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Daily Deal Shopping TipsI've learned a thing or two in my forray into Deal Of The Day and One Deal At A Time sites. These sites can not only be fun, but addictive as well. They can also be a great way to get some really awesome high quality goods at beyond reasonable prices. I shop frequently on Daily Deal sites and Membership sites (especially for children's items) and more often than not, the prices you'll see on these sites are rock bottom. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid. A "deal" is not always a deal. You still have to be a smart online shopper to truly make use of these deals. Here are some of the things I would recommend if you frequent these daily bargain sites. Daily Deal Shopping Tip 1Make Sure It's A DealMake sure you weigh the total cost of the item, including shipping charges, before you make a purchase to make sure you're still getting a good deal when all is said and done. One time in particular, I purchased a couple items for my baby. The product itself really was a good deal, but with the added cost of shipping, I would have paid the same amount at my local Babies R Us. I lucked out on this one in that I didn't at least pay more, which is easier to do than you might think. Daily Deal Shopping Tip 2Take A Few Deep BreathsDon't Let The Competition Get To You. It can be easy to get wrapped up trying to snag something before it sells out. Don't let the spirit of scarcity, the "once it's gone, it's gone" mentality, get to you. You never know what deals you can find on Baby Daily Deal sites! Daily Deal Shopping Tip 3Remember That Something Is Only A Deal If You Need ItIt can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of a new product being posted and jump on something you don't need or truly want. Don't let the descriptions of the items persuade you to buy something that you do not actually need or something that you might not really use. Want Extra Cash For Those Great Deals That Pop Up On Daily Deal Sites? The Best Way To Have Discretionary Income To Spend Is By BudgetingLet's face it. It's a HUGE bummer to find a super deal and not have the cash to take advantage of your once in a blue moon find. Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes people make with their finances isn't overspending? It's budgeting or lack thereof! One of the best investments you can make is in a good computer program to track your purchases and establish a budget. Just make sure that you not only buy a budget tracking program, but you use that budget tracking program as well! Daily Deal Shopping Tip 4 Ask Yourself The "Big 4" Before You Buy SomethingThese four questions can help you check yourself before you start spending that hard earned deniro. Do I need this item? (Also think, do you need it now as opposed to next year?)Would I have bought this item if it were in front of my in a physical store?Is it actually a good deal?Do I love it? Learn How To Live Like You Aren't Frugal With Frugillionaire Tips For Living Richly While Saving Richly Frugillionaire: 500 Fabulous Ways to Live Richly and Save a Fortune Buy Now Daily Deal Shopping Tip 5Do A Brief Price CheckIt can be easy to assume that because of the nature of these websites, you must be getting the best deal on an item. While this is quite possibly true, it is not always the case. If you're unsure about purchasing an item, do a brief search for that item on the internet and see if this is truly the best price you can get for the item. Sometimes it will far and away be a better price than you can get elsewhere and other times an item might be discounted on many other sites, and you might even be able to find free shipping elsewhere. Daily Deal Shopping Tip 6A Little Research Won't Kill YouAnother good idea if you are not sure whether you want to buy an item is to go to some other major retailers, such as Amazon, and check the ratings of the item. Often this can be a deciding factor on whether or not that item is worthy of your money. Plus, you get more consumer information about the product, which is usually helpful. You will almost never be sorry about waiting. Often if you really love it after all, it will come back around at some point and you can get it then. Sometimes, I will tell myself if I am on the fence about something that I will wait 2 hours and if the item is still available and I still am interested then I can buy it. You will be surprised how many times you forget to check to see if the item is even available. Daily Deal Shopping Tip 8Stock Up On Gifts And Save MoneyYYou can really find some fun presents for others on these sites and often things that you could not ever afford if they were full price. Just be cautious when you do this. Think in specifics, such as "Do I have any upcoming showers, pregnant friends, kid's birthday parties, etc?" and "Who will I actually give this item to?" Another good question to ask is, "Is this a universal gift?" In other words, is this something that anyone I know would love and be able to use, rather than something that might suit the tastes and/or lifestyles of a couple friends? You will have wasted your money, no matter how steep the bargain, if you give someone a gift that they can't really use or is more in your taste than theirs. You do not want to be saddled down with a bunch of unwanted extras later. Make sure you have a specific purpose in mind for your purchases. Hang On To Your George Washingtons Learn More About Saving Money With