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For all the hard knocks and heartbreaking losses over the last 63 years, very few contained as much drama, excitement, controversy, incident and tension as this one. There was any amount of blood and sweat spilt after almost two hours of abrasive, bone shaking action, and tears flowed freely afterwards as Mayo players and supporters acknowledged the end of an era. James Horan's decision to step down after the game confirmed that a memorable and very successful chapter in Mayo's story had come to a close. History will be kind to the Horan era but this week, as all concerned reflect on another one that got away, there will be no shortage of regrets, ifs, buts and maybes. In time this group of Mayo players will realise that they played their part in a remarkable period for the county; dark days in Markievicz Park and Pearse Park back in 2010 now seem like a different lifetime. And, who knows, maybe the best is yet to come. But last Saturday evening we were reminded that football is a very simple game, especially when it's played by a group of well drilled, well organised and highly motivated players. Men on a mission, armed with a few game plans, and with players like David Moran and Kieran Donaghy to lead the charge. They bent the game to their will and dragged over the line to victory. Mayo played their fair share of sparkling football too, and left everything on the field in pursuit of victory, but they had failed to learn the lessons of six days earlier. And they were made to pay the ultimate price. The conversation would be very different this week had Robbie Hennelly's last kick of the game at the end of normal time been converted. However, his 45m free into the teeth of the wind fell just short of the goal where it was punched clear by the gargantuan Donaghy. It was a superb effort by Hennelly, and it would have been a suitably special end to an epic, marathon of a match. Instead, both teams faced into extra time after finishing all square at 3 11 apiece and we continued to hope for the best. Mayo's best on the evening though wasn't good enough and, despite hitting the front with quickfire points from the excellent Cillian O'Connor and Kevin McLoughlin, they failed to score for the last 20 minutes of the additional period. 's monopoly on possession and the presence of Messrs Donaghy and O'Donoghue meant they always threatened scores, and an unanswered five points was more than enough to eventually get the job done. The below par performance by the referee is well documented elsewhere in these pages, but a couple of very debatable close in frees got up and running in extra time. They then picked off three superb points in the second period from Jonathan Lyne (2) and Paul Geaney to make the decisive break for another All Ireland Final as Mayo ran out of energy, ideas and time down the home stretch. A late brawl involving a cluster of players, plus an incursion onto the field by an irate supporter, did nothing to help their attempts at a rescue mission. Neither did 's willingness and ability to disrupt their opponents and engage them in sideshows in the dying moments. It was a masterclass in game management. This replay had everything, including three penalties, a black card, a red card, controversy aplenty, and two teams who were more than happy to throw themselves into a full blooded contest. The first quarter was incredibly tense and frenetic as the crowd of just over 36,000 created an electric atmosphere inside the tight confines of the Gaelic Grounds. led by 0 2 to 0 1 after 19 minutes as both sides weighed each other up; then Mayo struck for 2 2 in four incredible minutes, and the match caught fire for the evening. The first goal came from a Cillian O'Connor penalty after he was hauled down in the square. Two minutes later he netted again, this time a soccer style tap in after a brilliant catch, marauding burst, and pass from Aidan O'Shea. O'Connor also tacked on a couple of frees during this scoring spree and Mayo were 2 3 to 0 2 up, against the run of play.

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