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Have you been invited to an 80's party but have no idea what to wear? Want to amuse your family and friends with a special "old time" get up? These tips will help you learn more about the styles worn in that decade. Here is how to wear 80's clothes. Take a look at pictures from the '80s to get an idea of what they wore back then. You could also watch old shows or movies, or ask those who have experienced the '80s and have worn 1980's fashion trends. 80's hairstyles are poofy, over the top and wild. Tease your hair into interesting shapes, and hold it in place with tons of mousse or hair spray. Use interesting accessories such as sequined ponytails, big headbands or boisterous barrettes. Wear a colorful wig or get your hair bleached or dyed to show off the true colors of the 80's. The fashion of the '80s was filled with bright colors. Wear brightly colored oversized tops and t shirts in a lopsided fashion. Wear these with tight fitting bottoms such as jeans, leggings or skirts. You could wear a smaller t shirt or tank top underneath the loose top. You could also wear high tops or lingerie inspired lacy tops, blouses and dresses. Polka dots and acid or stonewashed items were the fads in the 80's. You could wear tops, pants, skirts, coats and sweaters with these designs on them or use matching purses, bags and hats. Wear leg warmers. These are similar to long socks minus the foot part and a must for an 80's clothing ensemble. They come in different colors and patterns; choose one that matches your outfit and your shoes. These can be worn to make your legs warm in cool weather and also look good in anything you wear, most especially on clothes that show off your legs, such as miniskirts and short shorts. Wear parachute pants with zippers on the side, bottom or front of the legs. These were originally made because 80's pants were made so tight that they need to be loosened in places in order for the feet to fit in. Later on, it was used as a fashion statement. There would also be accessories on the pants such as ribbons, colorful fabric and even holes. Wear baggy blazers with rolled up sleeves. If you are a girl, you could wear your boyfriend's coat over your dress to make a statement. Wearing jean sweaters that are acid washed or stonewashed is definitely 80's. Add shoulder pads to heighten the 80's effect. For footwear, consider wearing jelly shoes and wedges. Jelly shoes are clear shoes that are made from plastic in order to deal with the leather shortage after World War II. Wedges are shoes with thick and clunky heels. If you want a more conservative look, try penny loafers. These shoes are coming into fashion again, so you will have no trouble finding a pair. Choose neon clothes and accessories. These are signature 80's color, and the more it hurts to look at, the better. Browse online stores to find 80's clothes or go to shops selling vintage clothes or costumes. You could also borrow from friends who have 80's items and clothes. Clothes from the 1980s are always loud and exciting and never dull and boring. If you can't find anything in stores to match your needs, trying making your own outfits for 80's parties. Select the outfit that brings out the fun party goer in you. 332550 002 Air Jordan 1 Retro High Black Black Anthracite ,653996 840 Men Size Nike KD7 35K Degrees 2014 Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Charcoal 653972 500 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold 136085 140 Air Jordan 1 Retro White University Blue Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green 656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White Air Jordan Spizike New York Knicks Orange OK, now that's just ridiculous. Look at them! Carrying cameras around like little feathered tourists. But those are in fact military surveillance pigeons, and yes, they really existed. It was kind of a good idea, if you think about it aerial photos of enemy trench lines were highly sought after, but newfangled surveillance planes were just starting to be introduced (prior to World War I, if you wanted aerial surveillance, you did it using vulnerable hot air balloons and kites). Then along came Dr. Julius Neubronner with his patented miniature pigeon camera. Neubronner's specially trained pigeons could be carried into battle in a customized mobile dovecote and then strapped into camera vests like the one seen above. When released, they were able to take a series of highly detailed photographs of the layout of enemy lines before returning to their roost and dropping off their film to be developed for HQ. "Sir, is there a reason half our missions are near that all girls college?" These avian reconnoiterers saw some decent action alongside German forces during the war, judging by all the cartoonishly exploded pigeons . Sadly, though, when he inquired about further developing the technology after the war, the War Ministry told Neubronner to "fuck off with that pigeon bullshit" (loosely translated from the original German). And just as depressing as that sentence . 