100 Authentic Mens Lady Liberty 10s Gift For You Or Your Family. Cool Grey 10s 70% Off 2014 Lady Liberty 10s Fast Delivery And Good Customer Services Are Guaranteed In Los Angeles this week, witnesses saw a young girl dragged by hair and then never saw her return. Now on Wednesday, reports are out that they have called off the official search for this girl. They will not be looking for her anymore. The witnesses saw a male around 18 years old drag off this girl who was about 13 years old by her hair. Police went and searched the area but were unable to find many clues. They did find a pair of shoes and a pair of leggings, but they are not positive that they are from the girl. This has been on the news and all over the Internet, but nobody has reported a missing person in the Los Angeles area that matches the description of this girl. It is honestly unknown if the girl is even really missing since they don know who it was or what really happened to her. They used dogs, helicopters, and searched on foot to find the missing girl dragged by hair, but she was nowhere to be found. Do you think that something really happened? Do you think the search should still be going on? Sound off in the comments below..

Get Back With Your Ex Why A Hungry Dog Doesn't Get Fed!Perhaps you've heard the proverbial old saw about "Why A Hungry Dog Doesn't Get Fed." The logic behind this phrase is important for you to understand right now if you are serious about wanting to get your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife back in your life and you have been acting a little needy or desperate. Think about what you would do if a hungry dog showed up at your door? No matter how sympathetic you feel towards the dog you shoo it away because you know if you feed it you will be stuck with that dog hanging around looking for a free meal and becoming a nuisance. So you pick up the phone and call the Humane Society or the Pound instead. But what happens if instead of a mangy mutt, a handsome well fed and groomed dog with a nice shiny collar happens to show up at your door? You can't help but admire that dog and you know it doesn't need you to feed it; it's obviously well taken care of and probably just lost or wandering around checking out the neighborhood. So you feel kind of relieved, perhaps even contemplate how nice it would be to have a dog like that. Do you get the metaphor here? You don't want to be the "needy dog" to your ex, you want to be the handsome, well taken care of dog instead. Being desperate and needy by continually trying to contact your ex after the break up and begging or pleading with them to get back together with you only makes you seem like the "needy dog" to your ex and this will turn them off even more. As you can see this behavior does not make you the least bit attractive to your ex, but the other thing you need to realize is that people tend to want that they can't have and if you are showing up at their door all the time looking for an emotional handout you certainly aren't that handsome dog that they admired but that's just out of their reach. You see people like people who like themselves, who are confident and emotionally secure and who don't "need" anyone to make them happy. So if you are serious about wanting to win back your lost love, give them some space for a while while you get your head on straight and cut loose the desperate, needy behaviors. 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As you can see in the table below (click to enlarge), it has one of the worst balance sheets but a fairly high valuation: While I highlighted Timberland (NYSE:TBL) and DSW as well, I chose SCVL as the other side as it remains so inexpensive. In addition to a pristine balance sheet and high inside ownership, this retailer had a great report recently, reducing absolute inventory and per store again. The company isn't too exciting focused singularly on selling shoes to women, men and children in low income markets in the Southeast. Here's the comparison: Don't be fooled by the low PE PSS has a lot of debt and EV/EBITDA is a more appropriate metric. Historically, the vertically integrated PSS (which admittedly has more moving parts) hasn't really had better margins than SCVL, but note that the EV/Sales ratio is more than double that of SCVL. PSS is scaling back, while SCVL, with its strong balance sheet, is taking advantage of great real estate conditions to grow selectively. With the economic headwinds likely to be protracted, it makes little sense to pay up to own PSS when SCVL and so many other similar companies are as cheap if not cheaper with less financial risk. Disclosure: Long SCVL Lady Liberty 10s,The day we been dreading has finally arrived: One of our witch friends has bitten the fairy dust. The only comfort we have is the faint memory of a hair coif, and the only thing that makes it all better was seeing Adam (Thomas Dekker) shirtless in a fit of sexual ecstasy. Did you miss the fun? Find out who died, who lived to see another thunderstorm, and which hunk shed tears (take a wild guess). After waking up with a dire headache, Melissa wanders around school looking like she escaped from an asylum until the worm in her brain eventually takes control of her body and turns her into a crazy biatch. Melissa and her inchworm friend decide it high time she