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? MORE PHOTOS LONG BEACH The ending of the Millikan High girls soccer season Wednesday afternoon was bittersweet. The Rams were defeated at home by top seeded Sunny Hills 2 0 in the second round of the CIF Southern Section Division II playoffs. While the loss certainly brought some tears, the Rams were happy about their comeback season the program's best in 20 years. Not since 1992, when Millikan made the CIF semifinals, had the Rams even advanced out of the first round of the playoffs. Their 18 3 6 record is believed to be among the top, if not best, in school history. "From the beginning, we wanted to change Millikan history," senior and four year varsity player Kelly Johnson said. "We knew the boys have a history, but we wanted to make our own name for the girls. We changed the whole program . and made Millikan girls soccer history." Sunny Hills (28 1 0) made sure that Wednesday marked the last chapter in the Rams' Cinderella story. "I think we hung in there with them," second year coach Tino Nu ez said. "It didn't seem like they dominated. I think we were able to play with them." While there was a lot of play in the midfield in the first half, the Lancers had a decisive edge in offensive opportunities, outshooting Millikan by a 9 3 margin. In the 35th minute, Sunny Hills broke through. Brittany Aanderud hit a free kick from the left edge and about 30 yards out that curled into the top corner at the far post. Rams goalkeeper Olivia Bedard made a play for the ball but was able to get only a few fingers on it as it fell into the net behind her. The goal left Millikan in a bad spot. Scoring goals against top flight teams has been something of an Achilles' Heel. Now the Rams needed a goal against a team that had allowed just 10 goals all season long . Their best previous chance in the first 40 minutes was a great individual run by Alex Karlowitsch that she finished over the net. "We definitely believed we could (score)," Nunez said. "We knew we had dug ourself in a hole and were down . but we believed it could happen." The Rams came close to the equalizer less than five minutes into the second half, with Maya Hodgson sending a cross into the box for Alex Palamino, whose header was stopped by Lancers keeper Amanda Poertner. Two minutes later, Millikan was down by two goals as Aanderud stopped a clearing attempt and drilled the ball inside the left post from 18 yards. The Rams outshot Sunny Hills 6 2 in the second half, including a missed volley by Kayla Edwards on an open net and another Palamino header off a corner kick that went just wide. "I told (the girls after the game) that no matter of the outcome that this is a special group," Nunez said. Air Jordan Shoes 9 Retro Black White ,Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red 136027 189 Air Jordan V Laney White Varsity Maize Varsity Royal Black 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black 384664 623 Women Size Air Jordan 6 Toro Infrared 23 Black Infrared 23 Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black 136064 104 Nike Air Jordan 3 True Blue 2011 308497 008 Air Jordan 4 Thunder Black Tour Yellow 646701 700 Kobe 9 EM 332083 435 Air Jordan 1 23501 Levi Denim Pack If, say, North and South Korea were to go to war again, you'd pretty much expect the fighting to stay there. If you were hanging around Disney World in Orlando and suddenly a couple of North and South Korean platoons showed up and started shooting at each other, you'd assume you were the victim of some elaborate flash mob prank. Yet that sort of thing has happened all through history, like the time . 5. Coast Guard do? They save sinking boats and shit, right? Maybe stop smugglers, that sort of thing? All of it must seem like a pretty sweet deal if you're doing that instead of, say, fighting a world war. That's why the Coast Guard off the small town of Orleans, Massachusetts, probably thought they had a pretty sweet gig during World War I no filthy trenches or death defying naval attacks for them. All they had to do for the war effort was guard a bunch of lobster traps and enjoy the whale watching. Which made it all the more pants wetting when, out of the blue, an Imperial German submarine suddenly rose from the abyss in attack mode. This itty bitty little sideways elf shoe looking place. It was July 21, 1918, and the German sub U 156 suddenly found itself in possession of far too many torpedoes and far too few targets. The U boat's captain, Richard Feldt, spotted Orleans, with its several unassuming tugboats and barges docked in the harbor. Most people would've shaken their head sadly and gone off to blow their excess torpedoes on icebergs or whatever. Feldt, on the other hand, thought, "I must now shoot all of this," high fived his second in command, and the quaint little town in a move right out of a Stephen King novel. stared in slack jawed surprise as the U boat began its attack, blasting at boats and spraying the town with bullets from mounted machine guns. The Coast Guard, annoyed by the pesky sounds of warfare in their peaceful station, popped their heads out to investigate only to find their little town quickly turning into a war zone. They , which completely failed to damage the U boat with their bombs."OK, that's close enough to finished just send it out." Still, they lucked out: The Germans were apparently completely unprepared for an attack from an enemy nation whose soil they were actively bombing. They retreated in the face of the Coast Guard's desperate flailing, leaving the town in panic and disarray. 