4. Doggy Gas MasksThroughout the history of warfare, opposing forces have sprayed some particularly nasty shit all over each other. So gas masks have long been a universal piece of equipment for our human soldiers, but what about their best friends? Don't worry, Fido, because we thought of you, too! Pre Geneva Protocol pooches had nothing to fear once their human companions forced them to strap one of these babies onto their little doggie craniums. Except for, you know, all the bullets and explosions and stuff. Ha! Look at that guy riding his tiny little clown bike back there! How could you even bring yourself to shoot that guy? During World War II, the British Special Operations Executive was always looking for ways to pull a James Bond on their SS rivals. One thing that added difficulty to their espionaging was providing their soldiers with mobility once they dropped them behind enemy lines to get their spy on the logistics of dropping everything out of airplanes meant that there were severe size and weight restraints. So engineers worked hand in hand with Barnum Bailey to develop these adorable wittle motorcycles. The Welbike featured a single cylinder engine and a collapsible design that allowed it to be packed into an airdrop container and chucked out over enemy territory for retrieval by special forces operatives, with just enough space left over to cram the size 28 shoes and giant red Afro wig in there. 2. Wind TunnelsNote the tiny little engineers at the bottom. That's not a model airplane up there. Before computers, the only way to make sure that a new fighter plane didn't fall apart right as you were dogfighting over a cactus patch was to hang it up and expose it to the wind. Sure, you could build a model and put it in a tiny wind tunnel, but damn it, nothing beats going full scale. That's a German facility above, but the Americans were also in the big wind game with this facility at Langley Field near Hampton, Virginia, that tested everything from World War II fighters to space capsules: Are you picturing them reversing the fan and sucking that guy into it? 1. Nazis Just Wanna Have FunThe Nazis made for such perfect villains that we tend to forget that their military was largely made up of kids who were conscripted to serve their country, just like the armies that were fighting them. And like all soldiers, they liked to occasionally take time out and make a big sign with their butts. For more old photos that are clearly fake (but totally aren't), check out 18 Old Timey Photos You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped and 16 Real Old Timey Photographs That Will Give you Nightmares. If you're pressed for time and just looking for a quick fix, then check out 3 Terrible Stadiums You Won't Believe Were Actually Built. 332550 002 Air Jordan 1 Retro High Black Black Anthracite,Shin splints, a painful condition, occur in a situation where your shin muscle is weak and the calf muscle tightens up. Typically, this condition occurs if you're not habituated to walking and then suddenly start walking everywhere, or are given to taking long strides or walking fast, or try out a new shoe style where you sport shoes with a higher heel than what you are accustomed to. Shin splints can also occur if you try walking uphill or from a lower plane to a higher plane wearing no footwear or completely flat sandals or shoes. The solution lies in gradually working on strengthening your shin and calf muscles. To recover from an existing problem, or to prevent future recurrences, this article provides you with a few helpful suggestions. Know your muscles. There are two muscle groups involved in the action of striding or taking steps when you walk one group helps in lifting the foot, the second in bringing it down to complete the stride. These are the tibialis interior muscle (shin) and the gastrocnemius muscle (calf). If the former is weak and the latter is tight, you will feel a burning sensation in your shins these are shin splints. Warm up and stretches. Before beginning your walk, do warm up exercises for at least 30 minutes, concentrating on the leg, calf, shin and foot muscles. A good exercise for strengthening your shin muscles are toe raises raise your toes off the ground and towards the shins, while keeping the heels of your feet firmly on the ground. Hold this position for a count of ten, and then bring down the toes slowly back to the ground. You can repeat this exercise about 10 12 times. Another helpful stretching exercise involves the shin muscles. Position the foot which is to be stretched behind the other foot with the toes touching the ground. Pull the stretching leg forward without moving the toes off the ground. You should be able to feel the stretch from the top of the foot to the shins. Hold this position for a count of 15, and then come back to the normal standing position. Repeat the same action with the other foot. Repeat with both feet at least 10 12 times. Wearing the right footwear. Just as the correct posture and style of walking is important to get the benefits of walking, so also wearing the correct shoes. Your walking shoes should be fully flexible, try out new shoes by bending and twisting them. If they bend easily, then buy the pair. Make sure that the shoes have an even heel with the rest of the sole; a higher heel will put pressure on the shin muscles. Throw out old and worn out shoes, ideally, you should replace your walking shoes every 3 4 months, assuming you walk a distance of 5 miles or more every day. Cover the feet and shins with long socks so your shins stay warm and flexible throughout the exercise period. You can get rid of painful shin splints by following the suggestions listed above. Remember to wear comfortable and good quality footwear; warm up and stretch before and after your routine and walk with moderate and normal strides. Once you and your shins are more acclimatized, you can pick up speed.

