Brand New For Sale 136064 007 Men Size Air Jordan 3 Retro Sport Blue In Stock Buy Now Garden Fresh Produce Up To 50 Off. 136085 070 Air Jordan 1 Retro Black Metallic Gold Where Can i Buy Authentic 136064 007 Men Size Air Jordan 3 Retro Sport Blue In Stock Buy Now For Sale Cheap Shoes Retrospectively watching back Nike's 'Write The Future' advert, you can't help but feel like the whole thing is a parody. From Cannavaro's spritely dash to clear from his own goal line, to Wayne Rooney's basking in national adulation, Nike's depiction of the world's biggest players (who also happen to wear their boots) flows like a satire aimed, as with an educational video shown at school, to show how great things are when done correctly. It should be noted, however, that in the cases of Messrs Cannavaro and Rooney, they were at least awarded the opportunity to fail on the world's biggest stage. For the likes of Ronaldinho and Theo Walcott who also feature in the advert but didn't at the World Cup their roles trouble even the most adventurous of minds, with neither holding much attention during June other than maybe the odd scurrilous photographer traipsing round beaches in the Bahamas. Besides those who failed to even make their country's squads, the rest of the advert acts as a cruel epitaph. The piece starts with Didier Drogba picking the ball up deep and running with pace and panache at disconcertingly erratic defenders, diving at Drogba in a manner you would expect from somebody who had just disembarked from a sustained period on a playground roundabout. His run terminates with a delicately chipped finish, which is eventually heroically cleared by Cannavaro, who presumably required advanced CGI to have him performing both the quick sprint back to his goal line and the supple overhead kick to clear the ball. To be fair to the producers, their work certainly hits its zenith at the mid point, as England and France trade possession with profligate ease Rooney first attempting an overly ambitious pass to Walcott (his presence debatable, I know but let's run with it) before Franck Ribery intercepts and embarks on an exhibition of individualism himself. A hidden message, maybe, of the dangers of reliance on the individual? That maybe greater virtues lie in the collective? The presence of such a metaphor does, however, for some reason seem improbable. And even if it did, given that those watching the advert are regularly persuaded to part with more than for some plastic shoes, it is unlikely that the message would be acknowledged. Next up after the superfluous cameo of Ronaldinho is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has immaculately gelled hair, totally over manicured face and hardly a crease or scuff on his white Portugal shirt. So, it must be said, Nike should take credit for producing such a realistic portrayal of the player's on field visage. But a sudden tumble in the penalty area after minimal contact? Have some respect Nike Ronaldo deserves better than that. It's probably a good job he was too busy falling over blades of grass in South Africa for him to see the advert and angrily switch allegiance to a rival sportswear manufacturer. At least Nike did award Ronaldo the luxury of letting his whimsical day dreams spill out onto the screen with the conceiving of a Ronaldo movie. I for one, being a huge fan of theatrics and melodrama, would relish the opportunity to visit such a big screen experience. Having said that, Gael Garcia Bernal the actor proposed to play Ronaldo has too much Alberto Gilardino about him to be taken seriously as a footballer. So, adding Ronaldo to the list of characters already featured, I think it's clear to most football fans what the correlation is. They are not Diego Perez. They are not even Enrique Vera or Arne Friedrich. They are not even Quincy Owusu Abeyie, for goodness sake. All the participants of the advert are no longer in the tournament, and we've only just made it to the quarter final stage. Although, technically speaking, Ronaldinho and Walcott were never in the World Cup in the first place. And the number 27 who closes down Ronaldinho was presumably cut from his team's squad prior to the tournament, seeing as countries are only allowed 23 players. So how did Nike get it so wrong? How have all their stars ended up by the wayside so soon? Some would argue that the strength of these individuals could have helped aid the downfall of their sides, with a horrible over reliance making their sides predictable. Would it not be better to have an advert that exhibits Uruguay's discipline in the defensive third? Or maybe evidencing the merits of Ghana's rapid transition on the counter attack? After all, other than Argentina's Martin Demichellis, which player is even capable of leading his team to the title singlehandedly? Despite this individual v collective argument, though, Nike would probably just resort to using the more populist excuse and blame Adidas's Jabulani ball..

