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It's been three years since James Kuegler last pulled on a pair of heavily cushioned running shoes. But he hasn't given up pounding the city's pavements. He has switched to running barefoot, or in minimal shoes, and says more people are joining him.The move to ditch supportive, structured running shoes is becoming popular, and trainer Kuegler says it is partly because people realise it is an effective way to improve running technique and reduce injury.Even shoe companies are getting in on the act:Nike has developed the Nike Free, designed to move in the same way as bare feet, and several manufacturers produce "five finger" shoe designs effectively gloves for the feet that provide skin protection but little else.Injury drove Kuegler to look for a better way of running. He had just completed the Auckland Marathon and, after training for 18 months, had classic long term overuse symptoms.He decided the quickest path back to health was to focus on his body. "It was like stripping back the layers of an onion. I looked at running shoes and human movement from a more natural perspective to see if I could become a stronger and more efficient runner."Running barefoot is hardly new. In 1960, Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila ran the Olympic Marathon barefoot and, until the 1970s, most runners wore sneakers with a minimal amount of padding.Kuegler says people are reverting to barefoot running for a number of reasons. For serious runners, there's the energy efficiency factor: when running fast, it helps not to be carrying extra weight. Casual joggers can run further and more comfortably by avoiding heel striking that large, sudden collision force that leads to joint injuries and shin splints.Barefoot running forces a technique improvement that can otherwise be hard to achieve.If you compare the styles of someone running barefoot to someone in shoes, the difference is obvious. A barefoot runner lands on the front of the foot, under the body's centre of gravity, and pushes off from the toes. A runner in cushioned shoes usually lands hard on the heel, effectively stopping the momentum of the body. Take away the shoes and landing on the heel no longer feels comfortable or natural.Kuegler says: "If you're in bare feet, the harder the surface, the lighter the landing has to be. People in minimal shoes learn a lot about the way they move."Barefoot runners have to focus on their technique. Kuegler trains triathletes and says while most get help for their swimming and cycling, few have ever had any help to ensure they are running correctly."It's just one of those things people expect everyone knows how to do."The world's fastest runners have a style similar to those running without shoes, whether they are shod or not, because the fore foot landing style requires less energy to keep up the pace. Kuegler says changing to minimal, or no, shoes has improved his running speed.But Kuegler cautions against immediately dumping your running shoes."Just stripping shoes off won't make a huge difference." It's important to ease into it and build strength in the calves and feet if a runner has always been a heel striker.The running without shoes motion requires lengthening of the leg muscles, which can take some getting used to.Kuegler advises his clients to start with a 1km run in bare feet first, no matter how fit they are. "The muscles are stretching out and doing more work with every step. You're essentially using muscle that hasn't been used before."It won't be comfortable at first. "If you take an injured runner and strip the shoes off and go for a run on a hard surface, they'll end up in more pain than if they just carried on. You must be cautious."Kuegler says there is no shortage of information available for people thinking about switching to bare feet. They can turn to the internet, podiatrists and chiropractors. Barefoot running workshops are also held throughout the country."It's not just a question of taking your shoes off, but whether your running is actually any better without shoes," says Baxter. 318376 061 Air Jordan XX3 Black Red White ,308497 141 Air Jordan 4 Retro Military Blue White 136002 061 Air Jordan 13 Original Black Red White Women Size 580521 108 Air Jordan 11 Low GS Pink Snakeskin 384664 130 Air Jordan Retro 6 Olympic 2012 White Midnight Navy Varsity Red 653996 060 KD 7 Calm Before The Storm Grey Hyper Punch Light Magnet Grey 308497 603 Air Jordan IV Fire Red Nubuck 2013 Fire Red White Black Cement Grey Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite 136027 189 Air Jordan V Laney White Varsity Maize Varsity Royal Black 414571 126 Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe White Team Red Flint Grey Columbus, Ohio based Retail Ventures Inc. (NYSE:RVI) third quarter 2010 earnings of 11 cents per share missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 44 cents, but were higher than the loss of 28 