These Powerful Books Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things: 2,317 Ways to Save Money and TimeA great resource to get yourself out of the "product inundation" mentality. Daily Deal Shopping Tip 9Go To The Manufacturer's WebsiteI like checking out the manufacturer's website before purchasing an item. They will often have the same or a similar item on sale. While more often than not, the deal on a DOTD site is better than you will find on the manufacturers site, you may find you like something on the manufacturers site a little better (better color, more options, sizes, etc.) for only a buck or two more. It may be worth it to spend a few more dollars and get a fabric or color option that you love as opposed to one that you just like and you may even find free shipping. Daily Deal Shopping Tip 10Have A Specific Purpose In Mind For Your PurchaseDon't be greedy. When you find a super steal, it's easy to think like a pack rat and have the urge to buy as many as you can for when you "need an extra", or to "give away as gifts". While these aren't necessarily bad ideas, think in more specific terms, such as: "When do I find myself in situations where I need an extra ______?" and "Who do I know that I want to give this item to as a gift?" Daily Deal Shopping Tip 11Don't Buy The BrandAvoid the temptation to buy something that you know is a brand name simply because you know it is a good brand. If you wouldn't ordinarily buy that specific item or that color, put your credit card back in your wallet fast! Example: You've been wanting a pair or Roobeez for your kiddo and lo and behold, a pair pop just a day after you've been thinking you need to buy them. So maybe you really need a plain brown pair, but blue with cars is close enough, right? Better to wait on ones you really need or really like rather than to just buy. You'll likely end up either not using the bargain pairs you buy on a whim or you'll end up buying a second pair to really suit your kid's needs and end up paying more than you wanted when all is said and done. Daily Deal Shopping Tip 12There's Not Always A Deal To Be HadGasp! Did I just say that?!?! I did. And I mean it. In most cases, there is a deal to be had. I'll even go so far as to say that in almost all cases there are deals to be had. But sometimes you just can't find what you need on these sites. Since only one deal a day is posted per site (for most sites at least), it's simple probability that you won't always find what you need. Sometimes you can wait 6 months for something you really want and never see a glimpse of anything like the item for which you're searching. So hold your shopping goals loosely with these sites. Don't assume that you can always get what you need on daily deal sites. 342132 061 Air Jordan 1 Retro High Strap Black Red ,Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Khaki Imperial Blue Olive Khaki 528896 101 Air Jordan 11 Low White Varsity Red Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber 378037 006 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue 2013 Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black 580521 143 Air Jordan 11 Low GS Aqua Safari White Aqua Volt Healthy feet are an important part of a healthy body. When ones feet are not in good health, many problems can occur to a person as a whole. Poor foot health can lead to foot pain, which can lead to inactivity, weight gain, and loss of income from being unable to function at work. This article presents five simple steps to keep ones feet in top shape. 1. Wash and dry all of parts the foot regularly Hygiene is important, no matter what part of the body is involved. Clean skin feels better, looks better, and more importantly harbors less bacteria and fungus. These microscopic organisms are naturally found on the skin, especially foot skin where the warm, dark, moist environment of a foot encased in a shoe allows organisms to thrive. Even if they are not actively infecting the foot, these organisms can colonize the skin surface and wait their turn for a break in the skin to allow them entry. Regular bathing of the feet, especially in between the toes, removes dirt, debris, excess skin, and other material that bacteria and fungus can thrive on. This leaves the skin softer, smoother, and more able to function properly as a barrier from the outside and as a walking surface. Foot skin is an amazing organ unto itself. Composed of millions of cells that pad and protect the place where the body meets the earth, ones foot skin has a vital role in keeping bad things out, and allowing a smooth surface upon which to walk. Keeping it clean is often not enough. The skin needs to stay well moisturized to stay healthy. The sweat glands of the feet keep this moisturization intact, in addition to helping to regulate ones body temperature. Dry skin occurs when these glands do not function as well. This often occurs during the winter, when colder temperatures prompt the body to keep its heat more internal and release less sweat. Other factors, such as genetic conditions and diseases like diabetes, can have a similar effect on the sweat glands. What results is skin that becomes dry, flaky, cracked, and itchy. The problems lies in that skin of this type is more likely to allow fungus, bacteria, and even a wart virus to enter the body. Athletes foot, bacterial infections, and warts are all introduced into the skin via cracks or breaks in the skins smoothness. By keeping the feet well moisturized, one can limit the occurrence of these common foot infections, and can also limit the development of the dreaded cracked heel, which is a source of significant pain for millions of Americans during the cold winter months. 