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As Air Force 1, as now, Air Jordan 1 has turn out to be considered a symbol of the trend, instead of its reliable identity basketball shoes. Jordan producer also advocated producing a retro trend of its flagship product. But compared Air Force 1, Dunk, in add on to other chosen types for, Air Jordan 1 has long been in the tepid state, overwhelming vast majority of Air Jordan's interest toward the reliable fans of the Bulls apparently an entire whole lot more desirable color, though other colors do not ask. Indeed, the main colors of the Air Jordan 1 have its charm. However, as a pair of footwear to lead the trend of development, only bright and red colored is definitely not adequate to attract purchasers are increasingly crucial eye. So we can see that in current years, countless Air Jordan 1 launched, countless have adopted a new color design, and new materials. Now describe the generation with this Air Jordan 1 engraved reduced to aid the color bright and red. The white red Air Jordan 1 on behalf of low to help re engraved in color with bright and red colored round the essential color, and from the upper center of the material toward the material comparable to nylon arranged on ring round the tongue, there are 23 quantities from the above. So arranged on this pair should take the quantities out, in add on to nylon upper material, using embossed leather based area of the texture is instead the bar, the tongue has a big trapeze above the pattern. Of training course there can be the words and phrases Air heels, big shoes, through the wings to aid from the higher phase of the edition of LOGO ought to obtain from the footwear this facet of the place. Contemplating that the edition with the reason that it is so reduced to aid proceeds this LOGO at the heels, soles are red colored translucent bottom inside soles of footwear as there are with the pattern. Bright red colored Air Jordan 1 certainly we are previously common with, this most representatives of the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan fans will no doubt color or Hanamichi Sakuragi fan arranged it down. 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But, no matter what you choose, buy the dresses from the best site. 414571 126 Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe White Team Red Flint Grey ,599581 007 Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 Air Jordan 5 Elephant Printcement Grey Gamma Blue Black Air Jordan 6 Rings Venom Green 136064 103 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro Pure Money White Metallic Silver 402297 001 Air Jordan 1 KO High QS Black Varsity Red White 136027 007 Air Jordan V Black New Emerald Grape Ice Black 308497 603 Air Jordan IV Fire Red Nubuck 2013 Fire Red White Black Cement Grey 136027 189 Air Jordan V Laney White Varsity Maize Varsity Royal Black 414571 003 Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black 669809 500 Women Size NIKE KD VI What The KD Hoop Purple Urgent Orange Shark David Letterman may not be the greatest late night host ever (sorry, nobody's ever going to top Craig Ferguson), but theres one type of interaction in which Letterman absolutely shines: dealing with people he has no respect for. If Letterman thinks the guest isn't worth his time (and he'll let you know within the first thirty seconds), you'd be well advised to set the Tivo and microwave a bowl of popcorn, because shit is about to get hilariously awkward. I used to think it was his becoming old, crotchety and possibly senile that gave rise to this bizarre streak of gut busting faux pax, but the videos gathered below prove without a doubt that Letterman's been a dismissive prick since the very beginning. Well played, sir. 9. Richard SimmonsThe Guest: Simmons isnt the kind of guy who demands a lot of respect to begin with. Its like how in nature, animals sometimes display bright colors as a warning that theyre dangerous. But, you know, the opposite. The Tipping Point: At the beginning, you can almost tell yourself Daves genuinely faking interest. Sure theres some sort of dangling tray fouling up the segment, but hes not about to let that ruffle him. Unfortunately Simmons use of the phrase go go kart is an offense he apparently cant let slide by without comment. The Highlights:The simpering sarcasm that passes for Simmons anger, like a dandelion head bursting in your face on a crisp Spring morning. The fact that Letterman mocks Simmons clothes is made all the more poignant when Simmons stands up a second later to reveal a lovingly sequined glitter shirt handmade in Daves honor. The explosion. Its an excellent enough moment to make me wish all TV segments ended with minor appliance fires. It would sure liven up the local news. 8. Bill OReillyThe Guest: I think I summed up my thoughts on Bill OReilly fairly well by spending a week making a five minute video of him being an irresponsible prick. Daves feelings are probably along the same lines, which meant this clip was destined for Youtube greatness. The Tipping Point: After Dave spends a good thirty seconds thoughtfully articulating his fairly complex standpoint in response to Bills browbeating, emotionally provocative, sound bite of a question, Bill interrupts him to repeat the same question, but louder. Its at this point you can see Dave realizing that they are no longer in the realm of reasoned debate, and responding accordingly. The Highlights:Since this is the first time Ive seen OReilly from an angle besides in my face, its also the first time I became aware that he has a troll like hunchback. For a comedy blogger, this is excellent information to acquire. The fact that CBS cut the video off at the exact height of Daves superiority over Bill. The only way they