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The trends for this years womens spring shoes invite personality, flair, and fun into your spring 2010 wardrobe! Bright colors pair with increasingly popular natural materials such as cork and rope to create a new bold and unique look. The actual styles of the hottest spring 2010 shoes do not differ too much from those trends of the fall, and include booties, gladiator sandals, platform sandals, and wedgesbut the most popular name brand shoes have taken the classic fall styles and added a twist of personality through color, pattern, and materials in order to create chic spring 2010 shoe trends. Open Your Eyes to the Open Toed Bootie Booties are becoming an increasingly popular trend in womens shoes, and for spring 2010, open toed womens booties are in! The open toed booties provide air circulation, keeping your tootsies from getting too toasty, while at the same time adding decoration to your ankle. 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Most complaints about the board seem to touch on one of two issues: its safety and the synchronization process.The former brings us to why you should but don't necessarily have to be barefooted when you use the balance board (unless you snagged a pair of Nintendo's official "Wii Fit" non skid socks): It can be slippery. Sure, Nintendo designed it to be close to the ground and even included a few inset grooves on top to help gamers find the approximate location of their feet. But, let's face it: If you're wearing either shoes or a particularly thick pair of socks, you won't have a good grip and may fall off. So while there isn't anything technically wrong with wearing something on your feet when you're using the board, you should just be aware that it can be risky. It also goes without saying that, whether or not you are wearing shoes, you should not use the board at all if you weigh more than 330 pounds, because it won't work properly.Also, before you start playing a game with the Balance Board, you have to synchronize it to the console a process called Standard Mode Synchronization by pressing the "Sync" buttons in the Wii's SD card slot and in the board's battery cover slot for several seconds. You'll also need to repeat the process for each new board compatible game.For the most part, users seem to hit snags when they don't do one of the following:Ensure that their game is compatible with the boardMake sure that each compatible game is synchronized with the WiiKeep the batteries freshOtherwise, users sometimes also forget to place the board with the blue power light facing away from the television. If it is facing the wrong way, the movements onscreen are reversed. Gamers also experience problems synchronizing the board with the Wii when they use incompatible rechargeable battery packs. Nintendo's official line in that regard is that you should use standard AA batteries. If you do want to use rechargeable AA batteries, however, they should be nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.We've spent a lot of time discussing the board's history and capabilities, but what about the games? Now, we'll talk about the game that singlehandedly kicked off the balance board craze, "Wii Fit," and some of the other games that use its functionality.

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