finds her family of shadows, so she convinces Nick (Louis Hunter) to go off on an adventure with her. They hightail it to the middle of nowhere, where Melissa promptly forces her man to dig a giant hole in the ground. After flexing his muscles and stud grunting, Nick manages to unearth an old suitcase, while Melissa smiles all sinister like. The lovebirds and their pet worm take the suitcase over to the club house to meet up with Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), who none too happy about being the third wheel in their love connection. It like what happened to the good ol days when Nick was feeding her herbal tinctures out of a dropper? Also, Melissa seems to be flirting with Faye. That right, this worm is a lesbian. Meanwhile, Cassie (Britt Robertson) has more important things on her mind than Melissa split personality. She eager to tell her Grams the truth, but Diana (Shelley Hennig) warns her that the might strip away the Circle powers if they come out of the broom closet. Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away Faye is totally disgusted when she finds out that her mom is Charles Meade (Gale Harold), and it looks like these two are only growing closer. and creepier. They plan a candlelit boating trip around Chance Harbor on a quest for crystals, but it looks like Charles has more on his mind than magic like getting drunk on vino. Aw, Charles! We plot, scheme, and make eyes at you any day! After pounding a few glasses of wine, Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) and Charles chant some random spell to bring six new crystals into their possession, but unfortch they end up killing their own crystal in the process. Of course, Dawn blames Charles and he wanders off like a shamed puppy dog. Love Hurts, Love Cries Until now, Diana and Adam have had the relationship of a middle aged married couple: They never have sex, they argue all the time, and they act like friends instead of (barf). Well, that all about to change. After a romantic dinner, Diana breaks out a can of whipped cream and proceeds to lick the sweet stuff off Adam neck while he bats his eyelashes seductively. Turns out Diana and Adam know what up when it comes to getting freaky deaky between the sheets. Wait, did we say sheets? We meant naked and emo in the dining room. Honestly, we surprised Adam wasn crying from how beautiful it was. Because this is a PG 13 recap, we sum this thing up in three words: quiver, tremor, and humping. Meanwhile, Cassie heads over to the the club house to find Melissa, who seems to have developed a demon voice (sigh, puberty) so she pow wows with Nick and Faye about whether or not to kill her. Wow, what great friends. They decide the best course of action is to assault Melissa with a piece of wood, so Nick tackles M Dawg from behind and she collapses to the floor as Adam and Diana come strolling in hot off their afternoon emo sex fest. Black Snake Moan As Melissa writhes around convulsing, Cassie runs to her Grandma house and comes clean about being a witch in a desperate plea for help. Meanwhile, Demon Melissa lurches up from the couch and proceeds to slit Nick throat as Faye, Adam, and Diana attempt to ward her off with an impromptu rhyme. Yeah. that doesn work. As Melissa forces her friends to sprinkle some dirt around the suitcase, it comes alive! What the heck is in that thing?! Don worry, before whatever inside comes out, Cassie Gram runs in with a crystal and saves the day. Kind of. As the Circle throws random plants onto the suitcase, Grams waves a stick of fire in front of Melissa and determines that she no longer possessed. Apparently, the demon has made its way out of her, but it headed straight for the hottest stud in the room: Nick! (No offense, Adam.) Obviously, Nick goes bat crazy and runs out of the room as the suitcase partially opens and reveals a crap load of demon snakes. So. apparently these bad boys can only be killed by water or fire, but as luck would have it there happens to be a giant bathtub in the shack! The Circle burns and drowns those MF ers simultaneously while Adam beats them with a bat for no apparent reason. Take that! Oh, and meanwhile, Demon Nick figures out how cell phones work and calls Adam to inform him that he burn down the boathouse (with his drunken dad in it) unless they bring him the bag of snakes. What Lies Beneath Nick ambles into The Boathouse, heads over to a boozed up Dawn, and literally says, not here anymore. Annnnd, that when we call 911. Nick reveals that Dawn summoned him, and now he come to take over the circle and, um, also her body. Dawn and Nick head to the docks while she secretly calls Charles, and before Nick demon can get his possession on, Charles appears out of nowhere and punches it lights out! Charles and Dawn decide it probably a good idea to drown a minor, so they drag his body to the water and Charles straight up kills him. That is some cold, cold demon shiz. Luckily, Dawn and Charles escape into the unknown just in time for Cassie and her Grams to run up and find Nick water logged body. And now, fangirls, it montage time. As some melancholy music plays, Faye and Melissa cry hysterically, Dawn and Charles lament killing Nick, Adam and Diana tear up over how much they love each other, and Cassie stares forlornly at the window where Nick six pack used to be.