could have encapsulated the interview better would be to change their call letters to ZNG! If you want to see the whole excruciating interview, feel free to click this phrase right here. 7. Michael RichardsThe Guest: As you may recall, Michael Richards went on an ethnically themed tirade at a comedy club in the mid 00s. In case watching the video of that wasnt uncomfortable enough for you, here he is stammering out an awkward apology on national television. The Tipping Point: This ones not Dave acting disrespectful as much as the whole damned situation being as uncomfortable as a long car ride with the grandparent whos of a different era. Still, the fact that Dave calls Richards out when he seems to blame the black guys in the audience because they heckled him lets you know hes not a big Kramer fan. The Highlights: When Jerry Seinfeld, ostensibly one of the funniest people in the world, turns to the tittering audience and says stop laughing, its not funny in a way that irresistibly triggers another wave. At one point, Richards questions whether the Letterman show was the right place to apologize, takes a dig at the audience, and then at Dave for making jokes about the situation. He then settles the issue definitively by sawing his hand through the air, going ya ta ta!, and sliding through the door of Jerrys apartment to borrow food. I know this one lags in the last third, but watch that part anyway, because I swear to God none of the words Richards puts together amidst collar tugging silences coalesce into anything that means anything at all in any language. This is followed by some gibberish he cribbed from Maya Angelou to make a perfect bullshit sandwich (open faced). 6. Paris HiltonThe Guest: On some level, Paris Hilton must be aware that society by and large considers her an imbecile. Its what shes built her empire on. That, and her weird half closed left eye. So its in keeping with her nature that of all the nights she could have appeared on The Late Show, she chose the week after she was released from prison. Thanks to Dave, shes not likely to make that mistake again. The Tipping Point: Letterman clearly had this ambush planned from the very beginning. Basically the first words out of his mouth are soprison. From about 0:50 on, its just a long tragic slide into a lecture from your Dad. The Highlights:Lettermans continuous recanting of facts about the case, as if Paris might have forgotten the details of her own life while designing a new fragrance. When Paris, basically placid throughout the entire interview, finally asks aloud if they can stop talking about her jailtime, and Dave responds by changing gears from coyly invasive to brutal, cutting sarcasm. About six minutes in, when you defy all your natural tendencies by actually starting to feel bad for Paris Hilton. 5. John McCainThe Guest: A lot more press was made by McCains failure to appear on The Late Show than when he actually did show up, but theres not a lot more awkward than watching him trying to explain himself to several million swing voters while being openly mocked. The Tipping Point: When McCain is forced to utter the three words that can kill a Presidential campaignI screwed upand Dave laughs the laugh of a man who just warped the course of American history with his stupid TV show and unwillingness to let anything go. The Highlights:McCain reveals his true feelings about Keith Olbermann at precisely 0:43. And somewhere between 1:04 and 1:20, he officially becomes a sad old man. During the course of the interview, McCain implies that Dave is a hack, overpaid, and a torturer, and says that he can use spy satellites to find out the details of his phone conversations. Its nice to know that even in our ultra PC world, the powerful can still threaten to have someone killed for fucking with them. 4. I know what youre thinking: laughs ahoy! The Tipping Point: Daves description of Harmony as pleasantly odd doesnt exactly set the bar very high, but when he sees the way Korine is dressed and asks if the skate park was closed, you know Daves officially shifted into crotchety old man mode and is fixin to drive us all the way to Awkwards ville at eight miles an hour with the blinker on. The Highlights:When the poster child for edgy, unrelenting street film calls his brutal movie about the lives of cat murdering white trash a really amazing blockbuster. Somehow, I cant imagine the Armageddon crowd movie hopping to go check out Gummo. 414571 126 Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe White Team Red Flint Grey,Dan Wieden was worried his advertising agency's proposed slogan for the burgeoning footwear giant was too unfocused. Recalling killer Gary Gilmore's famous last words before he was executed by firing squad in 1977 in Utah ?? "Let's do it," Gilmore said ?? it was 11 years later when Wieden tweaked the declaration and came up with an idea that would soon become iconic: "It caught on because it was short, simple, easily understood and remembered and ?? to the point ?? a little bold and confident, like many of the Nike athletes at the time," said Lisa Delpy Neirotti, associate professor and director at George Washington University's School of Business. "Nike commercials and advertisements all supported the slogan. Nike and Wieden+Kennedy created a true integrated campaign. "You did not see Nike without 'Just Do It.' The slogan became synonymous with the brand and vice versa." Twenty five years later, it's still Nike's slogan, although global chief marketing officer Davide Grasso says it's actually his company's mantra. Regardless, it remains catchy, and Nike will mark the anniversary with the launch of a new advertising campaign on Thursday called "Possibilities," highlighted by a 90 second commercial featuring LeBron