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It's locates at the foothills of the Maya Mountains about 8 miles south of the Western Highway west between Belmopan and San Ignacio in Cayo District. Although archeologists cringe and groan at the thought, it's probably the premier tour in all Belize. If not it's highly debatable. By the way, this is not a self guided tour. Despite the above I still consider this a family style tour and if I were you I'd start with a really large breakfast. The drive to the national park can be from one to two hours depending on where you start. Once you turn south off the Western Highway it's all gravel road and jeep trail heading south eight miles through fields, orchards, jungle, and rivers. You won't be able to drive yourself since the cave is heavily protected and rightly so. Once at the parking area, you and your group will change clothes, use the restrooms, and prep for the hike. Leave an extra set of clothes with the driver for ride home. The guides usually offer to carry electronics in their dry bag to prevent damage. The hike is less than a mile over fairly level ground covered in some lush jungle canopy following a clear cool river the entire way, very nice. The group crosses the river three times. It's never very deep and only goes up to your waist a couple of times. The guides are well educated and offer assistance all along the way. You'll leave your personal items, packs, and lunch under a group palapa in front of the cave. I recommend taking a camera/camcorder into the cave. You'll swim in so make sure your electronics are waterproof or safe from water. Maybe a waterproof point and shoot camera is best. Now it gets fun! Put on your caving helmet and turn on the light. The journey into the cave truly is a journey back in time. You'll see and experience what the ancient Mayan saw many centuries ago while going to the sacrificial areas way in the back. Don't be too worried about the caving here. It's not too bad for most folks. You'll be in and out of water and scramble between and through some rocks but there's never a squeeze that will freak out the truly claustrophobic. After about 45 minutes, you find yourself taking off your shoes on a wide ledge over the cave stream and moving up a small hill in your socks. Yes, just your socks. So take your crummiest pair with you. It's done to prevent/minimize the damage (tracks or body oils) we do while moving through the site. This is a real archeological site not some staged circus side show. This is a good place to get your camera/camcorder back from the guide. You'll move from artifact to artifact as the guide educates you on Mayan history. The guides really are very well trained for Mayan history. You are in good hands. The beauty of this site is that you can get up and personal with artifacts (skulls, bones, pottery, and etcetera) that are normally behind glass and fences in museums. I think this is probably the true value of the tour. You, your wife, and children can experience Mayan history on your Belize vacation instead of just seeing it in on television. I've gotten nose to nose with the skull of a Mayan that passed away as a sacrifice a thousand years ago. You can inspect skulls, bones, sacrifices of all types, and pottery up close and personal. I have a hard time describing the experience and words can't do it justice. I do need to point out that you can NEVER touch anything. It's a big fine. Don't test the guide and don't think you can be the exception to the rule. Keep your kids in check and show respect. I'm a caver. I've been in probably 800+ different caves in my life throughout the United States, Mexico, and Central America. I've seen pottery, pottery cracked in half, pottery with holes (sacrificial), skulls, bones, wells of bones, and more. I'd be hard pressed to tell you of a place with this quantity and quality of artifacts in it. I can't think of another place where the public can access and experience history in this manner. It's truly very unique. The tour culminates with the inspection of the Crystal Maiden. It is the only area that is protected by thin black wire due to an unruly guest that insisted on touching. The Crystal Maiden is thought to be an unwilling sacrifice to some of the gods of old. She died as she laid and you can view the results of time. Maybe she's the Crystal Maiden since there's a fine layer of calcite over her that glitters when passing light over here. She's quite impressive. The travel out of the cave is about and good as the journey in. I usually see people eat under the palapa after exiting the cave. The tour is about 3 4 hours in length. There's also usually some time to wander around a bit while people finish lunch. The stream exiting the cave does make a good swim. There are also some nice big rocks to in the creek there that make a good couple shot for your photo album. So far, I've never heard anyone upset or disappointed. Most are grateful for the experience. For the vast majority, it's chance to experience the life of another (cave, archeologist, ancient mayan), a gift in and of itself. Enjoy yourself..