Sale Online Mens Lady Liberty 10s,Air Jordan 13 Squadron Blue OverviewOn July 24th, Crocs (NASDAQ:CROX) reported Q2 earnings that disappointed the street and sent shares tumbling by around 20%. The company also issued guidance that made many concerned about the outlook for the business in the future. On the conference call, company management mentioned that weather was a contributing factor to the disappointing earnings report. The weather impact is considered to be one time in nature. While the signature Crocs footwear is not extremely popular with the fashion conscious members of society, the company has found a few segments of the market where it is able to sell product effectively. Particularly in the children's shoe market, Crocs is looked upon for the ease in cleaning in addition to comfort. Additionally, they are popular with medical professionals and those in the food industry. However, Crocs is not limited to its signature product line and has recently diversified into shoes that are more marketable to consumers who are adamant about shoe style. This includes flip flops, rain boots and more recently, golf shoes. This diversification seems to have helped the company in recent quarters as it offers consumers more choice, which is vitally important given the push that the company has made into developing its retail stores. At the end of Q2 of this year, the company operated 305 retail stores around the globe in addition to 145 outlet stores and another 125 kiosk/stores in store locations. Crocs is making a large push in trying to become a globally recognized footwear chain and the recent Q2 report has sent shares of the company significantly lower which, given the low valuation, could make the company a good investment over the long term. CROX data by YCharts Disappointing Q2 Report Sends Shares Lower, But Makes For Attractive ValuationAs I mentioned earlier, earnings for the second quarter of this year for Crocs were rather disappointing, however investors were more concerned by the guidance provided by the company for its important Q3 earnings. The company said that it expects revenue to come in at between $300 310 Million for the quarter in addition to earnings per share of $0.20 0.23. This guidance for Q3, which includes the pivotal summer months of July and August, has spooked investors and sparked a rather large sell off in company shares. However, as I will discuss, valuation remains attractive for prospective long investors and the sell off could present a good opportunity to initiate a position in the company. The post earnings sell off in shares of Crocs has left the company trading for around 13.1x 2014 earnings estimates. This quite a cheap valuation, especially when you consider both the market valuation and the valuation of other footwear companies. Strong Balance Sheet Provides Crocs With A CushionIn terms of Crocs' balance sheet, at the end of Q2 it held a very minimal amount of debt with the majority of its liabilities coming from accounts payable and accrued expenses. Total company liabilities stood at just over $250 million while the company held just below $290 Million in cash and cash equivalents alone. In total, Crocs has over $667 Million in equity, which with the limited debt load positions the company quite well should it need to finance future growth or endure any sort of business slow down. This is very advantageous especially if the company decides to make acquisitions of smaller companies as it would be able to tap the debt markets with relative ease. Additionally, management would likely have an easier time selling the company if it decides to pursue such opportunities as potential acquirers would be intrigued by the strong balance sheet in addition the earnings potential of the company. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. (More.) Lady Liberty 10s I'm exhausted. Lost tons of sleep over benching last weekend, which cost me a win. Is anyone not named doing more with fewer carries this season than Jones? More yards than , and , with about a third of their carries. He's like the '05 Bus, except Felix's "goal line carries" are from about 50 yards out and he doesn't have a Shirley Hemphill sized ass. I'm also still tired from watching that Presidential debate and trying to determine what either candidate actually said. Something about someone's children being the future, I think? And I'm not sure who even won the old Johnny Carson looking white dude who kept calling us his "friends" or the dignified, younger African American man who may or may not have been Tony Dungy. Screw the two party system, which stopped being relevant and serving the public good