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Warmer weather will be here before you know it. Turn your knack for crafting into a fashion statement. Beaded sandals are all the rage but can be pretty pricey. Why not design and make your own? The cost of your beaded shoes will depend on the shoes that you select . The rest of the materials and tools are very inexpensive. You might even go shopping in your own closet for dull looking sandals that could use a pretty update! If you make jewelry for profit, beaded sandals can be a very profitable expansion of your product line. With flexible measuring tape, measure the length of the area you want to bead. Lay out your design on the bead board. Cut a length of illusion cord equal to two times the length you want plus 2 feet. For example, if the length you beaded is 9 inches then you will need 42 inches of illusion cord (9 x 2 + 24 inches = 42 inches). Thread the illusion cord onto the needle; from the top, sew through the sandal strap as close to the sole as you can. Sew back through to the top about 3/16" to one side, exiting as close as possible to the sole. Pull the cord through so that both lengths are equal. This provides the two strands for the double row design. Double knot the two lengths together; tape one length to the bottom on the sandal to keep it out of your way while you bead the first row. Each section of beads in this design is secured in place by sewing through the sandal strap to the back and then back through to the top. For example, string a section of 3 4mm beads; sew the cord through the strap; then sew back up to the top very close to the first hole. The needle nose pliers are used to help pull the needle through the strap. The larger beads can be individually secured: string a large bead; sew through the strap; sew back through the strap to the top, ready for the next bead(s). Don't be concerned if the bead or beads don't lie exactly straight. You can adjust and secure them better when you bead the second row. When you've finished the first row of beads, sew through to the back of the strap; un tape the other strand of illusion cord; and tape the end of the cord you just completed to the sole of the sandal to keep it out of the way while you string the second strand. For the second row, you only need to add the small beads. When you come to a large bead, run the needle through the bead and position the holes that you sew to secure and straighten the bead. When you reach the end, sew through to the back. Un tape the first piece of illusion cord. Double knot the two strands together. To hide the ends and prevent them from irritating the wearer's foot, use the needle to run each strand horizontally into the strap between the layers of strap material and exit at the back. Snip the end flush with the strap. If you can feel the end when you run your finger over the area, the wearer will be able to feel it on her foot and you will need to trim closer. Now you have your lovely footwear masterpiece! 338153 991 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro 2001 Black Cement Grey ,378037 010 Air Jordan 11 Bred Black Varsity Red Nike Air Foamposite One Supreme Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver 136064 102 Nike Air Jordan 3 Iii Retro White Cement Grey Fire Red Women Size 616750 001 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy 646701 413 Nike Kobe 9 EM Game Royal 2014 656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White 440892 307 Women Size Air Jordan 5 Retro Tropical Teal 2013 Air Jordan 3 Retro 88 White Cement There still time to get your mom or your grandma or your sister or anyone out to the third annual Ramble Run 12K and 5K race tomorrow! More than 1,000 runners took part in the 2012 Ramble Run. This is one of the nicest runs around it has a great vibe for women, and for everyone who takes part. Saturday,that 11. Both races start and finish at Biltmore Park Town Square, located at Exit 37/Long Shoals Road off Interstate 26 in South Asheville. Runs take place through The Ramble Biltmore Forest community. on race day. Fee includes T shirt and goody bag. The Asheville Track Club willgive out flowers to every female finisher, and bouquets by Blossoms at Biltmore Park to the mother child team competition winners. One of the biggest attractions for mothers, perhaps, is the free child care sponsored by Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry and Haldeman Orthodontics. Right now, Allen said, the child care registration is full, but parents can sign up on the wait list. The Track Club has created a special mother/child team registration category. In addition to individual times scored, team members will have their times combined to determine the fastest mother and child team in each race. New this year, all participants can run in honor or memory of their mom, if they wish, by wearing a special race bib on which they can write a name. "We've organized the prizes so they can double as Mother's Day gifts," said race director KellyAllen. "Age group winners receive a mug in the shape of a flower pot, with a packet of seeds sponsored by Lowe's. And every goody bag has a gift card to 131 Main restaurant for $10. Three of those will randomly be worth, $100, $250, or $500." There is a total cash purse of $1,675 for 12K winners, while prizes for the 5K race include gift certificates for local businesses including REI, Foot Rx, Diamond Brand and 131 Main. Proceeds benefit the Women's Fund, a permanent endowment of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina that makes grants to support women and girls in the region. 338153 991 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro 2001 Black Cement Grey,Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to check out my website dedicated to the Nike Free TR Fit 2. I created this place to give a general review of this sneaker, as well as other vital information people may want to know about it. It is a pretty good information resource and everything that you want to know about the shoe, can be found here.You guys should be pretty happy you can across this site, cause I have looked out for you when it comes to finding the cheapest price for this shoe. If you check out this website, you will not only get really great prices, but you can also benefit from the FREE SHIPPING that they offer.I have reviewed quite a couple shoes over the past couple of years, so I should have a good idea if a sneaker is worth it or not. One sneaker that I have been wearing a lot recently would be the Nike Free TR Fit 2. This is a pretty nifty shoe and is a pretty good choice for anyone who is looking for an all round training shoe.The great thing about the Nike Free TR Fit 2 is that it follows in the tradition of being a high quality Nike sneaker. It performs really well and after wearing it for a couple of days, I am sure you will be able to agree with my statement. The shoe functions very well and I am going to look at some of it's features below.Comfort Because it is a training sneaker, comfort is really important. Whether you are at the gym, participating in dance aerobics or doing light jogging/walking, you are definitely going to want a sneaker that will be comfortable on the feet. With the TR Fit 2, you get a shoe that has a lot of cushioning and padding. When you try it on, you will be amazed at how it feels on the feet.Lightweight This sneaker is very lightweight and with it weighing 7 oz, it is going to feel as if you are wearing nothing. Once again, having a lightweight shoe is really important when you are training, as you will not want something that will weigh you down.Support The support the shoe is able to deliver is pretty good. The padding around the shoe will allow it to have a very comfortable and snug fit and this will help you tremendously, if you are doing high impact/intensive training. 