Contrary to what has been said and written, Black women can grow long hair. Now hair this! I was recently engaged in a scholarly review of the new Chris Rock documentary "Good Hair," and when it was over, I was, appalled by the idea that some people actually believe a woman's hair texture, is a crucial factor in determining her self worth. I know you're saying, can a film actually emit such feelings? You betcha. Good Hair, which debuted October 9, gives a riveting glimpse into the world of Black hair culture; with emphasis on the obsession with fake hair and the millions of dollars spent annually on wigs, weaves and other popular trends. In viewing the film with four friends, 2 men and 2 women, I was struck by the extent to which they agreed that Black women wearing weaves is akin to breathing. What? Are you serious? As a woman with coarse tresses that hang slightly below my shoulders, I have opted to wear my own hair. However, I have been asked on more than one occasion, why I don't wear weaves, which usually prompts the following response: "I don't wear a weave, because my hair is long enough to stand on its own." Usually the person asking the question pauses momentarily and says, "but most Black women wear wigs or weaves, what's your problem?" After years of hearing outrageous comments like those above, I was compelled to write the following editorial from a controversial albeit satirical viewpoint. So without further interruption, I present, Show Me the Hair. A blustery wind rattles the trunk of Christine McNeely's Toyota Corolla, parked on a hill adjacent to Sylvester's House of Beauty. Looking ahead, she observes dozens of people standing in line waiting for the doors to open. As the wind swirls, so does the grumbling. One woman is overheard asking for tips on how to keep her weave from frizzing after showering. "My kids need shoes, my boyfriend need his car fixed, and I took all the money and brought $125 worth of hair extensions. "And look at it," said the woman pointing to her head. "Every time I take a shower I come out looking like Buckwheat." Her complaints were met by more grumbling and nodding heads. "I know what you mean," said a woman sporting platinum synthetic braids. "My hair costs me an arm and a leg to maintain," she said, brushing strands of hair from her eyes. "If I could get this nappy stuff underneath to grow, I wouldn't have a problem." "Girl, you know Black folks can't grow no hair," came a screeching voice, followed by laughter. "And since that is the case, we just have to settle for fake hair." Eyeing the women intensely was Christine McNeely. "Chris the Bliss" as she is known, is blessed with miles of hair. However unlike the other women standing in line, it's all natural: scalp, roots and strands. As Christine listened, she wondered if the people in line knew that the hair hanging below her shoulders was all hers. And since they didn't, why should she tell them, unless she was asked, which rarely happened. After 10 minutes of chitchat the doors opened, and the customers rushed in. Taking a seat, Christine noticed the woman who made the comments regarding Black people being unable to grow hair. Looking up, the two women locked eyes and said hello. As she read her magazine, Christine had a strange feeling she was being watched. Looking up, she observed the woman staring at her hair. "Can I touch your hair" the woman said reaching out to touch Christine's tresses. "No, you may not" she roared. "What are you anyway, a hair freak?" "Those other women let me play in their hair," said the woman rising from her chair. "Well, those other women might like it, " said Christine, frowning "but I don't." Realizing, her remarks were drawing unwanted attention; Christine took a vow of silence. "Hey, you act as though that hair on your head is real," said the woman. The woman reminded Christine of one of those loud half baked rubber neck twirling guests on The Jerry Springer Show. "For your information," said Christine pointing to her head, "this is my real hair, with emphasis on the word real. "And even you have to admit, it's all good." "Ah come on," said the