right around when Washington was wrapping up his first inaugural address. Why can't we just elect the two most qualified human beings Obama and McCain instead of settling for only one of the best and some other schlump whose own party didn't think he/she was worthy? Hell, they made McNair and Manning Co MVPs in 2004, didn't they? This "President Obamacain" plan of mine could really work! Ebony and ivory! We are the world! Then again, what do I know? For most of the debate I thought that second old white dude moderating the debate was Hillary Clinton. : A riser? After being held to 32 yards on 21 carries? Yup. People, he faces the Lions this weekend, who are giving up the most RB fantasy points in football. That, combined with the Saints' "utter backfield destruction at all costs" defensive game plan last Monday night, which certainly contributed to his woes, makes him a prime buy (relatively) low right now. So try to poach him from an owner who, perhaps because he/she has been held hostage in a botched bank job and hasn't had Internet access, doesn't know AP faces Detroit on Sunday. Seven TDs in his past three games, averaging 267 yards per. And he faces Atlanta this weekend, which should keep the streak alive. Don't get cocky and trade Cutler, but if you snagged Orton off waivers and have a stud you'd likely never sit for Orton (Cutler/Romo/Brees, maybe Warner/McNabb/Rodgers?), see what the QB starved teams in your league might give up for the Bears signal caller. : Hadn't been on the radar since Week 1 but broke out against the Niners with 5 catches/111 yards/TD. The Pats tried to hit him in space where he can motor after the catch. Oh, and he was blocking his ass off on run plays and for his fellow wideouts. Translation? We have the motivated, positive Moss again, folks. And, in their next six games, the Pats face four of the league's worst pass D's SD (32), DEN (30), STL (28) and NYJ (31). The opportunity to buy low might be waning, but try the "his big game was a fluke; all his points came on one big play when a defender slipped; it was the Niners!" pitch to his owner and see what happens. Kristen Wiig: Not only the best SNL female talent since Gilda Radner, but arguably the best SNL talent male or female since Will Ferrell. And if you disagree, (A) YouTube the "Lawrence Welk" skit, and (B) shut down your computer and go stand in a corner, because you are clearly an insane person who should be in a padded cell sans Internet access. The Wildcat: No, this isn't another slang term for a sexy older woman who preys on younger men, a la "Cougar." It's the name of the "direct snap to the running back playing quarterback" formation on which and the Dolphins have feasted lately. Ronnie's the centerpiece of the offense, and, if anything, Ricky's presence is keeping him healthier. Jury's out on the other Boyz II Men, Bobby and Mike. Visions of Domanick Davis'/Williams' stud days in Houston abound. ? ?) for a great WR (Marshall, Owens, Wayne?). Slaton Holt for ? Not saying the other owner will go for it, but not an insulting offer). I got a good email today from a reader named Steve. He wrote: "You should write an article about running an NFL team like a Fantasy Football team. Imagine what would happen to league if Denver traded for . A good fantasy owner who's looking playoff bound in a keeper league should be poaching the rosters of the league doormats by now, seeing who's playing for this year vs. who's giving up and re building. Thing is, though, the owner who's rebuilding would want some good, young 'cornerstone' talent in return, and in your Denver example, that ain't or . Simplest answer, though, is this: Because Shanahan is the devil. That's the answer for all the questions regarding Mike Shanahan. Why does he torture us with RBBC? Because he's the devil. Why is there pain, suffering, war, famine, disease and John Mayer in this world? Because Mike Shanahan is the devil." Long story short, re: Pittman, this should remind you that it's RBBC as always under Satan ahan, and could see some work. And 's impending return could muddy the waters even more. But Pittman is emerging as the guy you want short term in the wake of Selvin's groin injury. He gets all the goal line carries anyway. If you have him and have nice RB depth, throw him out to the Young owner and see if he/she bites. While Maroney's running like a fragile porcelain mouse more on that later Morris is doing just the opposite: hitting the line with purpose, bashing through and getting two yards when the Pats need one, and so on. Belichick may have given Maroney the dreaded vote of confidence after the NIners game but he might as well have