James and Serena Williams and narrated by actor Bradley Cooper. "At Nike, we say, 'If you have a body, you are an athlete,'" Grasso said via e mail. "We want to inspire every athlete, whether it's inspiration to run their first mile or win their fifth MVP title." "Just Do It" is a slogan that has achieved what companies hope for ?? a quick line that becomes so well known it works its way into pop culture. "Very seldom do taglines turn into lifestyles. It has energized a generation of athletes and it continues to do that. That's the uniqueness. It resonated far beyond what anybody could have expected," said David Carter, associate professor and executive director of the Sports Business Institute at USC Marshall School of Business. Asked for a comparable slogan or even a derivative, Carter said, "As far television goes, you have Coca Cola and Mean Joe Greene. But as far as taglines? This has to be at the top. "You can look at other slogans the last 20, 30 years. That doesn't happen often." Of course, the world has changed in a quarter of a century, especially in the digital world. Nike, for the first time, is using justdoit on its social media channels. Yet the ubiquitous tagline, which has thrived on being open to interpretation, has endured even as others have tried to come up with their own memorable slogans. Under Armour's "Protect This House" and adidas' "Impossible is Nothing" echo some of the same qualities, but neither has overtaken "Not only does it still work, on a lot of levels, but its staying power ?? it's very clear it's still relevant," Carter said. "When you say 'Just Do It,' it's very clear what it represents. Very few (slogans) stand the test of time."

Save Up To 70 Off Discount 414571 126 Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe White Team Red Flint Grey,656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White Memory is the Konami LaserScope to our Nintendo brain it has the potential to be awesome, yet turns out unwieldy and kind of retarded. Any time we try to use our internal Google, our mighty blob of think mulch turns into a grumpy gnome, running around the skull cavity and frantically digging in file cabinets for that ever missing folder labeled "Where the hell did I put those [dress shoes/shot glasses/assless chaps]?" Although the finer workings of our memory bones are still surprisingly ill understood by brainologists, what they have managed to uncover so far indicates that our rememberin' bits are mainly held together with the neuropsychological equivalent of duct tape and a prayer. 6. Your Memory Depends on the WeatherThere's a reason the ability to control weather is such a popular pop culture trope. It's just us wanting to get back at nature because, generally speaking, weather is bullshit. Rainstorms soak clothes and delay big games, tornadoes wreck houses, and unexpected heat waves play merry hell on our mud pit orgies. I don't even have to Google "freak hailstorms" to confidently state that they're the 1 cause of scrotal trauma in nudist colonies. But the worst weather by far is the kind that gets in your head. The weather that spin kicks you in the head is a close second. Some days it's difficult to remember things and you don't know why. Everything should be fine, yet your brain keeps making farty sounds when you try to remember where you put that winning lottery ticket. It's not your fault. It's just the goddamn weather playing you like a violin. You know how people seem gloomier when the weather gets bad? Research suggests that your memory dislikes bad weather even more than your emotions, and it protests with a tendency to go offline whenever the skies go dark. It works the other way around, too: We seem to remember things better when the weather is nice . at least for some of us. For multiple sclerosis patients, even cloudless skies are not safe: Hot weather can also be horribly bad for their memory. And don't you just know that somewhere some dick who missed the "MS" part of that sentence is planning ways to play the "sunshine ruined my memory" card right now?"Sorry, Aunt Sarah I would have loved to come to the funeral, but my brain just didn't let me." 5. Your Memory Hates NumbersLet's say you have to make an important phone call. You never remembered to save the number to your phone or ask for a business card, because for the purposes of this story you are a clueless idiot with all adult stuff. What you do have is a crumpled napkin. Shit, you haven't even bothered to write the number down with proper spacing all you have there is a long string of numbers. That ridiculous, ridiculous thing has actually happened to me a couple of times, and I have never once managed to make those calls. To my brain, that long string of numbers might as well have been written in Morse code. By a toddler. Science says we all have the same problem. Most people have a memory that hates numbers. They're the worst goddamn thing our brains have ever seen and, knowing our browser histories, rest assured that they have seen some shit. Unlike letters, numbers don't offer much context. You need to straight up memorize the fuckers, which takes up lots and lots of head space. If the brain isn't careful, it will soon be filled with strings of numbers just zipping around like a big multiplayer game of Snake."Please stop attempting to explain neuropsychology in video game terms." Luckily, the brain has devised a way to deal with the issue. It commits numbers to memory by quickly vomiting them in small blocks, screaming obscenities with every neuron as it does. If the number in question is one you need often, like a family member's phone number or your own Social Security Number, the blocks will get bigger with time, until you're eventually able to memorize the whole thing like it was a word. This phenomenon is called chunking. The only psychological phenomenon named after a mildly racist snack. Chunking is the very reason Social Security Numbers, pin codes, and phone numbers are shaped the way they are. Those small blocks of three to five digits are the only way the short term memories of most people are equipped to deal with numbers. It's so official, even the government has come up with ways to work around our stupidity. 