woman. "Since when did Black women get the ability to grow hair?' "That's right," another weave wearer chimed in. "You know we can't grow no hair." "What is wrong with you people?" cried Christine. "No wonder everyone thinks we can't grow hair. We've even brainwashed ourselves to the point where we are starting to buy into the hype," she said. "Never in my life have I seen a," before she could finish the sentence, one of the women grabbed Christine's hair. "What the heck are you doing?" she screamed, struggling to free herself. Within seconds the salon was transformed into a boxing ring, complete with screaming fans and two irate opponents. "Stop pulling my hair fool, you're hurting me," yelled Christine, frantically. A little girl who less than two minutes ago was sitting on her mother's lap, was now standing in the middle of the floor shouting "Get her, get her." Suddenly, the woman stopped pulling Christine's hair. "Dang, what kind of glue do you have on that thing?" she demanded. "I told you this is my real hair," warbled Christine. "That's my scalp you were pulling, not glue you idiot." Taking a closer look at Christine's head, the woman was now convinced she was telling the truth. "I'm sorry," the woman conceded. "I guess I was wrong, we can grow hair." Christine had frequented the salon for years, but because of what happened, there was an uneasiness in being there that she had never before experienced. Rising from her chair, the stunning brunette informed the owner that she would not be returning to the salon. And after witnessing the embarrassing altercation between the two women, the owner understood her reason. Before leaving Christine turned to the woman she had fought with earlier and reminded her, "Don't forget Lard brain, we are capable of growing hair," she said, twirling her mane. There was a hush silence, and all you could hear was the droning alloys of discomfort. Despite the popularity of weaves in the African American community, there are thousands of women who can still call their long luscious locks their own. Two prime examples are singer Alicia Keys (Yes, I know she's biracial, so what?) and model Wanakee, developer of the Verifen Complex System, which offers women of color a healthy way to care for their hair. An ex model with hair cascading to her lower back, Wanakee says one of the reasons Black women tend to have long hair as children, but shorter hair as they grow older is based on the fact that when they are younger the hair is kept in plats or braids. But as they grow older, the hair becomes damaged via chemicals and electrical appliances. However, for those women who know the secret of maintaining long hair into adulthood, they find themselves at war with skeptics and weave dizziens who're convinced that Black women cannot grow hair. So the next time you see a Black woman with hair hanging to her buttocks, don't assume it's a weave. It may be her very own hair. And if you're still not sure, say to her in a calm voice, "Show me the hair." If she flashes an embarrassing smile, her "hair" was probably purchased from Mr. Chows Beauty Emporium But if she gets a strange look in her eyes and her nose twitches, you can bet the hair is hers. No Faking. 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The best place to start is your attic due to its accessibility. Ice Dams form on roofs in the winter in cold climates because of inadequate attic insulation. Heat escaping through the ceiling of your home warms the roofs shingles. This heat is translated into melting snow which refreezes as ice when it reaches the cooler part of the lower roof. Ice dams can push up under the shingles and cause water penetration into the attic and eventually your home. The best defense against ice damming is adding additional insulation to the attic space while providing proper air ventilation. The air ventilation will remove moisture from the attic and balance the attic temperature to more closely match the outdoors. Many houses contain fiberglass insulation that must eventually be disposed of. Due to the semi hazardous nature of fiberglass insulation, it cannot simply.

