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list and it was apparent that his arm strength was nowhere near 100 percent. Albany stole five bases in the first three innings. "He's used to throwing runners out, and he just can't do that now," second baseman Brad Tyler said of Zaun, who was replaced in the fifth inning by Cesar Devarez. "What we need is for the pitchers to hold runners on. I can see why he wants to play." Starting pitcher Eric Schullstrom (5 7) didn't have a chance to worry about keeping runners close because he was suffering himself. The Yankees tagged him for seven runs and six hits in three innnings. The Yankees strategy, to take as many free bases as Zaun would allow, was obvious when Rich Barnwell singled to lead off the game and immediately stole second. Robert Eenhoorn walked and then the pair pulled off a double steal. One out later, Kevin Jordan's ground ball to shortstop scored Barnwell. After the Baysox scored twice in the bottom of the first thanks to a Brent Miller two run homer Albany came back and scored four times in the second after two were out. Joe DeBerry doubled, then Schullstrom issued walks to Gordon Sanchez and Barnwell before Eenhoorn hit a grand slam to left. Any chances Bowie had for a big comeback were erased in the third, as Lyle Mouton and Jason Robertson both swiped bases and eventually scored in a two run inning. Zaun came back from the disabled list Thursday . He started at catcher Friday night in a 6 4 Bowie win. The Baysox liked their chances with Zaun catching they were 28 16 with him behind the plate entering yesterday's game. 555088 123 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Carmine ,656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White 528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White 646701 300 Kobe 9 EM 378037 117 Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue White Black Legend Blue 402297 001 Air Jordan 1 KO High QS Black Varsity Red White 624041 700 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Volt Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Charcoal Air Jordan 5 Retro Black Varsity Red Metallic Silver One of the major factors that will determine how great jeans or pants will look on you is its length: the hemline should skim the ground when you are standing up. To be more specific, for females, having pants that let your shoes peep through will help elongate your figure; for males, the "medium break" length is always acceptable: it should hit somewhere between the top of your loafers and the top of the soles of your shoe. Any longer and not only will your pants look lousy and unpolished, you might accidentally trip on this excess cloth as well. With that being said, how can you deal with too long pants if you don't have time to hand sew them? Read on for some great tips: Wear the pants and measure the length that you want it to be. While you're doing this, you should wear the shoes that you intend to wear with that pair of pants. It's best that you have somebody else mark the length for you while you are standing straight; if you will do this step alone though, just make sure that you pinpoint the mark where you intend to fold in the pants while you are standing straight. A little trial and error will be called for. It's also best that you stand in front of a full length mirror while you're doing this. 555088 123 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Carmine,Kris Jenner is clearly exploiting her teenage daughter. She recently posted a photo of daughter Kendall Jenner in a rather provocative pose. What kind of a mother does this? According to a report from Hollywood Life, Kendall like most of the Kardashian clan has professional photos taken all the time. She a model, after all. One of Kendall Jenner recent photos exposed a bit more of her hind quarters than she needed to share. the Keeping Up With the Kardashians has?) on her own Intsagram account. Kris claims she reposted the photo to let Kendall know she found out her daughter had her shoes. It really seems like Kris Jenner is using her beautiful daughters for her own personal gain. She appears to have no shame whatsoever. You can check out the photo of Kendall Jenner in question by clicking on the Hollywood Life link above. Do you think Kris posting of that photo was solely about calling out Kendall for borrowing her shoes? Or was she thinking, my hot daughter. Let see what kind of attention this can get me! Kris exploit her beautiful daughters?