4. Overloading Your Memory Can Wreck Your Impulse ControlIf you're anything like me, large projects that involve lots of studying and memorizing like presentations and tests are poison for your impulse control. I'm not saying I can't hold my own against deadlines on the contrary, I've found they respond very well to chin locks. But there's no easier time to let out a bellowing "Fuck yeah!" at the first person offering you a beer than when your brain has been sweating study blood all day. And then, 10 hours later, you wake up in a bathtub full of ice in Nevada. Now you have to finish your important presentation while trying to figure out what happened last night and locate your missing kidney. 414571 126 Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe White Team Red Flint Grey Prep notebook: Libby spikers building toward big momentPrep Extra: All state scoring duo drawing state's attentionBills' Carpenter kicks way to AFC honorCoyotes wary of Griz weaponsSource: Rice elevator video sent to NFL office in AprilBitterroot Forest offers Full Moon Walk at Hamilton's Kiwanis ParkGREG TOLLEFSON: Idea of wilderness will never get oldMARK WARD: Bowhunting underway, and trout biting on HolterDeer population rebounds in southeastern MontanaOutdoors briefs for Thursday, September 11A Missoula organization that looks back on billions of years of natural history to make the modern world a better place has done some significant evolution of its own.What began as a call to pay more attention to how plants and animals solve problems that bedevil human society, has grown into a 30 person operation with global ambitions."We'd been watching the field grow, and soon we had companies that wanted to do this in real time," Benyus said in a phone interview from her Stevensville home. "We've created an ecosystem of services to support that emerging discipline. We're pulling together a network of people interested in this all around the world. We're connecting them and equipping them with tools."But as the business focused Biomimicry Guild and the education focused Biomimicry Institute worked to grow audiences in each field, the backstage effort in Missoula grew too complicated. It was hard to disentangle the nonprofit and for profit finances, staff needs, computer systems and related details. Transforming to Biomimicry 3.8 put all of those activities under one legal and social umbrella."Our scale of activity has increased dramatically," said Bryony Schwan, who directs the nonprofit portion of the organization at its Missoula headquarters. "We're all over the world in ways we couldn't have managed before."The education wing offers classes ranging from several hours to two years, training people to think about looking to nature for solutions to human needs. The business wing works with companies including Boeing, Natura and Nike to develop new concepts."We're not interested in designing a widget to be sold in Walmart," Schwan said. "We ask what are the world's big challenges? It's a different way of thinking."Benyus offered the example of a company like Proctor and Gamble asking how to make a better detergent. Her reply was: "What do you really want to do?" And the answer was: "Clean surfaces.""So if you move away from detergent, it becomes a different question," she said. Plant leaves have to stay clean to absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide, but they don't use detergent. Instead, they've developed a bumpy surface that makes water ball up into droplets, which in turn lift up and remove dirt particles.So she advised looking at a spray that creates a self cleaning surface on fabrics or glass. Then looking further into how that spray gets manufactured, transported and how it can be recycled."You mimic the ecosystem," she said. "What's the life cycle of the product? There's a large palate of areas we work in."The Cooper Hewitt Design Mind award honored Biomimicry 3.8 and Benyus for creating a paradigm shift in the way designers look at their work. Benyus said it combined her book with all the advancements the company had brought about, including education outreach, training programs, product development and web pages."It really marks our coming of age, where biologists and educators are asked by the design community how to make better designs," Benyus said. Passionate views, pointed criticism and critical thinking are welcome. Comments can only be submitted by registered users. By posting comments on our site, you are agreeing to the following terms:Our guidelines prohibit the solicitation of products or services, the impersonation of another site user, threatening or harassing postings and the use of vulgar, abusive, obscene or sexually oriented language, defamatory or illegal material. You may not post content that degrades others on the basis of gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other classification. It's fine to criticize ideas, but ad hominem attacks on other site users are prohibited. (Link to it instead, using a headline or very brief excerpt.)No short policy such as this can spell out all possible instances of material or behavior that we might deem to be a violation of our publishing standards, and we reserve the right to remove any material posted to the site.

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