly the dolphin trained her trainers. We've been warning you for years: The animals are rising against us. You best educate yourself with their wickedness, in 8 Animals With Real Superpowers and The 6 Deadliest Creatures (That Can Fit In Your Shoe). Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Purple Black,Along with love, happiness, health and a bottomless tub of Maggie Beer burnt fig, honeycomb caramel ice cream, all a girl really wants in life is a gorgeous, glowing complexion. So how did they create three products in one? Well they've use special flexi hold technology that creates a strong yet lightweight film that actually sits on the skin and acts as a primer. As for the foundation and concealer bit?The formula contains micro correctors which help minimise sweat and sebum, so you get a high level of coverage but are also protected against shine thanks to it's oil absorbing properties. If you prefer a powder foundation or are just looking for the perfect product to set your liquid foundation, you can go past Max Factor Facefinity Compact, $36.95, from pharmacies, which is perfect foreveryday, all day coverage. The clever formula hydrates skin and is oil and fragrance free to prevent irritation and clogged pores. It also uses perma wear technologyfor all day fade resistant colour, soall day flawless finish has never been easier! Truly my new favourite foundation! I absolutely sold on this Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation as well as the compact! The coverage is amazing and left my makeup looking beautiful all day long. I found the foundation to be matte but still leaving a luminous finish. It stays put without flaking or drying out. I loved using the foundation along with the compact as it provided that extra coverage concealing blemishes and evening out my skin tone. I think both of the products are very reasonably priced considering the long lasting finish and glowy look they provide! Ill be using this again for sure! Thanks Primped Max Factor for giving me this opportunity to trial this fabulous foundation and compact. Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation Face Finity compact I would consider myself a bit of a foundation connoisseur. I love trying new products that lure me in with their wow factor, and the Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation and compact did not disappoint. It's lightweight, perfect for everyday use, with easy application that blends flawlessly. I work in the creative industry so aesthetics are high on my must have list. I'm a pushover for colourful, bold and unique packaging, but I also need simplistic functionality. Enter Max Factor's Face Finity compact. It's sophisticated and minimalistic design makes it the perfect handbag accessory. With a generous sized mirror, it also boasts, in my opinion, the perfect sponge. It's thick and curved exterior means blending like a true pro. Like the compact, its partner in crime Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation has been designed with the distinctive Max Factor touch, making it instantly recognisable. It features an easy lock pump for no nasty spills. Now while the packaging and product is important, for me, it's about texture of makeup that's the difference between my big thumbs up or being left to die in the corner of my top shelf bathroom cabinet. The really great thing about Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation is the invisible like smoothness that makes you question if you're even wearing makeup at all. After trialing it, I can confidentially say it really does last all day, giving my skin a radiant, but subtle glow. Like the name suggests it boasts an all in one primer, concealer and foundation that really is as impressive as it sounds. These products offer fast, simple and flawless application for those in a hurry, and let's face it, that's me almost every morning. At the end of the day you want a product that doesn't cost the earth, but has the ability to hide those unwelcome spots naturally and isn't going to break the bank. Thank you Max Factor for creating a quality product for the busy, everyday gal. Firstly a huge thank you to both Primped and Max Factor for sending me these two very gorgeous products. Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation I love how this foundation is packaged. It comes in a 30ml thick glass bottle with a pump style dispenser. The dispenser is great as it a very hygienic way of obtaining the foundation to use and it keeps the foundation protected. I have a light skin tone and I chose the shade Crystal Beige. I think this shade is perfect for my skin tone and it blends in really well. I never discover any foundation lines thanks to it being a perfect match. When dispensed the foundation is mousse like in texture. It thick yet light. I use both my foundation brush and my fingers to apply this foundation and both are very effective. I never use a primer when using this foundation. I simply whack it straight onto my face to being the perfect canvas. I begin at my T Zone and work my way out and up. Instantly all imperfections and uneven skin tone gets concealed to provide natural, radiant and healthy skin. I love the appearance this foundation provides to my skin. It really does make my skin look so much nicer and more youthful. Just when I thought this foundation couldn get any better I considered its lasting results. It lasts hours upon hours on my skin. Without a doubt it would last the typical 9 to 5. In fact I actually wore this foundation to a wedding last weekend. The foundation and concealer were on my face from 12pm to 11pm and my results never changed. I was very impressed. I love this foundation!! It perfect partner is the Max Factor Facefinity Compact. Max Factor Facefinity Compact I adore compacts and consider them to be amongst my most used products within my entire cosmetic collection. This compact reigns as one of the best compacts I have tried to date. The design of the compact is different from others I tried in the past. Instead of being circle in shape it is more of a rectangle. It is longer them the size of my palm too but still is rather slim. When I open up the compact I see a mirror under the lid, the compact powder held in the base and a application sponge kept beside it. The mirror is about the same size as the compact and is nice and long. The mirror is great as I can see my entire face in it, not just my eyes or mouth. For my light skin tone and Crystal Beige foundation I choose the shade Ivory for the compact. This shade is only slightly darker then foundation. I found it to be perfect for an all over light dust to set the foundation or to be layered to create a bronzed look. Either way I always loved the results this compact had to offer and I really feel that it extended the life of the foundation even more. It really is the best partner for the foundation. This powder comes pressed inside the compact. Even though it pressed it is still very light and airy. As I run my powder brush over the top of the pressed powder it is effortless lifted and held onto the bristles to provide and even sweep of powder across my skin. It is so easy to apply and it never leaves my skin feeling heavy or cakey. It just feels satiny smooth. The size of the compact makes it very travel friendly too. It could easily site at the bottom of a handbag or slide into a clutch if needed. My thoughts on using the foundation and compact together I love the way these products fee; on my skin, both individually and together. They never feel heavy, cakey or oily on. I get that lovely barely there feeling. They definitely provide all the coverage I need. I have slightly red cheeks, uneven skin tone, some blemishes and scars and these products conceal and correct my skin tone to provide healthy, radiant skin that I love. My skin goes from drab to fab within seconds. My complexion hasn looked this great in ages!