AuthenticSize 7 5 136064 007 Men Size Air Jordan 3 Retro Sport Blue In Stock Buy Now,Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 Gold miner Newcrest's biggest asset continues to be far from glittering, with the company flagging a multi billion dollar hit for a second consecutive year. The troubled Lihir project in Papua New Guinea will dominate $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion in asset value writedowns, the company revealed on Thursday. Newcrest is facing a shareholder class action over last year's writedowns, and a month ago it was fined $1.2 million by the corporate regulator for breaching market rules ahead of its announcement of those writedowns. The carrying value of Lihir will now fall to between $5 billion and $6 billion, four years after Newcrest paid $9.5 billion for the project, on which it has since spent another $1 billion. Newcrest shares dropped 71 cents, or 6.2 per cent, to $10.78, wiping $544 million from the company's market value. The news overshadowed Newcrest beating annual gold and copper production targets. The company lifted production by 14 per cent to 2.4 million ounces of gold in 2013/14, and is forecasting output of 2.2 million to 2.4 million ounces in the current year. Chief executive Sandeep Biswas, speaking in his first media conference since taking the job, said he was disappointed by Lihir's cost performance. His predecessor Greg Robinson had expressed optimism about Lihir's future as it improved production and reduced costs. Mr Biswas insisted the PNG project would be a significant contributor to profits over the long term. But he admitted that could be years away. "Yes investors are maybe frustrated, they have been expecting different performance profiles in the past," he told reporters. "I am not going to make any predictions, I would rather be judged on performance but we are very, very focussed in a material way on making sure we can improve the performance there." Morningstar analyst Mathew Hodge said the Lihir purchase was seen as a nightmare that the company had to draw a line through. "It is not going to be easy, that money of more than $9 billion has gone to heaven really," he told AAP. "Hopefully this is the base, the new MD comes in, clears the decks and builds off that . you won't write back the asset value but it can still generate a lot of value in the long run by lowering costs, improving the competitive position, helping free cashflow." Newcrest has a long term resource and reserve base, and is still a decent company if it improves its cash flow and fixes the balance sheet, Mr Hodge said. 136064 007 Men Size Air Jordan 3 Retro Sport Blue In Stock Buy Now Sideline are one of Ireland foremost production companies, specialising in format, entertainment factual programming. Upcoming shows include Great Irish Bake Off and Who going? Billy McGrath, creative director. Sideline will be selling a number of entertainment and format shows. The company is also looking to build up its factual slate as well as meet like minded comedy broadcasters producers to work with as part of its recently launched Comedy Division. Why should international attendees take the time to meet Sideline? Billy McGrath: we on the radar of UK broadcasters and we are the first ever Irish company to have a comedy commissioned from the UK, which is with The Rubberbandits. The pilot will be on Channel 4 later in the year. We also forming very a positive relationship with International Creative Management in London. We have produced about 60 hours of TV in 2012, mainly with iconic international brands, like and Fortune International format distributors know that we can both execute deliver major international formats to the Irish audience. Ireland on Screen stand (02.30) Screentime ShinAwil have a number of projects that are in early stage development and they are seeking co production proposals for these. The projects range from scripted ideas to entertainment formats. The company is also looking to grow its business in the UK and so will be looking at acquiring the rights for shows for the UK as well as Ireland. Why should international attendees take the time to meet you? Larry Bass: would see ourselves as a key company in terms of Ireland and the UK if you looking to exploit your rights and your programme ideas and we certainly a company who have a track record in taking international shows and localising them. That what we intend to do and obviously we looking to develop and sell our own shows. Ireland on Screen stand (02.30) and at Banijay stand. Why should international attendees take the time to meet you? Siobhn N Ghadhra: is one of Europe leading animation and television production houses having won a number of Emmy and IFTA awards. The company has seen our productions distributed to over 140 territories with our client list including Disney, Discovery Kids, France Television, BBC and Nickelodeon. We are always interested in meeting new co production partners in the areas of animation and live action. Why should international attendees take the time to meet the IFB? Naoise Barry: "High end TV drama series are increasingly financed as international co productions. Ireland and our independent production companies are leading players in this regard, with companies like World 2000 Entertainment and Octagon developing big event TV shows for the global market, including Borgias and These leading Irish drama producers are all at MIPCOM with their development slates and the offer of a range of Irish finance sources including S481, IFB, RTE, BAI, TV3 and TG4." Where we find the Irish Film Board at MIPCOM? Ireland on Screen stand (02.30)Network Ireland Television will be selling three new independent feature films Kiss for Jed Pier and Sketches of a Little Town Other titles include Titanic Inquiry A Legend Born in Belfast and A Commemoration in Music and Film and Me Shore in the World Science Squad and Painting in China should international attendees take the time to meet Network Television Ireland? Derry O NITV has established a reputation over the years, I believe, of being a reliable supplier of quality English language programming across the genres. Therefore, it is more than likely that any international buyer who meets with us, will find something in our current catalogue that would work for their audiences.

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