3. Wear properly fitting shoes Although this goes without saying, properly fitting shoes are a necessity. It is far too common that people are wearing the wrong size and style of shoe for their foot type. It is very important to wear the proper size shoe, and is equally important to be correctly sized every now and then. Over time, certain people can vary in their foot width, and the size one was measured with twenty years ago may not be so accurate today. Another factor needing to be considered is that shoe styles vary slightly with the actual size they claim. Shoe sizes are a suggestion, not a scientific law, and proper in store fitting must be done to ensure an accurate fit. A size 8 shoe in one brand may actually be closer to 8 1/2 in another. When self fitting, it is important to keep in mind that length and width are two separate measurements. If a certain size shoe feels too narrow, one should not go up a half size to get better width. This can lead to a pistoning motion of the foot in the shoe, eventually irritating the toes. Manufacturers make differing widths of the same shoe size for a reason: if ones store does not offer a variety of widths in the same size, then one should shop elsewhere. Finally, shoe styles need to match ones foot type. Flat feet should not be in pointed, narrow shoes, as these feet tend to widen by the toes. High arched feet, with greater pressure to the ball of the foot, should avoid higher heeled shoes, as these shoes increase the pressure to the ball of the feet even further. This ultimately will lead to inflammation of joints in this part of the foot, and cause pain. 4. Obtain extra foot support if ones feet are flat or high arched Beyond wearing the proper style of shoe, those with flat feet or high arches need more support than those with a more normal foot shape. Many foot conditions are a direct or indirect result of flat feet. The soft tissue (non bone support tissue) in these feet get easily strained and fatigued during the course of a long day of standing, and numerous injuries can eventually occur. By supporting the arch better, flat footed people can avoid an entire range of foot problems. Increased padding in the shoe itself is inadequate, as this material will simply compress down with body weight. The same goes for store bought shoe inserts made of felt, foam, or the popular gel. Those with flat feet need better support. Certain high end over the counter shoe inserts are better for this purpose, although none of these should cost over $50.00. Inserts bought from insert specialty stores are made of firmer plastic, but non flexible plastic inserts that are not made specially for an individuals own foot can eventually irritate the foot tissue, and generally these items are enormously over priced. If high quality flexible store inserts are not providing enough support, or if one has a specific foot condition that needs orthotic treatment, then prescription inserts (orthotics) are the preferred way to obtain better support. Unlike store bought inserts, these tend to last many years, and even if not covered by certain medical insurance plans they tend to be less expensive than inserts from insert specialty stores. High arches have somewhat different requirements. Unlike in flat feet, a high arched foot needs soft padding and more shock absorption. The foot absorbs shock by flattening out. When one has a high arch, this flattening does not occur as well and the shock of the body striking the ground tends to affect the foot tissue more. In this instance, soft, compressible inserts are preferred to take up this shock, although in severe cases prescription orthotics may be needed to draw away body pressure. 5. Realize that foot pain is NOT normal Foot pain is often misunderstood. Many people assume that foot pain is a normal part of the end of a long, active day. What many people do not realize is that the feet are structured in such a way that long bouts of activity should produce no significant pain or discomfort. Allowing one to stand and move is the only function of the foot in humans. If the constant development of pain was normal, the foot would have to be considered a failure of design from an engineering perspective. Foot pain arises out of disease or injury. Period. One does not expect their chest or head to hurt every day, and neither should they expect their feet to hurt. Ignoring foot pain leads only to further injury and further pain. If an area of pain develops in ones feet and fails to go away after a few days, it should be common sense to have the foot evaluated by a foot specialist. Podiatrists have numerous options at their disposal to treat foot pain, both medically and surgically. If the surgery aspect makes one hesitant (which is absolutely expected), one can rest assured that the majority of foot disease can be treated successfully without surgery or further discomfort. Assuming foot pain is normal and delaying treatment usually only makes matters worse, and can potentially make treatment more difficult or prolonged. These five simple steps can make a tremendous difference in the health of ones feet. If practiced daily, these steps can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and can possibly lead to a lifetime of pain free walking. 