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Through its diverse programmes it aims to facilitate international and interdisciplinary exchange, stimulate critical engagement amongst professionals, policy makers and a broad public, and shape the quality of the built environment. The Association of Researchers in Construction Management The Association of Researchers in Construction Management brings together all those interested in construction management research. Its aim is to further the advancement of knowledge in all aspects of management in construction by supporting education, dissemination and research. Our lively quarterly newsletter keeps members in touch with the latest news from members. The highly acclaimed annual conference brings together researchers from all over the world. Various research workshops provide a means to develop specific subject themes as well as general research methodology. Our publications form a very useful resource for all researchers in this field. British Institute of Interior Design The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) has merged with the Interior Design Association (IDA). The IDA, the business association for designers working in the commercial sector, will be incorporated into the BIID, the Government recognised professional institute for the interiors sector. This significant merger will create one leading body for interior design that will set national professional standards, promote learning and debate and champion the value of interior design on the national and international stage. Build Offsite An industry wide campaigning organisation that promotes greater uptake of offsite techniques by UK construction. Buildoffsite is an alliance of clients, developers, designers, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, government, advisors and researchers. buildoffsite champions better construction by acting as a catalyst in the use of offsite across all market sectors. Recently launched by the BRE Trust, the objective is to advance knowledge, innovation and communication through website and newsletter content. BRE Trust is a registered charity aiming to advance knowledge, innovation and communication in all matters concerning the built environment. While Building4change shares the values of the BRE Trust and draws on its knowledge and experience, our content is independent. Building Research Establishment BRE is the UK leading centre of expertise on buildings, construction, energy, environment, fire and risk. It provides research based consultancy, testing and certification services to customers world wide. Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment CABE started work on 1 September 1999 as a proactive, nationally based champion for architecture with a role including urban design, education and community involvement and the development of a regional dimension in the promotion of good architecture. It will concentrate its attention on new buildings and projects in England. This is an archive of CABE work as it closed in 2011 and many of its functions transferred to the Design Council. Construction Industry Research Information Association (CIRIA) CIRIA is the construction industry research and information association. Operating across market sectors and disciplines it delivers a programme of business improvement services and research activities for our members and those engaged with the delivery and operation of the built environment. Construction Information Service The Construction Information Service (CIS) is an expert knowledge tool that delivers key technical information critical to all construction projects in one easy to use online package. You can also search for buildings by architect. The website features building news, events, competitions, photos, jobs, awards and products, and a range of building types from houses to skyscrapers, plus major landscape and interior projects. Green Book Live Green Book Live is a free online database designed to help specifiers and end users identify products and services that can help to reduce their impact on the environment. Green Book Live brings together listings from a number of organisations and delivers comprehensive information on products and services, some approved to stringent environmental requirements and others based on information provided by manufacturers and trade bodies. Green Book Live provides specifiers and end users with an opportunity to select products and services which demonstrate their commitment to environmental best practice. A wide range of products and services, from commercial building products and services to domestic energy efficiency products can be found within Green Book Live. Institution of Civil Engineers This site contains links to on line journals, newsletters and briefing sheets. These provide a concise source of information on such issues as the environment, sustainability, best value in local government, transport and land use planning. Info4study A site for Architecture and Building Services Students which provides a single point of contact for information for use in architecture and building technology studies. Visit the bookshop to buy books on architecture and building technology. The titles are selected from amongst the best sellers list of the Amazon online bookshop. The site also contains links to other useful websites such as trade, research and governmental organisations related to architecture and building technology. Integrated Environmental Solutions IES was set up to take the power of primarily academic building performance tools and deliver them to the general building market, allowing lean, clean and green building design. We are now arguably the worldwide market leader in this field. National Building Specification National Building Specification, part of RIBA Enterprises Ltd, offers distinctive, innovative specification and information solutions to construction industry professionals. It has produced specification products for over 30 years, including the recognised national standard specification system for the UK. Specification products cover building construction, engineering services and landscape design. Red Book Live The Red Book is a world renowned listing of independently certified products or company services, and is the essential reference for those responsible for the design, specification and purchase of fire and security products. Yorkon Design Innovation Off site specialist and Portakabin subsidiary, Yorkon, has launched