Pierzynski's eight year run with the White Sox, as productive in some ways as the 13 year tenure of Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk, is over. Pierzynski has agreed to a one year contract with the Texas Rangers, which is expected to be announced on Friday. The White Sox will look to 26 year old Tyler Flowers to replace him, and they know the risk is returning to revolving door status at the position. Before Pierzynski arrived as a free agent in 2005, the Sox juggled eight different primary catchers over nine seasons. Fisk had turned the position over to Ron Karkovice, but the organization failed to develop a long term replacement for Karkovice, a .221 career hitter. Flowers has hit .205 in 108 games but the White Sox expect him to be a productive hitter with regular playing time. He split 2011 between Triple A Charlotte and Chicago, and when in the minors batted .261 with 15 home runs in 65 games. White Sox general manager Rick Hahn declined to comment on Pierzynski's pending deal Thursday night. He said at the winter meetings that he'd be comfortable to enter the season with Flowers and 30 year old backup Hector Gimenez as the catchers but continues to explore the catching market. Pierzynski, 36, had hoped for a multi year deal after hitting a career high 27 home runs last year but found a tepid market, as was the case when he filed for free agency after the 2010 season. The White Sox wound up re signing him for two years contract that time and were in discussions with them again. Hahn seemed to feel it was more important to play Flowers and didn't think that could happen with Pierzynski on the roster. 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White ,Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Premium Laser Crimson Air Jordan 3 Retro True Blue 2011 Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 Air Jordan 5 Retro Black Varsity Red Metallic Silver Air Jordan 11 Low IE Black Varsity Red Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Recorded history tells us that the human race has got a self destruct button and many global clashes have their roots in discrimination, distrust and hatred. A lot of people have contacted me in the past and suggested that their CV was actually being discarded and they thought that agencies together with business owners were biased against them. cv, resume, work, employment, career. Its hard to find places as beautiful, as serene and as natural, as these floating landmasses. Azure water shining with beams of sun rays falling on its turbulent surface is just a spectacular scene; something that remains etched in the memory for the lifetime. Ones you reach these beautiful islands, you dont feel like returning home. Thats the magic Andaman Nicobar Islands spell, and . It could not only help you save a lot of time which you would in the salon to do hair and dyeing hair, but also make you change in a short period of time and without prejudice to the original hair on your head. With these advantages, the full lace wigs have become the most fashionable trend in our daily life. As a consequence of poverty along with other circumstances, there are times that people are bound to do something undesirable even if its entirely against their will only to claw their selves out of the sinkhole that they were in that leads to terrible things like physical violence, criminal acts as well as other atrocities. But despite the fact that we face such adversi . she is an avid reader too as she has been motivated by great works of fiction such as, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and The Lord of the Rings, just to name but a few. In her constant interaction with people, Elize has been able to witness many romantic encounters; some of which have shaped the stories in her novels. She has always had ideas in her mind, but it has taken a long time to fully internalize them before . This occurred even after being fully cured by Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment (ALERT INDIA). A city as progressive as Mumbai is home to Salima Khan (name changed), a 42 year old lady who found herself toiling to bring up two young sons alone when her husband abandoned them because she suffered fro . This sort of prejudice often leads developers to make sweeping declarations, which are designed to justify their choice of application development platform. But many like me in the field of software development have grown to accept . Conway In this article, 14 characteristics of the Word of God are described. These statements are most significant in view of the fact that that a large body of modern theologians have, through their prejudice and destructive criticism, relegated the Bible to the level of highly contentious and disputed writings of human origin. Since the last decade of the previous century, the biggest and most comprehensive attack of the entire New Testament era has been launched against the credibility . Whether you are in a situation to buy or sell a property, claiming a medical negligence, going through a divorce procedure or any other kind of a legal issue, you might just need the assistance of a solicitor. Such kind of solicitors needed for the legal issues like Passing Off are required to be quite professional in their attitude towards work and clients. It is always better to hire a profe . 