cents posted in the prior year quarter. The results improved on a year over year basis due to upside in revenues. During the quarter, Retail Ventures posted a solid 10.1% growth in net sales to $489.3 million, from $444.6 million in the year ago quarter. The growth was mainly attributable to a 10.1% increase in comparable store sales. Retail Ventures gross profit grew 7.1% year over year to $220.8 million, but gross margin contracted 120 basis points (bps) to 45.1% primarily due to an increase in markdown activity. Selling, general and administrative expenses, as a percentage of revenues, declined 200 bps to 35.1%, while cost of sales rose 120 bps to 54.9%. Accordingly, operating income spiked up 63.8% from the year ago quarter to $17.2 million, and operating margin expanded 120 bps to 3.5%. Financial Position As of Oct. 30, 2010, the company had cash and cash equivalents of $113.9 million and shareholders equity of $462.5 million. During the quarter, the company generated $54.1 million of cash from operations and deployed $16.9 million toward capital expenditure. Our Take We expect movement in estimates to be mixed as the company reported below expectations, but posted improved results as compared with the previous year. The Zacks Consensus Estimates for the fourth quarter of 2010, fiscal 2010 and 2011 are 22 cents, $1.55 and $1.19, respectively. One of Retail Ventures primary competitors, The Bon Ton Stores Inc. (NASDAQ:BONT), posted a loss of 36 cents for the third quarter of 2010, which missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of a loss of 22 cents. The company reported lower than expected results due to weak topline results. 318376 061 Air Jordan XX3 Black Red White,INDIANAPOLIS New Jaguars owner Shahid Khan outlined his vision Friday for using international games to promote the Jacksonville economy and suggested he has given general manager Gene Smith a virtual blank check to upgrade the team in free agency. In an interview with the Times Union at the Super Bowl on Friday, Khan said Jacksonville is not taking full advantage of its strengths as a city and plans to fly economic development leaders on the team charter when they play in Europe to meet with foreign business leaders, possibly as early as 2013. He said Jacksonville has a world class deep water port that is currently under utilized. He said the port doesn't have the activity it had in the 1980s and early 1990s, when Khan used to visit three times a month while building his automobile bumper business. "It's an observation, not a criticism," he said. He thinks the Jaguars can help change that. "There are a huge amount of decisions made in global centers like London or Hamburg, Germany," Khan said. "Jacksonville is not on their checklist or on their list of cities. They might have Miami or cities with bigger names. If a multinational company is expanding, they need to know Jacksonville is an option. "So if we are fortunate to be playing a game, the city fathers, the development leaders need to be on the plane selling the city and meeting with some key decision makers. You can have appointments lined up." Khan said Jacksonville can sell a good workforce, low taxes and warm weather. "You've got to go where the decisions are being made,'' he said. "The bottom line is that Jacksonville should be using the power of the NFL and let the NFL work for Jacksonville. These are key resources and assets that are not being used.'' Khan said the NFL needs to develop a mind set and vision that playing foreign games can be leveraged into economic opportunities. Khan said it will probably be 2013 before the Jaguars play an overseas game because the window for applying in 2012 closed last fall before he bought the team. The St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots are scheduled to play in London next season. "We'll really focus on 2013 and beyond and that's OK so we can have some kind of cohesive strategy that makes sense," he said. Playing games overseas means Jaguars fans will lose a home game, but that will lower the cost of season tickets. "If our eight home [regular season] games are sold out, that would be a problem. They're not sold out," Khan said. "The upside for the fans, especially in these tough economic times, is that there's one less ticket to buy. That's another win win. To run any viable operation, you've got to balance supply and demand. Do we put more tarps up in the stadium to balance supply with demand? Personally, my goal is I'd rather get the tarps off and will work actively to get the tarps off." Khan also made clear that he's willing to spend money to build a winner. "I signed a bunch of blank checks and left them there [before he left for the Super Bowl]," he said, laughing. He projects spending this year to be $130 million. The salary cap is $120 million, but teams can spend more by prorating signing bonuses for cap purposes in future years. He also stressed the team will still be