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Naughty or Nice? Little Angels? Only you know that. Which ever they are, we all know that the weeks just before Christmas, they are always on their best behavior! No need to remind them to do their chores, they'll have them done before breakfast! Plus, everyone knows that the last few weeks of December, Always erases the 11 months prior of less than perfect behavior. So with that in mind, the Santa Toy List on this page are the most wished for Christmas Gifts for 2012. We have "Teaching" Toys that will be So Much fun they won't even realize that they are learning valuable skills. To make sure that it's not all about learning, we have toys for little boys that let them be little boys. I have 3 brothers, trust me, I know all about this. We have Christmas Toys for your Little Angels. Sweet Toys, toys that will "encourage" her imagination and give her and her friends hours of fun. Of course, the learning toys are perfect for both boys and girls. 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Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Home,He wrapped up his odyssey this morning, meeting family and friends at the back of the Alexandra Headlands Surf Life Savings Club with beach goers applauding his champion effort. "First thing I going to do is have a shower," he told The Daily. Mr Solomon, a lecturer from the University of the Sunshine Coast, was raising funds for ACT for Kids, an Australian charity providing free therapy to treat and prevent child abuse and neglect. To donate to the campaign, visit Run To Help Children No one will know that more than Colin Solomon at 9.30am this morning. The 47 year old began an epic 24 hour run, back and forth between Alexandra Headlands and the Maroochy River mouth, yesterday morning. By the time it all over, he would have battled rain, high tides and blowing gales, all the while navigating exposed coffee rocks and the sandy terrain. His goal is a noble one to raise vital funds for ACT for Kids, an Australian charity providing free therapy to treat and prevent child abuse and neglect. "I don know why I so motivated by this. I just am," he said. "The victims are completely innocent, and it doesn gain the same coverage or financial support many other issues do. "I will always remember my mother, who was a midwife and childcare nurse, holding my daughter once and saying she couldn understand how anyone could hurt children. ACT for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington was humbled by Mr Solomon show of support. "We appreciate every dollar donated and Colin fundraising efforts will make a world of difference to the kids we work with. "We are always in need of more funds so we can reach out to support more vulnerable children and families," Dr Carrington said. "Some people raise funds for charities through workplace events or fun runs, but this takes it to a whole new level. "For someone to make this sort of physical commitment is incredible." Mr Solomon is well versed in endurance running. The University of the Sunshine Coast senior lecturer in physiology has competed in many ultra marathons over the past 10 years. The longest distance he has run was 240km in a New South Wales event. In a previous charity event, Mr Solomon ran 100km in a single night around a 2km course. Mr Solomon said he wanted to see the 24 hour run turn into an annual event. He said he hoped more runners would get involved to help raise the profile of ACT for Kids. To donate to the campaign, visit Run To Help Children In 2009 10, there were 286,437 reports made to child protection services in Australia. The rate of abuse has increased significantly over the past 10 years. The number of children being removed from their parents has doubled over the past decade. At June 30, 2010, there were 35,895 young people in out of home care.

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