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Hi, I'm Rebecca Mink from Mink Shoes, and I'm here to show you how to protect the bottom of your high heeled shoes. Sometimes we go to events and we realize that we're going to be in the grass or we're going to be in a situation where it's going to be hard to walk in a high heeled shoe. One of the things I would suggest to you is bringing a really cute low flat version. Sometimes you can just throw it in your bag and you can have it there so you can take this high heel shoe and then you could use an option that would be a flat ballerina, maybe in the Winter time if it's colder or you could use a flip flop and you know it really doesn't, it doesn't affect your outfit as long as you do it in a classy way, and then one other quick thing I would tell you is one of the worst things in the world for me is when I see women that have the back of their high heel all dark and one of the ways that happens is from wearing it while you drive in your car. You definitely do not want to wear your shoes while you drive in the car, especially for different materials. If there is an actual material that might get damaged or a light colored heel, it looks awful. So make sure to take off your shoe even if you have to drive barefoot, it's better than ruining your shoe. So thanks so much for watching. This is Rebecca Mink from Mink Shoes. 669809 500 Women Size NIKE KD VI What The KD Hoop Purple Urgent Orange Shark ,Air Jordan 11 Ultimate Gift of Flight 624041 700 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Volt Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR White Black Gold 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Home Hey Fashionistas, it's Shay. I'm back once again to answer one of your greatest dilemmas that you might have, what do you wear with a pair of pink pants or maybe a pink skirt? It's a dilemma that some of us actually find ourself in because we like pink. In most cases we'll buy pink tops like the one that's behind me but in some cases you run across a pair of pink pants and maybe they just speak to you. But then the question becomes what can I put with them? So I'm here to answer that question for you and believe it or not some of the things that I have you're going to be like I have that in my closet right now. So let's talk about it. If you have pink on the bottom, what are some of the things that will look absolutely fabulous? Well the first thing is let's talk about what kind of pink that you actually have on the bottom. I have this wonderful pink shirt behind me, most people would call this a rose color or a soft pink. So this wonderful turtleneck believe it or not will look absolutely fabulous if the pink that you are wearing on bottom is darker than this. So in other words, if it actually is like a raspberry pink or something else, the light pink can actually work with it so you literally have a monochromatic scheme that actually works. So a raspberry pink pant on the bottom also known as a hot pink I guess paired with a soft pink shirt will actually take it to the next level and you'll look absolutely fabulous, maybe you'll look like you are in the 80s which is really good because retro is always inspiring. You can also go to the always feel safe plan of the basic black and it doesn't necessarily have to be a turtleneck but just a black top in general will look absolutely fabulous with this wonderful pink pants that you are rocking. Black can also be a really good feel safe with those pink pants in the form of a cardigan as well. So maybe you don't necessarily have to have on a black shirt per say but if you run across a wonderful black turtleneck it will look just as fabulous with those wonderful pink pants. You may also be curious what can I possibly wear with the cardigan and the pink pants. I have my tried and trusty true flats. Flats look fabulous with any kind of skinny jean that you are rocking even if they are pink. So flats are a really cool pair of shoes that you should have in your closet for those pink pants as well as those blue pants that you may have. I also have a pair of really cute high heels that will literally bring out the pink and add a pop to your feet. These wonderful shoes are from White House Black Market. They're really fabulous on the eyes. They are menswear inspired, notice the wonderful little tassles that actually move as I wiggle them. They are black and white. They are patent leather so you may be like well that's a little strange because my pants are pink, where does that come in? Well believe it or not, black and white are both considered basic colors. So technically you can still get away with these shoes with those pink pants and be safe. You can also pair your wonderful pink pair of pants with a shrug as well, once again in a basic color, the shrug that I have here is a basic black one and as you can see, up against pink black looks fabulous. So you can pair that shrug on the actual outfit that you are wearing and just pair it with the actual pink pants and it will look absolutely fabulous. You can also pair pink with its wonderful sidekick brother which is the wonderful gray, okay? And I have here a really nice gray sweater that you can wear with those wonderful pink pants that will look absolutely fabulous regardless of the fact if the pink is actually rose colored pink or if it's actually a hot pink. It will still look good. Pink and gray has always been colors that work synonymous with each other and they are the two that most people actually pair together when they are wearing the items. Even the necklace that I have here on my manikin has on pink with shades of gray that's actually attached to it. So, gray works really really good with pink and you can also wear a cardigan with the wonderful pink pants as well which is another feel safe, instead of black this one is just white. Other than that, it's just a basic cardigan. So those are just some of my ideas that you can actually use to wear with your wonderful pink pants or pink skirt to take it to the next level. Just some extra ideas that you might have thought of or maybe some new ones that will literally inspire you to be a true fashionista. Thanks for watching and have a fabulous fashion date. 669809 500 Women Size NIKE KD VI What The KD Hoop Purple Urgent Orange Shark,Hi guys, I'm Jamie from the fashion blog, Glam Latte, and today we're here in downtown Los Angeles at the YMI Jeans showroom to talk to you about what outfit goes with leopard shoes. I'm a firm believer that leopard is a neutral. Everybody has black in their closet or white in their closet but what they don't know is that leopard goes with just about anything. If you don't believe me, try it. I have on our model, Leanna here, I decided to go with these hot pink shorts because I wanted to show you how leopard shoes go with a bold color. Now anytime you are usually style in bold colors, I like to keep everything simple, especially if you are going to use a print on your shoe so I took this plain black T and paired it with this cropped black fitted blazer that has a little bit of strong shoulders so it gives it a little bit of edge and I decided to use a strappy wedge for the shoe because I wanted to style something that would be appropriate for a date night and a wedge that has straps is really flirty and fun. So as you can see the leopard looks really great with hot pink. Now on me I styled these leopard pumps with a floral print to show you that because leopard is a neutral, it also can be styled with prints. So I hope these ideas inspire you to style leopard shoes in your own wardrobe. Once again I'm Jamie from the fashion blog, Glam Latte, and I just showed you what outfit goes with leopard shoes.