been DeNiro directing Loraine Bracco into the alley for a new coat. Right now, Morris is the RB you want in the Pats backfield, especially with injuring his ankle last week. : is banged up. Berrian appears healthy and is hooking up with Frerotte deep. This is what Childress, and fantasy owners, have waited for. Oh, and because Berrian wears the same purple Nordic themed uniform as , he also plays the Lions this weekend. Turf toe and rookie RBs hell, any RBs don't mix. Pimp his big name and see what the Fargas owner will give you, 'cause he'll be a headache all season. I promised that there'd be no math involved with this column, but Little Gonzo's problems come down to a simple formula: Gonzo + Marvin + C2 (Clark Concussion ish head) = decreased value. Only hope right now is that BAL stuffs Addai so much that slants/short routes become Indy's bread and butter. Or that Marvin and Peyton keep up their lovers' spats on the sidelines. But for keeper leagues, he'll be money in '09 when Marvin's likely done. After starting strong in his first three games, Barber has cooled the past two weeks while stole his Thunder against the Bengals. But make no mistake, Barber is the man there, so now might be a good time to poach him while his value is slightly down by lobbing an "Uh oh, looks like Felix is taking over" grenade of doubt into the MBIII owner's camp. Lawrence Phillips: Three amusing things about Phillips' recent conviction. 1) He was playing a pickup football game against teenagers; 2) He's a former 6 overall NFL pick yet somehow didn't play well enough for his team to win insert Norm MacDonald's voice a pickup football game against teenagers!; 3) He couldn't beat up some teens with his fists, so he used a car. The highly un amusing thing? Phillips ruined the potential football career of one of the teens whose leg he injured in the attack. Hey, we all get mad when we feel "disrespected," but few of us "act out in a blind rage," let alone do so with moving vehicles. Enjoy the prison showers, Lawrence. You've earned it. On a key third down play last Sunday, Maroney took a handoff, broke left and headed toward the sideline with daylight ahead of him. Easy first down? Nope. With a defender barreling towards him, but plenty of room to gain the first and then wimp out, he pulled up a yard short and ran out of bounds like a roach scurrying under the sink when the lights come on. And to think we Pats fans were gloating when we "stole" Maroney from Indy. into a whining, locker room nuking rant?). And the Lions aren't getting two 1st rounders for him, which former GM/current Arby's assistant nighttime drive thru manager, Matt Millen, wanted. So Roy will stay in Detroit, and he'll continue to see wobbly passes from either an injured Kitna or an untested . His only possible saving grace? Orlovsky looked to him early and often after Kitna went down. Might be a trend. Speaking of Lions WRs (or ex Lions WRs) . . . . But whenever Chuck Rogers wakes up from his bong induced Grand Theft Auto IV marathon, he might want to give them or some other credit bureau a shout to discuss debt consolidation. After all, he now owes the Lions $8.5 million bucks. More than a few student loan payments. MJD: The former Fantasy Hall of Famer has fallen on hard times. An ankle that doesn't want to remain un sprained and an O line that isn't opening any holes. That said, he's got a nice schedule coming up (DEN, CLE, CIN, DET) and might be had relatively cheaply. Would I offer or another recent riser for him? In a heartbeat. LT: He's put his owners in a tough spot: you can't let a league mate vulture LT low, but you also can't get "healthy LT" value in a trade, either. That said, I think that toe is killin' him he used to fly over lineman at the goal line, now he just squeals like a wee lass and falls down and 5 fear this will be a lost season, overall, for the once unquestioned fantasy stud. LJ: A third set of initials and one of the MCI's favorite whipping boy, LJ was a "sell high" here last week after he feasted on lame defenses the previous two weeks. Did you unload him before his mathematically impossible 7 carry/2 yard performance? No? Then you must suffer the consequences: I will be mailing you a DVD of "You Don't Mess with the Zohan," coming to your house and forcing you at gunpoint to watch it seven straight times. Good luck this week, my friends. Remember, as one of those nominees said, "change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time." So get out there and make some trades to ensure a better, stronger fantasy football future not just for you, but for the children.

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