a new web resource for architects and contractors to encourage greater design flexibility and architectural variety in modular construction. The new Design section on the website features: a comprehensive project portfolio to show examples of Yorkon modular buildings, demonstrating the design possibilities, internally and externally, of the Yorkon steel framed off site building system; a testimonials section with comments from architects and building users about modular building design and use; sections on roofing, cladding and glazing to show the diversity of design options now available; a downloadable interactive design tool to help architects and contractors work with off site construction, and produce faster and more accurate project drawings.ALTER Net ALTER Net brings together 26 leadinginstitutes from 18 an countries. They share the goal of integrating their research capability to: assess changes in biodiversity, analyse the effect of those changes on ecosystem services and inform the public and policy makers about this at a an scale. Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) This professional body represents and supports ecologists and environmental managers in the UK, Ireland and abroad. IEEM exists to promote and support the practice of ecology and environmental management for the benefit of people and biodiversity. Department for Environment, Food and Rural AffairsGovernment Department covering issues relating to the envronment, food, agriculture and rural areas. Edie (Environmental Data Interactive Exchange) Edie (Environmental Data Interactive Exchange) is an online resource for environmental professionals, researchers and all those with an interest in green issues, bringing together practical information and in depth yet accessible news. Officially biggest environmental website, Edie combines an unparalleled directory of products and services from thousands of specialised companies with an online news service reporting on the latest environmental stories as they break. As well as browsing easy to access online news from the UK, and around the world readers can subscribe to a free weekly newsletter delivering the latest articles directly to their inbox. For in depth analysis of the latest trends and developments in the growing environmental sector, monthly special reports offer expert opinion on the key issues of the day. The edie job centre holds a wealth of opportunities in the sector. Environment Agency Presents news, information, research and data about the environment of England and Wales, particularly in respect of pollution, waste management and flood control. The site proposes to hold downloadable environmental education worksheets aimed at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, and case studies for degree students. The Environment and Gender Index The Environment and Gender Index (EGI) monitors gender equality and women empowerment in the environmental arena. The EGI provides the first quantitative data on governments' performance translating the gender and environment mandates in the three Rio Conventions and CEDAW into national policy and planning. The resulting information will help policymakers, civil society, and others evaluate progress and identify where the gaps lie in achieving gender equality in the environmental context. Environmental Protection UK Environmental Protection UK is leading a coalition of health, environment and transport charities that has launched a national campaign to tackle the public health threat from air pollution. Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network Part of the UK Technology Strategy Board Transfer Network programme, the Environmental Sustainability KTN (ESKTN) is the result of a merger between the previous Environmental and Resource Efficiency KTNs. The ESKTN officially came into existence on the 1st September 2009 and is now the primary KTN supporting the Technology Strategy Board's Environmental Sustainability Key Application Area. an Centre for Nature Conservation The an Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC) is established in 1993 with the purpose to further an nature conservation by bridging gap between science and policy. ECNC has become a renowned expertise centre offering support to the development, review and implementation of an nature conservation policies. ECNC aims to assist in integrating nature conservation into the daily actions and decision making of the general public, policy makers and experts. ECNC considers nature conservation to be an integral part of a sustainable society and economy. an Climate Forum The an Climate Forum (ECF) is a platform for joint studies and science based stakeholder dialogues on climatic change. ECF brings together representatives of different parties concerned with the climate problem. The core activity of the Forum is to define and carry out joint studies; these provide arguments for long term climate mitigation and adaptation policies leading ultimately towards a sustainable development path. an Commission: Environment This an Commission page provides links to legislation, policy areas, funding opprtunities, publications, key speeches and press releases on an envirinmental issues. an Environment Agency Provides access to data sets used in EEA periodical reports. The data sets contain aggregated data, typically on a country level, with a geographical overage of at least the 15 EU Member States. Graphs and, in the future, maps can be generated from the data sets. Information about the source of each data set and its geographical and temporal coverage is provided. Environmental management concepts and sustainable development is an extranet service and an information clearinghouse for NGOs, research groups, businesses and private enterprises in general. The State of the Environment Reports Information System includes documentation of environment reports in an countries. The STAR (Sustainability Targets and Reference Database) is an inventory of current environmental policy targets and sustainability reference values (SRVs) which apply in the EEA member countries. Friends of the Earth This site contains links to local, national and international campaigns to protect the environment. Also has links to the Research Unit which undertakes research and policy development which allows Friends of the Earth to identify and oppose environmental problems, expose those responsible, propose solutions and empower personal and political action. Landscape Character Network The