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Unassembled shelters draw inquiry HeadlinesDowntown businesses capitalize on 'GameDay' Arthur Ventures sells stake in Minn. firmColeman recalls inflatable tubes after skin irritation reportsBig Iron opens amid harvest worries HeadlinesBirths (Sept. 11, 2014)Births (Sept. 11, 2014)Births (Sept. 10, 2014)Births (Sept. 9, 2014). Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Purple Black PSD to WordPress conversionUser Rating: / 0 PoorBest Building WebsiteWritten by damon jim Thursday, 26 August 2010 02:46 PSD to WordPress conversion is top notch explanation for creating WordPress theme from a Photoshop in arrange to get search engine friendly blogging web portal. This type of PSD integration plays very important role in building visually appealing content managed blog ortals. Getting the files is converted from PSD format to highly customizable WordPress theme/ template is entirely different matter in comparison to PSD to HTML. The process of converting a PSD based file into a cross browser compatible and W3C validated working WordPress template/ theme involves lots of steps In this kind of PSD conversion, PSD file is being integrated by using WordPress. WordPress is a state of the art blog publishing web application has strapping footholds over blogging websites. Apart from being merely largest self hosted blogging tool, WordPress is also popular as one of its kind Content Management System (CMS) widely used by web developers for controlling and organization web content. By slicing a PSD file and coding it with most popular blog publishing application WordPress, one can get a ready to use WordPress theme/ template. Below, steps implicated in PSD to WordPress conversion development for designing a web portal are discussed in brief as a tutorial: 1. Analyze PSD file: First of all, a web programmer analyze the PSD format based file totally and find out whether it is easy or complicated. In fact, this phase is all about arrangement the steps will be involved PSD to WordPress conversion process such as splitting mock up into HTML, adding CSS codes, header, footer then images. 2. Break PSD into HTML: A web developer break the whole thing into divisions in organize to make HTML mock up simpler. A web programmer creates wrapper div, header div and comment (for dynamic WordPress code). In addition to that, a web coder break body, logo, website name and main image into own divs. After breaking them a web developer add an unordered list for navigation. 3. Slicing PSD file: Slicing of PSD based web templates in layers is one of the crucial part of WordPress theme/ template integration and customization. A web programmer open files need to sliced in Photoshop (image editing software) or any other imaging well matched software. After slicing an image, a web coder is able to add or remove buttons, links, and text boxes. In addition to that, one can even change background, image, and color without any hassle. The sliced PSD format base file then saved as bitmap, JPEG, GIF or any other compatible format. 4. 5. PSD into HTML and CSS: Since, the PSD file can't be uploaded in your website and therefore, the sliced image coded with best quality HTML then CSS. 6. Integrate HTML/ CSS by WordPress: Once, the PSD files converted into HTML and CSS then a web developer integrate motionless design dynamic WordPress template/ theme. 7. Testing: Testing a web page in browsers plays very significant role in PSD to WordPress conversion process. Once, the PSD to WordPress integration and customization process gets over then final WordPress page tested thoroughly on different Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera in order to check its accessibility. The above discussion show the which thing need PSD to WordPress. To fallow those points you can get the best blogging website these point is also help ful to the customer an other Resource: PSD to HTML Next >Last Updated on Thursday, 26 August 2010 02:42Who's OnlineWe have 216 guests and 1 member online Adamanels Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle.

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