Welcome To Official Web Site Of The 555088 123 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Carmine,Air Jordan 5 Retro Black Varsity Red Metallic Silver CHICAGO (AP) You probably never heard of Holly Peterson or Jonathan Jean Pierre. One came out as a lesbian at age 15, when she was playing high school basketball. The other, a college rower, told his teammates last year that he gay. There was little fanfare for either. men professional sport to come out. Some are calling Collins a role model for this up and coming generation of gay and lesbian athletes. But in some ways, those young athletes and their supporters also have helped pave the way for pros like Collins. is coming from the top down, but it also coming from the bottom up, says Ellen Staurowsky, a professor of sport management at Drexel University in Philadelphia. is a movement that taken place quietly, she adds, teams, in athletic departments with some coaches and athletes standing up when they needed to It an accumulated movement over many, many decades. of homosexuality in athletics started to grow, slowly, Staurowsky says, in the 1970s on college campuses. Then in the early 1980s, tennis star Billie Jean King was outed, and Martina Navratilova also came out as a lesbian. As a small number of high profile athletes followed suit in years to come, Gene Smith, the athletic director at Ohio State University, says he and others began to notice a shift in momentum on college campuses by the mid 1990s. More young athletes were feeling empowered to be open about their sexuality, he says, and the trend has only grown. think it was easier on certain teams, and it kind of evolved over time, says Smith, who was the athletic director at Eastern Michigan University and Iowa State University before going to Ohio State. For some, like Holly Peterson, an athlete who grew up outside Sacramento, Calif., coming out happened even earlier in life. She made the decision to tell her family and friends that she a lesbian 14 years ago, when she was a sophomore in high school. was ready, says Peterson, who now 29. needed to tell someone. team and coach responded well, she says, though her parents removed her from her traveling basketball team and, instead, used the money they spent on that for therapy. Eventually, though, her parents came to terms with her sexual orientation and she went on to play college basketball at the University of California, Riverside, where she also lived her life openly. While there, she recalls speaking on a panel with other gay and lesbian athletes and how other women athletes on her campus told her that she given them the courage to come out, too. was huge for me, says Peterson, who now plays women professional tackle football. was really the first step in my looking at myself as a role model and someone who could make a difference. campuses among them Princeton, the University of Michigan and the University of California, Berkeley now have groups for gay and lesbian athletes. There are groups, too, for straight allies, including Athlete Ally, an organization for straight athletes who publicly back their lesbian and gay peers. The website for another organization, the You Can Play Project, includes videos of support from athletic directors, coaches and athletes from colleges and universities across the country. you can play, you can play, is the tagline repeated over and over in those videos. If you come out, you also might get an endorsement deal. Just days after Brittney Griner came out as a lesbian, sportswear company Nike Inc. announced a deal with Griner, the WNBA No. 1 draft pick who soon graduate from Baylor University. Not that it always easy for gay and lesbian athletes. Jonathan Jean Pierre, a member of the rowing team at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, says his teammates have never given him any trouble about being gay. sometimes I still feel like I have to work twice as hard to prove myself, says the 19 year old athlete, who plans to discuss these and other issues as a participant of a summit for gay and lesbian athletes that Nike will host next month for the athletes, coaches and college athletic directors. While more gay and lesbian athletes are coming out, Smith at Ohio State also notes that his school remains among those where a gay athlete has yet to come out on the football, men basketball, hockey or wrestling teams. That, he and others say, is where pro athletes like Collins may have particular influence, especially if Collins, who is a free agent, signs with a team next season. are certainly other closeted athletes who are looking to Jason Collins to see what will happen with him, says Hudson Taylor, a former collegiate wrestler who, as a straight supporter of his gay and lesbian peers, founded Athlete Ally. Either way, many including skater Johnny Weir, who announced he was gay after the last winter Olympics expect that Collins revelation will have a positive impact on young gay and lesbian athletes, partly because so many people are aware of it. envious of it, the 28 year old Weir says, because there wasn much craze when he came out. I do really respect it. at Ohio State says he, too, has great respect for the athletes at his school who continue to come out. He recalls, for instance, how a member of the university track team named Derrick Anderson recently announced that he gay at a school forum. That said, he hopes that, one day, coming out in such a public way won be necessary that gay and straight athletes and other students can simply coexist. 555088 123 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Carmine I love See Kai Run. I get a pair for DD with each new size and she wears them every single day. She plays hard outside every day and these shoes stand up to it all. They would definitely last through another kid. I get this style, which changes color wise a couple of times a year:Sometimes they have shoes up to 50% off which is when I get them. I hate getting e mails but I sign up for theirs. I know DD will wear the same style every time so I just get them in the next size up when they are on sale. They are flexible soles but good protection too. The leather is very soft. We didn't do Stride Rite as we didn't feel comfy with their practices. But some of their shoes are not too bad. I like primigi's, some of the geox, keens, in fact, he got a pair of those for christmas, once upon a child if we could find them, la costa kids which is an upscale kids thrift store, tsukihoshis, see kai run, pedipeds, and pumas, some styles. Our main criteria, especially with a two yr. old, is it has to be flexible. I never pick up a pair of shoes without trying to bend it in half. I can't explain, but I've done it so many times, I know exactly what I'm checking for. Once they are running in the park etc. they do need some protection, but otherwise, at home etc. they can get by with a lesser sole, even robbies or something similar. If you study the shoes on say, pedipeds, you will see how they go from really softsoled and flexible, to the next step of a bit more protection and still having flexibility. Just don't buy those really cheaply made shoes, typically character themed that are non flexible, stiff as a board shoes. On an emergency, I had to run in walmart on my way up camping, and actually found a pair of sneakers for Aiden for $10, that fit my criteria. Well, except for where they were made, truth is I have no idea where. Plus, a bonus, they weren't bad looking. That was a real fluke though I think. So, figure out your exact criteria, and then shop around for the ones you want. I've found great deals on shoes, and some, like the primigis' look like brand new even after he wore them for a long time.

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