Landscape Character Network (LCN) is an informal network with a dual focus on Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and the an Landscape Convention (ELC). LCA is an important tool for enhancing local distinctiveness and promoting sustainable development. The ELC is the first international agreement on landscape, devoted to the protection, management and planning of all landscapes in . The network is open to anyone with an interest in landscape. Natural Environment Research Council The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is the UK main agency for funding and managing research, training and knowledge transfer in the environmental sciences. Publications include magazines, leaflets, briefing notes and brochures which give excellent insights into some of the big environmental issues climate change, natural hazards, sustainable use of this planet resources, biodiversity and pollution. Natural History Museum: Biodiverity Provides information on UK biodiversity. Science for Environment Policy Science for Environmental Policy (SfEP) provides an information service on the latest policy relevant environmental findings in . SfEP is a news and information service published by the an Commission's DG Environment. Its aim is to help the policy maker keep up to date with the latest environmental research findings needed to design, implement and regulate effective policies. SfEP publishes both weekly News Alerts and monthly Thematic Issues. Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) The Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) is an independent advisory body established by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in 1995. Its areas of interest include: biodiversity and biosafety, land degradation, international waters, climate change and ozone. The panel is responsible for providing the GEF with objective, strategic scientific and technical advice on GEF policies, operational strategies, programs and on projects and programmatic approaches. The project, which started in 2002, is now in its third phase of projects, covering the period 2008 2012. The members of the COR are responsible both for providing the other an institutions with the local and regional point of view on Union proposals and for informing their citizens about the community policies that are decided and administered by the an Union. Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) CORDIS is the Community Research and Development Information Service. CORDIS is an important source on EU research and development programmes and relevant matters. It can help facilitate participation in EU funded research programmes, find partners, and transfer innovative ideas. The site contains daily news, helps identify suitable research partners and contains details projects carried out under EU programmes. It also holds a number of official EU documents and a listing of official contact points for information on research and development matters. The site also holds the ERGO (an Research Gateway On line) database which provides a gateway to national research and development information services. Concerto The CONCERTO initiative, launched by the an Commission, is a wide initiative proactively addressing the challenges of creating a more sustainable future for 's energy needs. Today, there are a total of 45 communitiesin 18 projects,each working to deliver the highest possible level of self supply of energy. Council of an Municipalities and Regions The Council of an Municipalities was founded in Geneva in 1951 by a group of an mayors; later, it opened its ranks to the regions and became the Council of an Municipalities and Regions. Today, it is the largest organisation of local and regional government in ; its membersare regional associations of towns, municipalities and regions from over 30 countries. CEMR works to promote a united that is based on local and regional self government and democracy. To achieve this goal it endeavours to shape the future of by enhancing the local and regional contribution, to influence an law and policy, to exchange experience at local and regional level and to cooperate with partners in other parts of the world. ELTIS: an Local Information System This EU web portal provides information on local urban transport and mobility issues. The aim of ELTIS is to provide information and support a practical transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience in the field of urban and regional transport in . It should give the user the opportunity to explore best practices from an cities and regions, to search for specific transport solutions and to be informed about the state of the art in a given transport application. In turn this should help create a more sustainable living environment, one which provides greater accessibility and mobility to its inhabitants. EURLEX: Access to an Union law EUR Lex provides free access to an Union law and other documents considered to be public. The contents of the site amount to some 2 815 000 documents with texts dating back to 1951. The database is updated daily and every year around 12 000 documents are added. Eurocities EUROCITIES is the network, established in 1986, of some 100 major cities from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Central and Eastern and the New Independent States (NIS). EUROCITIES wants to ensure that urban affairs are placed high on the an Union?s policy agenda and help make citizens voices heard. The work involves lobbying, sharing expertise, setting up innovative projects, monitoring progress, raising awareness and issuing publications. an Commission Central Library This isone of the main sources of information on an Union policies. an Commission Contracts and Grants The an Commission allocates part of the EU budget to companies and organisations in the form of calls for tender, grants or funds and other financing programmes. an Commission Representation in the United Kingdom This is the London office of the an Commission. It provides a great deal of information on EU related events and sources of EU information in the UK. The site also contains a weekly summary of developments in the an Union together with an extensive list of useful web links. an Council of Spatial Planners It is an umbrella association providing its members with a common framework for planning practice, planning education, continuing professional development and the definition of professional res.

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