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RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle. 332550 002 Air Jordan 1 Retro High Black Black Anthracite There's a safety revolution going on under today's cars and it's all down to run flat tyres. As well as being safer when you get a blow out, they mean you don't have to risk changing a wheel on the hard shoulder or even miss that flight or meeting.It's the future, but punctures are relatively rare one in six of us can expect to get one each year, with high speed failures even less likely. So how do run flats perform the rest of the time? Auto Express conducted the first magazine test to find the best for daily driving.BMW has pioneered the use of run flat rubber, making it standard on its 1, 3 and 5 Series models. So the firm's 320i was the obvious car for our test.There may be 750,000 run flats on UK roads, but in tyre terms that's a tiny proportion which means only a few companies offer them. For our 3 Series, we tried Bridgestone, Continental and Michelin sets. Goodyear, Dunlop and Pirelli also make run flats, while Kumho has just entered the replacement market.We conducted this trial along similar lines to our annual tyre test. Performance was assessed on wet and dry roads, while noise, fuel economy and price were also factors.Wet roads When the heavens open, the rubber to have is Bridgestone, although you'll also fare well with Continental.In our aquaplaning test rating when the tyre rides over the water, rather than cutting through it Bridgestone's Turanza was on top. It had a healthy lead over the Michelin Primacy and Continental PremiumContact SSR during our straight line assessment, while on the curve test, the SSR pushed it harder. The Primacy struggled to shift water, as the grooves in the rubber distorted. Our wet handling assessment involved lapping a soaking circuit, and here the Conti SSR defeated the Bridgestone, with Michelin close behind. The German tyre was also the best under braking in the wet.Dry roads Continental is king here, particularly when braking. Our BMW came to a halt from 62mph in a little over 36 metres significantly better than when it was fitted with the rival tyres. The Michelin just scraped in under 38 metres, while the Bridgestone needed 39.4 metres to stop our BMW from the same speed and three metres can make all the difference in an emergency.The German tyre backed its braking victory with another in the dry handling test. There was only a fraction of a second between it and the Turanza, but the Conti felt sharper, with the front less prone to understeer. The Michelin trailed in third, less than a second behind the top two, but it seemed to be struggling for grip over the lap.How much? With fuel such a major factor in the cost of motoring, rolling resistance the power needed to turn the wheel and tyre is becoming more crucial. A six per cent difference in rolling resistance is roughly similar to a one per cent change in fuel economy. Our test was carried out on a purpose built machine to industry standards at varying speeds. The worst performer was the Continental a massive 20 per cent behind its rivals. And even though the Michelin brand is positioned as energy efficient, its Primacy HP ZP was narrowly beaten by the Bridgestone.We called on the services of an industry price watcher to find our value for money winner. He surveyed a dozen outlets to work out an average per tyre. There's minimal difference between the Bridgestone and Continental, with the ER300 at 117 and the SSR on 115, fitted and balanced. The Michelin is a little more costly, at around 122.How noisy? Early run flats earned a reputation for being noisy and uncomfortable, thanks to their stiff sidewalls the technology behind the rubber is explained in our panel. But constant development has reduced this drastically, and all three brands have made similar progress. There was nothing between the Bridgestone and Michelin, with the Conti a fraction behind in terms of noise.And those who believe run flats are excessively loud should think again. The BMW run flat package was significantly quieter than the Volkswagen Golfs we tested on regular rubber at the same time. The quietest tyres on the VWs registered 70 decibels (dB), while the BMW was around 67dB. And remember, a drop of 3dB is around half the noise.How we got a winner We added the percentage scores from each discipline, but weighted them to ensure a win in a category where the performance gap was wide counted the same as when it was small. In our results table, the overall winner is given a 100 per cent score in each test, with the other rubber presented as a comparative percentage.Bridgestone Continental Michelin Wet braking 100.0 103.8 102.7 Straight aquaplaning 100.0 89.6 90.5 Curved aquaplaning 100.0 96.7 85.9 Wet cornering 100.0 99.6 98.3 Wet handling 100.0 100.5 98.2 Dry braking 100.0 107.3 101.9 Dry handling 100.0 100.1 98.9 Interior noise 67.9dB 67.3dB 67.7dB Rolling resistance 100.0 80.1 89.9 Price 115 117 122 Final score 100.0 99.9 98.0 VerdictIt's no surprise to find three tyres developed for a specific car deliver similar performance. There wasn't much between the Bridgestone and Continental, but the former wins by 0.1 per cent.It was the best performer in the wet, and matched its rivals elsewhere. Continental will rue its rolling resistance score but for that, it would have won.Michelin had its moments, particularly under braking, but the Primacy HP ZP lacked consistency. The French firm's emphasis on low wear counts against it in this assessment, which focuses on wet weather performance.Just came across this and have an update. According to our local BMW dealers tyre supplier, NO tyres can be repaired if they have been "run flat"! They tell this by the loose rubber inside the tyre and the condition of the tyre wall. The only time you would be OK to have the tyre repaired is if you get to the car and the tyre has gone flat whilst standing.Although safety is important, most of us will not have an accident as the result of a puncture. So why do we have to pay upwards of 160+ for a replacement when I can get standard tyres for half that? I have to replace both after a moving blowout, so there is nothing to gain, except more money for tyre companies!I have driven and been a passenger in many BMW's and a Mini Cooper with run flat tyres. The major noticeable thing is they all TRASH the ride. The other is the huge cost hike compared with std tyres. 150 each was the cheapest my mate could get on his 3 series. They haven't inluded fitting and balancing me thinks. He won't buy another car with run flat.I am totally confused as to why BMW chose to go this route when there is no discernible advantage. Put a spare in the boot for christ sake and improve the ride back to the way BMW's used to ride. You get a puncture very rarely but the poor ride is always felt. Rubbish idea.I must float because I have done over 40K on a set of runflats and they still have 5mm on them. I admit I am getting a bit of wheel wobble and the garage said they have started to wear unevenly. I tried Kuhmo winter tryes and took them off as the ride was horrendous. Imuch prefer the firm ride and don't have a problem with them. I also had a puncture at 80mph without any dramas. As for the cost, my life is far more important than money. Worth every penny as far as I am concerned. For the record I am no slow driver and do up to 40k pa on mixed roads.

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