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White,He is the second candidate to officially declare after former Conservative MLA Fred McCardle made his intentions known in a news conference last month. The leadership convention will be held Sept. 14 in Charlottetown. Llewellyn, known for speaking his mind, says he comes armed with shrewd political sensibilities and a clear understanding of Islanders. "As the next leader of the party I bring, in addition to a new face, the specific skills which will be required to lead this party. I've been blessed with the opportunities to successfully lead teams in national, international business, labour negotiations and community development.'' Llewellyn was born and raised in Georgetown where he was elected mayor in January 2007 before resigning in June 2009 after council asked him to abandon his commitment to the school closure issue. Llewellyn is now a partner in Clam Diggers Beach House and Restaurant in Georgetown. economy of farming, fishing and tourism. I also have a strong background in the technology field, marketing, education delivery and justice.'' The former Georgetown mayor says the biggest problem on the Island's political scene is governance, even though most people know him to be passionate over the school closure issue. "I'll give you an example. Within one month, the government announced $900,000 for literacy which was going to be spread out over five years among 67 schools but we spent, in the same month, $900,000 to move a liquor store across the street. There's no priorities in education or health care and so we tend to waste money. Governance is a problem in health care, within education so you need management skills and leadership.'' Llewellyn says the Conservatives can win the next provincial election. "Absolutely. My biggest supporter is (Premier) Robert Ghiz,'' he joked. And, Llewellyn has no problem with people viewing him as a loose cannon. The former mayor is infamous for taking his shoe off and pretending to throw it at former Eastern School District Sandy MacDonald the day the district announced the elementary school in Georgetown was marked for closure, a decision that was later reversed. "Let's compare myself to Robert Ghiz. Picture us both on the deck of a ship. Robert has the patronage ropes on top of him, he's got the Vessey ropes on top of him, his backroom boys roped down and his cannon is pretty tight. "Peter Llewellyn's cannon is pretty loose. I'm not a backroom person . . . "I have been going across the Island building a team. I have a core team which we will expand next week and we're putting together strategies.'' Put it this way people. At least he saved the school in Gorge town. He may have brought it to the Supreme court and lost George town a significant amount of money but at least he saved the school. Llewellyn is a fighter and that's what we need hear on PEI. We need to stand out there to all other provinces, show them we are fighters, and that we will get what we want even when we are the smallest province in Canada. If Llewellyn would have never made the school such a big issue we probably would have lost the school. Since he raised the issue and the publicity around it, I think this gave him an advantage of saving the school. Peter Llewellyn's biggest asset is that he is considered by many to be a loose cannon. That is because he owes no one any favours, and he speaks with common sense. He listens to all perspectives and he is creative as well as passionate. True leadership is not about who you are related to, who you know, nor the image you create. It is about being passionate in your work and having the capacity to do the job. Peter Llewellyn has demonstrated his capacity to get things done in business, community service and politics. And as everyone can acknowledge, whether you agree with him or not, he is certainly passionate in what he does. In this respect he may be the most qualified leader since Angus Maclean. As a champion of urban and rural community development, a fair business manager and an accomplished artist, PC Pete will be a breath of fresh air in now stifling Island political climate. Peter, what was all that rural alliance stuff you and the tories were preaching last year. The biggest issue with PEI politics is keeping the promises you make and doing the job you said you were going to do from the start. Anybody can SAY they are going to do this or that, but actually doing it is another story. All that being said, good luck Peter. To Tired Taxpayer : It's interesting that you can find fault with Peter for working so hard for his town during the small school debate. I'm sure there were people in Georgetown that agreed that keeping a school in that community was worth fighting for, and would put their tax money where their mouth is. This is a rare trait as most people only pay lip service to the ideals they supposedly believe in. There are far better examples of wasted money in the Ghiz reign of terror. This example doesn't even come close! Danny Williams, or even somewhat like Gilles Duceppe when it comes to leadership qualities, then I'd certainly feel more confidence in the Conservative party than I do now. A good politician should have an in your face attitude when called for. A good politician should be able to get votes on his/her own without resorting to false promises and downright lies. That was the only thing I admired about Larry MacGuire, he spoke the truth the Libs did intend to use patronage. They just never intended to to be quite so open about it. I was opposed to the school closings. It was a move that did not have sufficient research behind it, a move that did not take into account all the things that could go wrong and all the costs that would be attached to that move for years to come.

