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WASHINGTON President Barack Obama's budget, unveiled with fanfare on Thursday, fails to deal with his biggest money problems. A molasses slow economic recovery will make it hard to find the huge sums he'll need to reach his biggest goals fixing health care, confronting climate change and overhauling the tax system without much deeper cuts than he is proposing in other programs. The White House's exercise in fiscal discipline this week amounts to micro cutting some proposals would trim half a percent of the overall budget and don't address the sacrosanct entitlements of Social Security and Medicare. His effort found a scant $17 billion in potential savings, suggesting that only a strong economy and its boost in government revenue can truly put a dent in the federal deficit and pay for his policy goals. Pushing an ambitious agenda during a tepid economic rebound will require money and presidential muscle that even the popular president might find in short supply. In just two months, the recession has proved to be deeper than the White House predicted when Obama submitted his 2010 budget outline. But the economy contracted by 6.1 percent in the first quarter, and economists inside and outside the government predict another, though smaller, contraction in the second quarter. Likewise, the White House anticipated unemployment of 8.1 percent this year and slightly less next year. But unemployment is already at a 25 year high of 8.5 percent and is expected to climb when new numbers are announced today. A slow recovery heading into the 2010 midterm congressional elections will probably make Democratic lawmakers especially cautious. What does that mean for the president's agenda? "It doesn't improve chances," said Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, a moderate Democrat. "It might dampen some enthusiasm about trying to find a health care solution that costs money." Over the first 100 days of Obama's presidency, the nation has shown patience with his approach toward the economy. Over time, the public will watch three key numbers: unemployment, the stock market and the deficit. In the short term, only the stock market might offer some relief as workers see value return to their 401(k) accounts. But unemployment could reach 10 percent next year, according to some estimates. And the deficit, which the administration has predicted will reach nearly $1.2 trillion, will dip only to $533 billion in 2013, according to the president's own February projections. In March, the Congressional Budget Office offered a bleaker prediction: a deficit of $672 billion in 2013 under the president's policies. The latest Associated Press GfK poll indicates that 41 percent of those surveyed disapprove of Obama's handling of the deficit, his highest disapproval rating on any subject polled. Other surveys say that the public is particularly attuned to government spending and the amount of red ink in the budget, a sign of restlessness that could pose a problem ahead. Obama would like to couple the ideas of deficit cutting and health care overhaul. He says the overhaul, costing more than $630 billion over 10 years, is the answer to spiraling costs in Medicare and Medicaid. "The big ticket, that's health care," said Jared Bernstein, Vice President Joe Biden's chief economist. "That's where some of our real savings come from in the longer term." As for the economy, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke predicted it will begin growing again this year, citing improved home sales, increased consumer spending and signs of improved lending conditions. But he said activity will remain below normal and "only gradually gain momentum." Unemployment, which typically lags behind a recovery, "could remain high for a time, even after economic growth resumes," he said. At a private luncheon, he told Senate Republicans that he projected 2 percent GDP growth in 2010, according to Sen. John Ensign, R Nev. That assessment reinforces the "glimmers of hope" with which Obama and his team have begun to promote the economy. But it also underscores the difficulties Obama will have persuading Congress, even one dominated by his party, to put new potential stresses on the economy while it is still getting back on its feet. "The problem, the challenge for the administration, is they don't just need tolerance or slack from the public, they need sufficient support to drive very difficult policies through Congress," said Robert Shapiro, chairman of Sonecon, an economic advisory firm. The economy may well not cooperate. Analysts often talk about a U shaped recovery, where the economy moves strongly upward after a bottom dwelling period. But this recovery, as described by John Silvia, chief economist at Wachovia Corp., could look more like a Nike swoosh, with only a gradual return to normal. White House budget chief Peter Orszag said Thursday that the administration sees no need to adjust its ambitions based on a changing picture. "We have not changed policies," he said. "There are a whole variety of proposals that we put forward in February. The world has evolved a bit since then. We have incorporated those proposals in the new document as a matter of principle." Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012 ,Air Jordan 3 Fear Air Jordan 7 Retro Raptor 2012 Air Jordan 4 Green Glow Air Jordan 7 French Blue 2015 Air Jordan 5 Fire Red Black Tongue 2013 Air Jordan 5 Fire Red Black Tongue 2013 Air Jordan 9 Birmingham Barons Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 Matt Coleman, a point guard from Norfolk, has been taking part in the ScoutsFocus All American Camp and has done nothing to impugn his reputation as one of the top point guard prospects in the class of 2017. Sure, 2017 may sound like a ways off, but that's the year that current Virginia point guard London Perrantes is scheduled to graduate. According to sources, UVa coach Tony Bennett has been locked onto Coleman, a rising sophomore at Maury High School, for longer than most. Bennett was quick to identify Coleman as a high major talent, offering him a scholarship when he was just an eighth grader. In the last year, Coleman has grown about an inch and added noticeable muscle. The 6 foot 1, 160 pound left hander, who plays up in age on Boo Williams' 17 and under AAU team, has drawn raves from recruiting analysts for his recent play. "Probably one of his strongest attributes is his speed and quickness. He has an extra gear. He's just a playmaker. He makes things happen on the court he does a phenomenal job of dribble penetrating and kicking to open teammates. And he has the ability to take it to the rim where he's really crafty because he can use either hand really well." Coleman said he has been told by Bennett and Virginia assistant coach Jason Williford that he is a priority. "I have a lot of respect for Tony Bennett and Coach Williford," Coleman said, "but I'm still open right now. I'm still young. I've got a long way to go." Coleman's first scholarship offer came from Old Dominion and former Virginia head coach Jeff Jones a little over a year ago. Bennett offered just a couple weeks later. Since then, Virginia Tech, VCU and Cincinnati have come calling. Coleman is set to play in ODU's Elite Camp Saturday. In August, he plans to return for Virginia's. Between now and then, Coleman's offers figure to pour in especially after next month's Peach Jam, (the big AAU event). Coleman, by far the youngest player on the Boo Williams squad, is the starting point guard. His teammates include Chris Clarke, Kenny Williams, Marcus Evans, Justin Robinson and DeShawn Corprew. "I've been working at better on ball defense, having quick feet," Coleman said. "Playing against the older guys in the [Nike Elite Youth Basketball League], you're going to need to that because there are guys bigger and stronger. And I've been working on off the ball [defense] too." Coleman's favorite NBA player has always been Chris Paul. "I like him because he's the type of player who just makes everyone around him better," said Coleman, who is hoping to attend Paul's camp later this summer. "I've seen him make plays where he has a wide open layup, but he'll throw it back out to get his other guys to finish." Coleman, who has recently drawn interest from Florida and Ohio State, said one of the schools he has heard the most from lately is VCU. He said he has enjoyed his talks with Rams coach Shaka Smart. "He's just like, 'I really like your game, I think you're the best point guard in your class and I think that you can be the general if you come here,'" Coleman said. That begs the question: Which style of play does Coleman prefer? After all, Smart's system is vastly different than Bennett's. "I think I'm very strong in the open court and on the fast break and in transition," Coleman said. "[I like a system] that will just let me play screen and roll, get other guys open and be able to make players around me better." Virginia has at least one in with Coleman his mother is a UVa alum. And Coleman was at JPJ this past season for Virginia's epic win over Syracuse that netted the program its first outright ACC regular season title since 1981. "It opened my eyes because I was able to witness something like that because I had never witnessed something like that," Coleman said. "It was just like, 'Wow, this could be me,' but you never know which school, though." A wild card could wind up being North Carolina the school Coleman grew up cheering for. For now, Coleman is just enjoying the ride. "It still hasn't hit me yet all these schools are calling you and want you at their college," he said. "But I'm just going to wait it out and see how everything goes. "Your dream school might be the one that offers you last, you never know." One thing is much more certain: Coleman figures to get an invite to the NBPA Top 100 Camp in the very near future. 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We work with you every step of the way design to occupancy. We make every effort to obtain your complete satisfaction by providing sound advice, materials, and proven methods. That name is Craig Construction LLC! Building a new home or renovating an existing one has never been so easy or affordable. Set apart from the rest by our quality workmanship and assistance in obtaining financing, you can be rest assured that our 30+ years of experience is put to your advantage. Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012,Although Nicole Polizzi has made some major lifestyle changes after learning of her pregnancy, there is one thing she refuses to give up. She will abstain from booze and cut down on tanning, but she won change her footwear. After a fan tweeted her that her signature high heels were dangerous to her baby, Polizzi was quick to come to her shoes defence: it not. My baby and I are just fine. Thanks for your concern tho. not the first time the Jersey Shore star has defended her right to wear heels while pregnant. Earlier this month, she tweeted a photo of black studded stilettos with the caption, accessory for today. Then, she said, feet aren swelling yet so I still enjoying all my shoes. If Nicole Polizzi can deal with any pain that results from wearing her favorite shoes, then it her prerogative.

