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That statement, honey, I really have nothing to wear is really true these days. You NEED to revamp your winter wardrobe. The trend is towards a gothic romance. Like a fairy tale princess marrying Count Dracula. Gothic, somber colors in chiffons, lace and ribbons. A totally unexpected combination. The look is ladylike. Chic. Well heeled. Quality is everything. So go for quality. Buy only the best that you can afford. Get ready for plenty of black, and dark somber colors. Get that romantic touch by mixing in a few pink clothes to lift things a little. Some possibilities. Black, plum and bright pink, or Navyblue, gray and pale pink. Use only the colors that make you look good. Take care to pick colors that go well with one another. If you want a striking new look, a combination of black, white and red would do the trick. Once you have decided on your color scheme, stick to it. That way, everything in your wardrobe can be coordinated with everything else, giving you countless looks from those few pieces. Feel free to choose items with frills, ribbons and other romantic details as these define this season's romantic fashion trends. 1 1 winter coat or 1 fur vest. Your coat or outerwear is the look you have whenever you go outdoors. The fur vest is the latest thing for this fall, winter season though. It really dresses up everything you wear it with. Even a pair of jeans looks formal when you wear fur vests. 2 Lovely women's suits in any of your 3 chosen colors. Pick something you can wear for work, or for a power lunch. From the boardroom, to a dinner date with just a change of accessories. 3 No doubt, loose clothes with layers of fabric are in. But seriously. Who wants clothes like the tulip skirt which adds more inches to your hips? No, you still need a pair of jeans. Don't bother with what the fashion magazines or designers dish out to us. 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This is a distinctive MA programme taught by specialists from the Social and Political Theory Research Group in the School of Government and Society. This research group is in the unique position of being able to offer a social and political theory MA programme from a genuinely interdisciplinary team drawn from the Sociology Group and the wider politics staff in POLSIS. It offers an exciting range of modules dealing with topics of perennial interest together with topics of contemporary relevance. Topics studied can include debates about religious and cultural diversity and conflict, third wave feminism and post feminism, critical theory and criticism after Marx, the relationship of philosophy to social and political enquiry and criticism, and the study of democracy. With this programme you are able to explore critically the development of social and political theory and the key current debates. The sociological component of this degree is run by the Social Theory research cluster, which has strengths in: You'll take at least 40 credits from the optional modules A list. These are modules that we believe best fit this degree. We recommend that you also take some or all of your remaining credits from this list. 130690 125 Air Jordan 12 Retro Taxi White Black Taxi 52nd Avenue in Woodstock, Clark Negen has an old bicycle, a soccer ball, a sewing machine, children books and running shoes. It the kind of stuff suitable for a yard sale. And yard sales are where Negen and other members of Sharecycle collected them. A nonprofit, Sharecycle finds and then ships recycled items to remote communities in developing countries. The assortment of used items in Negen garage was donated, and will be shipped to Africa where a sewing machine is a valuable resource, and a soccer ball is better than the rolled up plastic bags secured with string that children use for the game in the rural village in Zambia in which Negen was a Peace Corps volunteer. Peace Corps experience changed me, Negen reflects. realized how wealthy I was. One of the first things the Peace Corps taught Negen to do was to perform a assessment learned to listen to the villagers, Negen recalls. When they were asked to express what they wanted, the villagers needs seemed simple enough. The men wanted tools. The women wanted a mechanical mill to relieve them of the tedious task of pounding grain by hand. Thanks to the generosity of Negen family, the men of that village did get some tools. But the women didn get their mill. complicated, Negen says. was an issue of maintenance. But, with Negen help, the village did get a school building, and wells for clean water. Years after finishing his Peace Corps stint, Negen set out on another mission that also complicated. He never lost contact with some of his friends in Africa, and often sent packages of needed items. But he wanted to do much more: started thinking that there has to be other people in Portland who share the same interest to do something on a global scale. After placing an ad online in Craigslist, Negen recruited a cadre of volunteers, and in 2011 they started a nonprofit called Its mission is to send needed items to rural communities in developing countries in Africa and, eventually, to developing countries worldwide. going very slowly, so when it time to go on a large scale, we prepared, says Negen, Sharecycle's president. Recently, a Sharecycle shipment arrived at the port in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, destined for an orphanage for young girls. Based on a list of items the orphanage requested, Sharecycle shipped six sewing machines, 500 books (in English), converters for the sewing machines, and 30 soccer balls. Last year a group of subsistence farmers in Zambia received beekeeping supplies, books, chalk, and notebooks, from Sharecycle. we buy things new, says Sharecycle Vice President Sara Demba, adding that Sharecycle holds fundraisers to cover shipping and purchases. To get recycled items, the Sharecycle staff, who are unpaid, scan yard sales posted on Craigslist and elsewhere, and then contact the person, asking for donated unsold items after the sale ends. Sharecycle doesn want all leftovers just those items that are on the list requested by the partners overseas. That includes such items as single geared bicycles, kitchen utensils, film cameras, short wave radios, laptop computers, and vegetable and flower seeds. But it not as though laptops and seeds can simply be packed and shipped off to Africa. complicated, Negen says repeatedly about Sharecycle mission. The nonprofit not only has to follow government certification rules for things like seeds and laptops, but Negen and other volunteers have to be careful that they do not upset the culture by giving away free, for example, consumer items that an entrepreneur might be selling locally.

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