prudent in managing the salary cap. At the annual commissioner's Super Bowl news conference on Friday, Roger Goodell saluted Khan. "He has tremendous insight from a business perspective and from an international perspective," Goodell said. "I know he is very interested in international growth. He believes it is good for Jacksonville as a community to get that kind of global exposure." A spokesman for Khan also said the new owner wants the Jaguars to start wearing all black as their primary uniform in 2013. In the past, the team has worn all black uniforms occasionally. Khan needs to put up the proof he is sold on Jacksoville by putting a bumper plant here. After he is committed by having a manufacturing business here, then, and only then, will others see him as more than a well dressed panhandler. Afterall, in his own words, " we will listen to people that have a stake in the Jaguars," he has to have some skin in the game. Everyone knows he was in the market for an NFL team years ago, shopping St. Louis. Now he has acquired the Jags and it is only prudent to understand he does have options, one of which is to move the team! To get to the point of losing money (to save 60% in the clause in contract with the city) he will have to spend money. Instant equity of at least 400 million would be seen in any move to a larger city, not to mention better revenues through ticket and related sales. The franchise may also save alot on a new stadium deal if moved. Nobody knows what is in his mind or if it has already been decided upon. Nobody! Any businessman would make projections and run numbers in an investment this large. He would also consider the options for plan B should the business underperform. Remember the Toyota Gator Bowl? Where do his bumpers go? Not only would it make good sense to have a bumper plant here, but he should be the one to do it. Wouldn't it be ironic if his international talk, brought the attention of a wealthy Aussie, which makes a deal for a 500,000 square foot bumper plant at Cecil, and they end up with the Nissan, Toyota and Ford Bumper contracts!

Buy Cheap Online 318376 061 Air Jordan XX3 Black Red White,Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Most people stick faithfully to their shoe size. If you're like me, at least, you don't even bother contemplating other sizes when going shoe shopping. Once a size 7, always a size 7. The truth is that shoes sizes vary widely based on brand and shoe type (despite the system's attempt at standardization). Shoe length and width are also not always correlated. Officially, each size you go up in shoes corresponds to an increase of 1/3 of an inch in length and 1/4 of an inch in width. But of course, these official units of measure are not to be relied upon. Finding shoes that properly fit your feet is not an easy task. Ultimately you have to rely on your own sense of what feels good on your foot. Check out below for tips that will help you find that perfectly fitted shoe. Shop for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are largest. (Feet tend to swell as they go through the day). You want to buy shoes when your feet are at their maximum size. Shoes that are slightly too big can be cinched tightly using laces. Shoes that are too tight are big trouble and can result in foot injuries and deformities such as calluses, blisters, corns, bunions, hammertoe and claw toe. Measure your feet regularly. Believe it or not, your feet change size overtime. People with high arches, for example, tend to gain foot length as their arches gradually fall due to normal wear and tear. Measure your feet from the crest of your big toe to the back of your heel. If you're having trouble, trace the outline of your foot on paper and then measure the tracing. Buy shoes for your larger foot. Again, it's better to have shoes that are slightly too loose than slightly too tight. If your feet are far enough apart in length or width, invest in shoes of different sizes. This will protect your foot from developing foot injuries and foot deformities that result from ill fitting shoes. Use this as a rule of thumb: there should be 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch of space between your big toe and the end of the shoe. Purchase shoes based on what feels good, not on what size you think you should wear. Pay attention to the width of the shoe as well as the length. Pay particular attention to the toe box as this part of the shoe is responsible for the majority of foot injuries. The toe box should be long and wide enough to allow your toes ample room to move. 318376 061 Air Jordan XX3 Black Red White Pink slips hurt teachers' travelBy Johanna Jainchill Until three weeks ago, Mary Lowe, a social studies teacher from Minnesota, had been booked on a two week trip this summer to Peru's famed Machu Picchu ruins. Instead, the 31 year old educator will be looking for a second job after having her hours and salary cut by 40% as part of her