4. The American Civil War Spilled Over into France and BrazilThe big thing about civil wars is that they tend to keep within the country in question. That's the whole point, really. So if you were fighting in the American Civil War and took a break in, say, France, you'd think you had left the fighting behind and could relax with some nice 19th century French prostitutes. Perhaps that is why the Confederate ship CSS Alabama was so confident when it stopped for repairs in the French seaside town of Cherbourg. The Alabama had been busy in the Atlantic and went to get some repairs time on the other side of the ocean. Even if you have to endure accordion music and filthy mimes, a little holiday in a then neutral country must've felt like heaven after all that hardcore warrin'. Then, after the repairs were finished, they sailed leisurely back to sea to run right the fuck into a Union battleship. Suddenly the North and the South were continuing their American conflict within sight of . People loved Chad France. The ship was the Union vessel USS Kearsarge, a sloop of war that, unbeknownst to the Confederates, had been tracking the Alabama down due to everyone getting tired of its bullshit. The Kearsarge hung around French waters until the Alabama was shoddily (France, remember) repaired. The second the latter left safe waters, crew relaxed and hull creaking, it ran into the Kearsarge. Unable to turn back and unfit to fight, the Alabama had just one thing left to do: Say "fuck it" and challenge the Kearsarge to a one on one duel, just off the French shore. This went about as well as you'd expect. The Alabama went under after an hour's combat, its crew presumably still cursing the French sea chanty from the tavern last night that they couldn't get out of their heads. "EAT SHIT, SCUMB blbblbllblblbll ." By the way, almost the exact same thing happened to the Confederate ship the CSS Florida (which happened to be a sister ship of the Alabama) when it in the Brazilian port of Bahia. Despite the fact that they were in freaking South America the wartime equivalent of a get out of jail free card the Florida happened to encounter the Union ship USS Wachusett, . "Onward! We will not stop until we have shown the entire world how much we suck at war." 3. Greenland Was Full of Secret Nazi Outposts Imagine being an American rescue pilot in 1943, gliding over the vast emptiness of Greenland. You may be drifting off course over the world's largest island, but you don't care you're thousands of miles from World War II, and that's what counts. After all, who the hell cares about Greenland? Look at that piece of shit. Just floating there like it doesn't know it sucks. Suddenly, you notice a strange structure in the middle of the rugged wilderness below. Whatever could that be? Intrigued, you mark the spot on your map, making a point to return to the site on foot to see what this peculiar construct in the untouched wilderness might be. Days later, you finally make the trip and knock on the door of the structure. Why the hell were Nazis in Greenland? Did they hear that the Ark of the Covenant was buried there? Actually, it was all about monitoring the weather. In the days before weather satellites, you needed weather monitoring stations in remote places to tell you what weather systems were coming your way. So when an American rescue plane stumbled upon that strange shack in the ass end of Greenland, they had actually come across a major Nazi operation. Or as we call it in the States, a "Minnesota Hitler shed." Once a patrol had captured the lone German officer manning that outpost, they realized that the Nazi bastards had secretly littered Greenland's coastline with them, providing valuable weather data for Hitler and pals 24/7. Air Jordan Shoes 9 Retro Black White,You are only limited by the thoughts inside your mind. In your mind the omniscient power does exist. To activate this creative thought process, just envision your thoughts as building blocks to create things. Have you ever heard someone make statements like, "Pride goes before the fall" or "It's not your time yet," or "Wait your turn?" But wait for what, when is a better time to dream and desire to the utmost? No one will be short changed out of his or her abundance if they truly want what they desire. It's your birth right; there is an overabundance of wealth, success, and happiness to go around for everyone who wants or desires it. When you decide that you are in total control of your life, you will become more aware of what you give your attention to and to whom. Would you walk into a shoe store with your desire all planned out and allow the shoe sales person to tell you which shoes to buy? No, you would not because you know what kind of shoes you like and you know what feels good on your feet. The moment you realize that you create your own reality and that people who may have your best at heart can't create your life, you will pick superlative words and choose positive thoughts to describe yourself just as you would pick top grade ingredients to bake a prize winning cake. As you acknowledge this truth, you will not entertain lack and limitation in your mind on any level. The moment you start to worry about your desire which is creating in the negative, or use the word "but" which negates everything you just said, you are throwing your thoughts away. The mind cannot focus on the pleasures of your desire and the inner negative doubts of failure at the same time. One of these energies must dominate your thought process. Do not allow negative thoughts, old beliefs, the voices of naysayers and people with pessimistic views to convince you there is not enough prosperity for everyone. Changing your lack consciousness to one of abundance will not happen right away because of thoughts of limitations you have previously set in motion. If you start using affirmations, it will happen sooner rather than later. Using positive affirmations will neutralize some of the negative thoughts that you have all ready vibrated into the universe on a conscious and unconscious level. Start by posting pictures of your dreams, desires and goals. Listen to songs of empowerment to reprogram your thoughts. Also, use a storyboard to map out where you want to go in life. Through the constant repeating of positive affirmations about wealth, abundance, success, and health, you slowly erase old limitations. The more you expect your desire the faster manifestation will happen.

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