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100 Authentic Mens 338153 991 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro 2001 Black Cement Grey,Nike Foamposite One Oregon Ducks There is little that Christian women enjoy more than getting together with their Christian friends. Ladies' fellowships provide a comfortable opportunity for women to have a "night out" with friends while being encouraged and uplifted in the admonition of the Lord. Most of these fellowships consist of food, fellowship, a devotional time and of course, games. The Internet is a vast source of game ideas you can use for any ladies' meeting, and you can customize most of them to fit the season, the month or the theme of your meeting. Give each lady three clothespins upon her arrival. (For a spring theme, the clothespins can be decorated as flowers or bumblebees.) Inform each lady that the theme for the night is unselfishness; therefore, no one is allowed to use the word "I." If, at any time during the evening, someone catches another lady saying "I", that lady may take one of the latter's clothespins. The lady with the most clothespins at the end of the meeting wins a prize. It's hilarious to see how much the clothespins circulate throughout the meeting. Have a large pile of assorted shoes in the middle of the floor. (You can purchase shoes from your local thrift store or have volunteers bring some of their own.) Instruct each lady to go to the pile and pick one shoe that reminds her of herself. This is really fun if everyone is picking shoes at the same time. After everyone has a shoe and has returned to their seats, go around the room and have each lady explain why she picked the shoe she is holding. (For example, a hiking shoe could represent hard work or dependability while a bedroom slipper represents comfort and a state of peacefulness.) If you have a close group, you could also have each lady pick a shoe that represents the person to her right and tell why she picked that shoe. Give the ladies paper and pens to keep track of their score. Read off a list of items and a number of points to jot down if they have ever done the tasks. The list can be as long or as short as you like and can contain items like the following: Have you ever fallen up the steps? Give yourself five points. Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Give yourself three points. Have you ever dialed a phone number and forgot who you called? Give yourself two points. The lady with the fewest points at the end of the game wins a prize. Regardless who wins, there will be a lot of nodding and snickering going on. Divide your ladies into two groups. Give each group a list of items they possibly could find in a purse. The ladies of each group must work together, searching through their purses to find the items on the list. They can only use the purses of the ladies in their group. Some items to put on the list include the following: a picture of your entire family, nail clippers, Tylenol, a bandaid, needle and/or thread, a tissue, perfume, a coupon and a piece of gum. Make the list as long or as short as you wish. The Ungame is a board game you can buy online and at a few Christian supply or game stores. For playing with a large group, you can easily set the board aside and just use the questions. The Ungame is not about winning or losing. It's about getting to know each other better. You can ask one question, and allow each lady to have a turn to answer that question, or you can ask a different question to each lady. Sample questions included in The Ungame are: (1) What are the four most important things in your life? (2) What do you think life would be like in 100 years? (3) If you could ask God for anything and be guaranteed to receive it, what would you ask for? (4) What is the hardest thing you've ever done? Christian Women Fellowship Games Playing games during Christian women fellowship is a great way to encourage Christian team building and break the ice. Games can also. Fun Games to Play at Christian Women Fellowships Join in the fun with your fellow Christian women by playing one of these games. The games are simple and require little. Women Fellowship Theme Ideas Running out of ideas for your women fellowship? Theme fellowships can be a new way to explore past fellowship ideas. Consider these. Games for Christian Women Christian Women Fellowship Games. Christian Women Fellowship Games. Playing games during Christian women fellowship is a great way to encourage Christian team. 338153 991 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro 2001 Black Cement Grey Steve Madden Steve Madden (born 1958 in Lawrence, Nassau County, New York) is the founder and former CEO of Steve Madden Ltd., a footwear company. His designs predominantly cater to young women. Steve Madden, Ltd. (Nasdaq: SHOO), a leading designer and marketer of fashion footwear Shoe fashion properties Closed toe pumps and accessories for women, men and children, today announced that its Board of Directors has declared a three for two stock split, in the form of a stock dividend, of the Company's outstanding shares of common stock. The stock split will entitle all stockholders of record at the close of business on April 20, 2010 to receive one additional share of Steve Madden common stock for every two shares of common stock held on that date. The additional shares are expected to be distributed to stockholders on or about April 30, 2010 by the Company's transfer agent. As a result of the stock split, the number of outstanding shares of the Company's common stock will increase to approximately 27.5 million shares from approximately 18.3 million shares outstanding prior to the split. Steve Madden designs, sources, markets, and sells fashion forward footwear and accessories for women, men and children. The shoes and accessories are sold through 85 Company owned stores (including the Company's online store) as well as department stores This is a list of department stores. In the case of department store groups the location of the flagship store is given. This list does not include large specialist stores, which sometimes resemble department stores. , and apparel, footwear, and accessories specialty stores. The Company's owned brands include Steve Madden, Steven by Steve Madden, Madden Girl and Big Buddha, among others. The Company licenses certain of its brands to third parties for the marketing and sale of certain products, includinghosiery, and bedding and bath products. The Company is the licensee of

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