Exactly Where Can Provide You Fantastic Cheap 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White,Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Mason takes issue with this statement from Charles Kimball, in his widely read book, Religion Becomes Evil is somewhat trite, but nevertheless sadly true, to say that more wars have been waged, more people killed, and these days more evil perpetrated in the name of religion than by any other institutional force in human history. Mason's take on that view, shared by many of this era's Atheists, is that assertion is, to use his own word, more trite than true. As Mason notes, Sept. 11 is both the anniversary of the Twin Towers/Pentagon attacks and the Mountain Meadows Massacre, both committed by religious zealots. But, comparing state violence to religious violence leads Mason to conclude that Kimball's quote should read more evil perpetuated in the name of (the state) than by any other institutional force in human history. Rummell, who counts the number of people killed in the 20th century by state sponsored violence, which Russellcalls Rummell's total: 262 million victims, or 297 million if one includes casualties of wars. The total encompass genocide, politicide and mass murder. Considering examples of genocide the Ukraine famine, the Cultural Revolution in China, the Holocaust and the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the foolishness of assigning religion as the chief cause of evil is evident. A source for the rise of notes Mason, is the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, ostensibly designed to put an end to religious wars. Mason writes, treaty which concluded the Thirty Years War created a stable international system by 'establishing the basic unit and symbol of modern international relations: the sovereign state.' Catholics and Protestants could agree that religion now constituted an invalid cause for international conflict. He writes, sum, Westphalia created our modern system of nation states, defined not only by territorial sovereignty but also by their ability to corner the awful power of mass violence within their borders. Certainly, not every use of war or violence by a state is wrong. Most of us would regard the allied forces in both world wars of the 20th century as honorable causes. Others may disagree. As the current wars on terror go on,supportof our objectives there have dropped considerably. Cavanaugh writes, let us ask the following two questions: What percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Christians would be willing to kill for their Christian faith? What percentage would be willing to kill for their country? It seems clear that, at least among American Christians, the nation state Hobbes's mortal god is subject to far more absolutist fervor than religion. For most American Christians, even public evangelization is considered to be in poor taste, and yet most would take for granted the necessity of being willing to kill for their country, should circumstances dictate. Mason's arguments present an opportunity to ponder the idea that equitable, and perhaps even more, death and misery is still a part of our culture. It's just linked to a cause more easy for most tolink violence withthan religion. (The second half of Mason's essay, which I will blog about in the future, deals with the LDS Church's gradual movement toward accepting the Westphalian view of deference to the state. He argues that it started much earlier than most believe.) I always thought these sorts of centuries spanning body counts were rather pointless bordering on silly for all kinds if reasons. Can we really distinguish this precisely whether any particular swath of bloodiness was primarily religious or statist? When Hindu India and Moslem Pakistan were violently pulling apart, were the body counts 37.62% state caused and 62.38% religious caused? Or vice versa? When Spanish kings drive Moslems out of their renaining states in Iberia, were they advancing the Kingdom of God or expanding their worldly domains? And in what proportions for each motive if the answer is both? Who the hell knows? Same question for both sides of every one of the Crusades. However one does the calculation, I can say this: living in a nation at peace (more or less) I much more concerned about some nut case who convinced that god not only wants him to kill but will reward him for doing it than I am about political violence not throughout all recorded history, but here and now. Has there ever been a war that didn have a religous element to it ? George W sold his illegal wars as second crusades and vs evil and had no problem comparing the west against those evil muslims. In our civil war there were constant claims at all levels that God was on their side. The mountain meadow massacre was justified as God vengence on those who killed Joseph Smith. The initial reason for war may not have been strictly a matter or religion, but religion is the favorite tool used to advance war. I think the jury is still out on Brigham Young directly ordering the Mountain Meadow murders. There seems to be at least some evidence supporting both sides of that argument. Mormon bashers and conspiracy buffs of course ignore evidence that would tend to exonerate brother Brigham, while Church defenders tend to do