342132 061 Air Jordan 1 Retro High Strap Black Red,During the 1950s, Hollywood icons wore dresses that emphasized their feminine curves. The dresses featured a tight bodice and a flared skirt. The skirts typically reached the knee, though a slightly above the knee skirt is also appropriate. For the red carpet and other important events, actresses wore dresses that nearly touched the floor. Rounded necklines, V necks and square necks were all common during this era. You also have several sleeve choices. Dresses typically had cap sleeves or sleeves that stopped a few inches past the shoulders. Strapless dresses were more common for proms and other formal events. It's also appropriate to wear dresses with spaghetti straps, as those made a showing during the 1950s. Men dressing for a 1950s cocktail party can focus primarily on the classic suit look. The television show "Mad Men" takes place during the 1960s, but many of the same suits were common during the previous era. A three piece suit, complete with a vest, is one option. A dark suit with a thin tie is another suitable choice. Tweed jackets and tailored pants were also common during the 1950s. Keep a folded handkerchief in one pocket and carry a metal cigarette lighter to flash now and again, as smoking was quite common then. Once you have a classic martini or 50s style drink in hand, you'll look like you stepped right out of the era. Moulin Rouge If you running out of fresh ideas for entertaining, consider taking a step back with a retro themed cocktail party. Your soiree can. The 1950s, a decade remembered nostalgically for the explosion of rock roll and the advent of sock hops. Waitress Waitress . Some people descibe the 1950s as the golden age of America where young people refrained from such distasteful habits.

Where Can We Buy The 342132 061 Air Jordan 1 Retro High Strap Black Red,384664 107 Woman Size Air Jordan 6 White Sport Blue Black I been a stay at home/work at home mom for almost five years now. I run the gamut of getting for the day with hair and makeup to staying in pajamas until it time to go back to bed. These days, my style has settled into something of a uniform. For the most part, I like it. I work from home so I really don have to get fancy unless I am traveling. But it does get a little boring day after day. I have tried dressing my look up or down or kicking it up a notch with a sundress and a pretty necklace. But at the end of the day I really just want to be comfortable and feel cute at the same time. I find myself reaching for the jeans and the hoodie almost daily. I don want to give up on fashion, but the truth is most of my life fits into categories where the above outfit is completely acceptable and most of it comes from Target. In fact, I am really tempted to order that pullover right now even though I am wearing almost the exact same thing in navy. It hard to drop more money for clothing that gets worn once or twice. But even if it is cute, wearing basically the same thing every day is bland. And while this is definitely the epitome of first world problems, I love to know what you do when you run out of style inspiration. I am not a stay at home, but a lawyer who works in an office where a lot of people refer to us as the lawyers. We aren and we don wear them (although at the end of my pregnancy, I happily wore my sweats). We just don have a dress code because our clients are all in prison and we don go to court except for maybe 5 times a year. So I also feel like I get stuck in a mommy uniform. I bought a People Style Watch recently and it suggested shopping my closet. So I did and I have come up with some new outfits. So you could try that. And you could also try leggings instead of jeans, for a change of pace. They are just as comfortable and add a new flair to your outfit. My job got switched to work at home earlier this year. At first I was so excited to be able to in my pajamas all day long! After the second day I felt like a complete slob and couldn take it anymore. I now wear jeans every day. Most of the time I wear a t shirt, sometimes oversized, sometimes fitted. Lately I been wearing knit sweaters because it getting cold where I live. Sometimes I dress it up with a nice necklace or comfy shoes instead of sneakers. Today I have on Dr Scholl shoes that look cute but are super comfy at the same time. I ALWAYS take a shower before working, even though I not going anywhere, because that really goes a long way to make me feel like a human. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. 342132 061 Air Jordan 1 Retro High Strap Black Red The Lakewood Rangers ran their record to 7 0 in the Blue Central division with an 8 0 blanking of the Brooklyn Hurricanes in GCHSHL action at The Quicken Loans Arena. Lakewood's Chris Richardson opened the scoring with just under 5 minutes to play in the first period with an unassisted goal. Nick Kovach doubled the Rangers' lead with a power play goal on an assist by Brendan Scheel with 25.8 seconds to play in the period.The Rangers put the game away with a strong second period, scoring 5 goals inside a 10 minute stretch. Garrett Foye began the run with an assist from Pat Hoffert. Steve Sorger and Scheel added unassisted goals and Richardson tallied his second of the game on a power play with an assist from Sorger. Scheel closed out the second period with his second unassisted goal, Lakewood's third power play goal of the game.The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC.

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