Enjoy Big Discount Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012,Air Jordan 9 Johnny Kilroy Do not accompany your friend into the bathroom when there is only one toilet. Wait your turn outside. It is okay to use it if four conditions are met: The bathroom in question must be a "one holer." Be sure the door has a working lock, and lock it behind you. If it does not have a working lock, have someone stand guard for you. Do your business quickly and move on. Toilet Paper If you use the last of the toilet paper, replace the roll, if you can. If no toilet paper is available, and someone is going into the stall as you are coming out, let her know there is no paper. The Good Samaritan Rule If you see someone walking out of the bathroom with her skirt tucked in her pantyhose, don't just snicker behind her back. Tell her. The same rule applies if you see someone leave the bathroom with a length of toilet paper stuck to his shoe. What are the Workplace Bathroom Stall Laws? On the federal level, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and its supplemental publications describe the requirements for restrooms in the. Rules for the Bathroom in the Workplace Rules for the Bathroom in the Workplace. Your job may be in a workplace where there are only a few bathrooms for. Bathroom Fan Venting Rules Bathroom Fan Venting Rules. Moisture can ruin many things in a home, and is most prevalent in bathrooms. In order to evacuate. Laws on Bathrooms for the Handicapped Laws on Bathrooms for the Handicapped. Imagine a world without public restrooms, where your ability to work, shop, obtain services and interact. Bathroom Rules for Kids Bathroom Rules for Kids. Having children means constantly being on the lookout for dangers lurking around every corner. The bathroom is one. Bathroom Laws in Colorado Bathroom Laws in Colorado. Although bathrooms are not often regarded as complex places, there are many laws that govern the building and. Safety Hazards in the Bathroom Safety Hazards in the Bathroom. A bathroom is often considered a safe haven in the home. It is a place where you. Rules for Restaurant Bathrooms Beyond ensuring cleanliness and tidiness, restaurants should ensure that their restaurants are attractively decorated and smell good. Additional amenities, such as . Etiquette Rules for Bathrooms How to Clean Bathroom Tiles Bathrooms are very important to our every day life. A clean bathroom that is well designed can actually make or break the. Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012 Still, Hansen wait and see approach paid off in a hurry.Hansen scampered home with the winning run on an errant throw in the bottom of the ninth inning to lift the Warriors to a 2 1 win over Cicero North Syracuse in the Section III Class AA softball championship at the Gillette Road Complex.Hansen tagged up and motored in on a shallow fly ball to right hit by teammate Katie Yudin. The dramatics gave the Warriors (22 1) their first sectional softball title since 2009 and knocked out defending state champs C NS, which had claimed four straight sectional crowns.the absolute greatest feeling of my life, Hansen said. been waiting for this for five years. Warriors now have a date with Section II winner Bethlehem on Friday in Glens Falls in the first round of the state regionals.The taut Section III title game needed two extra innings because of the matching skills of Warriors pitcher Dana Nicoletti and C NS Meg Tully, each of whom allowed just four hits apiece.Hansen started to cobble together the winning rally with one out in the ninth by drawing a walk. Peyton Bellrose also drew a free pass, and Jenna Wike reached on an error by Tully.Yudin than slapped a shallow fly to right field that Bre Melfi easily grabbed. Liverpool coach Nick Spataro, coaching third base, told Hansen to tag and take off, even though her odds of making it safely seemed slim.hesitated. I don know why, Spataro said. just wanted her to put pressure on the throw and see what happens. joked that she was just looking out for her manager.didn want to get out. It would have been the coach fault, for sure, she said.But when Melfi throw sailed over the head of catcher Morgan Phillips, Hansen took off and scored easily.saw it go above her (Phillips glove, and that was it, Hansen said.Liverpool rallied to tie the game at 1 1 in the sixth. Nicoletti led off with a single and took second on a passed ball. An infield hit by Ericka Sadowski moved Nicoletti to third, and one out later Bellrose sacrifice fly brought her home.a great pitcher, one of the best in the league, Hansen said of Tully. deserved this game. But we deserved it more. Northstars (18 5) took a 1 0 edge in the fourth. Beth Bonin slapped a two out double and Melfi singled her home. But that was the only blemish on Nicoletti, who grew stronger as the game went on. She retired the last 10 C NS batters in order, from the end of the sixth frame through the top of the ninth.told them, there going to be adversity, especially against these guys, Spataro said. know we can come back. in doing so, the Warriors crossed another item off their preseason wish list. Spataro said the first objective was grabbing the league title, followed by earning the No. 1 seed in the sectionals, winning that tournament, winning a state regional game and then claiming the whole state tournament.

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