just the opposite. From reading extensively on the affair, I do not think there is conclusive evidence either way. As to the Government attacking the twin towers that of course is considered pretty silly by most rational thinking people who know much about it. One thing is for sure however, the whole incident was manna for the manic tin hat wearing conspiracy buffs. Do you have any conclusive proof to support your extreme beliefs in either on of these events? On By having ordered the MM massacre: some years ago I read Bagkey of the Prophets which argued that he did and that a dealvwas cut between federal prosecutors in which BY ave permission fir Saints tovtestify agiainst John F. Lee in return for an agreement that prosecutions woukd go no further up the line. I thought Bagley evidence for the second of the claims (desl to convict Lee but stop there) was compelling and solid. But his argument that BY ordered the massacre depended on a string of probablies and must have beens (in the absence of solid documentation). For his conclusion about BY to stand, all of those probablies and must have beens have to break exactly as Bagley needs them to. Dicey. At best then the most that can be said of his charge about BY ordering the massacre is proven. On the subsequent cover up, though, Bagley nailed it. Perhaps Doug should phrase the issue as: How many wars have been fought where religious JUSTIFICATION was offered? I think you have to include Iraq with John 3:16 on the rifles and all. My Tea Party neighbor reiterated, just yesterday, that are trying to take over America and get rid of religion. That his justification. Since wealth is undoubtedly concentrating in the 1%, taxes are not high, welfare is cut (google TANF), regulation is cut, our new health insurance has no public option, etc., I really can see any evidence for the claims. If we, in our black and white world of good vs evil, consider the Tea Party to be I imagine the number of athiests is growing quite a bit. My neighbor thinks he saving religion the fact that he there, everyone beliefs, is why people leave. I think there is much correlation between statism and religion. Statism is basically the idea that there needs to be a group with a monopoly on the use of aggressive force in a certain area. Statists believe in that idea. When reviewing the so called religious violence of our day, I found that virtually every case comes back to certain groups competing over control of the State in their area. You can see that in Nigeria, Egypt, India, Indonesia, etc. They are fighting over who controls the State, or in other words, who gets to tell everyone else what to do via force. This also trickles down to the indiscriminate violence we are seeing all over the world. I seeing that muslims and christians are killing each other at alarming rates all over the world. Sadly, it not simply because Christians are preaching the Gospel. On the Christian side, you have a mega State which openly claims to be Christian here in the US gov attempting to impose its will on smaller States currently run by Islamic groups and killing scores of muslims while doing so. In the cycle of violence you have muslims who see that empire and attempting retaliation on other Christians in their area who may not even have a connection or share the same views. Very sad day we live in. 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White The basic idea of hydropower is to use the power of a moving liquid to turn a turbine blade. Typically, a large dam has to be built in the middle of a river to perform this function. A new invention is capitalizing on the idea of hydropower on a much smaller scale to provide electricity for portable electronic devices.Inventor Robert Komarechka of Ontario, Canada, has come up with the idea of placing small hydropower generators into the soles of shoes. He believes these micro turbines will generate enough electricity to power almost any gadget. In May 2001, Komarechka received a patent for his unique foot powered device.There's a very basic principle to how we walk: The foot falls heel to toe during each step. As your foot lands on the ground, force is brought down through your heel. When you prepare for your next step, you roll your foot forward, so the force is transferred to the ball of your foot. Komarechka apparently noticed this basic principle of walking and has developed an idea to harness the power of this everyday activity. As the user continues to walk, the heel will be lifted and downward pressure will be exerted on the sac under the ball of the person's foot. The movement of the fluid will rotate the rotor and shaft to produce electricity.An exterior socket will be provided to connect wires to a portable device. A power control output unit may also be provided to be worn on the user's belt. Electronic devices can then be attached to this power control output unit, which will provide an steady supply of electricity."With the increase in the number of battery powered, portable devices," the patent reads,"there is an increasing need to provide a long lasting, adaptable, efficient electrical source." Komarechka expects that his device will be used for powering portable computers, cell phones, CD players, GPS receivers and two way radios.

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