school district's budget reductions. Thanks to schools being out of session in summer months, the lure of tax deductions and the availability of travel grants and other financial aid, schoolteachers have long been among the country's most inveterate summer travelers. But with school boards and state governments taking the ax to education budgets across the land, that tradition is now threatened. Lowe is one of a growing number of teachers who will forgo travel this summer as a result of job losses, pay cuts or uncertainty about future employment. While no one can offer hard numbers, people who run summer teacher travel programs or provide travel grants for teachers say that cancellations are on the rise and applications are falling off amid mass teacher layoffs taking place through much of the country. From New York to California, from major cities to small towns and rural communities, few school districts seem to have been spared what Jesse Weisz, the executive director of Global Exploration for Educators Organization, described as the "carpet bombing" of pink slips for teachers. It' a trend that has contributed to a major uptick in cancellations this year for GEEO, a nonprofit that works with GAP Adventures to offer teachers low cost travel. Of the 200 teachers who filled out reservation forms earlier this year, 80 have canceled so far, he said. "Half of those losses were because of pink slips or financial insecurity," Weisz said. "We've had people cancel because they lost their jobs or they were informed they don't have a job next year. There are teachers who have traveled with us each summer who said, 'I can't go this summer because I'm being forced into retirement' or 'I'm losing my job.'" Karen Kovach Webb, executive director of the Fund for Teachers, a program that grants fellowships for summer travel designed to benefit teachers and their mastery of various subjects, also noted the effect. This year, she said, applications are down by about 500, to a total of about 2,500, and the organization is doing a lot more "encouraging" of teachers to travel. "If you are worried whether you can feed your family or pay your rent, it is difficult to go and learn about Brazilian culture," Kovach Webb said. Fund for Teachers also noticed a marked increase in inquiries from teachers expressing concern about their eligibility status should they be furloughed or laid off. "We require our applicants to have the intent to return to their school or class in order to be eligible," she said. "We assured our worried teachers that situations beyond their control would not impact their eligible status."Teachers are not the only ones canceling trips because of job loss. John Stone, a spokesman for Travel Insured International, said that over the past year the company has processed "quite a few" trip cancellation claims for both "job loss," which is an included part of basic coverage, and "cancel for work reasons," an optional upgrade. Stone said travelers are often not aware of job loss coverage. "When you have job security, you are freer to book travel," Stone said. "The key is getting the awareness to the consumer that the kind of protection exists that will give them the needed security to book their trip." Even during the recession, GEEO has grown by about 33% a year since it was founded in 2007. The organization offers teachers very affordable travel, provided almost at cost by GAP Adventures. Trips such as a 15 day Vietnam program go for $1,063 before air, while a journey to India and Nepal is $1,081. The company also secures discounted airfare. Weisz said GAP doesn't make much money off GEEO programs but "supports it so we can grow." This year, based on early numbers, GEEO had anticipated 100% growth over 2010. Instead, it has had to cancel a number of trips to Bolivia, China, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. Weisz said the company would likely sustain its 33% growth level, but that is far below expectations. "Our goal is to send thousands of teachers out into the world every year, and share that experience when they return to their classrooms so the next generation of Americans will follow in their footsteps and be more outward looking," Weisz said. "Consequently, their students will probably travel more." Lowe, the social studies teacher from Minnesota who canceled a GEEO trip, is the kind of educator who is likely to travel. She is young and single, meaning her summers can be relatively free and her salary is less likely to be swallowed up by major costs like a mortgage. Last hired, first fired She is also the kind of teacher most likely to be laid off, since the youngest faculty members are usually the first to get the ax under "last hired, first fired" union rules. For that reason, Lowe said she counts herself as "one of the lucky ones." In her five years of teaching, spread among three schools, she has yet to lose a job.

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