Find Great Deals Here 669809 500 Women Size NIKE KD VI What The KD Hoop Purple Urgent Orange Shark,656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White Living off grid is a green dream for many of us. Liberation from the power grid, freedom from utility bills, and self sufficient satisfaction that comes from generating all you need sure sounds great, but it isn't a slam dunk; turns out you gotta really want it. And, considering the setup of most conventional homes, it can require tens of thousands of dollars of investment: In solar panels, solar hot water equipment, geothermal or ground source heating and cooling, and the list goes on. Happily, if going completely off the grid isn't in the cards for you just yet, you can still reduce your environmental impact in a big way by emulating the off grid lifestyle. Here are six impactful things you can do. Invest in energy efficiency Successful off grid life is all about energy efficiency. After all, one dollar worth of energy conservation can save three to five dollars in energy generation equipment costs, so the best investments you can make are in efficiency. Step one: Figuring out where all your energy use goes. By measuring your energy use, both by individual appliance with something like a Kill a Watt and in your entire house, you can figure out what needs upgrading, updating,or replacing. Reduce your fossil fuel consumption Once you have your consumption nailed down, reducing the amount of non renewable dead dinosaurs you use for day to day activities comes next. While the phrase 'fossil fuel' tends to conjure images of cars burning gas first, when it comes to your home, electricity, natural gas, and other energy sources like heating oil or propane all can have a fossil fuel footprint. Electricity is probably the easiest of the bunch to cancel out more on that in a sec but fossil free alternatives for gas aren't as widespread just yet. So instead of relying on utilities to do it, you can just do it yourself. Build a passive solar water heater, learn to maximize daylighting and passive solar heat, and you're well on your way to cutting back on the fossil fuels you need to use in your home. Buy in to alternative energy If you can't go off the grid, you can at least buy green energy that comes from the same renewable sources that you'd be using to power your off grid abode. Many utilities (with more starting every day, it seems) offer green energy programs; for a small premium usually around 10 percent you can help them invest in solar, wind, and other alternatives to coal, and they send you some of that green energy back. And the best news: It's way cheaper than going off grid, and has a huge green impact up to half of your carbon footprint can come from home energy use. Replace grid energy with mechanical energy Crank power, dynamos, and kinetic energy can do a lot of the work that you ordinarily rely on the grid for. Everything from consumer electronics to blenders don't need the grid to go, so unplug and put your muscle power to use. Cook with minimal energy The kitchen can be one of the more energy intensive rooms in the house, so emulating off grid life means cutting back on the energy you use to cook. This means doing things like cooking pasta with less water, and without pre heating or pre boiling water. You can also eschew traditional cooking methods and appliances and turn to off grid technologies, like solar cooking here's how to make one of your own from a car shade. Take a baby step toward off grid Just because you can't completely cut the wire from the grid doesn't mean you can't get started with a smaller amount of home generated electricity. An investment of under $300 will get you started with solar power; for a little more, you can take one room in your house off grid, and for a bit more than that say, $600 you can generate enough juice to run a 20 inch tv for 20 hours, a portable stereo for 100 hours, a laptop computer for 40 hours, or a 12 watt compact fluorescent light bulb for 80 hours. Every little bit helps. 669809 500 Women Size NIKE KD VI What The KD Hoop Purple Urgent Orange Shark I'm sure all ladies shoes are manufactured in a similar fashion. welding: The original heel for this shoe had a wide flange at the heel which helped support the width and weight of the heel and foot. Remember the heel covering I asked you to set aside in Step 2? We're going to use them here. I'm sure all ladies shoes are manufactured in a similar fashion. Your shoes may be slightly different in construction and may require a different method than the ones shown here for modification. I started by removing the small plastic heel cap with pliers, then bisected the decorative leather sole at the heel and removed the sole portion that was glued to the heel. Making sure not to damage the heel veneer, the white heel covering was peeled back and removed. Set aside this scrap for later as we'll be using it in Step 6 to cover the underside of the shoe where the old heel used to be. The heel of these shoes were held on with a large industrial cleat that mechanically fastened the heel to the sole and adhesive. The cleat was attached from the top of the shoe under the insole through the sole and embedded deep in the plastic heel. It was no small undertaking removing this cleat. I worked for about 20 minutes getting these heels off. Once removed the old plastic heels can be discarded. This shoe has a steel shank under the insole for support, my shoe had the shank riveted to the insole, so the entire insole was removed from the shoe. The underside of the shank was abraded at the heel with a rotary tool, this will clear away any debris and prepare the surface for accepting a weld. The heel cleat opening left a jagged edge which needed to be fixed. I easily cut away excess shoe around the cleat opening and then reinserted the shank insole back into the shoe to approximated where I was going to weld my new steel heel spike, the new heel location was marked on the steel shank with indelible marker.

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